NL GenWeb Conception Bay North Brigus District 1898 Brigus and Vicinity

NL GenWeb 1898 McAlpine's Directory

Conception Bay North - Brigus District

Brigus and Vicinity

The information was transcribed by BONNIE HICKEY ~ May 1999. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Name (& Relation) Occupation Place
ANTHONY, Mrs. Wid Jos(Goulds)
ANTHONY, Mrs. Wid Jas(Goulds)
ANTLE, Stephenmas marBrigus
ANTLE, JohnfishermanBrigus
ANTLE, Wm.FishermanBrigus
ANTLE, ThomasfishermanBrigus
ANTLE, Thomas P.fishermanBrigus
AZZLETINE, Wm.FishermanBrigus
AZZLETINE, BenjaminfishermanBrigus
ASPELL, MichaelfishermanBrigus
AKERMAN, GeorgefishermanBrigus
ADAMS, Abrahamfisherman (Gullies)
ADAMS, Albertfisherman (Gullies)
ADAMS, Georgefisherman (Gullies)
ANTLE, Jamesfisherman (Gullies)
ANTLE, Thomas P.fisherman (Gullies)
ANTLE, Georgefisherman (Gullies)
ASPELL, Wm.fisherman (Gullies)
ASPELL, Mrs., Wid Jas.(Gullies)
ANTLE, Robertfisherman (Gullies)
ANDREWS, Wm.fisherman (Gullies)
BARNES, Catherine, Wid(Geo town)
BARTLETT, ThomasshoemakerBrigus
BARTLETT, JamesfishermanBrigus
BARTLETT, FrederickfishermanBrigus
BARTLETT, Samuelmas marBrigus
BARTLETT, Wm.mas marBrigus
BARTLETT, Robertmas marBrigus
BARTLETT, JohnagentBrigus
BARTLETT, ErnestsurveyorBrigus
BARTLETT, Georgemed studentBrigus
BARTLETT, Robt (Jos)carpenterBrigus
BARTLETT, Grace, Wid.(Turk's Gut)
BRINE, Thomas sr.TinsmithBrigus
BRINE, JohntinsmithBrigus
BRINE, Thomas jr.TinsmithBrigus
BYRNE, RobertfishermanBrigus
BYRNE, MichaelfishermanBrigus
BYRNE, Mrs. Wid JnoBrigus
BREAKER, SamuelfishermanBrigus
BREAKER, HenryfishermanBrigus
BREAKER, CharlesfishermanBrigus
BREAKER, GeorgefishermanBrigus
BREAKER, StephenfishermanBrigus
BREAKER, Samuel jr.fishermanBrigus
BUTLER, BenjaminfishermanBrigus
BUTLAND, GeorgeaccountantBrigus
BURKE, Edwardfisherman (Riverhead)
BURKE, James sr.coaster (Riverhead)
BURKE, James jr.seaman (Riverhead)
BURKE, Richardseaman (Riverhead)
BURKE, Patrickseaman (Riverhead)
BARTLETT, Georgefisherman (Riverhead)
BARTLETT, Joshuashoemaker (Riverhead)
BARTLETT, Samuelfisherman (Riverhead)
BARTLETT, Herbertcarpenter (Riverhead)
BARTLETT, Hy Thoscarpenter (Riverhead)
BARTLETT, Johnfisherman (Riverhead)
BARTLETT, Joseph sr.fisherman (Riverhead)
BARTLETT, Mosesmas mar (Riverhead)
BARTLETT, Joseph jrfisherman (Riverhead)
BUTLER, Thomasfisherman (Gullies)
BUTLER, Edw Jasfarmer(Gullies)
BARRETT, Lorenzofisherman (Gullies)
BUTLER, Wm. J.farmer(Gullies)
BARNES, Thosfisherman(English town)
BARNES, John Cfisherman (English town)
BARNES, John sr.fisherman (English town)
BARNES, Wm. T.fisherman (English town)
BARNES, Wm Hyfisherman(English town)
BARNES, Samuelfisherman (English town)
BARNES, Georgefisherman (English town)
BALLAM, Wmlaborer (English town)
BOWE, Samuelfisherman (English town)
BYRNE, Johnfisherman (Rattley row)
BYRNE, Georgefisherman(Rattley row)
BARTLETT, Johnfisherman (St. John's rd)
