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Harbour Grace - Anglican Marriage Records, 1854 - 1869

Please note that I have used both photocopies and original documents held at St. Paul's Anglican Church in Harbour Grace. Consulting the records will yield additional information; the name of the minister who performed the marriage, the place where the marriage was performed and whether the bride, groom & witnesses were literate. For verification purposes, photocopies of these documents can be consulted at either:

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0

The Rooms Provincial Archives Division
The Rooms Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador
9 Bonaventure Avenue
P.O. Box 1800, Station C St. John's, NL, Canada A1C 5P9

Anglican Archives
19 King's Bridge Road
St. John's, NF A1C 3K4

The records were transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY in January 2000. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

2 Apr 1854NicholasPaynebachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnPetersspinster of Harbour GraceStephen Peters, C. W. Ross
15 Apr 1854WilliamNicholasbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Nicholas, Martha Bray
23 Apr 1854WilliamSellersbachelor of Harbour GraceEglantineLoughmanspinster of Harbour GraceJames Tetford, William Hatcher
4 May 1854JosephAllenbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahReidspinster of Island CoveThomas Ryan, Selina Alcock
19 May 1854ThomasSparkesbachelor of Bay RobertsRuthSanderswidow of Spaniard's BayMatthew Hussey, Jonathan Hussey
24 May 1854JohnShutebachelor of Harbour GraceMary Riglarspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Shute, Richard Riglar
28 May 1854GeorgeCanningbachelor of Harbour GraceRachelShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceMoses Parsons, Mary Ann Shepherd
3 Nov 1854JonathanAshbachelor of Harbour GraceJaneTuckerspinster of Harbour GraceFrancis Ash, George Ash
17 Nov 1854UriahMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnBrayspinster of Harbour GraceRichard Bray, Walborn Daw
30 Nov 1854BenjaminBakerbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnDavisspinster of Harbour GraceRobert Davis, Henry Davis
30 Nov 1854ElielSimmonsbachelor of MosquitoElizabethMarshallspinster of Harbour GraceEdward P. Simmons, Ann L. Simmons
11 Dec 1854JohnWalkerbachelor of Hearts ContentPatienceGosseof Spaniards BayJohn Gosse, John Butt
23 Dec 1854WilliamHuntwidower of Harbour GraceSusannaRogerswidow of Harbour GraceJohn Stowe, Martha Williams
25 Dec 1854WilliamHatcherbachelor of Harbour GraceAmeliaBrayspinster of Harbour GraceJames Bray, James Hatcher
18 May 1855FrederickFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethNicholaswidow of Harbour GraceHugh William Curtis, Richard French
21 Sep 1855JamesChurchillbachelor of Grates CoveJemima Averyspinster of Grates CoveMathias [illegible], Jacob Benson
5 Oct 1855GeorgeSnowbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryVokeyspinster of Spaniard's BayCharles Snow, Robert [illegible]
25 Oct 1855JosephGoddenbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethStevensonspinster of Harbour GraceJames Godden, Martha Godden
11 Nov 1855JamesNicholasbachelor of Harbour GraceAmeliaHatcherspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Hatcher, George Nicholas
17 Nov 1855JohnStrathiebachelor of Harbour GraceCharlotte SarahThompsonof Harbour GraceJ. J. Roddick, Mary Ann Thompson
22 Nov 1855GeorgeNicholasbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaArcherspinster of Harbour GracePeter Kent, [Lavinia?] Parsons
6 Dec 1855MarkRosebachelor of Broad CoveSusanKellowayspinster of Perry's CoveWilliam Rose, Richard Parsons
21 Dec 1855HenryWebberbachelor of Harbour GraceSabinaDavisspinster of Harbour GraceMoses Davis, Dinah Gillard
2 Jan 1856AbsalomJeansbachelor of Hearts ContentFrancesWellsspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Wills, Nathaniel Davis
20 Jan 1856GeorgeTrapnellbachelor of Harbour GraceEmilySnowspinster of Harbour GraceW. Trapnell, Stephen Andrews
31 Jan 1856StephenPetersbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannahPaynespinster of Harbour GraceStephen Andrews, John [illegible]
