Newfoundland GenWeb Voter's List Conception Bay North Carbonear Division 1839

NFGenWeb 1839 Voter's List

Conception Bay North - Carbonear District

Carbonear Division

PANL: File No. 1839 GN 43/7 Voters List, Box 7

The information was transcribed by BILL WHITE ~ September 2002. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 

"The List of Persons entitled to vote in the Elections of a Member or Members for the District of Conception Bay in respect of Dwelling Houses situate in the Carbonear Division of the said District. 1839."

# Christian Name and Surname of each Voter at full length Place of Abode and Qualifications Street, Lane, Road and other local Description
1 Ahearn William Carbonear London Road
2 Ahearn John Carbonear North Ridge
3 Allen Martin Carbonear South Ridge
4 Ash Henry Carbonear South Ridge
5 Ash Francis Carbonear Lower Street
6 Ash William Senior Carbonear Burnthead
7 Ash William Junior Carbonear Burnthead
8 Ash William Carbonear Lower Street
9 Ash Solomon Carbonear Burnthead
10 Ash Richard Carbonear Burnthead
11 Ash Robert Carbonear Burnthead
12 Ash Nicholas Carbonear Burnthead
13 Ash Nicholas Carbonear South Side
14 Ash Solomon Carbonear Lower Street
15 Apsey George Carbonear Upper Street
16 Anshell John Carbonear Upper Street
17 Ayles Robert Carbonear Lower Street
18 Alward Thomas Carbonear South Side
19 Antel Robert Blow Me Down
20 Bannan Andrew Carbonear Lower Street
21 Becket John Carbonear Lower Street
22 Becket William Carbonear Lower Street
23 Becket George Carbonear Lower Street
24 Best William Carbonear Lower Street
25 Best George (Cooper) Carbonear Lower Street
26 Butler Patrick Carbonear Lower Street
27 Butler John Carbonear Beach
28 ButlerEdmond Carbonear London Road
29 Butler Pearce Carbonear Irish Town
30 Butler Michael Carbonear Irish Town
31 Butler Leonard Carbonear Irish Town
32 Butler Edmond ( Tailor) Carbonear Lower Street
33 Burton William Carbonear Lower Marsh
34 Burton James Carbonear Lower Marsh
35 Breenan Patrick Carbonear Bunkers Hill
36 Breenan Richard Carbonear Irish Town
37 Breenan Peter Carbonear Lower Street
38 Barry John Carbonear Upper Street
39 Baker Samuel Carbonear South Side
40 Buckingham John Esquire Carbonear South Side
41 Broderick David Carbonear London Road
42 Babb Richard Carbonear South Side
43 Burke Michael Carbonear Harbor Rock Hill
44 Bealy John Carbonear South Side
45 Bealy James Carbonear Lower Street
46 Bryan Bartholemew Carbonear London Road
47 Bryan Edmond Carbonear Irish Town
48 Bryan Michael Carbonear Irish Town
49 Bryan John Carbonear Irish Town
50 Bryan John Carbonear Chapel Lane
51 Bryan John Carbonear Lower Street
52 Ball James Carbonear Irish Town
53 Brown John Carbonear North Ridge
54 Brown John Carbonear Riverhead
55 Brown John Carbonear London Road
56 Brown William Carbonear Lower Street
57 Brown Nicholas Carbonear Irish Town
58 Brown Patrick Carbonear Lower Street
59 Bowman William Carbonear Irish Town
60 Berrigan Martin Carbonear Irish Town
61 Brandcombe William Carbonear Lower Street
62 Bemister William Willes Carbonear Church Hill
63 Bemister Edward Carbonear Lower Street
64 Bridle John Carbonear Lower Marsh
65 Balaam Charles Carbonear Lower Marsh
66 Burt James Carbonear Lower Marsh
67 Bennett James Carbonear Church Hill
68 Bartlet Isaac Carbonear North Ridge
69 Bartlet John Salmon Cove
70 Barrett? Edmond Carbonear Lower Street
71 Barret? Patrick Freshwater
72 Bransfield Richard Carbonear Lower Street
73 Bransfield Richard Crockers Cove
74 Bransfield John Crockers Cove
75 Burgess Henry Crockers Cove
76 Butt George Carbonear South Side
