NFGenWeb Bay Robert's 1928 Directory

Conception Bay North - Port de Grave District

Coley's Point South - Pages: 505-506

The information was transcribed by MELVIN HUSSEY ~ March 2002 from a copy of the original document. While I have tried to be as careful as possible, there could be errors. 

Barrett, Geo.Retired (Fisherman)
Barrett, RobertLab.
Batten, JosephCarp.
Batten, WilliamLab.
Batten, HarryCarp.
Batten, SamuelCarp.
Dawe, RobertFisherman
Dawe, HarryFisherman
Dawe, AlbertFisherman
Fradsham, HoratioLab.
Fradsham, GilbertCarp.
French, ReubenCarp.
French, EsauLab.
French, IsaacFisherman
French, WilliamLab.
French, John J.Ferry-Man
French, Robert J.Lab.
French, William J.Lab.
French, JamesCarp.
French, JohnLab.
French, CharlieCarp.
French, NathanLab.
Gosney, IsaacLab.
Grey, JohnCarp.
Ivany, JonathanCarp.
Jackson, HenryCooper
Kinsella, JosephLab.
Kinsella, KennethCarp.
Lamb, Wm.AB.
Lelsis, HenryFisherman
Leslie, JohnRetired (Fisherman)
Leslie, FredrickCarp.
Littlejohns, ThomasFisherman
Littlejohns, ArthurClergy
Littlejohns, W. H.Blacksmith
Littlejohns, Wm.Postmaster
Martin, HenryCooper
Martin, GilbertCarp.
Mercer, JohnLab.
Mercer, R. S.General Dealer Dry Goods Hardware
Morgan, JacobRetired
Morgan, WalterCarp.
Morgan, IsaacRetd. Fisherman
Morgan, JosephLab.
Morgan, GeorgeRetd. Fisherman
Morgan, HaroldAgent
Morgan, AllanMerchant
Morgan, NathTeacher
Morgan, Wm.Light Keeper
Morgan, AlbertGovt. Official
Morgan, Benj.Retired
Parsons, AllanLab.
Parsons, SebastianCarp.
Parsons, StewartCarp.
Parsons, A.General Dealer Provisions Groceries
Parsons, JonathanFisherman
Parsons, Samuel Lab.
Parsons, JohnLab.
Parsons, CharlesLab.
Parsons, RobertFisherman
Ralph. NathenBlacksmith
Rumbolt, Wm.Lab.
Russell, Wm.Carp.
Russell, EdwardFisherman
Russell, ArthurCarp.
Russell, JamesCooper
Rowsell, Geo. H.Cooper
Samways, JohnLab.
Samways, CharlieLab.
Snow, JamesFisherman
Snow, JohnLab.
Snow, AdamLab.
Snow, IsaacCarp.
Spencer, JohnLab.
Squires, W. J.Carp.
Squires, AbrahamLab.
Tippett, EleazorBlacksmith
Thompson, JamesCarp.
Thompson, GeorgeCarp.

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