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Conception Bay North - Brigus District

1835 Voter's List

North Point of Turk's Gut to McGrath's House on the South Side of Holy Rood

1835 September the First

The information was transcribed by SUE O'NEILL ~ December 1999. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

"The List of Persons entitled to vote in the election of a member or members for the District of Conception Bay, in respect of dwelling houses, situate in the Harbour Main division of the said District, that is to say from the North Point of Turk's Gut to McGrath's House on the South Side of Holy Rood, inclusive."

ANTHONY, JamesCats CoveGasters
AUSTEN, JohnHoly RoodSouth Side
AUSTEN, ThomasHoly RoodSouth Side
BAKER, HenryCats Cove
BARRY, RichardCats Cove
BARNES, IsaacHarbour Main
BARRON, JamesHoly RoodNorth Side
BARROTT, JohnHoly RoodNorth Side
BARROTT, RogerHoly RoodNorth Side
BAKER, RichardHoly RoodWorlds Cove
BENNETT, JamesHoly RoodSouth Side
BENNETT, JohnHoly RoodSouth Side
BEESON, FrancisHoly RoodNorth Side
BEESON, MichaelHoly RoodNorth Side
BEESON, EdmundHoly RoodNorth Side
BERGAMY, CharlesHoly RoodNorth Side
BISHOP, ChristopherColiersJames's Cove
BRYAN, LawrenceCats CoveBroad Cove
BRYAN, PeterColliersJames's Cove
BRYAN, JamesColliersJames's Cove
BRYAN, TeranceHoly RoodSouth Side
BRYAN, BartholemewHoly RoodSouth Side
BROPHY, MichaelHoly RoodSouth Side
BROWN, NicholasHoly RoodNorth Arm
BUCK, NicholasHoly RoodSouth Side
BUCK, PatrickCats CoveNorth Arm
BUCK, PatrickColliersJames's Cove
BURKE, WilliamColliersJames's Cove
BUTLER, PhilipCats CoveSouth Pond
BUTLER, MauriceHoly RoodWorld's Cove
BYRNE, JohnHoly RoodMain Beach
CAHILL, WilliamHarbour MainNorth Side
CLEARY, EdmundHarbour MainNorth Side
CONRAN, NicholasHarbour MainSouth Side
CONRAN, MichaelHarbour MainSouth Side
CONNELLY, ThomasHoly RoodNorth Arm
CONNELL, RobertCats CoveNorth Arm
CONNERS, PatrickCats CoveNorth Arm
CONWAY, JohnColliersJames's Cove
CONWAY, PhilipColliersTenement
COLBERT, JohnBacon Cove
COLE, WilliamColliersJames's Cove
COLE, MichaelColliersJames's Cove
COLE, John SeniorColliersJames's Cove
COLE, John, JuniorColliersJames's Cove
COLE, JamesColliersJames's Cove
COLE, ThomasColliersJames's Cove
COSTIGAN, WilliamColliersTenement
CORBET, ThomasChapels Cove
CORBET, JohnChapels Cove
CORBIT, PatrickChapels Cove
CORBIT, MichaelChapels Cove
CORBET, PatrickHarbour MainSouth Side
COSTELLOE, TimothyHarbour MainNorth Side
COSTELLOE, MartenHarbour MainNorth Side
COSTIGAN, VincentHarbour MainNorth Side
COSTELLOE, DavidCats CoveNorth Arm
COSTELLOE, JamesCats CoveNorth Arm
COSTELLOE, John SeniorCats CoveNorth Arm
COSTELLOE, John JuniorCats CoveNorth Arm