77 Butt Robert Carbonear South Side
78 Butt Thomas Carbonear South Side
79 Butt Samuel Carbonear South Side
80 Butt William Crockers Cove
81 Butt Joseph Crockers Cove
82 Butt Samuel Crockers Cove
83 Butt John Freshwater
84 Butt Joseph Clowns Cove
85 Butt Moses Clowns Cove
86 Butt Aaron Clowns Cove
87 Butt Roger Clowns Cove
88 Butt Bazil Clowns Cove
89 Butt George Clowns Cove
90 Butt William Clowns Cove
91 Butt Solomon Clowns Cove
92 Butt Martin Blow Me Down
93 Butt Adam Blow Me Down
94 Baldwin Patrick Blow Me Down
95 Bevis George Salmon Cove
96 Bride? William Carbonear Lower Street
97 Cotter Edmond Carbonear South Side
98 Cotter William Carbonear Irish Town
99 Crowley Michael Carbonear South Side
100 Coffee Daniel Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
101 Connells John Carbonear South Side
102 Connell Daniel Carbonear London Road
103 Connors Miles Carbonear London Road
104 Connors Daniel Carbonear London Road
105 Connors Thomas Carbonear London Road
106 Connors John Carbonear London Road
107 Connors Bartholemew Carbonear Irish Town
108 Cahill John Carbonear London Road
109 Cahill James Carbonear Lower Street
110 Cavanagh William Carbonear London Road
111 Cullen John Carbonear London Road
112 Cullen Eugene Carbonear London Road
113 Crane Daniel Carbonear London Road
114 Calaghhan William Carbonear London Road
115 Corbert Joseph Carbonear Irish Town
116 Colford Thomas Carbonear Riverhead
117 Colford John Carbonear Beach
118 Condon Patrick Carbonear Irish Town
119 Cummins Patrick Carbonear Beach
120 Cunningham John Carbonear Beach
121 Colelough Henry Carbonear Irish Town
122 Coombs William Carbonear Irish Town
123 Coombs Robert Carbonear Burnthead
124 Collin Stephen Carbonear Lower Street
125 Collin Nicholas Carbonear Lower Street
126 Chipman John Carbonear Lower Street
127 Coreoran John Carbonear Bunkers Hill
128 Costigan Michael Carbonear Upper Street
129 Colbourne Joseph Carbonear North Ridge
130 Chubbs Joseph Carbonear North Ridge
131 Cooney John Carbonear North Ridge
132 Chancey Thomas Esquire Carbonear Lower Street
133 Casey John Carbonear Lower Street
134 Cormish John Carbonear North Ridge
135 Crocker George Carbonear North Ridge
136 Cox John Carbonear Lower Marsh
137 Crabb William Carbonear Lower Marsh
138 Collins Richard Carbonear Chapel Lane
139 Collins William Blow Me Down
140 Clarke David Carbonear South Side
141 Clarke James Carbonear South Side
142 Clarke Henry Carbonear Irish Town
143 Clarke Joseph Crockers Cove
144 Clarke Adam Crockers Cove
145 Clarke John of Adam Crockers Cove
146 Clarke Robert of Adam Crockers Cove
147 Clarke John of Robert Crockers Cove
148 Clarke William Crockers Cove
149 Clarke John of William Crockers Cove
150 Clarke James Senior Crockers Cove
151 Clarke James Junior Crockers Cove
152 Clarke John Senior Crockers Cove
153 Clarke Joseph Crockers Cove
154 Clarke Richard Crockers Cove
155 Clarke Samuel Crockers Cove
156 Clarke John (with ? Chandier?) Crockers Cove
157 Clarke Richard Tantamarant
158 Clarke Moses Freshwater
159 Clarke Solomon Freshwater
160 Candler Daniel Crockers Cove
161 Cleary Charles Crockers Cove
162 ColeElias Senior Crockers Cove
163 Cole Henry Crockers Cove
164 Cole John Crockers Cove
165 Carberry William Carbonear Beach
166 Cook John Carbonear Harbour Rock Hill
167 Day John Carbonear Irish Town
168 Day William Carbonear Lower Marsh
169 Driskol Daniel Carbonear South Side
170 Driskol James Carbonear Riverhead
171 Dwyre Edmond Carbonear Harbour Rock Hill
172 Dwyre William Carbonear Battery Hill
173 Dawley William Carbonear South Side
174 Doharty Patrick Carbonear London Road