BARTLETT, Nathanielfisherman (St. John's rd)
BARTLETT, Georgefisherman (St. John's rd)
BURKE, Philipfisherman(St. John's rd)
BEARNS, Johnfisherman(St. John's rd)
BURKE, Wm.Fisherman(St. John's rd)
BURKE, Patkfisherman (St. John's rd)
BURKE, Wm. E.fisherman (St. John's rd)
BYRNE, Johnfisherman(Hbr Grace rd)
BROPHY, Patkfarmer (Goulds road)
BARTLETT, Thos jr.fisherman (Georges' tn)
BARTLETT, Thosfisherman (Georges' tn)
BUTLER, Edwfisherman(Roche's line)
BUTLER, Solomonfisherman (Roche's line)
BUTLER, Mosesfisherman (Roche's line)
CASSIDY, Peterfisherman(Frog Marsh)
CLARKE, Wm srfisherman (South side)
CLARKE, Mosesfisherman (South side)
CRANE, Mrs., Wid JohnBrigus
CLARKE, Mrs., Wid JohnBrigus
CLEARY, Mrs., Wid PeterBrigus
CURTICE, Mrs., Wid ChasBrigus
CLARKE, Robtfisherman (South side)
CLARKE, Wm jr.fisherman (South side)
CLARKE, Nathanfisherman(South side)
CLARKE, Noahfisherman(South side)
CLARKE, Kennethfisherman (South side)
CLARKE, Calebfisherman (South side)
CLARKE, Mundenfisherman (South side)
CLARKE, Wm. (Calebfisherman (South side)
CLARKE, Benjaminfisherman (South side)
CLARKE, Wm. (Isaacfisherman (South side)
CLARKE, Isaacfisherman (South side)
CLARKE, Thosfisherman (South side)
CLARKE, Georgefisherman (South side)
CLARKE, Johnfisherman (River head)
CHALKER, Jasfisherman (River head)
CHALKER, Thossailor(River head)
COWLEY, Patkshoemaker (River head)
COWLEY, Johnaccountant (River head)
COWLEY, Jasaccountant (River head)
COWLEY, Josephfisherman (River head)
CLARKE, Stephenmstr mrnr (River head)
CLARKE, Robtfisherman (River head)
CLARKE, Wm. Jasfisherman (River head)
COLE, Wm.farmer (Gullies)
CURTIS, Joshuafisherman (Gullies)
CRITCH, Samuelfisherman (Gullies)
CRITCH, Mrs. Widow ThosGullies)
CLARKE, Benjaminfisherman (Gullies)
CLARKE, Geofisherman (Gullies)
CLARKE, Wm.fisherman (Gullies)
CRITCH, Johnfisherman (Gullies)
CURLEW, Wm. sr.fisherman (Gullies)
CURLEW, Herbertfisherman (Gullies)
CURLEW, Edwardfisherman (Gullies)
CURLEW, Wm. jrfisherman (Gullies)
COLE, Wm.carpenter (Brigus)
CURTIS, Jnomstr mrnr (Rattley row)
CURTIS, Albertlaborer (Rattley row)
CURTIS, Wm.fisherman (English town)
CURTIS, Johnfisherman (English town)
CURTIS, Thosfisherman (English town)
CLARKE, Chasfisherman (English town)
CLARKE, Benjfisherman (English town)
CHAFE, Samuel E.teacher (Brigus)
CHALKER, Geocoaster (George's town)
CHALKER, Thosseaman (George's town)
CHALKER, Jasplasterer (George's town)
CONNELLY, Johnfisherman (George's town)
CROKE, Mrs. Wid Edw(George's town)
CARROLL, Michaelfarmer (Foley's hill)
CARROLL, Patkfisherman (Foley's hill)
CARROLL, Wm.fisherman (Foley's hill)
CARROLL, Johnfisherman (Foley's hill)
COLLINS, Thosfisherman (Foley's hill)
CONNELLY, Michaelfisherman (Gould's rd)
CONNELLY, Johnfisherman (Gould's rd)
CURRAN, Johnfisherman (Gould's rd)
CURRAN, mrs., Wid Jas(Gould's rd)
CURRAN, Jasfisherman (Gould's rd)