CRAWLEY, JamesChapels Cove
CRAWLEY, JohnHoly RoodSouth Side
CRIMMIN, PatrickHoly RoodNorth Arm
CURRAIN, MichaelHarbour MainSouth Side
CURRAIN, JamesHoly RoodSouth Side
CUMFORD, ThomasHoly RoodSouth Side
CULLEN, PatrickBacon Cove
CULLEN, MichaelCats Cove White Clift
CURREN, JohnCats CoveNorth Arm
DANLEY, DanielHarbour MainSouth Side
DALTON, JamesCats Cove
DEVEREAUX, JohnCats CoveGasters
DINN, JamesCats Cove
DOYLE, DennisHarbour MainSouth Side
DOYLE, PatrickColliers
DOYLE, PatrickCats CoveNorth Arm
DONOVAN, CorneliusCats Cove
DRISKELL, RichardBacon Cove
DRISKELL, CorneliusBacon Cove
DUNN, MichaelCats CoveGasters
DUNPHY, BartholemewHoly RoodSouth Side
DUGGAN, ThomasChappels Cove
DWYER, JamesChappels Cove
EZEKIEL, Peter SeniorHarbour MainNorth Side
EZEKIEL, Peter JuniorHarbour MainNorth Side
EZEKIEL, ThomasHarbour MainNorth Side
FARDY, LawrenceHarbour MainSouth Side
FARDY, PatrickHoly RoodSouth Side
FARDY, JohnHoly RoodSouth Side
FAHY, JamesHarbour MainSouth Side
FEWER, EdmundHarbour MainSouth Side
FLAHARTY, PatrickCats Cove
FLAHARTY, EdmundCats CoveGasters
FLOOD, JamesBacon Cove
FLYNN, WilliamCats CoveSalmon Cove
FLYNN, RobertColliers
FLUERY, ThomasHoly RoodSouth Side
FLUERY, WilliamHoly RoodSouth Side
FLUERY, GeorgeHarbour MainNorth Side
FLUERY, JamesHarbour MainNorth Side
FLUERY, CharlesHarbour MainNorth Side
FLYNN, EdmundHarbour MainSouth Side
FLYNN, ThomasHarbour MainSouth Side
FOWLER, LawrenceHoly RoodLong Beach
GAUNEY, SamuelColliers
GAUNEY, JohnColliers
GEARY, JohnHoly Rood
GORMAN, ThomasHarbour MainNorth Side
GORMAN, SimonHarbour MainNorth Side
GORMAN, JohnHarbour MainNorth Side
GORMAN, MichaelHarbour MainNorth Side
GORMAN, TimothyChapels Cove
GOUSHOE, GeorgeBacon Cove
GOUSHOE, NicholasBacon Cove
GOUSHOE, JohnBacon Cove
GOUSHOE, CharlesCats Cove
GRACE, EdmundHarbour MainNorth Side
GRACE, OliverCats CoveGasters
GRACE, EdmundColliers
GRIFFIN, RichardBacon Cove
GRIFFIN, JohnBacon Cove
GRIFFIN, MichaelBacon Cove
GRIFFIN, TimothyBacon Cove
HAWCO, JohnChappels Cove[sic]
HAWCO, ThomasChapels Cove
HAWCO, PhilipChapels Cove
HAWCO, WilliamChapels Cove
HAWCO, Thomas SeniorChapels Cove
HAWCO, William SeniorChapels Cove
HAWCO, MichaelChapels Cove
HAWCO, PatrickChapels Cove
HAWCO PhilipChapels Cove
HAWCO, EliasChapels Cove
HANNON, EdwardHarbour MainNorth Side
HERRON, James SeniorColliers
HERRON, James JuniorColliers
HEALY, JohnHoly RoodNorth Side
HEALY, PatrickHoly RoodNorth Side
HICKEY, JohnChapels Cove
HICKEY, PatrickHoly Rood
HICKEY, ThomasHoly RoodSouth Side
HICKEY, MichaelHoly RoodSouth Side
HICKS, JohnHoly RoodSouth Side
HICKS, WilliamHarbour MainNorth Side
HICKEY, JohnHarbour MainNorth Side
HOOLEY, EdmundCats CoveNorth Arm