175 Doharty Maurice Carbonear Riverhead
176 Dunn Andrew Carbonear London Road
177 Doyle Edmond Carbonear London Road
178 Doyle James Carbonear Upper Street
179 Doyle Timothy Carbonear Chapel Lane
180 Doyle Michael Carbonear Bunkers Hill
181 Devereaux Patrick Carbonear Riverhead
182 Dinn James Carbonear Irish Town
183 Degan John Carbonear Irish Town
184 Deacon Daniel Carbonear Irish Town
185 Dohy Patrick Carbonear Lower Street
186 Dalton Barnaby Carbonear Beach
187 Dalton Michael Carbonear Beach
188 Dalton William Carbonear Upper Street
189 Dalton Nicholas Carbonear North Ridge
190 Drake Francis Senior Carbonear Bunkers Hill
191 Drake Francis Junior Carbonear Bunkers Hill
192 Dooley David Carbonear North Ridge
193 Dooley John Carbonear North Ridge
194 Dooley William Carbonear North Ridge
195 Dooley Patrick Carbonear North Ridge
196 Dowland Samuel Carbonear North Ridge
197 Durdle Charles Carbonear Lower Marsh
198 Dollard Andrew Carbonear North Ridge
199 Davis George Peckingham Carbonear South Side
200 Davis George Freshwater
201 Davis William Clowns Cove
202 Davis Clement Clowns Cove
203 Dean Solomon Crockers Cove
204 Dean Henry Crockers Cove
205 Deer William Clowns Cove
206 Earl Elias Carbonear South Side
207 Earl Monier? Carbonear South Side
208 Ellice Stephen Carbonear Irish Town
209 Evand John Carbonear Irish Town
210 Elson John Esquire Carbonear Lower Street
211 Everet William Carbonear North Ridge
212 Edwards William Tantamarant
213 Everly William Blow Me Down
214 Fraise Thomas Carbonear South Side
215 Forward James Carbonear South Side
216 Forward William Carbonear South Side
217 Forward George Carbonear Lower Street
218 French John Senior Carbonear South Side
219 French John Junior Carbonear South Side
220 Fitzgerald Eugene Carbonear London Road
221 Fitzgerald John Carbonear Lower Street
222 Fanton Thomas Carbonear London Road
223 Fitzpatrick Edmond Carbonear London Road
224 Fitzpatrick Thomas Carbonear London Road
225 Fitzpatrick James Carbonear London Road
226 Furlong Michael Carbonear Brook Side
227 Furlong Nicholas Carbonear Irish Town
228 Finn Michael Carbonear Irish Town
229 Finn James Carbonear Chapel Lane
230 Finn Thomas Carbonear Lower Street
231 Fogarty Richard Carbonear Irish Town
232 Farrell Michael Carbonear Irish Town
233 Farrell Morgan Carbonear Chapel Lane
234 Fox Patrick Carbonear Beach
235 Foot John Ryal Carbonear Upper Street
236 Fortune Matthew Carbonear North Ridge
237 Fanning William Carbonear Lower Street
238 Fling Thomas Carbonear Irish Town
239 Flynn Patrick Carbonear Beach
240 Flynn William Carbonear Lower Street
241 Flynn William Crockers Cove
242 Flynn William Tantamarant
243 Fry William Blow Me Down
244 Grove John Carbonear South Side
245 Guy Joseph Carbonear Upper Street
246 Guiney Edmond Carbonear Riverhead
247 Green William Carbonear Riverhead
248 Green Henry Carbonear North Ridge
249 Giddings John Carbonear Irish Town
250 Griffen John Carbonear Riverhead
251 Gould James Carbonear North Ridge
252 Gould Michael Carbonear Lower Street
253 Gooley Edmond Carbonear North Ridge
254 Geary James Carbonear Upper Street
255 Geary John Carbonear Upper Street
256 Geary William Carbonear Upper Street
257 Gamble Thomas Carbonear Lower Street
258 Gully James Carbonear Lower Street
259 Goff Edmond Carbonear Lower Street
260 Gillaspie William Carbonear Burnthead
261 George Richard Carbonear Irish Town
262 George Thomas Crockers Cove
263 George Matthew Crockers Cove
264 George Robert Crockers Cove
265 George Robert Tantamarant
266 Grant Thomas Freshwater
267 Goulding Thomas Blow Me Down
268 Gale Henry Salmon Cove