CURRAN, Wm.fisherman (Gould's rd)
CURTIS, Michaelfisherman (Gould's rd)
CURTIS, mrs., Wid Patk(Gould's rd)
DAVEY, GeofarmerBrigus
DELANEY, Patkmas marinerBrigus
DONOVAN, J. operatrBrigus
DOYLE, mrs., Wid JasBrigus
DUNCAN, J. G.physirn (Beaver pd)
DAWE, Abrahamfisherman (Eng twn)
DOYLE Milesfarmer (St. John's rd)
DOOLING, Johnfisherman (Irish town)
DALEY, Jas sr.fisherman (Irish town)
DALEY, Jas jr.fisherman (Irish town)
DAWE, Azariahfisherman (Roche's line)
DAWE, Wm.fisherman (Roche's line)
DUNN, Patkfisherman (Gould's rd)
EDWARDS, SamuelfishermanBrigus
ENGLAND, Mrs., Wid Wm.Brigus
EDMUNDS, Johnfisherman (Roche's lne)
EDMUNDS, Mrs., Wid Richd(Roche's lne)
EDMUNDS, Richdfisherman (Roche's l)
EDMUNDS, Jasfisherman (Roche's l)
EDMUNDS, Richardfisherman (Roche's l)
FARDY, JascarpenterBrigus
FARDY, Mrs., Wid PatkBrigus
FARDY, ThoscarpenterBrigus
FRENCH, BenjcarpenterBrigus
FRENCH, JasfishermanBrigus
FOLEY, Thostel repairerBrigus
FLING, mrs, Wid PatkBrigus
FRY, ChasfishermanThird pd rd
FOWLER, Terencefisherman Turk's pd rd
FLYNN, Wm fishermanFrog Marsh
FLYNN, Richard fisherman Frog Marsh
FOWLER, Wm fisherman South Side
FIELD, Wm fisherman Gullies
FIELD, Samuel fisherman Gullies
FIELD, Geo fisherman Gullies
FIELD, Wilcox fisherman Gullies
FIELD, Chas fisherman Gullies
FIELD, Wm John fisherman Gullies
FLAHERTY, mrs, Wid JohnTurk Gut
FLAHERTY, mrs, Wid JasTurk Gut
FREEMAN, MartinfishermanBrigus
FOWLER, Patk fisherman Gould's Rd
FOWLER, mrs, Wid Thos-
FOWLER, mrs, Wid Jas-
FOWLER, mrs, Wid Wm-Brigus
FOWLER, RobtfishermanGould's rd
FOWLER, Robt srlaborerGould's rd
FINN, RichardfishermanGould's rd
FOWLER, John fisherman Gould's rd
FAHEY, JasfarmerGould's rd
FAHEY, PatklaborerGould's rd
FOWLER, RobtlaborerGould's rd
FOWLER, ThosfishermanGould's rd
FILLIAM, Wm fisherman Gould's rd
FOWLER, Wm fisherman Gould's rd
GAUL, mrs, Wid MichlBrigus
GREEN, W AcarpenterBrigus
GUSHUE, ThosfishermanBrigus
GUSHUE, Wm fisherman South Side
GUSHUE, Chas fisherman South Side
GUSHUE, Geo sr fisherman South Side
GUSHUE, Geo jr fisherman South Side
GUSHUE, Robt fisherman Soputh Side
GUSHUE, Samuel fisherman South Side
GUSHUE, Jas fisherman South Side
GUSHUE, John fisherman Middle ridge
GUSHUE, Jas fisherman River head
GUSHUE, Walter fisherman Gullies
HARVEY, Job fisherman Brigus
HARVEY, Jas fisherman Brigus
HARVEY, Albert fisherman Brigus
HATCHFIELD, mrs, Wid GeorgeBrigus
HENNESSY, RichdfarmerBrigus
HISCOCK, EdwardshopkeeperBrigus
HEARN, James PdruggistBrigus
HAYSE, James srfishmnSouth Side
HAYSE, James Jr fisherman South Side
HAYSE, Thomas (Jas fisherman South Side
HAYSE, Solomonfisherman (South side)
HAYSE, Thomas (Solfisherman (South side)
HISCOCK, Wm. sr.fisherman (Gullies)
HISCOCK, Wm. jr.fisherman (Gullies)
HAYSE, Johnfisherman (Turk's gut pond)
HAYSE, Jamesfisherman (Turk's gut pond)
HAYSE, Wm.fisherman (Turk's gut pond)
HANRAHAN, Johnwheel'ght (Irish tw)
