NL GenWeb 1884 Methodist Census

NLGenWeb 1884 Census Data

Burin Peninsula Region ~ Burin District


It was read, recorded and transcribed by WILSON DICKS. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Farwell William and Ellen Henry, William, Gabriel, Selina, Susannah
Farwell Isaac and Amelia  
Beazley Thomas W(widower) Elizabeth W, Margaret, Joseph, Thomas
Gosling John and Susan Richard, Joseph, Thomas, Mary E, Bridget P, William, John H., James L
Kirby Joseph and Mary Edith, Samuel, Emma, Mary, Matthew
Harfitt Samuel and Emma William H., Hannah B., Levi H
Beazley Richard and Elizabeth Isaac, Eli, Gabriel, Amelia, Albert (grandmother Elizabeth Beazley)
Beazley George and Margaret John, Hannie, Elizabeth, Susanna P
Beazley Gabriel and Emma Matilda, Ruth, Eleanor, Mary J (grandmother Diana Beazley)
Beazley John and Edith Lavinia, Samuel, Martha, Diana, Malinda, John, Edith, Arron F
Emberly Mary(widow) Arthur, Joseph, Eliza A., Mary E, Eli Phinney
Pine Owen and Elizabeth Elizabeth, Albert, Mary Sheppard
Pine Philip and Francis Nathan, James, Mary Anne, Martha P, Ella, Albert, Selina, Winnifred, William, Emily, Eliza
Paul Richard and Sarah Jane, Thomas, Sarah, Richard, Helena, Elizabeth, Willis
Mackay Thomas and Elizabeth Linda G, Walter, John F., Elizabeth C., Bertha I., Adelaide M, Mary C., Jane E
Moulton Mary Ann (widow) Thomas
Hoban Elizabeth (widow) Bridget, Thomas, William, Mary A, Bertrum
Moulton Thomas and Maria Anne C., William, George, James E., John Thomas James Moulton(grandfather)
Moulton James and Sarah Margaret, William, Elizabeth, Thomas, Eliza
Moulton Benjamian and Ellen  
Moulton Samuel and Susannah Mary, Ellen, Philip, Susannah, Charles, Sarah I
Taylor Job (widower) Susan, William, John, Emma, Fletcher I, Wilson
Woundy Susan(widow) James, Fletcher
Paul Robert William, Robert, Abner, Louisa, Elizabeth
Paul Anne (widow) Richard
Paul John and Jane Lillian S
[doesn't show surname] William R and Martha Edith
Moulton Samuel and Maria Ellen, Frank, Mary A
Moulton George and Ellen John, William David W, Mary W, Joseph, Rebecca, Ellen, Elizabeth H
Moulton William and Elizabeth George, Jane, Lavinia, William, Rachel, Thomas W, Ellen
Jarvis Mrs.(widow) can't make out the name Eliza, Mary A, Fanny, Richard, Eliza, William
Hampton John and Francis William H., James, Thomas, Sarah H
Hoban Mrs.(widow) can't make out first name John, Richard, Benjamin
Hoban Robert and Sarah John R
Hoban Thomas and Sarah William, Bridget, Thomas
Hoban George and Diana Sarah, Hannah
Brown Benjamin and Mary  
Jarvis Samuel and Mary  
Brown Thomas and Ann Thomas W., Ruth, James, Amelia
Manning John and Sarah George
Brown Uriah and Francis Ruth, Iriah, John, Mary Ann, Henry, Rebecca, George
Watts Frederick and Mary Susannah, James, Mary A, Tryphena, Elizabeth Anne
Brown Joseph and Ellen John S., James, Uriah, Charles, George, Ellen
Brown John and Julia Hannah, Martha, Samuel, James, John W., Thomas F., Albert, Elizabeth Ester H
Brown Thomas and Francis  
Dunford Mrs.(widow) no first name Joseph, Herbert, Mary A., William, Ellen
Mills Mrs.(widow) no first name Joseph, Thomas, Margaret
Legge Henry and Maria Anne, John, Emily, Joseph, Jessie
Dowel George and Francis Fanny
Dowel William and Hannah James E. G, Gertrude M
Dowel Richard and Caroline  
Bishop Frederick and Mary Harold, George W.
Collins Eacher(Easkew) or something similar (widower) Cyrus, George, Caroline Eacher?


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