22 May 1856GeorgeAshbachelor of Harbour GraceProvidenceWilliamsspinster of Harbour GraceMathew Davis, Frederick Williams
1 Oct 1856JohnWaywidower of Harbour GraceAnnShepherdwidow of Harbour GraceJohn Taylor, Archibald Taylor
8 Nov 1856ThomasSnowbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethNowlandspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Wills, William Snow
27 Nov 1856GeorgeWaltersbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethBrownspinster of Spaniard's BayStephen Andrews, Christopher Pike
2 Dec 1856FrederickBrownbachelor of Harbour GraceSusanMartinspinster of Harbour GraceFrederick Snow, William Brown
9 Dec 1856NathanielGossebachelor of Spaniard's BayDianaShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceJames Shepherd, Mary Ann Shepherd
16 Dec 1856WilliamGordonbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaStevensonspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Godden, John Stevenson
1 Jan 1857Charles WilliamRossbachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnneWalkerspinster of Harbour GraceCharles Walker, Thomas Higgins
6 Jan 1857FrederickWilliamsbachelor of Harbour GraceDianaShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceLevi Williams, Solomon Shepherd
7 May 1857HenryDavisbachelor of Harbour GraceMatildaAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Daw, Thomas Wills
11 May 1857JohnGillardbachelor of Harbour GraceAnneGeorgespinster of Harbour GraceJosiah [Noel?], [Martina?] Cleary
14 May 1857GeorgeMartinbachelor of Harbour GracePriscillaPikespinster of Harbour GraceRichard Clarke, Frederick Snow
30 May 1857AzariahAlcockbachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnMartinwidow of Harbour GraceAlfred Noel, William Noel
28 May 1857GeorgePiddlebachelor of MosquitoEliza Dayspinster of MosquitoNicholas Piddle, William Day
18 Sep 1857WilliamSnowbachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaFrenchspinster of Harbour Grace[Anrutah?] Davis, John Snow
29 Oct 1857HoratioJenkinsbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethCouragespinster of Harbour GraceEmily Hatcher, Thomas Merchant
12 Nov 1857GeorgeHarrisbachelor of Harbour GraceJemima Combsspinster of CarbonearJohn Fox, Eliza Garland
24 Nov 1857AlfredWebberbachelor of Harbour GraceJane MariaChippet of Harbour GraceNathaniel Davis, Fanny Webber
26 Nov 1857William JohnRabbitsbachelor of BrigusAnnabella Elizabeth SutherlandGadenspinster of Harbour Grace[illegible] Munn, [Edgar?] Stirling
1 Dec 1857EdwardChubbsbachelor of CatalinaMaryCarter spinster of CatalinaHoratio [Drake?], Michael Murray
3 Dec 1857RichardFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryGeorgespinster of New HarbourEdward Williams, Frederick Snow
3 Dec 1857GeorgePuddicombebachelor of Harbour GraceJulia AnnMurphyspinster of Harbour GracePhoebe [Lunean?], Edward French
8 Dec 1857Charles Ashbachelor of Harbour GraceAnneJefferiesspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Peters, George Lee Whiting
30 Dec 1857Eugene W.Taylorbachelor of CarbonearJane BemisterTaylorspinster of CarbonearJane Bemister Taylor, John Giles, Frances Pike
5 Jan 1858WilliamWheatleybachelor of LondonMaryLynchspinster of Harbour GraceEdward Snow, Elizabeth Snow
7 Jan 1858JosephThomsbachelor of CarbonearAnnKennedyspinster of CarbonearWilliam Thoms, Mary Priddle
20 Jan 1858ThomasCouragebachelor of Harbour GraceAnnColespinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Courage, Edwin Cole
26 Jan 1858John CharlesHeaterbachelor of Harbour GraceLaviniaParsons spinster of Harbour GraceFrances Armstrong, George Heater
10 May 1858George LeeWhitingbachelor of Harbour GraceLouisaMartinspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Martin, George Peters
1 Jun 1858JohnJenkinsbachelor of Harbour GraceMargaretJohnsonwidow of Harbour GraceMark Walsh, [illegible] Mayne
1 Jun 1858MarkWalshbachelor of Harbour GraceAmeliaSnowspinster of Harbour Grace[Anrulah?] Davis, Francis French
2 Jun 1858MarkChippetbachelor of the Leading Tickells Green BayElizabethAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceJames Mortimer, Julia Ann Andrews
19 Jun 1858WilliamThompsonbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnWellsspinster of Harbour GraceNathaniel Davis, John Strathie
