Will William Parsons Chruchwill  

Transcribed by C. HAYNES from microfilm reels at LDS Center
While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors



Will of William Parsons Churchwill of Great Burin
I  William Parsons Churchwill of Great Burin Newfoundland being of sound and disposing mind and Memory do make and publish this as my last Will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills and testamentary dispositions heretofore at any time by me made.

 I hereby appoint Edward Hollett Senr and Thomas Hollett Senr. to be the executors of my will.

 I hereby bequeath to my wife, Mary Churchwill all that parcel of land known as the upper meadow situate on the hillside at the back of my house, also one cow and three sheep with half the dwelling house, half the Store and Stable during the term of her natural life, and after her decease to my nephew John Dancy, absolutely and to his heirs and assigns forever.

 I hereby devise and bequeath to my Nephew John Dancy all that parcel of land commonly called the lower Meadow with the barn erected thereon, also two Cows and five sheep and half my dwelling house Store and Stable, and all my tools, and to his heirs and assigns forever;

 With the provise that he the said John Dancy shall maintain my Mother Charlotte Churchwill and my invalid Sister Ann Churchwill during the term of their natural lives.

 In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand this tenth day of February 1898.

Signed sealed, etc, etc.

               William Parsons X Churchwill

Witness  Edward Hollett Senr
               Benjamin J. Hollett

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