HANRAHAN, Wm. J.wheel'ght (Irish tw)
HANRAHAN, Edwardwheel'ght (Irish tw)
HISCOCK, Thomasfarmer (Gullies)
HANRAHAN, Johnwheel'ght (Irish twn)
HUSSEY, Albertfarmer (Foley's hill)
HALL, Edwardlaborer (Foley's hill)
HICKEY, Josephsailor (Hr grace rd)
HICKEY, Thomascarpenter (Hr grace rd)
HICKEY, Nicholas jr.carpenter (Hr grace rd)
HORWOOD, Wm.light house keeper (North point)
HAWCO, Jameslaborer (Roche's line)
HAWCO, Wm.laborer (Roche's line)
HAWCO, Michlfisherman (Beaver pond)Brigus
JAMES, Stephenteacher Brigus
JACKSON, PhilipblacksmithBrigus
JERRETT, G. C.gen merchBrigus
JERRETT, FrederickclerkBrigus
JERRETT, Chas A.clerkBrigus
JAMES, Thos sr.fisherman (St. Jn's rd)
JAMES, Wm.fisherman (St. Jn's rd)
JAMES, Edwardfisherman (St. Jn's rd)
JAMES, Michaelfisherman (St. Jn's rd)
JAMES, Thomas jr.fisherman (St. Jn's rd)
JAMES, Patrickfisherman (River head)
JAMES, Wm.fisherman (Cemetery road)
JANES, Johnfisherman (Church hill)
JANES, Jasblacksmith (Beaver pond)
KING, JohnfishermanBrigus
KELLY, James sr.ShoemakerBrigus
KENNEDY, PatrickfishermanBrigus
KELLY, James jr.LaborerBrigus
KING, Henryfisherman (English town)
KING, Wm.fisherman (Frog marsh)
KING, Thomasfisherman (Frog marsh)
KING, Richardfisherman (Frog marsh)
KENNEDY, Johnfisherman (Frog marsh)
KENNEDY, Thomasfisherman (Frog marsh)
KEHOE, Patrickfisherman (Frog marsh)
KEHOE, Johnfisherman (Frog marsh)
KELLY, Josephfisherman (Bull cove)
KELLY, Jamesfisherman (Bull cove)
KELLY, Thomasfisherman (Bull cove)
KELLY, Patience, Wid(Bull cove)
KELLY, Mary, Wid(Bull cove)
KELLY, Jamesmas mar (Fourth pond)
KEOUGH, Johnfisherman (Fourth pond)
KEOUGH, Jamesfisherman (Fourth pond)
KING, Wm.fisherman (Fourth pond)
KEHOE, Nicholasfisherman (Fourth pond)
KEHOE, Johnfisherman (St. John's road)
KEHOE, Mrs., Wid Sylvester(George's town)
LAMB, PatrickbutcherBrigus
LACEY, James E.mechanicBrigus
LeDREW, ChasfishermanBrigus
LeDREW, Wm.fishermanBrigus
LEAMON, John N.rel officer (Gullies)
LOVELESS, Fredkfisherman (Third pond)
LOVELESS, Wm.farmer (Third pond)
LEARY, Jas.laborer (St. John's road)
LEARY, Mrs., Widow(George's town)
LENTHORN, Geofisherman (Turk's gut pd)
LENTHORN, Robtfisherman (Turk's gut pd)
LENTHORN, Jamesfisherman (Turk's gut pd)
LUSH, Wm. sr.fisherman (Turk's gut pd)
LUSH, Thosfisherman (Turk's gut pd)
LUSH, Wm. jrfisherman (Turk's gut pd)
LUSH, Johnfisherman (Turk's gut pd)
LAMB, Johnaccountant (Irish town)
LANE, Williamfisherman (Goulds)
LANE, Samuelfisherman (Goulds)
LeDREW, Solomonfisherman (Roche line)
LENTHORN, Elizabeth Wid(Mill road)
LYONS, Mary, Wid(Gullies)
MOSDALE, Thosfisherman (Rattley row)
MOSDALE, Thos jr.fisherman (Rattley row)
MOSDALE, Jasfisherman (Rattley row)
MEADEN, Geofisherman (Rattley row)
MEADEN, Geo fisherman (Rattley row)
MAHON, Patkfisherman (Rattley row)
MUNDEN, Johnfisherman (Rattley row)
MUNDEN, Ananiasfisherman (Rattley row)
MUNDEN, Nathanielfisherman (Rattley row)