4 Nov 1858Frederick NicholasVergebachelor of Harbour GraceSarahBrownspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Verge, Thomas Brown
6 Nov 1858JosephBraybachelor of Harbour GraceIsabellaBestspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Hunt, Diana Best
16 Nov 1858SolomonAnthonybachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaAshspinster of Harbour GraceAbraham Anthony, John Tucker
17 Nov 1858GeorgeFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethPippyspinster of Harbour GraceSusanna Butt, Thomas French
24 Nov 1858WilliamCombybachelor of Hearts ContentElizabethVokeyspinster of Spaniard's BayEdmund Hopkins, Theresa Vokey
3 Dec 1858EdwardFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceMariaBrownspinster of Spaniard's BayJonathan French, Johannah Brown
18 Dec 1858WilliamNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnPinkstonespinster of Harbour GraceJonathan Noel, Jonathan Noel
13 Jan 1859GeorgeGordonbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabeth AnnLampenspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Ford, Samuel Gordon
5 May 1859CharlesWillsbachelor of MosquitoJaneWhitespinster of Salmon Cove[William?] Taylor, Joseph Wills
13 May 1859NicholasPiddlebachelor of MosquitoLaviniaSimmonsspinster of MosquitoJammes E. Simmons, Benjamin Simmons
26 May 1859EdwardPikebachelor of MosquitoMary AnnWinserspinster of MosquitoMoses Pike, Samuel Simmons
4 Jun 1859FrederickSnowbachelor of Harbour GraceJaneAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceNathaniel Davis, William Andrews
11 Jul 1859RobertNewhookbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethThornspinster of New HarbourSamuel Blackler, John Knight
12 Sep 1859WilliamPinsentbachelor of Green BaySelinaShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceJames Hatcher, Moses Brown
13 Oct 1859NathanielShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethAshspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Shepherd, Julia [Ash?] Shepherd
9 Nov 1859CharlesWalshbachelor of Island Cove, ClerkElizaLudgaterspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Makinson, [illegible] Montgomery
10 Nov 1859RichardGougerbachelor of Harbour GraceElizaNosworthyspinster of Bryant's CoveRobert Courage, Levi Noseworthy
18 Nov 1859JamesPuddicombewidower of Harbour GraceSusanNosworthyspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Nosworthy, Eli Brown
30 Nov 1859MosesVokeybachelor of Spaniard's BayAmyParsons spinster of Ochre Pit CoveJohn Parsons, Frederick Parsons
9 Dec 1859CharlesWebberbachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineCakespinster of MosquitoWilliam Bunclark, Tobias Webber
22 Dec 1859GeorgeAndrewsbachelor of Harbour GraceMarySnow[widow?] of Harbour GraceStephen Andrews, [Anrutah?] Davis
3 Jan 1860AbrahamAnthonybachelor of Harbour GraceElizabeth Minchingtonspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge [illegible], Luke Minchington
26 Jan 1860CharlesBreakerbachelor of Harbour GraceRachelMartinspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Martin, John [Stevson?]
16 Jan 1860John Paynebachelor of Harbour GraceHamutalDavisspinster of Harbour GraceTho's Higgins, Geo Wm Archibald
27 Feb 1860Henry MundenRobartsbachelor of BrigusFrances Alice [Perce?]Davisspinster of CarbonearRobert Pearce, Maria Ann James
30 Mar 1860JamesBushbachelor of BristolElizaGarland[illegible] of CarbonearFrederick Francis, James Duffy
28 May 1860JamesShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceAdelaideWarfordspinster of Harbour GraceMoses Shepherd, Abijah Shepherd
11 Sep 1860ThomasElliottwidower of Harbour GraceMarthaGoddenspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Godden, Elizabeth Jane Parsons
30 Sep 1860WilliamNosworthybachelor of Harbour GraceLucindaSnowspinster of Harbour GraceCharles Snow, William Snow
20 Oct 1860WilliamJonesbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethTarrantspinster of Harbour GraceJames Lampen, George Mails
26 Oct 1860JacobGoldenbachelor of the district of GreenspondEliza Berryspinster of the district of GreenspondJames Lampen, Edward Veater