269 Howard Edmond Carbonear South Side
270 Howard David Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
271 Howard James Carbonear North Ridge
272 Hogan Daniel (Roach) Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
273 Hogan Daniel Carbonear London Road
274 Hamilton John Carbonear London Road
275 Hamilton Charles Carbonear London Road
276 Hamilton Alexander Carbonear London Road
277 Hamilton William Carbonear North Ridge
278 Husby? James Carbonear London Road
279 Hennessy Maurice Carbonear London Road
280 Hennessy Patrick Carbonear London Road
281 Hickey Philip Carbonear London Road
282 Haly James Carbonear London Road
283 Hyde Maurice Carbonear London Road
284 Heffernan Richard Carbonear London Road
285 Hanly James Carbonear Irish Town
286 Hines Michael Carbonear Irish Town
287 Hanrahan James Carbonear Irish Town
288 Hanrahan Edmond Carbonear Lower Street
289 Hanrahan William (surgeon) Carbonear Lower Street
290 Hayden Edmond Carbonear Chapel Lane
291 Hayden William Carbonear Chapel Lane
292 Harding William Carbonear Lower Street
293 Howley Michael Carbonear Lower Street
294 Herder Henry Carbonear Lower Street
295 Hodder Thomas Carbonear North Ridge
296 Horwood Christopher Carbonear North Ridge
297 Horwood Richard Carbonear North Ridge
298 Howell Nicholas Carbonear South Side
299 Howell Robert of William Carbonear Lower Street
300 Howell John of William Carbonear Lower Street
301 Howell Francis Carbonear Lower Street
302 Howell William of Peter Carbonear Lower Street
303 Howell James of Robert Carbonear Lower Street
304 Howell James of James Carbonear Lower Street
305 Howell John of James Carbonear Lower Street
306 Howell Robert of Robert? Carbonear Lower Street
307 Harriss John Carbonear Burnthead
308 Hayse Michael Carbonear Lower Street
309 Hiscock John Crockers Cove
310 Hiscock Henry Crockers Cove
311 Harvey William Freshwater
312 Homer James Freshwater
313 Hunt Robert Freshwater
314 Harrington Sylvester Salmon Cove
315 Janes Charles Carbonear South Side
316 Janes Daniel Carbonear South Side
317 Jure William Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
318 Jure James Carbonear North Ridge
319 Joy Patrick Senior Carbonear Irish Town
320 Joy Patrick Junior Carbonear Irish Town
321 Jones George Carbonear Irish Town
322 Jellett Robert Carbonear Lower Marsh
323 Jellett Thomas Carbonear Lower Marsh
324 Jellett Samuel Carbonear Lower Marsh
325 Jellett James Carbonear Lower Marsh
326 Joyce William Freshwater
327 Joyce George Freshwater
328 Jefferd Joseph Freshwater
329 Jefferd Francis Freshwater
330 Jetson Joseph Salmon Cove
331 King Patrick Carbonear Riverhead
332 King Jonathan Carbonear North Ridge
333 Keefe Michael Carbonear London Road
334 Keefe Patrick Carbonear Irish Town
335 Keefe Peter Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
336 Keefe Michael Carbonear North Ridge
337 Keough James Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
338 Keough William Carbonear Irish Town
339 Keough John Carbonear Irish Town
340 Knox Michael Senior Carbonear London Road
341 Knox Michael Junior Carbonear South Side
342 Knox William Carbonear London Road
343 Knox Robert Carbonear Lower Street
344 Kiley John Carbonear Beach
345 Kennelly David Carbonear London Road
346 Kean Matthew Carbonear London Road
347 Kean John Carbonear North Ridge
348 Kelly Thomas Carbonear Irish Town
349 Kelly Patrick Carbonear Bunkers Hill
350 Kerwick Michael Carbonear Lower Street
351 Keys Patrick Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
352 Keys Michael Carbonear Lower Street
353 Kennah Patrick Carbonear Lower Street