MARTIN, Wm.fishermanBrigus
METCALF, IsaaccooperBrigus
METCALF, Wm.cooperBrigus
METCALF, MosescooperBrigus
MEADEN, Mrs. Wid JohnBrigus
MORRISSEY, Mrs. Wid PatkBrigus
MITCHELL, Mary, WidBrigus
METCALF, Wm jr.CooperBrigus
MANDERSON, JasfishermanBrigus
MITCHELL, Wm.fishermanBrigus
MORTON, Chas SteacherBrigus
MORGAN, Jasfisherman (Bull Cove)
MORGAN, Wm.fisherman (Bull Cove)
MANNARD, Benjfisherman (Bull Cove)
MORGAN, Geofisherman (Turk's Gut pd)
MORIARTY Thosfisherman (Turk's Gut N)
MORARITY, Jnofisherman (Turk's Gut N)
MORARITY, Michaelfisherman (Turk's Gut N)
MORARITY, Patrickfisherman (Turk's Gut N)
MORRISSEY, Jas fisherman (Old St. John's rd)
MORRISSEY, Jas jrfisherman (Old St. John's rd)
MORRISSEY, Johnfisherman (Old St. John's rd)
MURPHY, Davidlaborer (Old St. John's rd)
MURPHY, Johnfisherman (Old St. John's rd)
MASON, Johnfisherman (Old St. John's rd)
MASON, Wm jrfisherman (Old St. John's rd)
MORRISSEY, Wmfisherman (Irish town)
MORRISSEY, Johnfisherman (Irish town)
MURPHY, Edwardfisherman (Irish town)
MORRISSEY, Michaelfisherman (Irish town)
MURPHY, Thosfisherman (Goulds rd)
MURPHY, Thos (Andrfisherman (Goulds rd)
MORRIS, Richardfisherman (Goulds rd)
MORRIS, Terrencefisherman (Goulds rd)
MACKINSON, Geofarmer (Goulds)
MACKINSON, Normanmechanic (Goulds)
MEADE, Geo, Johnfisherman (Neville's h)
MURPHY, Michlfisherman (Hr Grace rd)
MURPHY, Thosfisherman (Hr Grace rd)
MURPHY, Wm.fisherman (Hr Grace rd)
MURPHY, Patrickfisherman (Hr Grace rd)
MURPHY, Johnfisherman (Hr Grace rd)
MURPHY, Jamesfisherman (Hr Grace rd)
MURPHY, ThomaslaborerBrigus
NORMAN, HenryfishermanBrigus
NORMAN, GeofishermanBrigus
NORMAN, WmfishermanBrigus
NORMAN, JasfiremanBrigus
NORMAN, Mundenmstr marnrBrigus
NEWELL, Beniahfisherman (Fourth pd)
NEWELL, Wmfisherman (St. John's rd)
NEWELL, Thosfisherman (St. John's rd)
NEWELL, Johnfisherman (St. John's rd)
NEWELL, Jasfisherman (St. John's rd)
NEWELL, Geofisherman (St. John's rd)
NORMAN, Jameslaborer (South side)
NORMAN, Johnfisherman (South side)
NORMAN, Lorenzofisherman (Riverhead)
NORMAN, Benjfisherman (Riverhead)
NORMAN, Abrahamfisherman (Riverhead)
NORMAN, Johnfisherman (Riverhead)
NORMAN, Jasfisherman (South side)
PAYNE, Rev. G.methodistBrigus
PAYNE, ThosfishermanBrigus
PAYNE, AbrahamfishermanBrigus
PAYNE, Wm.teacherBrigus
PAYNE, JohnfishermanBrigus
PAYNE, Wm.fishermanBrigus
POWER, P. J.teacherBrigus
POWER, JohnfishermanBrigus
POWER, ChasfishermanBrigus
PEARCY, GeofishermanBrigus
PEARCY, Mrs. Wid EdwBrigus
PRICHARD, Mrs. Wid ThosBrigus
PEARCY, Wm.fishermanBrigus
PEARCY, HenryfishermanBrigus
PEARCY, Geo (HenryfishermanBrigus
PEARCY, RobertfishermanBrigus
PEARCY, JessefishermanBrigus
PEARCY, NathanfishermanBrigus
PEARCY, JamesfishermanBrigus
PEARCY, Wm (GeofishermanBrigus
POMEROY, GeofishermanBrigus
POWER, Wm.fisherman (Turk's Gut N)
PIDDLE, Jeffreyfisherman (St. John's rd)
PIDDLE, Johnfisherman (St. John's rd)