4 Nov 1860RichardWalshbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethSimmsspinster of Harbour GraceDavid [illegible], Reuben Gordon
12 Dec 1860GeorgeHuntbachelor of Harbour GraceMarthaBrayspinster of Harbour GraceAmbrose Bray, James Bray
26 Dec 1860FrederickWebberbachelor of Harbour GraceSusanButtspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Pippy, Jonathan Webber
6 Feb 1861JosephGoddenwidower of Harbour GraceHarrietWalkerspinster of Harbour GraceCharles Walker, Charles W. Ross
24 Mar 1861ThomasDixonbachelor of Harbour GraceMarySimmsspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Pitman, Reuben Gordon
5 Jun 1861JohnGordonbachelor of MosquitoLaviniaTaylorspinster of CarbonearLouisa Nichall, Frederick Davis
7 Nov 1861FrederickHeathbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethWills spinster of Harbour GraceTho's Higgins, Wm Wills
9 Nov 1861NathanielRobertsbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaPinkstonespinster of Harbour GraceRichard Rigler, Mary Ann Pinkstone
14 Nov 1861WilliamShutebachelor of Harbour GraceSarahTraversspinster of Harbour Grace[Stafford?] Shute, Mary Ann Pinkstone
19 Nov 1861StephenSnowbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnHawkinsspinster of Harbour GraceGranger [illegible], Henry Davis
29 Nov 1861GeorgeGardnerbachelor of Hearts Content, ClerkFrances M. AnnMarettspinster of Saint JohnsGeo C. [Bower?], [C.?] A. Marett
7 Dec 1861RichardRiglerbachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnPinkstonespinster of Harbour GraceJohn Purchase, John Pinkstone
1 Jan 1862JosephNoelwidower of Harbour GraceFredericaClarkespinster of Harbour GraceMary Gill, Elizabeth Penny
1 Jan 1862HughGordonbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahThistlespinster of Harbour GraceFrederick Thistle, Ann E. Gordon
9 Jan 1862John CharlesDavisbachelor of Harbour GraceSelinaAlcockspinster of Harbour Grace[illegible], Martha Tereza Davis
9 Jan 1862GeorgeAbbottbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahWarfordspinster of Harbour GraceCharles Ash, John Warford
23 Jan 1862JonathanNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceMarthaCrockerspinster of Harbour GraceSamuel Parmiter, George Crocker
15 May 1862JosephNewmanbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryReidspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Noel, Archibald Noel
26 Nov 1862William MastersFordbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaDavisspinster of Harbour GraceTho's Higgins, Jno Davis, Lilly A. Dow, Ann E. Davis
18 Dec 1862JamesHuntbachelor of Harbour GraceJaneNicholasspinster of Harbour GracePatience Brown, Frederick Brown
22 May 1863HenryParsonsbachelor of Harbour GracePatienceFrenchspinster of Harbour GraceFrederick Parsons, Joseph French
18 Jun 1863ThomasWillsbachelor of Harbour GraceFloraLeggespinster of Harbour GraceJohn Davis, Wm Ford
12 Nov 1863JohnRobinsonbachelor of Harbour GraceDianaSnowspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Snow, Mahalla Grant
18 Nov 1863GeorgeBrownbachelor of Harbour GraceMahallaGrantspinster of Harbour GraceJake Martin, Jacob Trapnell
19 Nov 1863StephenWilliamsbachelor of Harbour GraceElizaBrownspinster of Harbour GraceMark Walsh, John N. Ash
20 Nov 1863ArthurReadewidower of Harbour GraceDorotheaJonesspinster of Harbour GraceJoshua Jones, [Marcia?] Harris
22 Nov 1863JamesHamiltonbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethHeadspinster of Harbour GraceJames Lampen, John Reed
26 Nov 1863JoshuaJonesbachelor of Harbour GraceMariaHarrisspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Jones, John Harris
26 Nov 1863JohnShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnSnowspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Martin, Charles Hatcher
2 Dec 1863JosiahGossebachelor of Bishop's CoveJaneAlcockspinster of Harbour GraceBenj Sweetland, Henry [illegible]
5 Dec 1863WilliamGeorgebachelor of Harbour GraceRachelGillspinster of Harbour GraceArchibald Noel, Ambrose [Noel?]
10 Dec 1863WilliamFrazerbachelor of Bay RobertsTheresaGordonspinster of Harbour GraceSamuel Gordon, Annie Gordon
1 Jan 1864JacobShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahHuntspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Hunt, Priscilla [Stephens?]
