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Electoral District of Conception Bay
Division of Harbor Main
October 20th 1874

The list of Persons entitled to Vote in this Electoral District of Harbor Main in the Election of two Members in respect of Dwelling Houses: situated in that part of the District of Harbor Main and the vicinity thereof - from (illigible) and Turks Gut - inclusive. That is to say, Holy Rood, Halfway House Road, North Arm, Chapel's Cove, Harbor Main, Gasters, Salmon Cove, Broad Cove, Middle Cove, Cat's Cove, Newtown, Upper and Lower Bacon Cove, Colliers, English Cove, and Turks Gut - inclusive. Transcribed by Eileen Walsh July 2002
Note: Spelling as per the original document.


Name of Voter Place of Abode
Murry, John Gasters
Flaherty, Edward Gasters
Gorman, Michael Gasters
Flaherty, James Gasters
Anthony, Michael Gasters
Seviere, Garland Gasters
Seviere, Jeremiah Gasters
Seviere, Joseph Gasters
Seviere, John Gasters
Gushue, James Gasters
Mason, Joseph Gasters

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