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1928 Directory

Conception Bay North - Carbonear District


The information was transcribed by THERESA DORAN-LUNNY ~ February 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there may be errors.
Surname Given name(s) Address
Ash Joseph Crocker's Cove
Ash J. of W. Crocker's Cove
Ash Harold Crocker's Cove
Ash Arthur Burnt Head
Ash Lon Burnt Head
Ash Ernest Burnt Head
Ash John Burnt Head
Ash Thomas Hiscock's Hill
Ash George Hiscock's Hill
Ash Robert Hiscock's Hill
Ash Eugene Main Street
Ash Leonard Notary Public, General Importer (see advt.)
Ash Leonard Main Street
Ash E. J. Bennett's Hill
Ash Robert South Side
Ash Henry South Side
Bridle A. LeMarchant Rd.
Brocklehurst G. J. Chemist and Druggist (see advt.)
Burke Thomas Burke's Lane
Burke Thom. of T. Burke's Lane
Butt David Long's Hill
Butt Edgar Long's Hill
Butt Harold Liberton's Hill
Butt Joseph Main Street
Butt John Main Street
Butt Reuben Main Street
Butt Wm. Main Street
Butt Robert Crocker's Cove
Butt Thos. do
Butt Joseph do
Butt Michael do
Butt Charles do
Butt George do
Butt Felix do
Butt William do
Butt Sam of W. do
Butt Thos. of W. do
Butt G. W. of W. do
Butt R. of W. do
Blake Wm do
Bransfield Felix do
Badcock Wm. H. Main Street
Badcock John Main Street
Badcock Richard Main Street
Burden D. LeMarchant Rd.
Burden George Burden's Hill
Burden Hubert do
Burden Robert do
Burden William do
Burden James do
Burden James Merchant, Dry Goods, Groceries, etc. (see advt.)
Burden Samuel do
Burden Fletcher do
Burden W. of J. do
Burdtn R. of R. do
Barnes Paul LeMarchant Rd.
Brown Edmund LeMarchant Rd.
Bennett George LeMarchant Rd.
Best Joshua Main Street
Burden James Main Street
Burden E. Capt. Frank's Lane
Burden Willis LeMarchant Rd.
Burden H. LeMarchant Rd.
Burden Max LeMarchant Rd.
Burden Joseph Burden's Hill
Burden Ephraim Burden's Hill
Burden John Burden's Hill
Burden A. Burden's Hill
Butt Terence Main Street
Butt Wm. of Wm. Main Street
Butt P. of Wm. Main Street
Brien Stephen No. 1 Firebreak
Brien Edward No. 1 Firebreak
Benson Gideon No. 2 Firebreak
Bourne A. Main Street
Bennett George Bennett's Hill
Bennett Wm. do
Bennett S., Jr. do
Badcock Thomas Main Street
Butt John do
Bemister F. P. Bemister's Hill
Babb William Valley Road
Babb Eugene do
Babb George do
Barry Michael do
Barrett Nathaniel Pond Head
Barrett Leonard do
Bourne William do
Bourne John do
Bourne Wm. of Wm. do
Bowamn John St. Patrick's St.
Babstock Thomas Valley Road
Brown Stephen Irish Town
Barnes George do
Baker Daniel Bunker's Hill
Baker Dan of Dan do
Brien James St. Patrick's St.
Brien Gerald Crowdy St.
Brown John Irish Town
Brien James do
Baker Benjamin South Side
Babb John do
Burgess John do
Burgess John C. do
Buckle John do
Buckle Isaac do
Butt Frederick do
Butt John do
Butt John, Sr. do
Butt John of John do
Butt Alec do
Butt Reuben do
Bingham John London Road
Bingham James do
Butt Esau Knight's Marsh
Butt H. do
Cameron Brothers Merchants General Business (see advt.)
Clarke Richard Crocker's Cove
Clarke Arthur do
Clarke John do
Clarke George do
Clarke Martin do
Clarke William do
Clarke Joseph do
Cole William do
Cole Reuben do
Cole Nathaniel do
Cole John do
Clarke John LeMarchant Rd.