354 Kenshella James Carbonear Lower Street
355 Kennedy Thomas Carbonear London Road
356 Kennedy John Carbonear North Ridge
357 Kennedy Michael Carbonear North Ridge
358 Kennedy William Crockers Cove
359 Kennedy Edmond Crockers Cove
360 Kennedy John of Edmond Crockers Cove
361 Kennedy Terence Crockers Cove
362 Kennedy John of Terence Crockers Cove
363 Kennedy Nicholas Crockers Cove
364 Kennedy John of Nicholas Crockers Cove
365 Kennedy Nicholas of Terence Crockers Cove
366 Kennedy Joseph Crockers Cove
367 Kennifick Bartholemew Carbonear London Road
368 Lee William Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
369 Lee James Carbonear North Ridge
370 Laing Andrew Carbonear South Side
371 Luther John Senior Carbonear Brook Side
372 Luther John Junior Carbonear Brook Side
373 Luther Stephen Carbonear Brook Side
374 Luther Thomas Carbonear Brook Side
375 Long Patrick Carbonear London Road
376 Long John Carbonear Lower Marsh
377 Leaver Edward Carbonear Riverhead
378 Lynch John Carbonear Riverhead
379 Lynch John Senior Carbonear Bunkers Hill
380 Lynch John Junior Carbonear Bunkers Hill
381 Lundergan James Carbonear Irish Town
382 Lilly George Carbonear Chapel Lane
383 Legg James Carbonear Lower Street
384 Lacy Daniel Carbonear Brook Side
385 Lacy John Carbonear North Ridge
386 Leary Benjamin Carbonear Irish Town
387 Levi Simon Carbonear Lower Street
388 Loader William Carbonear Church Hill
389 Larney James Carbonear North Ridge
390 Liverton Robert Carbonear Lower Marsh
391 Light Edward Carbonear South Side
392 Meany Philip Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
393 Meany Patrick Carbonear Riverhead
394 Meany William Carbonear Irish Town
395 Meany John Carbonear Lower Street
396 Meany Daniel Carbonear Upper Street
397 McDonald James Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
398 McDonald Patrick Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
399 Mullens George Carbonear London Road
400 Morea John Carbonear London Road
401 Morea Timothy Carbonear London Road
402 McGrath George Carbonear London Road
403 McGrath John Carbonear North Ridge
404 Murray Thomas Carbonear London Road
405 Murray Maurice Carbonear South Side
406 Mulcahy David Carbonear Bunkers Hill
407 Mulcahy Michael Carbonear London Road
408 Murphy Garrett Carbonear London Road
409 Murphy William Carbonear Riverhead
410 Murphy Michael Carbonear South Side
411 Murphy Daniel Carbonear Upper Street
412 Murphy Mathew Carbonear Irish Town
413 Murphy John Carbonear Irish Town
414 McDermot Patrick Carbonear Irish Town
415 Mahany Francis Carbonear Lower Marsh
416 Mahany William Carbonear Lower Marsh
417 Mahar William Carbonear Beach
418 Mackay John Carbonear Lower Street
419 Moriatty John Carbonear Bunkers Hill
420 Morrissey Edmond Carbonear Bunkers Hill
421 Morrissey John Carbonear Lower Street
422 Meech William Carbonear Harbour Rock Hill
423 McCarthy Charles Senior Carbonear South Side
424 McCarthy Charles Junior Carbonear South Side
425 McCarthy Felix Carbonear South Side
426 McCarthy Felix Carbonear London Road
427 McCarthy Felix Senior Carbonear Upper Street
428 McCarthy John Esquire M.O.P. Carbonear Lower Street
429 McCarthy Coleman Carbonear Lower Street
430 McCarthy Charles (cooper) Carbonear Burnt Head
431 McCarthy John of Calahan Crockers Cove
432 McCarthy Charles Senior Crockers Cove
433 McCarthy Florence Senior Crockers Cove
434 McCarthy Felix of Charles Crockers Cove
435 McCarthy Felix of Florence Crockers Cove
436 Moran John Carbonear Irish Town
437 Moran Nicholas Carbonear Lower Street
438 Moran John Crockers Cove
439 Moore Eugene Carbonear London Road
