NL GenWeb 1884 Methodist Census

NLGenWeb 1884 Census Data

Burin Peninsula Region ~ Burin District


It was read, recorded and transcribed by WILSON DICKS. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Hollett Samuel and Amelia  
Inkpen Robert and Eleanor Jessie, Mary A., Harriet, Daisy, William
Genge Hannah(widow)  
Genge Ellen (widow) Frederick, Susan, Rebecca, Amelia
Hoban Anna(widow) Robert
Inkpen John and Elizabeth William, Jabez, Albert, Ephrain, Earnest
Inkpen Robert and Sarah Susan, Violet, Elizabeth
Moulton Rebecca(widow) Richard, Rebecca, Elizabeth
Transcriber's Note:(this is now spelled Broydell)
Henry and Susan Richard, Anne
Moulton Samuel and Francis George, Henry, Joseph, Thomas, Samuel, Richard, Martha, Mary
Green Henry and Maria George, Hannah
Hollett Caroline(widow) Susan, Emma, Dinah, Henry G. Moulton, Eli Moulton Fred Hollett
Hollett Thomas and Mary Leonard
Hollett Reuban and Mary Gertrude, James, Richard H.
Hollett William and Mary Joseph, Emma, Maria, Clara
Hollett Emma(widow) Dinah, Harriet
Inkpen John and Agnes  
Churchill Charolette Ann, John Dancy
Churchill William and Mary  
Snow Thomas and Agusta Edward, Earnest, Lillian, Nathaniel, Louisa
Hanniford Jane(widow) James, Selina
Banton William and Mary Francis, Elizabeth, Thomas
Burdge Annie Margaret, George, Enos
Burge John and Amelia Jane, Selina, Julia, George, Julia, Mary B
Hollett Isaac and Mary William, Cyrus, Thomas, Eli, Martha, Melinda, Mary A
Revels William and Susan Thomas, Elizabeth, William, John
Revels Elizabeth(widow) John, George, Emily
Walsh John and Elizabeth Hannah, William, Philip, Avalon
Walsh Elizabeth(widow) Albert
Hollett James and Mary Louis, Anabella, Emma
Hollett Philip and Emma Mary, Emma
Adams Elizabeth and James Stephen, Emmanuel, Jessie, Earnest, Elda
Adams John(Widower) John, William, George, Stephen, Elizabeth, Martha
Adams Samuel(widower) Richard, Joseph, Lillian, Edith, John
Emberly Joseph and Emily Thomas, Brinsley, Joseph, Richard, Mary Jane
Emberly Mrs.(Widow)  
Rodgers Elizabeth(widow) Richard, James, William, Robert, Edward Janet, Samuel, Harry, Winifred
Darby Samuel and Laura Stephen, John, William, Alfred
Darby Hannah(widow) Thomas, Hannah, Frederick
Darby George and Hannah Edgar D., Hedley, Thomas, George C., Mary, Benjamin, Enos
Inkpen James(widower) Elizabeth, John
Buffett Hannah(widow) William, Rennie
Hollett Edward and Susan Mary A., Elizabeth, Benjamin, James, Ida, Beatrice Annie, Gabriel-possible father of Lloyd Hollett.
Emberly William and Jane Mary, Wiliam
Hollett Joseph and Elizabeth Melinda, Jane, Henrietta, Lillian
Hollett George and Mary A Cyrus, Elizabeth
Parsons Robert and Dora Sarah, Thomas
Hollett Benjamin and Charolette Thomas, Morgan, Benjamin, Frank, Robert, Sarah Jane
Hollett Henry and Mary Wilbert


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