Clarke Luke do
Clarke Thomas Henry Main Street
Clarke William do
Clarke Thomas do
Clarke Silas Burnt Head
Carbonear Taxi Service (see advt.)
Clarke James do
Clarke Wilson do
Clarke H. do
Cole Thomas Liberton's Hill
Crocker James Long's Hill
Collins S. LeMarchant Rd.
Curnew Alfred do
Chipman John do
Chubbs James Bunker's Hill
Chubbs Robert do
Chubbs Nehemiah do
Chubbs Leander do
Connolly W. T. do
Central Drug Store O. F. Howell, Prop. (see advt.)
Connolly Dan do
Connolly Dan, Jr. do
Chubbs George T. Gaden's Marsh
Colbourne Henry do
Colbourne George do
Colbourne Hugh do
Colbourne Reuben do
Colbourne Fred do
Chubbs Bert Main Street
Clarke Samuel Main Street
Cameron Hugh do
Cameron H. A. do
Cameron Malcom do
Cornish John do
Cole Bartlett Church Hill
Clarke John Pond Head
Cullen Patrick Valley Road
Cullen Peter do
Cullen Bernard do
Cullen James do
Cock Patrick do
Colford Lawrence do
Callahan James do
Crawford Bernard do
Crawford John Valley Road
Cameron Wm. do
Caul Wm. do
Colbert James Irish Town
Cahill Patrick Chapel Hill
Cahill John do
Cahill Michael do
Carroll John Adelaide Street
Carroll Patrick do
Clarke Edward South Side
Clarke Fred do
Crane Charles do
Churchhill Thomas do
Churchhill B. do
Churchhill Wm. do
Cahill Richard Saddle Hill
Curran David do
Crawford John do
Crawford Peter do
Cane Michael London Road
Cullen John Beach
Crawford P. do
Colford T. do
Day Samuel Liberton's Hill
Day Chesley do
Day William do
Davis Arthur Lower Marsh
Davis Wm. Capt. Frank's Lane
Davis Joseph LeMarhant Road
Dean Henry Crocker's Cove
Duff John No. 2 Firebreak
Duff Robert Main Street
Duff Wm. and Sons, Ltd. Merchant Importers and Exporters (see advt.)
Duff Wm. Main Street
Dean George Church Hill
Doherty John Main Street
Doherty Patrick Main Street
Doherty Leo Main Street
Doherty Maurice Main Street
Doyle Maurice Main Street
Doody John Crowdy Street
Doody Wm. Crowdy Street
Dooley John Crowdy Street
Dooley Joseph Crowdy Street
Dawe Walter Crowdy Street
Dean Matthew Bennett's Hill
Dean Arthur Bennett's Hill
Dinn Wm. Valley Road
Donnelly Michael Irish Town
Donnelly Michael of J. Valley Road
Donnelly Patrick Irish Town
Dunphy Thomas Chapel Hill
Dwyer John Chapel Hill
Dwyer Edward Chapel Hill
Drake Thomas Drake's Hill
Drake John Drake's Hill
Drake Charles Drake's Hill
Drake Thomas of C. Drake's Hill
Drake John of C. Drake's Hill
Davis Norman South Side
Davis James South Side
Davis George South Side
Davis Fred South Side
Evely George Burnt Head
Evely Hedley Burnt Head
Evely James Crocker's Cove
Earle Wm. Irish Town
Earle Arthur Crowdy Street
Earle Cephas Knight's Marsh
Earle John of C. Knight's Marsh
Earle James of C. Knight's Marsh
Earle Allen of C. Knight's Marsh
Earle John South Side
Earle Eli South Side
Earle John F. South Side
Earle Thomas South Side
Edwards John South Side
Frampton Charles Burden's Hill
Forward James Liberton's Hill
Forward George of George Main Street
Forward G. Dry Goods and Groceries (see advt.)