26 Jan 1864RobertAshwidower of Harbour GraceElizabethTitfordwidow of Harbour GraceJames Godden, Thomas Snow
16 Nov 1864CharlesHatcherbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnBrayspinster of Harbour GraceJames Hatcher, Samuel Hatcher
17 Nov 1864JohnHarrisbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnMartinwidow of Harbour GraceJohn Fox, Joseph England
18 Nov 1864HenryHuntbachelor of Harbour GraceFrancesEvansspinster of Adam's CoveEliza Hunt, John Bray
6 Dec 1864HenryFitzgeraldbachelor of Harbour GraceElizaGordonspinster of Harbour GraceMary Ash, Samuel Gordon
9 Dec 1864HenryKentbachelor of Harbour GraceDorcasCollialspinster of Harbour GraceSamuel Gordon, Eliza [Colliele?]
10 Dec 1864Thomas ParkerBrookebachelor of Pugwash, Nova ScotiaMary AnnGoddenspinster of Harbour GraceCharles Davis, George Godden
13 Dec 1864ElielNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceFrancesAlcockspinster of Harbour GraceAzarias Alcock, Stephen Andrews
15 Dec 1864GeorgeAshbachelor of Harbour GraceLouisaWisemanspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Ash, John N. Ash
22 Dec 1864WilliamNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethHigginsspinster of Harbour GraceMark Noel, Richard Higgins
10 Jan 1865CharlesCrockerbachelor of Harbour GraceLaviniaNoelspinster of Harbour GraceMoses Noel, Aaron Noel
14 Jan 1865SimeonPikebachelor of Harbour GraceAnnMartinspinster of Harbour GraceMary Parsons, William Kennedy
21 Jan 1865JamesCurtisbachelor of Harbour GraceMatildaPottlespinster of Harbour GraceHector Curtis, Melina Curtis
27 Apr 1865John RoweMabinbachelor of St. John'sFanny Maria JaneBrownspinster of Harbour GraceArch'd [Emuson?], Alex Clift
30 May 1865AmbroseAshbachelor of Harbour GraceFrancesAnthonyspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Thomas, Charles Langley
27 Sep 1865HomerJoslynbachelor of Batavia United StatesElizabethWalkerspinster of Harbour GraceCharles W. Ross, Charles Walker
17 Oct 1865CharlesLewisbachelor of St. John'sEmilySpencespinster of Harbour Grace[Melina?] Spence, Stephen Spence
2 Nov 1865Richard KnightTaylorbachelor of CarbonearSarahSoaperspinster of CarbonearRichard Taylor, James Lampen
17 Nov 1865WilliamStonebachelor of Bryant's CoveSarahElswardspinster of Bay-de-VerdeJohn Umberson, Wm Umberson
23 Nov 1865John NicholasAshbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethGossespinster of Spaniard's BayTho's Godden, John Ash
23 Nov 1865GeorgeHarriswidower of Harbour GraceMary JaneWarfordspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Fox, Edward Shepperd
7 Dec 1865JohnFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceBethanyLedbeaterspinster of Harbour GraceEdward Ash, Ebenezer Ledbeater
11 Feb 1866William BrianJonesbachelor of Harbour GracePriscillaGillardspinster of Harbour GraceStephen Spence, George Crocker
26 Apr 1866JamesWalshbachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnWills spinster of Harbour GraceFanny Woolfrey, Thomas Harris
7 May 1866JohnHarriswidower of Harbour GraceMargaretMarshspinster of Harbour GraceHenry Clow, Jessie Clow
14 Nov 1866WilliamMinchintonbachelor of Harbour GraceMariaRobinsspinster of Harbour GraceJonathon Menchinton, Albert Bradbury
21 Nov 1866JosephBraybachelor of Harbour GraceJuliaGreenspinster of Western BayJames Bray, Moses French, Sophy White
28 Nov 1866CharlesWilsonbachelor formerly of Sweden now of Harbour GraceJane Lillyspinster of Harbour GraceMathew Davis, Mary Ann Davis, George Davis
29 Nov 1866RobertAshbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaLynchspinster of Harbour GraceRobert Ash, Thomas Snow, Hector Curtis, Edgar Mortimer
19 Feb 1867JohnButlerbachelor of Harbour GraceJulia Andrewsspinster of Harbour GraceCharles Walker, Sophia Butler, William Andrews
7 Sep 1867SamuelDonellybachelor of Whitehaven EnglandElizabethPennyspinster of CarbonearWilliam Luther, Sarah Penny
3 Nov 1867GeorgeMartinbachelor of CupidsMaryHigdenspinster of Harbour Grace, late of New HarbourIsabella G. Collier, Charles Hussey