HUNT, JamesHoly RoodSouth Side
HYNES, PhilipHoly RoodSouth Side
HYNES, JamesHoly RoodSouth Side
JOY, JohnHarbour MainNorth Side
JOY, William SeniorHarbour MainNorth Side
JOY, William JuniorHarbour MainNorth Side
JOY, JamesHarbour MainNorth Side
KEATON, PatrickCats Cove
KEATON, JohnCats Cove
KEATON, MichaelHarbour Main
KEARNEY, JohnHarbour Main
KEEF, JohnCats Cove
KEEF, ThomasColliers
KEEF, ThomasHarbour MainSouth Side
KEEF, NicholasHoly RoodSouth Side
KELLY, JamesHoly RoodSouth Side
KELLY, JosephHarbour MainFresh Water
KELLY, JamesBacon Cove
KELLY, RichardChapels Cove
KENNY, DavidCats Cove
KENNEDY, WilliamCats Cove
KENNEDY, JohnHoly RoodNorth Side
KENNEDY, JamesHarbour MainSouth Side
KENNEDY, PatrickHarbour MainGallows Cove
KENNEDY, JohnHarbour MainGallows Cove
KENNEDY, PatrickHarbour MainGallows Cove
KENNEDY, JohnHarbour MainGallows Cove
KENNEDY, JohnHarbour MainRam's Horns
KENNEDY, JeremiahHarbour MainRam's Horns
KEOUGH, JohnHarbour MainRam's Horns
KEVANAUGH, BrianHoly RoodNorth Side
KIELY, JamesHoly RoodSouth Side
LACOUR, NicholasHarbour Main
LACOUR, EdmundHarbour Main
LANNON, KeronHarbour Main
LARRESY, PatrickCats CoveWhite Clift
LEARY, NicholasBacon Cove
LEHURY, NicholasBacon Cove
LEWIS, PhilipHoly RoodNorth Side
LEWIS, EliasHoly RoodNorth Side
LEWIS, WilliamHoly RoodNorth Side
LEWIS, John SeniorHoly RoodNorth Side
LEWIS, John JuniorHoly RoodNorth Side
LEWIS, MosesHoly RoodNorth Side
LEWIS, JameHoly RoodNorth Side
MACKEY, RichardHoly RoodNorth Arm
MACKEY, JohnChapels Cove
MACKEY, ThomasChapels Cove
MacGRATH, MichaelHoly RoodSouth Side
MacDONALD, PatrickHarbour MainNorth Side
MacGEE, ThomasCats CoveGasters
MacGRATH, JohnColliersTenement
MacGRATH, ThomasColliersTenement
MacGAHEY, FrancisBacon Cove
MacDONALD, MarksHoly RoodNorth Side
MAHANY, Michael SeniorCats CoveNorth Arm
MAHANY, Michael JuniorCats CoveNorth Arm
MAHANY, PhilipCats CoveNorth Arm
MAIRS, thomasChapels Cove
MANSFIELD, JohnCats Cove
MASON, JohnHarbour MainNorth Side
MASON, WilliamHarbour MainNorth Side
MASON, JohnHarbour MainNorth Side
MEANY, Michael SeniorHarbour MainNorth Side
MEANY, Michael JuniorHarbour MainNorth Side
MERRIGAN, EdmundColliersTenement
MULLOWNEY, WilliamHarbour MainNorth Side
MULLOWNEY, DanielHoly RoodNorth Side
MOORE, JamesHarbour MainNorth Side
MOORE, WilliamHarbour MainNorth Side
MURPHY, JohnChapels Cove
MURPHY, MichaelHarbour MainNorth Side
MURPHY, JohnHarbour MainNorth Side
MURPHY, JohnHoly RoodNorth Arm
MURPHY, BryanColliers
MURPHY, ThomasColliers
MURPHY, JohnColliersTenement
MURPHY, JamesCats CoveWhite Clift
MURPHY, MauriceCats CoveWhite Clift
MURRY, JohnCats Cove
MURRAY, LawrenceHoly RoodNorth Side
NEIL, DennisHoly RoodNorth Side
NEIL, PatrickCats Cove