Forward Ernest Main Street
Forward John Burnt Head
Forward M. Carbonear Island
Forward H. of H. Carbonear Island
Frampton A. LeMarchant Road
Forward John Cemetery Hill
Finn Patrick Main Street
Finn Pat of Pat Main Street
Finn Thomas Main Street
Fardy James Crowdy Street
Fardy Hugh Crowdy Street
Fardy M. L. Crowdy Street
Finn Thomas Main Street
Finn Wm. Main Street
Furey M. Bunker's Hill
Forward G. of N Main Street
Fitzgerald John Main Street
Fitzgerald Thos. Main Street
Frampton Edward No. 2 Firebreak
French Thomas Adelaide Street
Finn Michael Adelaide Street
Furlong Wm. Valley Road
Fortune Patrick Valley Road
Fortune Moses Valley Road
Furey Wm. Irish Town
Furey Thomas Irish Town
Fitzpatrick P. London Road
Foote John Adelaide Street
Fitzpatrick B. London Road
Fitzpatrick R. London Road
Fitzpatrick T. London Road
Foley Jeremiah Saddle Hill
French J. of James Pond Side
French John South Side
French Henry South Side
French Joseph South Side
French Eugene South Side
French Thomas South Side
French Reuben South Side
French John Valley South Side
Fraize John South Side
Fraize Robert South Side
Fraize Victor South Side
Forward Arthur South Side
Forward R. of J. South Side
Forward Nath South Side
Forward Delbert South Side
Forward Capt. C. South Side
Forward Mark South Side
Forward Wm. South Side
Forward James South Side
Forward Colin South Side
Gillett Thomas LeMarchant Road
Gillett Fielding LeMarchant Road
Gillespie Stewart Crocker's Cove
Gillispie Eleazer Burnt Head
George Samuel Crocker's Cove
Gillispie George Main Street
Gillispie Wm. Main Street
Goff E. P. Main Street
Goff Brothers Tailors and Clothiers (see advt.)
Grady Joseph Crowdy Street
Grady Eugene Crowdy Street
Grady Michael Crowdy Street
Guy J. P. Undertaker and Furniture Dealer (see advt.)
Guy W. T. Crowdy Street
Gould Michael Bunker's Hill
Griffin James Gladstone Road
Green Frank Pond Head
Green James Pond Head
Green Samuel Pond Head
George Matthew Valley Road
Green John South Side
Guest Patrick London Road
Guest Thomas South Side
George Martin London Road
George Wm. London Road
George John London Road
Garland James South Side
Garland Augustus South Side
Garland Robert South Side
Garland Wm. Pond Road
Hiscock Fred Hiscock's Hill
Hiscock J. P. do
Hiscock W. J. do
Hiscock Thomas do
Hiscock J. do
Hiscock I. do
Hiscock H. do
Hiscock John Lily Pond
Hiscock John E. Lily Pond
Hiscock Henry Lily Pond
Hiscock G. of J. Lily Pond
Hiscock H. of Henry Lily Pond
Hiscock Wm. Main Street
Horwood R. LeMarchant Road
Horwood S. do
Horwood Stewart do
Horwood A. do
Horwood George do
Horwood W. of S. do
Horwood Wm. Crocker's Cove
Homer Joseph Burden's Hill
Hall Ewart Main Street
Howell Fred Crocker's Cove
Hayter Willis Main Street
Hawker Manoah LeMarchant Road
Hawker Frederick do
Hopkins Augustus Main Street
Hiscock George Bennett's Hill
Howell Wm. Main Street
Howell A. Main Street
Howell John Main Street
Howell McNeil Main Street
Howell W. F. Church Hill
Howell E. D. Main Street
Howell Charles Main Street
Howell George Gaden's Marsh
Howell Frank Gaden's Marsh
Howell Hubert Bennett's Hill
Howell Frank Bemister's Hill
Howell Robert Bemister's Hill
Howell Norman Bemister's Hill
Howell Hedley Gould's Lane
Hillyard Wm. Crowdy Street
Hamilton Michael Main Street
Hogan W. of P. Main Street
Hearn Michael Bunker's Hill
Hearn James Bunker's Hill
Hearn James of J. Bunker's Hill
Hearn John Bunker's Hill
Harris John Bunker's Hill
Harris Walter Church Hill
Harrigan Patrick Valley Road
Horgan Patrick Main Street
Horgan Wm. Main Street
Horgan James Crowdy Street
Horgan Thomas Crowdy Street
Horgan Frank Crowdy Street
Harris Selby Canvas Town
Howell Oscar St. Patrick's St.