PIDDLE, Wmfisherman (St. John's rd)
PENNY, Samllaborer (Grepe's Nest)
POWER, Jasbutcher (Irish town)
POWER, Mchlfisherman (Hr Grace rd)
POWER, Jasfisherman (Hr Grace rd)
PLOWMAN, Wmfisherman (Rattely row)
PEARCY, Joslaborer (English town)
PEARCY, Nythanfisherman (English town)
PEARCY, Johnfisherman (English town)
PEARCY, Thos Geofisherman (English town)
PEARCY, Chassailor (Rattley Row)
PRIDGET, Thosfisherman (Middle ridge)
PEARCY, Wm.fisherman (Roche's line)
PEARCY, Wm. Johnfarmer (Roche's line)
PEARCY, Wm., Jnofisherman (Newell's h)
PEARCY, Edwardfisherman (Newell's h)
PEARCY, Jamesfisherman (Newell's h)
PEARCY, Wm. Thosfisherman (Newell's h)
PEARCY, Stephen sr.fisherman (River hd)
PEARCY, Davidfisherman (River hd)
PEARCY, Stephen jr.fisherman (River hd)
PENNY, Archibaldfisherman (Bull cove)
PENNY, Edwardfisherman (Bull cove)
PENNY, Jamesfisherman (Bull cove)
PEARCY, Stephenfisherman (Fourth pd)
PEARCY, Lorenzofisherman (Riverhead)
PEARCY, Henryfisherman (Riverhead)
PEARCY, John sr.fisherman (Riverhead)
PEARCY, John jrfisherman (Riverhead)
PERRY, Henrysailor (Riverhead)
PENNY, Thomasfisherman (Gullies)
PENNY, Johnfisherman (Gullies)
PENNY, Thomasfisherman (Gullies)
PAYNE, Thomasfisherman (Gullies)
PAYNE, Georgefisherman (Gullies)
PAYNE, Wm.fisherman (Gullies)
PENNY, Mrs., Wid John(Bull cove)
POWER, Mrs., Wid Patk(Turk's gut)
QUINLAN, PeterlaborerBrigus
QUINLAN, ThomaslaborerBrigus
QUINLAN, Wm.laborerBrigus
QUIGLEY, JamesfishermanBrigus
RABBITTS, John, JPlobster pacBrigus
RENDELL, LevifishermanBrigus
RENDELL, Wm. GeofishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, Wm. (JosfishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, JamesfishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, Wm. D.fishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, Wm (W D)fishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, JohnfishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, JamesfishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, JacobfishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, JobfishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, GeorgefishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, Mrs. Wid RobertBrigus
ROBERTS, Mrs. Wid StephenBrigus
ROBERTS, Mrs. Wid JamesBrigus
ROBERTS, MosesfishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, James D.fishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, RobertlaborerBrigus
ROBERTS, HerbertfishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, HenryfishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, FrederickfishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, AlfredfishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, Thos (HycarpenterBrigus
ROBERTS, JosephfishermanBrigus
ROCHE, BryanfishermanBrigus
ROCHE, JamesfishermanBrigus
ROCHE, PhilipfishermanBrigus
ROSE, Wm.fisherman (Church hill)
ROBERTS, Thosfisherman (English town)