440 Moore John Carbonear North Ridge
441 Mills Samual Carbonear North Ridge
442 Mayse Thomas Crockers Cove
443 Marshall Nicholas Carbonear Lower Street
444 Marshall Robert of Nicholas Carbonear Lower Street
445 Marshall William Carbonear Lower Street
446 Marshall Robert (tailor) Carbonear Lower Street
447 Marshall Jonathan Crockers Cove
448 Marshall Charles Crockers Cove
449 Marshall Richard Blow Me Down
450 Marshall Robert Blow Me Down
451 Moors John of Charles Carbonear North Ridge
452 Moors Charles of Charles Carbonear North Ridge
453 Moors William of John Clowns Cove
454 Moors John of John Clowns Cove
455 Moors George Clowns Cove
456 Moors John Garland Clowns Cove
457 Moors Charles of William Clowns Cove
458 Moors John of William Clowns Cove
459 Moors William of William Clowns Cove
460 Moors Jonathan Clowns Cove
461 Molloy Edward Carbonear North Ridge
462 Milton Edmond Carbonear London Road
463 Maddock Stephen Carbonear Irish Town
464 Marks Thomas Carbonear Lower Street
465 Malgne Thomas Carbonear Chapel Lane
466 Nowlan Thomas Carbonear London Road
467 Nowlan Patrick Carbonear Irish Town
468 Nicholl John Senior Carbonear South Side
469 Nicholl John Junior Carbonear South Side
470 Nicholl Edward Crockers Cove
471 Neal Daniel Carbonear London Road
472 Neary James Carbonear Lower Street
473 Northcott Thomas Carbonear Lower Street
474 Newell Thomas Carbonear Church Lane
475 Noel John Carbonear Lower Street
476 Noel Clement Carbonear Lower Street
477 Noel James Freshwater
478 Noel Jonathan Moors Freshwater
479 Newman James Crockers Cove
480 Newman Samuel Crockers Cove
481 Oats David Carbonear Brook Side
482 Oats William Carbonear Brook Side
483 Oats Thomas Carbonear Brook Side
484 Oats George of David Carbonear Brook Side
485 Oats Robert Carbonear Burnthead
486 Osmand John Carbonear North Ridge
487 Pine Robert Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
488 Power John Senior Carbonear South Side
489 Power John Junior Carbonear South Side
490 Power Nicholas Carbonear London Road
491 Power Michael Carbonear Irish Town
492 Power James Esquire M.O.P. Carbonear Lower Street
493 Power Robert Carbonear Lower Street
494 Phelan Martin Carbonear London Road
495 Phelan Michael Carbonear London Road
496 Phelan John Carbonear Irish Town
497 Phelan Stephen Carbonear Irish Town
498 Phelan James Carbonear Bunkers Hill
499 Phelan John Carbonear Lower Street
500 Phelan Edmond Carbonear Lower Street
501 Phelan Pierce Carbonear Lower Street
502 Pack Robert Esquire Carbonear Lower Street
503 Pelly James Senior Carbonear South Side
504 Pelly James Junior Carbonear South Side
505 Pelly John Carbonear South Side
506 Pelly William Carbonear South Side
507 Pelly George Carbonear South Side
508 Penny William Carbonear South Side
509 Penny William Junior Carbonear South Side
510 Penny William Carbonear Powells Brook
511 Penny Hugh Carbonear Powells Brook
512 Penny George Carbonear London Road
513 Penny Richard Carbonear Harbour Rock Hill
514 Penny James Carbonear Harbour Rock Hill
515 Penny Charles Carbonear Harbour Rock Hill
516 Penny John Carbonear Harbour Rock Hill
517 Penny Thomas Carbonear Harbour Rock Hill
518 Penny William Carbonear Burnthead
519 Penny Robert of Robert Carbonear Burnthead
520 Penny Henry Carbonear Burnthead
521 Penny William Senior Carbonear Burnthead
522 Penny William of William Carbonear Burnthead
523 Penny William of John Carbonear Burnthead
524 Penny William Freshwater
525 Penny William Blow Me Down
526 Penny Clement Blow Me Down
527 Priddle Edward Carbonear Irish Town
528 Philips John Carbonear Irish Town