Howell Willis Pond Head
Howell Harry Pond Head
Howell Thomas Pond Head
Howell Arthur Irish Town
Hedge George Pond Head
Hedge Herbert Pond Head
Hedge Robert Pond Head
Haskell George Irish Town
Hayden Edward Irish Town
Herald Levi South Side
Herald Henry South Side
Hogan Daniel Saddle Hill
Hogan Michael Saddle Hill
Hogan Alex London Road
Hogan Daniel London Road
Hogan Joseph Beach
Hogan Eugene South Side
Hamilton Charles London Road
Hamilton Eugene London Road
Hayden Peter London Road
Howell Absolam Brookside
Howell Thomas Pond Side
Howell Ebenezar Pond Side
Howell Absolam, Jr. Pond Side
Harrington N. London Road
Harrington M. London Road
Harrington P. London Road
Harrington J. London Road
Harrington M. London Road
Janes Samuel Long's Hill
Johnston George Crocker's Cove
Johnston John Crocker's Cove
Johnston Wm. Crocker's Cove
Jerrett Benjamin LeMarchant Road
Joyce Edward Main Street
Jones George Crowdy Street
Jones Edward Crowdy Street
Jones John Irish Town
Jones Michael Valley Road
James Alfred Crowdy Street
James Jonathan Pond Head
Joy Patrick Irish Town
Janes Joseph South Side
Janes Wm. South Side
Janes Edward South Side
Janes Ed of Edward South Side
Janes Ambrose South Side
King Reuben Liberton's Hill
King Harold Main Street
Kennedy Wm. Crocker's Cove
Kennedey S. Crowdy Street
Kielly P. Main Street
Kehoe P. Main Street
Kehoe J. Main Street
Kehoe L. Main Street
Kehoe G. Main Street
Kielly T. Chapel Hill
Kehoe John Irish Town
Kenneally John St. Patrick's St.
Knox John Valley Road
Keefe Wm. Valley Road
Keefe M. Valley Road
Kennedy Ambrose Irish Town
Kennedy Terence Irish Town
Kennedy N. Main Street
Kavanagh Wm. Irish Town
Kennedy Wm. London Road
Kennedy D. London Road
Kennedy Thomas London Road
Kennedy N. London Road
Keefe M. London Road
Keefe Edward Saddle Hill
Keefe James Saddle Hill
Kavanagh John Knight's Marsh
Kavanagh F. Knight's Marsh
Kavanagh M. Knight's Marsh
Long John Long's Hill
Long F. Long's Hill
Long Hebert Long's Hill
Long George Burke's Land
Lee Patrick Main Street
Leary Benjamin Chapel Hill
Luther George Valley Road
McCarthy's Hotel Mrs. Charles McCarthy Water Street (see advt.)
McCarthy C. Main Street
McCarthy J. Chapel Hill
McCarthy W. J. Custom Tailor (see advt.)
McCarthy W. J. Main Street
McCarthy J. Main Street
McCarthy T. of W. J. Main Street
McCarthy Rev. F. D. St. Patrick's St.
McCarthy George London Road
McCarthy F. London Road
McCarthy M. Knight's Marsh
McCarthy Wm. Burnt Head
McCarthy Felix Burnt Head
McCarthy James Crocker's Cove
McCarthy Samuel do
McCarthy George do
McCarthy Eugene do
McCarthy Charles do
McCarthy G. W. do
McCarthy Wm. do
McCarthy J. of Wm. do
McCarthy Jos. of Wm. do
McCarthy F. of Wm. do
McCarthy J. of F. do
McCarthy Thom. of F. do
McCarthy Eugene Main Street
McCarthy John Main Street
McKee J. B. Valley Road
McKee J. B., Jr. Valley Road
McGuire P. Irish Town
McGrath G. Valley Road
McGrath Wm. Valley Road
McQuirk F. South Side
Maddock A. No. 2 Firebreak
Maddock John Crowdy Street
Maddock J & J Merchants General Business (see advt.)
