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A ? mark indicates an entry that was difficult to read and therefore the accuracy is suspect. A census is a finding aid and should not be treated as a primary source of information. The 1935 census also gives information as to the value of the home, how many rooms, if owned or rented, place of birth, religion, occupation, income and if the family owned a radio.

Information was obtained from photocopies of the microfilm of the 1935 Newfoundland Census, obtained from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Queen Elizabeth II Library, St. John's, NF, Canada, A1B 3Y1.

It was transcribed by ELEANOR ATKINSON, Rochester, NH, USA ~ May 1999. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors.

Kirby, William Head M M 50
Kirby, Jane Wife F M 50
Kirby, Cecil Son M S 20
Kirby, Maxwell Son M S 17
Kirby, Leander Son M S 15
Kirby, Donald Son M S 12
Kirby, Florence Daughter F S 19

Kirby, John Head M M 4?
Kirby, Mary Wife F M 4?
Kirby, Clayton Son M S 16
Kirby, Edison Son M S 7
Kirby, Mina Daughter F S 21
Kirby, Gwendolyn Daughter F S 19
Kirby, Edith Daughter F S 9

Penney, John R. Head M M 45
Penney, Clara Wife F M 43
Penney, James H. Son M S 16
Penney, George R. Son M S 13
Penney, Gertie V. Daughter F S 4
Penney, Maria Mother F W 78

Penney, Amos Head M M 30
Penney, Mary Wife F M 28
Penney, Arthur M. Son M S 6
Penney, Alfreda Daughter F S 5
Penney, Lillian Daughter F S 2
Penney, Jessie Mother F W 71

Penney, Arthur Head M M 44
Penney, Elizabeth Wife F M 42
Penney, Abraham Son M S 21
Penney, Minnie Daughter F S 9
Penney, Inez M. Daughter F S 3

Butt, John C. Head M M 63
Butt, Maud Wife F M 48
Butt, Walter Son M S 19
Peach, William J. Step-Son M S 13

Butt, George E. Head M M 46
Butt, Susanna Wife F M 44
Butt, Richard G. Son M S 18
Butt, Hazel Daughter F S 21
Butt, Eliza Mother F W 81

Butt, John Head M W 46
Butt, Hubert Son M S 10
Butt, Violet M. Daughter F S 20
Butt, Winifred Daughter F S 15
Butt, Sadie J. Daughter F S 13

Butt, William Head M M 53
Butt, Matilda Wife F M 51
Butt, Joseph Son M S 24
Butt, William Son M S 22
Butt, Cecil Son M S 19
Butt, Moses Son M S 16
Butt, Clarance Son M S 10
Butt, George ? M S 2

Snow, Edwin B. Head M M 35
Snow, Elizabeth Wife F M 34
Snow, John C. Son M S 8
Snow, Emma J. Daughter F S 13
Snow, Hilda M Daughter F S 11

Parsons, Moses Head M M 66
Parsons, Julia A. Wife F M 70

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