28 Nov 1867GeorgeCrockerbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethPennyspinster of Harbour GraceJonathan Noel, Susanna Noel
5 Dec 1867RobertBremnerbachelor of Harbour GraceEmma F.Gadenspinster of Harbour GraceT. Harrison Ridley, John Hayward, [plus others partially legible]
8 Dec 1867Cawley CharlesMaynebachelor of Harbour GraceElizaTrapnellspinster of Harbour GracePhilip Brown, William Oke
10 Dec 1867CuthbertMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahAllenwidow of Harbour GraceJames Adams, William West
14 Dec 1867GeorgeAbbottwidower JuliaMartinspinster[T.?] Fred'k Martin, T. H. Curtis
19 Dec 1867TobiasShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethAdamsspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Shephard, Rose Ann Noel
2 Jan 1867ArchibaldNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceCatherineNoelof Harbour GraceAmbrose Parsons, Thomas Parsons
9 Jan 1868WilliamShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethCoombsspinster of Island CoveEdward Shepherd, Mary Ann Brown
14 Jan 1868EliasFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceElizaAlcockspinster of Harbour GraceJames Dove, Patience Alcock
16 Jan 1868HenryShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceMatildaAndrewsspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Andrews, Susanna Andrews
26 Jan 1868PhilipBrownbachelor of Harbour GraceMary ElizabethMartinspinster of Harbour GraceSusanna Martin, [illegible] Brown
10 Mar 1868JamesWorrallbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahTrapnellspinster of Harbour GraceCarrie Higgins, H. W. Trapnell
21 May 1868HenryBraybachelor of Harbour GraceMaryJonesspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam Brayer, William Jones
21 May 1868CharlesParsonsbachelor of Harbour GraceEmma Harrisspinster of Harbour GraceJoshua Jones, Maria Jones
24 May 1868GeorgeTyerbachelor of CarbonearAnnSnooksspinster of Spaniard's BayJane Howell, William Snook
31 May 1868JamesNicholasbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethHookwidow of Harbour GraceJohn Tarrant, Martha Nicholas
4 May 1868JamesYoungbachelor of Island CoveSusannaNoelspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Noel, John F. [Noel?]
4 May 1868MosesShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceAmeliaHuntspinster of Harbour GraceThomas Shepherd, Phebe Shepherd
7 Jul 1868Selby AllanDowbachelor of Harbour GraceMary JaneHaywardspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam M. Allan, John [A. Cathrad?]
22 Sep 1868RobertAndersonbachelor of Harbour GraceMargaret ElizabethWhitespinster of Harbour GraceGeo. C. Rutherford, Emma Gardner
5 Nov 1868RobertLillybachelor of Harbour GraceSusanAlcockspinster of Harbour GraceS. Robert Snow, Edgar Davis
9 Nov 1868HenryRobins bachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnGougerspinster of Harbour GraceStephen Andrews, Martha Davis
12 Nov 1868WilliamBadcockbachelor of Bay RobertsMaryEarlespinster of Bay RobertsEdward Badcock, Jane Earle
12 Nov 1868JamesCotterellbachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnBrownspinster of Harbour GraceJames French, Joseph French
15 Nov 1868Henry WilliamClunnbachelor of Harbour GraceFanny Woolfreyspinster of Harbour GraceTho's Higgins, R. D. McRae
19 Nov 1868RobertDanceybachelor of Harbour GraceLucyColespinster of Harbour GraceN. Shepperd, John Heath
23 Nov 1868GeorgeCranebachelor of Island CoveEllenPorterspinster of Harbour GraceHenry Alcock, Jane Alcock
29 Nov 1868TobiasWebberbachelor of Harbour GraceElizabethYoungspinster of Harbour GraceMary Ann Bonclerk, Mary Parsons
14 Dec 1868JacobNicholasbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaDavisspinster of Harbour GraceEli Martin, Frances Rogers
24 Dec 1868RobertFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceEmily French, James French
14 Jan 1869John FrederickNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceEmilyFrenchspinster of Harbour GraceEdward Williams, Rose Ann Noel