Maddock Joseph Crowdy Street
Maddock Harold Crowdy Street
Maddock Robert Main Street
Marshall Samson Main Street
Marshall Andrew Main Street
Marshall Stanley Main Street
Mahaney S. Long's Hill
Mahaney Thomas Long's Hill
Merrigan T. Crocker's Cove
Mills John Bennett's Hill
Mills Fred Bennett's Hill
Marshall A. LeMarchant Road
Marshall Henry LeMarchant Road
Marshall J. LeMarchant Road
Merrigan Ed Gaden's Marsh
Merrigan James Gaden's Marsh
Mahaney T. Church Hill
Moore James General Dealer (see advt.)
Moore J. Main Street
Moore Robert Crocker's Cove
Moores John Moore's Hill
Moores Wm. No. 2 Firebreak
Moores Silas No. 2 Firebreak
Moores Thomas Adelaide Street
Moores Thomas, Jr. Adelaide Street
Moores J. of M. Bunker's Hill
Marshall N. Crowdy Street
March Alex No. 1 Firebreak
Mackey John St. Patrick's Street
Murray Wm. Valley Road
Murray John Valley Road
Murray Martin Valley Road
Murray Richard Pond Head
Morrissey C. St. Patrick's Street
Morrissey P. Irish Town
Marshall D. Main Street
Marshall C. Main Street
Marshall Esau Irish Town
Marshall Ira Irish Town
Marshall Ambrose Irish Town
Marshall Oscar Irish Town
Marshall C. South Side
Marshall H. South Side
Marshall N. South Side
Marshall D. J. South Side
Murphy Martin Irish Town
Murphy Joseph Crowdy Street
Murphy John Adelaide Street
Murphy John Gaden's Marsh
Murphy John South Side
Murphy Thomas London Road
Murphy Pat London Road
Murphy M. London Road
Murphy M. of M. London Road
Murphy D. of M. London Road
Murphy Jas. of Jas. London Road
Mullins Wm. Knight's Marsh
Marks Thomas South Side
Murray George South Side
Murray R. South Side
Murray A. South Side
Murphy C. London Road
Murphy P. J. London Road
Newman Rev. J. T. Main Street
Noel Wm. Main Street
Nichole R. Crocker's Cove
Nichole Albert Crocker's Cove
Nichole D. Crocker's Cove
Nichole George Main Street
Nichole W. A. Main Street
Nichole James Main Street
Nichole Ed Bennett's Hill
Nichole M. Bennett's Hill
Nichole John Bennett's Hill
Osmond R. Burden's Hill
Oats Augustus Burnt Head
Oats Wm. Crocker's Cove
Osmond George LeMarchant Road
Osmond J. LeMarchant Road
Osmond A. LeMarchant Road
Oates Edward Crowdy Street
Oates George London Road
Oates D. of G. London Road
Oates Wm. South Side
Oates Thomas South Side
Oates A. South Side
Oates J. of T. South Side
Oates Martin Knight's Marsh
Oates G. W. Knight's Marsh
Oates David South Side
Oates Walter South Side
O'Driscoll Dan South Side
Peach J. B. Rural Retreat
Parsons A. Rural Retreat
Parsons Wm. Liberton's Hill
Pilgrim B. LeMarchant Road
Pilgrim H. LeMarchant Road
Pilgrim Wm. LeMarchant Road
Pilgrim Albert LeMarchant Road
Pilgrim Am LeMarchant Road
Penney John Main Street
Penney James Main Street
Penney Frederick Main Street
Penney E. R. Main Street
Penney L. Main Street
Penney John Main Street
Penney Jacob Main Street
Penney Eliol Main Street
Penney Clement Main Street
Penney Arthur Main Street
Penney Samuel Main Street
Penney W. H. Main Street
Penney H. of Wm. Main Street
Powell J. P. Main Street
Powell Richard Main Street
Powell F. Main Street
Powell George Main Street
Powell B. Main Street
Powell H. Wm. Burke's Lane
Pike Frank Main Street
Pike S. C. Burnt Head
Pye Elijah Crocker's Cove
Pye Samuel Crocker's Cove
Penney W. L. Masonic Ave.