ROBERTS, Robertfisherman (English town)
ROBERTS, Wm.fisherman (English town)
ROBERTS, Noahfisherman (Rattley row)
ROSE, Johnfisherman (Frog marsh)
RABBITTS, Nathanieltelegraph operator (River head)
ROBERTS, Johnlaborer (River head)
ROBERTS, Jacoblaborer (Gullies)
ROBERTS, Wm.fisherman (Gullies)
ROBERTS, Johnfisherman (Gullies)
ROBERTS, Wm. J.teacher (Gullies)
ROBERTS, Nathanfisherman (Gullies)
ROBERTS, Wm (Wmfisherman (Gullies)
ROBERTS, Ananiaslaborer (Gullies)
ROBERTS, Robertfisherman (Gullies)
ROBERTS, George Afisherman (Gullies)
ROBERTS, Ananiasfisherman (Gullies)
ROBERTS, Mosesfisherman (Roche's line)
ROBERTS, SilasfishermanBrigus
ROBERTS, ArthurfishermanBrigus
ROSE, Richardfisherman (Fourth pd)
ROSE, Wm.fisherman (Fourth pd)
ROSE, Thosfisherman (Fourth pd)
ROSE, Nicholasfisherman (Turk's Gut pd)
ROBERTS, Johnfisherman (George's twn)
ROBERTS, mrs Wid Eli(George's twn)
ROBERTS, Jordonfisherman (George's twn)
ROBERTS, Wm.shoemaker (George's twn)
ROBERTS, Thosfisherman (George's twn)
RYAN, Wm.fisherman (George's twn)
RYAN, mrs. Wid Thos(Turk's Gut)
RYAN, mrs. Wid Bryan(Turk's Gut)
RYAN, mrs. Wid Andrew(Gould's rd)
SPRACKLIN, JasfishermanBrigus
SPRACKLIN, mrs. Wid NathanielBrigus
SPRACKLIN, Thos.mas marBrigus
SPRACKLIN, JohnfishermanBrigus
SPRACKLIN, Geomas marBrigus
SPRACKLIN, RichardfishermanBrigus
SPRACKLIN, John (JnofishermanBrigus
SPRACKLIN, HerbertfishermanBrigus
SPRACKLIN, AzariahfishermanBrigus
SUTTON, Mrs. Wid HyBrigus
SMITH, John J., JPgenl merchtBrigus
SMITH, Geogenl dealerBrigus
SMITH, NicholasfishermanBrigus
SPOONER, John B.fishermanBrigus
SPRACKLIN, Geofisherman (English twn)
SPRACKLIN, Benjfisherman (English twn)
SPRACKLIN, Wm. Hfisherman (English twn)
SPRACKLIN, Nath Rfisherman (English twn)
SAUNDERS, Wm.fisherman (English twn)
SHEPPARD, Jaslaborer (Roach's line)
SAUNDERS, Jaslaborer (Rattley row)
STEVENS, John sr.fisherman (Eng twn)
STEVENS, John jrcabman (Eng twn)
STRICKLAND, Jasmail o (Hbr Grace rd)
SPARKS, Thosfisherman (Bull cove)
SPARKS, Mary, Wid(Bull cove)
SPARKS, Reubenfisherman (Bull cove)
SPARKS, mrs. Wid Solomon(Bull cove)
SPARKS, Geofisherman (Bull cove)
SPARKS, Jasfisherman (Bull cove)
SPARKS, Johnfisherman (Bull cove)
SPARKS, Noahfisherman (Bull cove)
SPARKS, Robtfisherman (Bull cove)
SPARKS, Wm.fisherman (Turk's Gut pd)
SPARKS, Richardfisherman (Turk's Gut pd)
SPRAKLIN, Thosfisherman (Grepe's Nest)
SPRACKLIN, Simonfisherman (Grepe's Nest)
SPRACKLIN, Geofisherman (Grepe's Nest)
SPRACKLIN, Robtfisherman (Grepe's Nest)
SPRACKLIN, Johnfisherman (Grepe's Nest)
SHEA, Patkfisherman (Cemetery rd)
SHEA, Nicholasfarmer (Cemetery rd)
SHEA, Corneliusfarmer (Cemetery rd)
SHEA, Johnfisherman (Cemetery rd)
SHEA, Edwardfisherman (Cemetery rd)
SHEA, Thosfisherman (Cemetery rd)
SNOW, Johncarpenter (Irish town)
STEVENS, Wm.furrier (Gould's rd)
STEVENS, Johnfurrier (Gould's rd)
SPARKS, Jasfisherman (South side)
