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Schools 1844


Bay Roberts, 1844: School in charge of George WILLIAMS average number of pupils for 1844 was about 45. School closed for two months as school master was unsuccessful in procuring a room for this purpose. Temporary room secured in early March, 1845 and school again set in operation.

Bryant's Cove, 1844: School master was G.W.R. HIERLIHY. Twenty-four pupils were present on Jan 30, 1845, but the general average was about 34. Seventeen were learning to write and about 15 were advanced in arithmetic. The school house was built by the joint contributions of the inhabitants, assisted by donations from other individuals in the neighbourhood. The school was 27 feet long, 18 feet wide and 11 feet high. It was in an unfinished state in 1845. The fuel was found by the parents of the children and the master's salary was 50 pounds sterling.

Harbour Grace, 1844: School in charge of Elizabeth BENNETT. Average attendance about 25. School taught in a room in Bennett's dwelling house. Her salary was 60 pounds sterling with an allowance of 10 pounds sterling for rent of room. The fuel was provided at her own cost. Pupils examined in reading and writing, and in the multiplication and pence tables. Needle work and knitting were taught.

Mosquitto, 1844: Thirty-two pupils were in attendance on Jan 23, 1845, but the general average was about 35. School in charge of William SIMMONS and was part of his dwelling house. Fuel was provided by the parents of the children. The master's salary was 50 pounds sterling. A few were learning arithmetic, some of whom entered their sums on paper, the rest practised on slates only. Students were examined in reading, writing and spelling, and in the multiplication and pence tables.


By 1844, this board had established six schools, in which 237 pupils, male and female, were educated. The annual salary costs were 110 pounds.

Bay Roberts, 1844: Patrick RUSSELL, teacher, salary 20 pounds. Thirty-four males and 36 females attending.

Bryant's Cove, 1844: Thomas MALONE, teacher, salary 20 pounds. Twenty-two males and eight females attending.

Mosquitto, 1844: John KEEFE, teacher, salary 20 pounds. Nineteen males and 14 females attending.

Northern Gut, 1844: Patrick FUNICAN, teacher, salary 10 pounds. Twenty-two males and 12 females attending.

Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 1844: Daniel SCOTT, teacher, salary 20 pounds. Twenty-four males and 33 females attending.

Spaniard's Bay, 1844: Richard CUDDIHY, teacher, salary 20 pounds. Ten males and three females attending. HARBOUR GRACE GRAMMAR SCHOOL

Land for school purchased in 1843. School built in 1844 by Thomas KITCHEN for 468 pounds sterling. J. J. RODDICK of the Mechanic's Institution at Liverpool selected for the master's position from 23 applications. School placed in operation under his management on Feb 3, 1845. This school was generally held to be the best in Newfoundland at the time. OTHER EARLY SCHOOLS

Bareneed, 1822; Bay de Verde, 1823; first free school established, 1839; first denominational school started by John LYNCH and William PIPPY; Bay Roberts, 1872: two schools, one Church of England, one Methodist.

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