Penney G. F. Main Street
Penney Harold Main Street
Penney A. E. Gould's Land
Penney W. T. Church Hill
Parsons U. Cemetery Hill
Parsons Mark Main Street
Parsons Samuel Main Street
Pike A. Main Street
Pike James Main Street
Pike Wm. of Wm. Church Hill
Pike M. Crowdy Street
Penney A. Gaden's Marsh
Penney Stephen Church Hill
Penney I. Church Hill
Penney Robert Gaden's Marsh
Penney George Gaden's Marsh
Penney W. F. Main Street
Powell H. Beminster's Hill
Powell Thomas Crowdy Street
Powell J. of M. Bunker's Hill
Power Maurice Bunker's Hill
Power Thomas Bunker's Hill
Pretty F. Adelaide Street
Power J. C. Chapel Hill
Power John of C. Chapel Hill
Power James Pond Head
Poole James Irish Town
Pike S. B. Pond Head
Pike F. Pond Head
Pike E. Pond Head
Pike H. Pond Head
Pike Hubert Pond Head
Pike W. B. Pond Head
Pike Joseph Pond Head
Pike Stewart Pond Head
Pike E. E. Pond Head
Pike Daniel Pond Head
Pike Fred Crowdy Street
Powell Joseph Canvas Town
Pye Elijah Crowdy Street
Penney N. South Side
Penney Wm. Powell's Brook
Penney S. Powell's Brook
Penney John Powell's Brook
Penney Albert Powell's Brook
Penney F. Powell's Brook
Penney Robert South Side
Penney Wm. Point
Penney Robert Point
Penney Leonard Point
Penney George Point
Penney Wm. Pond Side
Penney J. M. South Side
Pumphrey J Pond Side
Pumphrey James Pond Side
Pike John of J. Knight's Marsh
Pike J. of Jabez Pond Side
Pike Richard South Side
Pike George South Side
Pike Ernest South Side
Pike Edward South Side
Pike Thomas South Side
Pike Wm. Park Lane
Pike George Park Lane
Pike Herbert Park Lane
Pike Robert Park Lane
Pike Eleazer South Side
Pye John South Side
Pye E. South Side
Pye Walter South Side
Poole James South Side
Powell Graham South Side
Power George South Side
Power H. South Side
Power I. South Side
Power Ernest South Side
Quinn B. Crowdy Street
Quinn H. Crowdy Street
Rowe George Liberton's Hill
Rowe Fred Liberton's Hill
Rowe Wm. Main Street
Rowe B. Main Street
Reid James Liberton's Hill
Reid Wm. Liberton's Hill
Reid Albert Liberton's Hill
Rumbolt R. LeMarchant Road
Rumbolt Wm. LeMarchant Road
Reynolds N. Gaden's Marsh
Rice E. No. 1 Firebreak
Rice E. of Wm. Crowdy Street
Rusted Rev. E. Church Hill
Russell Stephen Crowdy Street
Rumson Wm. Pond Head
Rumson George Pond Head
Rumson Sam Pond Head
Rowe W. F. Pond Head
Rowe Thomas Pond Head
Rowe Allan Pond Head
Rowe James Pond Head
Rowe C. Pond Head
Rowe Sam Pond Head
Rowe Wm. Pond Head
Rorke John and Sons Merchant Importers and Exporters (see advt.)
Rorke John Main Street
Rorke John, Jr. Main Street
Rorke James Main Street
Rielley Ed Chapel Hill
Ryan Matthew Saddle Hill
Ryan John Saddle Hill
Roberts Wm. Brook Side
Rossitor James Pond Side
Rossitor G. of J. Pond Side
Roers M. London Road
Rogers Thomas London Road
Reynolds James London Road
Saunders Howell and Co., Ltd. Gen. Contractors and Lumber Dlrs (see advt.)
