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Bonavista Bay Region ~ Bonavista North District

Hare Bay - Knox United Church Cemetery

The inscriptions were recorded by YVONNE HUMPHRIES-COLLINS and transcribed by VERONICA STOCKLEY 2002 from grave markers or headstones. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there could be some typographical errors.

Nme BirthDate DeathDate Other Information Additional Information
Blackwood, Abner18981966(husband)
Blackwood, Hilda18971991(wife)
Boone, John P.19221978(husband)
Boone, Mertice EuniceOct 25, 1922Jan 19, 1995Wife
Boone, Trudy Sonia19621979(daughter)16 years old.
Bursey, Gideon19081995(husband)
Bursey, Lydia19131978Wife
Bursey, Edgar19391985Husband
Davis, FrederickMay 7, 1920Mar 20, 1998

Easton, Abram19031978

Feltham, Victor1927Oct 30 1986Age 58Merchant Navy WWII Lest we Forget
Feltham, JoyceNov 4, 1920May 22, 1977
Daughter of James and Muriel Feltham.
Goulding, Terry James19671982

Glover, Cecil19592000Husband
Glover, Julia A.19011989(daughter)Erected by family
Glover, William1893Jan 1, 1965(daughter)Merchant Navy WWII Lest we Forget
Glover, Sidney
Jan 2, 196329 years old (Son)
Glover, Elizabeth19551991Wife
Glover, Josephine19201988(daughter)
Glover, Obediah19191995HusbandMerchant Navy WWII Lest we Forget
Glover, Arthur19441996son
Glover, Mary JaneApr 20, 1910Apr 25, 1993WifeBeloved wife, mother, grandmother
Glover, George19072000HusbandMerchant Navy WWII Lest we Forget
Glover, Maggie19021981Wife
Glover, Gilbert J.19031981Husband
Glover, LeanderSept 25, 1918Aug 7, 1994HusbandMerchant Navy WWII Lest we Forget
Glover, SusannahNov 25, 1913Mar 23, 1999Wife
Glover, LewisAug 9, 1898Aug 8, 1976Husband
Humphries, Lacey R.19222000Husband
Humphries, BeatriceAug 28, 1945Dec 20, 1983

Janes, Othniel 18961962Husband
Janes, Mary A.18961988Wife
Kelly, DominicAug 6, 1952Feb 5, 1996Husband
Keats, Scott19231992
Merchant Navy WWII Lest we Forget
Oram, Eliza Mabel (Aunt Doll)Oct 30, 1913Sept 4, 1997Wife
Oram, Phobe1888Sept 15, 1972Wife
Oram, AbsalomAug 21, 1887March 7, 1970Husband
Oram, Mark1902Feb 19, 1974Husband Age 72
Oram, Zenia19051999Wife
Oram, Naboth
June 21, 1971(daughter)Drowned Age 32 years.
Oram, Winston
June 21, 1971(daughter)Drowned Age 22 years.
Hunt, Edna M. Dec 6, 1931Jan 9, 1995

Parsons, DorisApr 25, 1945Sept 13, 1981

Rowsell, Jean19281980

Starkes, Evelyn19201991Wife
Starkes, Joseph19011993Husband
Starkes, Dorothy19011992Wife
Way, Charles, E19011987Husband
Way, Eunice19031995Wife

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