529 Philips James Carbonear North Ridge
530 Petens Joseph Brown Carbonear Chapel Lane
531 Pearce James Carbonear North Ridge
532 Parnell Thomas Carbonear North Ridge
533 Pilgrim William Carbonear Lower Marsh
534 Pilgrim Henry Carbonear Lower Marsh
535 Pilgrim Thomas Carbonear Lower Marsh
536 Pye Elijah Senior Carbonear Lower Marsh
537 Pye Elijah Junior Carbonear Lower Marsh
538 Pye William Carbonear Lower Marsh
539 Powell John Carbonear Burnthead
540 Powell Thomas Carbonear Burnthead
541 Powell Richard Carbonear Burnthead
542 Powell Francis Carbonear Burnthead
543 Pike Timothy Junior Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
544 Pike Thomas of Timothy Carbonear South Side
545 Pike Samuel of Thomas Carbonear South Side
546 Pike Edward of Timothy Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
547 Pike Thomas of Thomas Carbonear South Side
548 Pike William of Thomas Carbonear South Side
549 Pike James Carbonear South Side
550 Pike Francis of Thomas Carbonear South Side
551 Pike Alfred Carbonear South Side
552 Pike Thomas Carbonear Riverhead
553 Pike John Carbonear Riverhead
554 Pike William Carbonear Riverhead
555 Pike Samuel Carbonear Riverhead
556 Pike Francis of Thomas Carbonear Riverhead
557 Pike Nathanael Carbonear Riverhead
558 Pike George Carbonear Riverhead
559 Pike John of William Carbonear Riverhead
560 Pike Edward Carbonear Beach
561 Pike Francis Carbonear Beach
562 Pike Francis of Elizabeth Carbonear Chapel Lane
563 Pike Christopher Carbonear Bunkers Hill
564 Pike Francis Clowns Cove
565 Pike Samuel Clowns Cove
566 Pike Edward Clowns Cove
567 Parsons Joseph Carbonear Lower Street
568 Parsons Alfred Freshwater
569 Parsons Samuel Carbonear Lower Street
570 Parsons Henry Senior Freshwater
571 Parsons Jonathan Freshwater
572 Parsons Richard Freshwater
573 Parsons Samuel Freshwater
574 Parsons John of Joseph Freshwater
575 Parsons Thomas Clowns Cove
576 Parsons George Clowns Cove
577 Parsons George Ottenberry
578 Parsons William of John Ottenberry
579 Parsons John of John Ottenberry
580 Pottle Thomas Blow Me Down
581 Pottle William Blow Me Down
582 Pickavant Reverend John Carbonear Wesleyan Mission House
583 Pitman George Carbonear
584 Peckham Henry Salmon Cove
585 Quigly Patrick Carbonear Lower Street
586 Ryan James Carbonear Irish Town
587 Ryan John Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
588 Ryan John Carbonear Powells Brook
589 Ryan John Carbonear Bunkers Hill
590 Ryan Thomas Carbonear Bunkers Hill
591 Ryan Michael Carbonear Bunkers Hill
592 Ryan Daniel Carbonear Bunkers Hill
593 Reynolds Patrick Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
594 Reynolds John Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
595 Rowe Benjamin Carbonear Riverhead
596 Rowe George Carbonear Riverhead
597 Rowe Edward Carbonear Harbour Rock Hill
598 Redmond Joseph Carbonear Irish Town
599 Redmond James Carbonear Lower Street
600 Rohan Patrick Carbonear Irish Town
601 Reed John Carbonear London Road
602 Reed Robert Salmon Cove
603 Rourke Patrick Carbonear Lower Street
604 Redigan James Carbonear North Ridge
605 Rogers Patrick Carbonear North Ridge
606 Rogers Henry Carbonear Lower Street
607 Rumson Samuel Carswell Carbonear Lower Street
608 Rea Daniel Carbonear North Ridge
609 Sanway James Carbonear South Side
610 Skehan John Senior Carbonear South Side
611 Skehan John Junior Carbonear South Side
612 Skehan John Carbonear London Road
613 Skehan James Carbonear London Road
614 Sullivan William Carbonear South Side
615 Shea Thomas Carbonear London Road
616 Shea Michael Senior Carbonear Irish Town
617 Shea Michael Junior Carbonear Irish Town
