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Conception Bay North

1879 Mineral Licenses

Return of Applications for Licenses to Search for Mineral During Year 1879 (excerpts only):
Date of Application; Name; Residence; Locality; If license issued

May 17; Geo. C. RUTHERFORD & others; Harbor Grace; Carbonear; yes
Aug 26; William BUTT; Harbor Grace; Grady Island Lab; yes
Aug 30; Wm. McKIN & Wm. FILMORE; Harbor Grace; Brigus; yes
Aug 30; Caleb FREEMAN; Harbor Grace; Brigus; yes
Sept 10; James B. O'DONNELL; Harbor Grace; Brigus; yes
Sept 15; Patrick NOWLAN; Brigus; Collier's Bay; yes
Sept 24; Patrick NOWLAN; Brigus; Salmon Cove Conception Bay; yes
Sept 29; William F. ROGERS; Harbor Grace; Harbor Grace; yes
Oct 22; Azariah DAW; Bay Roberts; Chapple Bay Trinity Bay; yes
Oct 29; George MACKINSON; Harbor Grace; Banner Lake; yes 
Oct 30; William F. & Thomas ROGERS; Harbor Grace; South Side Harbor Grace; yes
Oct 30; James B. & Thos. BRYSDALE; Harbour Grace; Long Pond Harbor Grace; no
Nov 1; D. J. GREEN; Harbor Grace; Long Pond Harbor Grace; no
Nov 7; Wm. BUTT & Isaac PUMPHREY; Harbor Grace; An Isl'd near Butto Rock Lab'r; yes
Nov 10; Thomas D. SCANLAN; Brigus; Spaniards Bay; yes
Nov 13; Josiah GOSSE, Island Cove; Island Cove; yes
Nov 22; D. J. GREEN; Harbor Grace; Inland Spaniard's Bay; yes
Nov 29; William Henry ROSS; Harbor Grace; Srone [Stone?] Island Labrador; yes
Dec 10; Thomas D. SCANLAN, Brigus; Brigus (inland); yes
Dec 19; Charles DAW; Bay Roberts; Bottom of Bay de Grave [sic]; yes

Mining Licenses Issued in 1879 (excerpts only):

Order of information:  Date of License; Name; Residence; Locality

Feb 18; Hugh CARTER & others; Brigus; Colliers
Feb 18; A. SILLARS; Harbor Grace; Brigus
Feb 18; Thomas EVERY; Brigus; Cat's Cove
Feb 18; Thomas C. DUDER & others; Brigus; Cat's Cove
July 5; Stephen H. KNIGHT; Brigus; Brigus
July 5; D. J. HENDERSON, Brigus; Brigus
Dec 12; Thomas D. SCANLAN, Brigus; Brigus
Dec 12; D. J. GREEN, Harbor Grace, Spaniard's Bay
Dec 12; Josiah GOSSE, Island Cove; Spanirard's Bay
Dec 12; George MACKINSON, Harbor Grace, Bannerman Lake Harbor Grace

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