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NFGenWeb 1877 Rochfort's Directory

Conception Bay North Region - Carbonear District


This data was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY, January 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors. 

John A. Rochfort's "Business and General Directory of Newfoundland 1877", containing classified lists of the business men of St. John's and the leading towns and districts of the Colony....

Merchants and Traders:
Anderson Robert
Apsey John F.
Apsey & Co.

Bolmer Robert R.
Bulger Michael
Coultas Miles
Duff & Bolmer

Forward Ambrose
Gould Benjamin T. H.
Hawker William
Kennedy Thomas C.
Maddock John
Maddock J. & R.
Pearce John
Rorke John M. H. A.
Babb Richard
Bailey Andrew
Baker William
Bemister Edward
Bingham James
Bishop George
Bransfield John
Brennan Edward
Bridle William
Brian Peter
Brown John
Burke John
Burke William
Burke George
Butt George
Butt Terence
Butt William
Cahill Edward
Cahill John
Carroll Martin
Chubb George
Clarke David
Clarke George
Clarke Joseph
Clarke Moses
Colbert John
Colbert Peter
Colborne Thomas
Cole Henry
Cole Richard
Connolly John
Cooke John
Cronan William
Cullen Owen
Davis Richard
Davis Richard jun.
Davis William
Davis William sen.
Dawley John
Donelly Michael
Dooley John
Dooley John jun.
Dooley Michael
Doyle James
Doyle Maurice
Doyle Michael
Driscoll James
Dunphy Patrick
Dwyer Edward
Earle George
Earle Moses
Evens Samuel
Fogarty Patrick
Forward Charles
Forward George
French George
French Joseph
Furlong James
Furlong Walter
Geary Thomas
George Richard
George Robert
Gillott James
Guess Patrick
Guy William
Hamilton Edward
Hamilton Henry
Hamilton Peter
Hanrahan David
Hanrahan Michael
Hanrahan William
Hartnell Michael
Haskill John
Hayden Edmund
Hearne James
Hennessey Maurice
Hyde Patrick
Hogan Daniel
Hogan John
Hogan William
Holwell Henry
Holwell James
Holwell John
Horwood Hugh
Howell James
Howell Robert
Howell William
James Daniel
Jones Edward
Joy Patrick
Keanialey David
Keefe Michael
Keefe William
Kelly James
Kelly Michael
Keneally John
Kennedy John
Keough Maurice
Keough John
Kelly John
Laherty Dennis
Lang Frederick
Lang James
Lang John
Lang Richard
Long Alfred
Lundergan Peter
Luther John
Luther Stephen
Luther Thomas
Lynch John
Maddock Patrick
Mahoney Josiah
Mansfield James
Marshall Cleophas
Marshall John
Marshall Peter
McCarthy Daniel
McCarthy John
McCarthy Patrick
McGrath John
Meaney Lawrence
Meaney Patrick
Mercy Thomas
Moore Charles
Mulcahy David
Murphy David
Murphy Richard
Murphy Richard jun.
Murray Michael
Neagle James
Neale James
Oates Mark
Parsons Joseph
Parsons Samuel
Pearce Robert
Pelly Frederick
Prendergast James
Penny Stephen
Penny William
Penny William H.
Pike Alfred
Pike Charles
Pike Charles
Pike Edmund
Pike Edward
Pike George
Pike Henry
Pike John
Pike Moses
Pike Moses jun.
Pomroy James
Powell Elihu
Powell Thomas
Power John
Priddle Jacob
Priddle James
Rendell George
Rorke Patrick
Rossiter Joseph
Rumson George
Ryan Michael
Shea Daniel
Shea John
Shea Patrick
Soper George
Sweeney Edward
Sweeney James
Sweeney Michael
Sweeney Patrick
Taylor Abel
Taylor Albert
Taylor Edward
Taylor George
Taylor Henry
Taylor John
Taylor John jun.
Taylor Joseph
Taylor Joseph H.
Taylor Mark
Taylor Nathaniel
Taylor Nicholas
Taylor Stephen
Taylor William
Taylor William R.
Taylor William jun.
Thistle David
Thistle John
Thistle Thomas
Thoms Joseph
Thomey William
Tobin Martin
Tobin Peter
Walls Samuel
Walsh Walter
Walsh William
Westcote Joseph
Whelan James
Whelan John
White Michael
Williams George
Winsor Alfred
Winsor George
Winsor James
Young John

Name Description of Error My Name
GILLETT The name 'James Gillott' should read 'James Gillett'. He was born c. 1803, died 1883, married to Susamnna Howell, daughter of Robert Howell, also listed. Stephanie Dawes-Watt

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