Saunders Philip Main Street
Saunders Fred Main Street
Saunders Wm. Main Street
Simms Joseph Crocker's Cove
Snow James Liberton's Hill
Snow John Hiscock's Hill
Summer Joseph Long's Hill
Smith Giles Main Street
Smith G., Jr. Main Street
Soper George Main Street
Soper John Crocker's Cove
Stentaford G. L. (M.D.) Main Street
Snow John Gaden's Marsh
Snow Geo. of George Gaden's Marsh
Squibb John Bunker's Hill
Soper Henry Main Street
Soper Hubert Main Street
Shea George Bunker's Hill
Shea John Bunker's Hill
Shea James Chapel Hill
Shea Michael Chapel Hill
Spencer Albert Pond Head
Spencer Allan Pond Head
Squibb James Irish Town
Sweeney Joseph Irish Town
Sweeney John of J. Irish Town
Sweeney John Irish Town
Sweeney E. of J. Irish Town
Sweeney Thomas Irish Town
Sweeney Edward Irish Town
Sweeney Thomas Main Street
Soper Joshua Park Lane
Soper Noah Fox Farm
Southwell John London Road
Taylor's Garage Battery Service Station (see advt.)
Taylor James Lower Marsh
Taylor John Lower Marsh
Taylor F. Lower Marsh
Taylor J. of John Lower Marsh
Taylor Robert Main Street
Taylor Arthur Main Street
Taylor Capt. C. F. Main Street
Taylor Richard Main Street
Taylor Francis Main Street
Taylor R. O. Main Street
Taylor Wm. of R. Main Street
Taylor Wm. B. Main Street
Taylor E. Main Street
Thomas J. Main Street
Taylor R. of R. Burden's Hill
Taylor M. Bennett's Hill
Taylor Ed N. Capt. Frank's Lane
Taylor Wm. W. Capt. Frank's Lane
Taylor John R. Capt. Frank's Lane
Taylor F. J. Capt. Frank's Lane
Taylor Rich Main Street
Taylor Jas. of Jos. Main Street
Taylor Samuel Main Street
Taylor Duncan Main Street
Taylor Leonard Main Street
Taylor John of Wm. Main Street
Taylor James of Wm. Main Street
Tucker John Church Hill
Tucker Walter Main Street
Tobin John Main Street
Thoms Wm. Canvas Town
Thoms J. of Joseph Gladstone Road
Thoms Ambrose Gladstone Road
Thoms J. of A. Gladstone Road
Tobin M. Gladstone Road
Thistle J. J. London Road
Thistle James South Side
Thistle John South Side
Thomas James Knight's Marsh
Thomas W. H. South Side
Thomas Chas. South Side
Thomas L. South Side
Thomas N. South Side
Taylor A. South Side
Taylor A. J. South Side
Taylor H. South Side
Taylor John South Side
Taylor H. South Side
Taylor R. South Side
Udel Wm. Main Street
Udel John Main Street
Vatcher Thomas Crocker's Cove
Vatcher A. Crocker's Cove
Vatcher R. Crocker's Cove
Vatcher John Burnt Head
West End Hotel Mrs. Annie Tucker, prop. (see advt.)
Winsor A. LeMarchant Road
Willey Rev. F. G. Main Street
Walsh John Main Street
Walsh George LeMarchant Road
Winsor A. Church Hill
Winsor George Bemister's Hill
Ward J. Church Hill
Widger Silas Crowdy Street
Widger George Crowdy Street
Walsh James Main Street
Walsh Frank Main Street
Winsor John Adelaide Street
Ward Richard Valley Road
Ward Daniel Valley Road
White John Chapel Hill
White Wm. Chapel Hill
White Wm. South Side
White Chas. South Side
White W. of C. South Side
White Thomas London Road
White George Pond Side
White J. of Wm. Knight's Marsh
Whelan John London Road
Whelan Joseph London Road
Walsh Michael South Side
Woodford P. South Side
Woodford Pat South Side
Woods John Tinsmith (see advt.)
Young Ambrose Gaden's Marsh

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