SPARKS, Geofisherman (South side)
SPRACKLIN, Aubreyfisherman (Gullies)
SPRACKLIN, Johnfisherman (Gullies)
SPRACKLIN, Jasfisherman (Gullies)
SPRACKLIN, Alfredfisherman (Gullies)
SAUNDERS, Johnfisherman (Gullies)
SAUNDERS, Bennettfisherman (Gullies)
SPRACKLIN, Wm. J.fisherman (Gullies)
SPOONER, Geofisherman (Gullies)
STENTAFORD, Chas srfisherman (Gullies)
STENTAFORD, Johnfisherman (Gullies)
STENTAFORD, Chas jr.fisherman (Gullies)
STENTAFORD, Robtfisherman (Gullies)
STENTAFORD, Normanfisherman (Gullies)
SHEPPARD, Johnfisherman (Gullies)
SHINER, Mary Widow(Turk's Gut)
TAYLOR, Robtfisherman (Roche's line)
THORNE, IsaaclaborerBrigus
TARAHAN, Jas, JPgenl dealerBrigus
THOMPSON, J. P.editor, printer and publisherBrigus
TUCKER, Michlfisherman (Gould's rd)
TUCKER, Jamesfisherman (Gould's rd)
WALSH, Rev MonsignorBrigus
WASHER, SamuellaborerBrigus
WASHER, JosfishermanBrigus
WATTS, JohnfishermanBrigus
WINTER, Jas J.genl dealerBrigus
WHELAN, Richardmstr marnrBrigus
WHELAN, Mrs. Wid DavidBrigus
WHELAN, Belinda, WidowBrigus
WILSON, Rev. J.methodistBrigus
WILCOX, WilliamfishermanBrigus
WILCOX, Samuel jrfishermanBrigus
WILCOX, Samuel srfishermanBrigus
WILCOX, J. M.fishermanBrigus
WASHER, HenryfishermanBrigus
WALKER, Wm srfishermanBrigus
WALKER, PercyfishermanBrigus
WALKER, Thos srfishermanBrigus
WALKER, GeorgefishermanBrigus
WALKER, JohnlaborerBrigus
WAY, Wm.fishermanBrigus
WEBBER, Wm.fishermanBrigus
WHITE, StephenconstableBrigus
WHELAN, Calebfisherman (Rattley row)
WILCOX, Jamesfisherman (English tn)
WILCOX, Geofisherman (Church hill)
WAY, Michaelfisherman (Rattely row)
WEEKS, Johnfisherman (Bull cove)
WHELAN, Jasfisherman (Fourth pd)
WHELAN, Wm.fisherman (Fourth pd)
WINSOR, Johnfisherman (St. John's rd)
WHELAN, Jascabman (Irish town)
WALKER, Josephfisherman (Irish town)
WALKER, Georgefisherman (Irish town)
WALKER, Richardfisherman (Irish town)
WALKER, Wm.fisherman (Irish town)
WHELAN, Johnfisherman (Gould's rd)
WHELAN, mrs. Wid Jas(Gould's rd)
WHELAN, mrs. Wid Jno(Gould's rd)
WHELAN, mrs. Wid Wm(Gould's rd)
WALKER, Henryfisherman (Frog Marsh)
WALKER, Jasfisherman (Frog Marsh)
WALKER, James jrfisherman (Frog Marsh)
WILCOX, Mosesfisherman (South side)
WHITE, Rev Jas JCh EngBrigus
WOODMASON, Gabrielblockmaker (Beaver pond)
WAY, Jamesfisherman (Gullies)
WALSH, Mosesfisherman (Gullies)
WALSH, mrs. Wid Wm(Gullies)
WELLS, Henryfisherman (Gullies)
WELLS, Jamesfisherman (Gullies)
WHITE, Patrickfisherman (Gullies)
WHITE, Wmfisherman (Gullies)
WHITE, Henryfisherman (Gullies)
WELLS, Georgefisherman (Gullies)
WHELAN, Thoslaborer (Turk's Gut pd)
YOUDEN, Henryfisherman (Bull's cove)
YOUDEN, Thos (Philfisherman (Bull's cove)
YOUDEN, Wmfisherman (Bull's cove)
YOUDEN, Thos (Wmfisherman (Bull's cove)
YOUDEN, Georgefisherman (Bull's cove)
YOUDEN, Harriet Wid(Bull's cove)
YOUDEN, mrs. Wid Jno(Bull's cove)

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