20 Jan 1869NathanielDavisbachelor of Harbour GraceSusannaShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceSamuel Congdon, Duncan Webber
18 Feb 1869EdgarDavisbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahAshspinster of Harbour GraceSamuel [Lidely?], John Ash
22 Mar 1869JosephMartinwidower of Harbour GracePatienceBrownspinster of Harbour GraceJoseph Martin, John Brown
12 May 1869JamesFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceSarahFrenchspinster of Harbour Grace[illegible] [Cott--ll?], [illegible] French
29 May 1869ThomasPiddlebachelor of MosquitoMahallaWellsspinster of MosquitoNicholas Piddle, Lemuel Simmons
2 Jun 1868PrescottEmersonbachelor of St. John'sClaraBrownspinster of Harbour GraceHenrietta Emerson, Alex'r J. Wm. Keily, S. Smith
5 Jun 1869HectorMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceEllenMcCarthyspinster of Harbour GraceEli Martin, Moses Nosworthy
5 Jun 1869JosephFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceMary AnnWebberspinster of Harbour GraceRobert French, [Elona?] French
6 Jun 1869GeorgeMartinwidower of Harbour GraceCharlotte A.Parsonsspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam J. C. Badcock, Eli Martin
10 Jun 1869FrederickGarlandwidower of Harbour GraceMiriam Nicholsonspinster of St. John'sFrancis Butt, Emma Garland
10 Sep 1869William J. C.Badcockbachelor of Harbour GraceEmma ElizabethWoodspinster of Harbour GraceJames [Worral?], Frances Badcock
26 Sep 1869EdwardShepherdbachelor of Harbour GraceGrace Normanspinster of Harbour GraceStephen Courage, John Downing
6 Nov 1869JohnAshbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceBridget Reynolds, [illegible] Penny
15 Nov 1869AmbroseNoelbachelor of Harbour GraceEllenPenneyspinster of Harbour GraceMartin Noel, Azariaz Alcock
16 Nov 1869ThomasYeatmanbachelor of Harbour GraceMary JaneParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceSusanna Parsons, George Yetman
16 Nov 1869GeorgeFrenchbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceAnn Maria Shepherd, William French
18 Nov 1869WilliamAshbachelor of Harbour GraceClementinaShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Hatcher, Robert Anthony
19 Nov 1869MichaelLewisbachelor of Harbour GraceSarah JaneLynchspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Verge, Julia Brown
22 Nov 1869WilliamShepherdwidowerCharlotte Jacobswidow William Jones, Emley Nosworthy
24 Nov 1869AndrewMortimerbachelor of Harbour GraceJane M.Pottlespinster of Harbour GraceNathaniel Davis, [Melema?] Curtis
25 Nov 1869JohnTarrantbachelor of Harbour GracePatienceJonesspinster of Harbour GraceJoshua Jones, Mary Jane Butt
28 Nov 1869IsaacMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceFrancesHuntspinster of Harbour GraceEli Martin, M. H. [Thompson?]
7 Dec 1869FrederickMartinbachelor of Harbour GraceMariaShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceNathaniel Shepperd, Emma [illegible]
7 Dec 1869SamuelAtkinsbachelor of Bay RobertsMaryPikespinster of Harbour GraceReuben Gordon, George Pike
14 Dec 1869JamesBadcockbachelor of Bay RobertsRachelNosworthyspinster of Harbour GraceArchibald Nosworthy, Charles Badcock
14 Dec 1869JohnDovebachelor of Harbour GraceMary JaneHodinotspinster of Harbour GraceGeorge Dove, James Dove
17 Dec 1869HenryGordonbachelor of Harbour GraceMaryParsonsspinster of Harbour GraceReuben Gordon, Elizabeth Parsons
19 Dec 1869MarkWalshwidower of Harbour GraceRachel Frenchspinster of Harbour GraceWilliam French, Stephen French
21 Dec 1869ThomasDroverbachelor of Island CoveEmmaShepherdspinster of Harbour GraceWm Henry Shepherd, Josiah Drover
22 Dec 1869FrancisHolesbachelor of Harbour GraceMarthaBrodrickspinster of CarbonearRobert Cranford, Catherine Brodrick
26 Dec 1869ThomasBrownbachelor of Harbour GraceAnnPinsentspinster of New HarbourEdward Brown, William Hunt
29 Dec 1869CharlesHindybachelor of Silly CoveSusannaAshspinster of Harbour GraceJoshua Hindy, Thomas Ash
30 Dec 1869AmbroseHeatorbachelor of Harbour GraceFrancesHeroldspinster of Harbour GraceJohn Herald, Lucinda Parsons

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