Burin Roman Catholic Parish Register

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Burin Roman Catholic Parish Register
Baptisms (Partial-Selected) (1836-1859)

The following is a partial list of baptismal entries extracted from the Burin RC parish records. Source: Burin Roman Catholic Baptisms Box 1 PANL-The Rooms Corp. Submitted by an anonymous researcher.


19 Bapt of Matthew of John Luisa [Lewis] & Anne Luisa [Lewis]
Sps. Matthew Beasill [Brazil] & Jane? (crossed out with a line through it)


4 Bapt Martin of Peter Silvester & Julian Silvester
Sps. John Luis [Lewis] & Sally Michael

4 Bapt Mary of Francis Paul & Sally Paul
Sp. Thomas Keefe & Jane Brasile [Brazil]

4 Bapt. Newell of Newell Christopher & Jane
Sps. Peter Silvester & Susan Silvester

7 Bapt. Newell of Newell Christopher & Jane
Sps. James John & Louisa [Louise]

7 Bapt. Newell of Michael 5 & Mary Michael
Sps. Francis Belloir? (or Belloin?)

7 Bapt. Peter of Peter John and Mary John
Sps. Brunaul [Bernard] & Mary


Bapt. Elizabeth of John Luicy [Lewis] & Anne Luicy [Lewis]
Sps. Peter Silvester & Susan


18 Bapt. Of Jane of John Michael & Jane
Sps. John James [James John] & Jane

18 Bapt. Newell of Christopher & Jane (not recorded, no last name)
Sps. Matthew Brasil [Brazil] & Sally

18 Bapt. of Ann of Peter John & Mary
Sps. Michael Christopher & Jean [Jane]

18 Bapt. Catherine of Thomas Crant & Martha Crant
Sps. John Michael & Mary

18 Bapt. of James of Frank Paul & Sally
Sps. Francis Paul & Mary

18 Bapt. of Jane of Will Crant & Elizabeth Crant
Sps. John Luis [Lewis] & Ann Luis [Lewis]

18 Bapt. of John of Matthew Brasiele (Brazil) & Jane
Sps. Peter John & Mary

18 Bapt. Catherine of Daniel & Susan (not recorded, no last name)
Sps. James John & Luisa


4 Bapt. Anne of George & Hanna Michel
Sps. John and Catherine Nolan


Bapt. of Benjamin of John Lewis & Nancy Bask
Sposnors: William Macdonnel [MacDonald] & Jenny McDonnel [MacDonald]

Bapt. of Matthew of Matthew Brasiel [Brazil] & Jinny Bask
Sponsors: John Lewis & Mary Lewis
J. C.

Bapt. of Michael of John Michael & Mary Paul
Sponsors: John Lewis & Mary Braun? [Brown / Brine]
J. C.


10th Baptd Judith of Peter John & Mary Brassil [Brazil]
Sps. John Lewis & Ann Lewis

10th Baptd Gabriel of Matthew Brasil [Brazil] & Jinny Bask
Sps. John Michael & Julia Michael
J. C.

14th Baptd Mary of Daniel Bumbo [Benoit ] & Susan John
Sps. Bernard John & Sally Organ
J. C.

June 29th

Baptd James of Benjamin Morris [Morris] & Diana House
Sps. Charles Crant & Mary Frances [Francis]
J. C.

June 30th

Bapt. Christina of John Lewis & Nancy Bask
Sps. Maurice [Morris] Lewis & Mary Michael
J. C.

Baptd Mary of John Lewis & Nancy Bask
Sps. John Michael Senior & Mary John
J. C.


1st Baptd Ellen of Newell Paul & Jane Silvester
Sps. John Lewis & Mary Lewis
J. C.

1st Baptd Carolina of Maurice Lewis & Sara Bernard
Sps. Nicholas Healy [Heli] & Nanet [Annett / Jeannette] Lewis
J. C.

1st Baptd Francis od Daniel Bumbo & Susanna John
Sps. Peter Healy [Heli] & Julian Michael
J. C.

1st Baptd Mary of Bernard John & Julia Bernard
Sps. Newell Lewis & Margaret Lewis
J. C.

1st Baptd Charlotte of Matthew Brasiel [Brazil] & Jane Antoni [Antoine or Toney?]
Sps. Maurice & Saragh [Sarah] Lewis
J .C.


6th Baptd Ann of John Lewis & Nancy Bask
Sps. Matthew Grotty? & Ellen Macdonald
J C.


13th Bapt. Magdaleine of Maurice Lewis & Saragh Bernard
Sps. David Heley [Heli] & Julia Mitchel [Michael]
J. C.

14th Bapt Alfred of Aquila Francis & Mary Marrece [Morris]
Sps. Henry & Elizabeth Wilcott
J. C.


20th Moses of John Lewis & Nancy Bask
Sps. Maurice and Saragh Lewis
J. C.


Newell of Daniel Bumbo [Benoit] & Susan
Sps. Luis John & Secilia [Cecilia] Bumbo


5th Bapt John of George Hoskins & Mary Macdonald
Sps. David Morriss & Mary Bobbett
J. C.

5th Bapt. John of Aquila Francis & Mary Warren? [or Morris-handwriting is illegible]
Sps. John Morriss & Mary Hoskins

7th Baptd Madline [Ma(g)deline] of Daniel Bumbo & Susan John
Sps. Stepehn Brasiel [Brazil] & Madlin [Madeline] John
J. C.

7th Baptd Thomas of Robert Macdonald & Mary Rose Bask
Sps. David Heley [Heli] & Margaret Brasiel [Brazil]


28th Baptd Stephen of Nicholas Jedore [Jeddore] & Mary Jane
Sps. Joe John & Sally Lewis
W. F.

28th Bapt. Knewel [Noel / Newel(l)] of Lewis John and Catherine John
Sps. Frank & Sally Brazial [Brazil]
W. F.

28th Bapt. John of Frank Joe & Madlin [Madeline] Joe
Sps. Nicholy [Nicholas] Jedore & Ann John
W. F.

28th Baptd Wm. of Michael Collier & Betsy Organ
Sps. Bernard John & Elizabeth Organ
W. F.

28th Bapt Mary of Robert Macdonald & Mary Basque [also Bask]
Sps. John Braseel [Brazil] & Jeremy Braseel [Brazil]
W. F.

28th Bapt. Susanna of Maurice Lewis & Sally Bernard
Sps. John Michael & Susanna Bumbo


10th Bapt. William of Robert [Macdonald] & Nancy Basque
Sps. John and Nancy Basque
W. F.

10th Baptd Francis of Joseph Pol [Paul] & Mary Janet [Jeannette/Janot]
Sps. Joseph Bernard & Ann Basque
W. F.

10th Baptd Margaret of Michael Collier & Elizabeth Organ
Sps. Joseph Brazell [Brazil] & Mary Basque
W. F.

Burin Roman Catholic Marriages (Partial-Selected)

19 Mard Newel Paul & Jane Silvester
Wts Bernard & Mary John


Mard Bernard John & Julia Sullian [Julian / Julien]
Wts John Lewis & Mary Macdonald
M. B.