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George Martin


Estate of George Martin late of Burin in the Southern District Fisherman deceased.

Probate granted to Rev. John Hewitt of Burin in the Southern District Executor named in said Will.

Dated August 23 1898

Estate sworn under $550.00

Vol 5
Folio 178

To the Honorable the Supreme Court or one of the Honorable the Judges thereof.

The Petition of John Hewitt of Burin Church of England Minister Humbly Sheweth

1. That George Martin of Burin fisherman died at St. Pierre on or about the 26th day of May last having previously made his last Will and Testament which is hereto annexed marked “A” and which has been duly proved.

2. That by his said will he appointed the Clergyman of the Church of England in Burin Executor of his said will.

3. That the said deceased was at the time of his death possessed of property of the probable value of Five Hundred Dollars.

4. That no Probate to said Will or Letters of Administration to Estate of deceased have been taken out or applied for
Your petitioner therefore prays that Probate to said will be granted to him. And as in duty bound he will ever pray. Dated at St. John’s this 5th day of July AD 1898

                                                                                               John Hewitt LS

This is the document referred to in the annexed petition as being marked “A”

In the name of God. Amen.

I, George Martin, of the Green Hills, Burin, do hereby make this my last Will and Testament, and hereby revoking all former Wills and Testaments made by me being at the same time weak in body but sound in mind.

I leave my Dwelling House, and all my Land and Property situated on the Green Hills, Burin, to my son John Martin, now resident in St. Pierre.

Any money which I may leave at the time of my Death, or be entitled to after my Death, I leave and bequeath as follows, after all my lawful debts are duly paid:-

To my son John, one fourth of the whole amount.

To my niece, Mrs. Jane Le Fevre, of Bulls Cove, for her kindness to me, I leave the sum of Twenty Dollars ($20.00)

The remainder to be equally divided between my son George Martin, my Daughter Louisa, wife of Thomas Isaacs, my Grandson Henry Martin, and the Clergyman of the Church of England in Burin for Church purposes.

The above was read over to the said George Martin who signified his assent thereto and signed by him

                                                                                                                      George X Martin Senior
In the presence of us who signed Sydney C Hussey
In the presence of each other                                  his
                                                                       George X Riggs

I appoint the Clergyman of the Church of England in Burin Executor of this my last Will and Testament

                                                                                                                   Read & explained by Sydney C Hussey

Burin, Newfoundland – Dated this 14th day of May 1897


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