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Conception Bay North Region ~ Brigus District
Conception Harbour - Will of William Veitch, 1917
This will was read and recorded by JUDY BENSON and formatted by SUE O'NEILL in September 2001. While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.
Will of William Veitch, 1917
Transcribed from microfilm of NF Will Books
Volume 11 pages 23 to 26, probate year 1917.
In re William Veitch deceased

This is the last Will and Testament of me William Veitch Monsignor and Parish Priest of Conception Harbor I hereby bequeath to the most Rev. J March Bishop of Hr. Grace for the time being for the fund for the education and training of ecclesiastical students of the diocese of Harbor Grace the sum of $1000.00 on condition that if any of my relatives should study for the church his claims should be favorably considered. I bequeath to the Christian Brothers of Mt. St. Francis one hundred dollars. To the orphanage of Belvidere $100.00. To Mt. Cashel $100.00. To the Mercy Convent Conception $150.00. To the CC (Sustentation?) Fund $200.00. To the Church of Harbor Maine $50.00. I bequeath to Willie and Mary Veitch of George J. Veitch Fifty dollars each. To my nephew George J. Veitch $200.00. To Phillip Lewis of Capt. J. Lewis Fifty dollars. To May Joy of Walter Joy $100.00 also my picture in the drawing room and a half dozen silver knives and forks. To her brother Gregory Joy $50.00. To William Joy of Walter Joy $100.00. To Edward Veitch of John Veitch $50.00. To Mrs. Kate Veitch widow of the late Phillip Veitch $200.00. To John Veitch her son $100.00. To his baby daughter $50.00. To William Veitch her son $52.00 handed me in 1905 as also the interest of that sum at 3% from that date. To Mrs. Kate Kennedy my niece $100.00 also my second in value silver plated cruet-stand and my poor mothers picture in the dining room also the works of Thackery now in my possession to her little son Walter $100.00. To Mrs. Lizzy McGrath my niece $100.00. To her son Billy $50.00. To my executors $30.00, for Masses for the soul of my late nephew Michael Veitch of George. I bequeath to my niece Mrs. Maggie King $200.00. To her sister Marie Webber $50.00 and my half dozed silver plated napkin rings now in my possession To William Veitch of my late brother George and his little son George $100.00 each. To John Veitch of George $300.00 in grateful acknowledgement of efforts he made to assist me to dispose of mining claims at Butts Hill and Blow-me-down To his daughter Nar...(?) $20.00. To James Veitch and John B. Veitch of John my nephews $50.00 each To William J Veitch of John my nephew my gold watch chain and charm and cash $100.00. To my faithful old housekeeper Mrs. Jane Martin $100.00. To my executors $300.00 to have Masses said for intentions possibly omitted through forgetfulness The Masses to be said with foregoing intention including the intention that those over and above the needed ones to go for the repose of my own soul and finally $500.00 for Masses for the repose of my soul to be equally divided among the priests of this diocese regularly saying Mass The Masses to be fulfilled "Quam Precu..(?)" , "as quickly as possible" I bequeath to the children of my brothers George, John, and Phillip Veitch and my sister Frances Joy all the property I have in mines and mineral claims John Veitch of George to receive one third 1/3 the others 2/3 two thirds and to the Bishop of Hr. Grace a third of monies that may be received for the above mentioned claims to be awarded to the cause of religion in the diocese if Hr. Grace. I bequeath to my niece Mrs. Lizzie Lewis daughter of my late brother George a silver cruit-stand $50.00 in cash and the works of Buliver Litton (?) The sum of $100.00 I further bequeath to my nephew Phillip Veitch of John and to his son Edward $50.00. To William Veitch of George my nephew the cream lepaabor (?) Cash $100.00 and to his son George $100.00. To the R.C. Church in Conception Hr. $150.00. To the R.C. Church Kings Cove B.B. $100.00. To the R.C. Church Open Hall $100.00. To the R.C. Church St. Brendans B.B. $100.00. To the R.C. Church Holyrood I further bequeath $100.00. The debts due me by the parish of Con. Harbor His Lordship the Bishop of Hr. Grace for the time being as representing and being the Catholic Corporation of the Diocese of Hr. Grace is bound to see collective and furthermore the amounts due me on account of Butts Hill and Blow-me-down mining claims shall be collected and placed to the credit of my estate by my executors. It is my will that my executors hold over and reserve for the first members of my numerous relatives who study for the Church all my classical and Theological works Church histories and sermon books. I hereby name and appoint Most Rev. J March Bishop of Hr. Grace and Captain J Lewis of Holyrood my nephew-in-law to this will and Testament. I hereby ratify and confirm this to be my last will and Testament annulling all other wills and Testaments by me at any other time made. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this the ninth day of June in the year of our Lord 1917- Wm. Veitch Signed sealed and delivered by the said Testator Wm. Veitch in our presence and in the presence of each other at the same time subscribed our names as witnesses:
Emily Mary

Correct Charles H. Emerson Registrar of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland.

(Listed in the margin next to the will) Fiat Oct 18/17 Kent J. Probate Oct 24/17 granted to RvBro John March D.D. + John Lewis Estate sworn at $5,238.72.

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