618 Supple John Carbonear London Road
619 Supple Richard Carbonear London Road
620 Shannahan John Carbonear London Road
621 Spencer Edward Carbonear Riverhead
622 Spencer Christopher Carbonear Riverhead
623 Spencer William Carbonear Riverhead
624 Scott Thomas Carbonear London Road
625 Stone Robert Carbonear Irish Town
626 Stone Thomas Carbonear Irish Town
627 Slattery Thomas Carbonear Irish Town
628 Stapleton James Carbonear Irish Town
629 Scanlon Jeremiah Carbonear Bunkers Hill
630 Scanlon Patrick Carbonear Bunkers Hill
631 Strickland George Carbonear North Ridge
632 Stokes John Carbonear North Ridge
633 Shillabier Thomas Carbonear Church Hill
634 Sweney Michael Carbonear Upper Street
635 Slocam John Carbonear Lower Street
636 Soper George Carbonear South Side
637 Soper John Freshwater
638 Snow George Clowns Cove
639 Swain John Blow Me Down
640 Summers Joseph Senior Blow Me Down
641 Summers Joseph Junior Blow Me Down
642 Summers William Blow Me Down
643 Summers Moses Carbonear Beach
644 Scaplen Edward Carbonear Chapel Lane
645 Spry Thomas Westlake Carbonear Lower Street
646 Taylor William Senior Carbonear South Side
647 Taylor Richard Carbonear South Side
648 Taylor John Pike Carbonear South Side
649 Taylor Edward Carbonear South Side
650 Taylor Joseph Carbonear South Side
651 Taylor William Heighinton Carbonear Lower Street
652 Taylor William of Richard Carbonear Lower Street
653 Taylor John of Richard Carbonear Lower Street
654 Taylor Joseph of Richard Carbonear Lower Street
655 Taylor Jonathan Carbonear Lower Street
656 Taylor Richard of Jonathan Carbonear Lower Street
657 Taylor Francis Carbonear Lower Street
658 Taylor Henry Hayward Carbonear Lower Street
659 Taylor Richard Hayward Carbonear Lower Street
660 Taylor Samuel Carbonear Lower Street
661 Taylor Joseph of Joseph Carbonear Lower Street
662 Thistle William Senior Carbonear South Side
663 Thistle Thomas Carbonear South Side
664 Thistle Henry Carbonear South Side
665 Thistle John Carbonear South Side
666 Toole John Carbonear South Side
667 Thomas George Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
668 Thoms James Carbonear Irish Town
669 Talbot Thomas Carbonear Brook Side
670 Tuffin Richard Carbonear Lower Marsh
671 Teulon Joseph Samuel Carbonear Church Lane
672 Tobin Peter Carbonear Lower Street
673 Tobin John Carbonear Harbour Rock Hill
674 Thomey Roger Carbonear Lower Street
675 Undell William Carbonear Lower Street
676 Vincent Thomas Carbonear Irish Town
677 Vatcher Philip Tantamarant
678 Vater James Ottenberry
679 Wells Joseph Carbonear South Side
680 Watts Henry Cosbin Carbonear South Side
681 Watts Joseph Carbonear Lower Marsh
682 Walsh Richard Carbonear Harbour Grace Road
683 Walsh John Carbonear London Road
684 Walsh James Carbonear Powells Brook
685 Walsh Edmond Carbonear Beach
686 Walsh William Carbonear Irish Town
687 Walsh John Carbonear North Ridge
688 Walsh John Esquie MD Carbonear Upper Street
689 Walsh Pierce Carbonear North Ridge
690 Walsh Richard Carbonear Lower Street
691 Wright John Carbonear Beach
692 Westcott Joseph Carbonear North Ridge
693 Winsor William Carbonear Bunkers Hill
694 Waterman William Carbonear Lower Street
695 Willshear John Carbonear Lower Street
696 Warren James Carbonear Lower Street
697 White Bartholemew Carbonear London Road
698 White John Carbonear South Side
699 White Thomas Carbonear South Side
700 White Charles Salmon Cove
701 Widger Richard Carbonear Lower Street
702 Youngs George Carbonear Bunkers Hill
703 Yetman William Carbonear North Ridge

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