NOWLAND, WilliamCats CoveGasters
NOWLAND, TimothyHarbour MainNorth Side
NUGENT, EdmundCats Cove
PARSLEY, WilliamHarbour Main
PENNELL, WilliamHarbour Main
PENNELL, JohnHarbour Main
PENNELL, JosephHarbour Main
PENNELL, MathewHarbour Main
PENNELL, ThomasHoly RoodSouth Side
PENNELL, PhilipHoly RoodNorth Side
PENNELL, JohnHoly RoodNorth Side
PENDERGAST, EdmundCats CoveGasters
PHELAN, DavidColliers
PHELAN, ThomasColliers
PHELAN, James SeniorColliers
PHELAN, James JuniorColliers
PHILIPS, JohnColliers
POWER, WalterHarbor Main
POWER, MichaelCats CoveSalmon Cove
POWER, PatrickCats CoveSalmon Cove
POWER, JosephCats CoveSalmon Cove
POWER, JohnCats CoveNorth Arm
POWER, JamesCats CoveNorth Arm
PURCELL, WilliamHoly RoodSouth Side
QUINLAN, JohnHoly RoodNorth Side
ROBERTS, WilliamColliers
ROURKE, MichaelHoly RoodSouth Side
RYAN, DanielHoly RoodSouth Side
RYAN, BarnabyHoly RoodMain Beach
RYAN, ThomasHoly RoodNorth Side
SCANNELL, BartholemewColliers
SCHEHAN, ThomasBacon Cove
SCHEHAN, William SeniorColliers
SCHEHAN, William JuniorColliers
SLINEY, PatrickChapels Cove
ST. JOHN, JohnCats CoveWhite Clift
STROPP, PatrickHarbour Main
STROPP, RichardHarbour Main
SULLIVAN, JohnHarbor Main
SULLIVAN, TimothyHarbor Main
SULLIVAN, CorneliusHarbor Main
SULLIVAN, JeremiahHarbor Main
SULLIVAN, DennisCats CoveSalmon Cove
SULLIVAN, JohnCats CoveSalmon Cove
SWEETMAN, NicholasCats Cove
SWIER, JohnCats CoveGasters
TARGATE, JohnHoly RoodWorlds Cove
TERRY, ThomasHarbor Main
TERRY, WilliamHarbor Main
TERRY, EdmundHarbor Main
TOOLE, RogerCats CoveNorth Arm
TRINY, ThomasCats Cove
TULBERET, PatrickHoly Rood
WADE, James SeniorCats CoveNorth Arm
WADE, James JuniorCats CoveNorth Arm
WALSH, JohnCats CoveNorth Arm
WALSH, JosephCats CoveWhite Clift
WALSH, EdmundCats CoveWhite Clift
WALSH, PeterColliers
WALSH, JamesBacon Cove
WALSH, PatrickChapels Cove
WALSH, JohnChapels Cove
WALSH, WilliamChapels Cove
WALSH, Richard (English)Holy Rood
WALSH, Richard (Irish)Holy Rood
WALSH, MichaelHoly Rood
WALSH, JamesHarbor Main
WALL, ThomasHarbor Main
WALL, PatrickHarbor Main
WALL, JamesHarbor Main
WALL, NicholasHoly Rood
WESTERMAN, HenryHoly Rood
WHELAN, ThomasHoly Rood
WHELAN, PhilipChapels Cove
WHELAN, JohnChapels Cove
WICH, JohnHoly Rood
WICH, GeorgeHoly Rood
WOODFORD, JohnHarbor MainSouth Side
WOODFORD, WilliamHarbor MainSouth Side
WOODFORD, MichaelHarbor MainSouth Side
WOODFORD, JohnHarbor MainNorth Side
WOODFORD, JamesHarbor MainNorth Side
WOODFORD, WilliamHarbor MainNorth Side
WOODFORD, JamesHarbor MainNorth Side
WOODFORD, MathewHarbor MainNorth Side

(signed)     Robert John Pinsent J.P.
Chairman of Court Sessions, Port de Grave

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