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1921 Census

Silver Hare Island

In the Nf. Census of 1921 the enumerator , Solomon Samson, incorrectly wrote "Silver Hare Island" as the name of the community. All previous references; Lovell 1871, McAlpine 1898, and again in 1904, named it "Silver Hair Islands". The homonym "hair" was lost on the enumerator in 1921. It refers to the coloring of the fox and not another animal, the hare. E. J. Crummey the enumerator in the Census of 1911, called it "Silver Fox Islands". The two large Islands are correctly named on the map today as Brown Fox Island, and Silver Fox Island. Local people from the area shorten it further by saying "Silver Island". Domino Howse

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by CYNDI BEALES-ALCOCK, May 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.

HUNTRichardSilver Hare Is.26C of E
HUNTLily FSilver Hare Is.17C of E

BUTTONCharlesSilver Hare Is.74C of E
BUTTONAnn M.Silver Hare Is.67C of E

BUTTONEliasSilver Hare Is.36C of E
BUTTONMaria A.Silver Hare Is.30C of E
BUTTONPeterSilver Hare Is.7C of E

BUTTONThomasSilver Hare Is24C of E
BUTTONJanieSilver Hare Is.24C of E
BUTTONOlive B.Silver Hare Is.1mthC of E

BUTTONSamuelSilver Hare Is.37C of E
BUTTONDlilahSilver Hare Is.32C of E
BUTTONCeciliaSilver Hare Is.12C of E
BUTTONEliasSilver Hare Is.10C of E
BUTTONArthurSilver Hare Is.8C of E
BUTTONRosannaSilver Hare Is.4C of E

BUTTONJohnSilver Hare Is.48C of E
BUTTONChrisinaSilver Hare Is.18C of E
BUTTONHarrisonSilver Hare Is.13C of E
BUTTONCharlotteSilver Hare Is.11C of E
BUTTONKennethSilver Hare Is.8C of E
BUTTONBelahSilver Hare Is.5C of E

BUTTONCharlesSilver Hare Is.25C of E
BUTTONDaisySilver Hare Is.19C of E

BUTTONWilliamSilver Hare Is.39C of E
BUTTONMary JSilver Hare Is.44C of E
BUTTONMargaretSilver Hare Is.17C of E
BUTTONHarrySilver Hare Is.14C of E
BUTTONWilfredSilver Hare Is.12C of E
BUTTONSusannaSilver Hare Is.9C of E
FELTHAMCeciliaSilver Hare Is.9C of E

BUTTONDavidSilver Hare Is.28C of E
BUTTONJohannaSilver Hare Is.26C of E
BUTTONDavid G.Silver Hare Is.5C of E
BUTTONCharlesSilver Hare Is.3C of E
BUTTONJanieSilver Hare Is.1C of E

RODGERSJobSilver Hare Is.35C of E
RODGERSMaggieSilver Hare Is.24C of E
RODGERSRhodaSilver Hare Is.3C of E
RODGERSEvaSilver Hare Is.1C of E

RODGERSChristopherSilver Hare Is.27C of E
RODGERSElsieSilver Hare Is.19C of E
RODGERSGarlandSilver Hare Is.1C of E

RODGERSPaulSilver Hare Is.59C of E

RODGERSWilliam TSilver Hare Is.33C of E
RODGERSEmily J.Silver Hare Is.28C of E
RODGERSPierceSilver Hare Is.8C of E
RODGERSBulahSilver Hare Is.6C of E
RODGERSSamuelSilver Hare Is.3C of E
RODGERSDaisySilver Hare Is.3mtC of E

RODGERSDavidSilver Hare Is.23C of E
RODGERSFrancisSilver Hare Is.19C of E
RODGERSEliSilver Hare Is19C of E

FELTHAMAbelSilver Hare Is.33C of E
FELTHAMJuliaSilver Hare Is.31C of E
FELTHAMEdwinSilver Hare Is.18C of E
FELTHAMJohn T.Silver Hare Is.16C of E
FELTHAMBeatrice M.Silver Hare Is.14C of E
FELTHAMJessie L.Silver Hare Is.11C of E
FELTHAMJobSilver Hare Is.8C of E
FELTHAMFlossieSilver Hare Is5C of E
FELTHAMLlewellynSilver Hare Is.3C of E
FELTHAMRebeccaSilver Hare Is.1C of E

FELTHAMAronSilver Hare Is.38C of E
FELTHAMElizabethSilver Hare Is.36C of E
FELTHAMSamuelSilver Hare Is.11C of E
FELTHAMHannahSilver Hare Is.8C of E
FELTHAMWesleySilver Hare Is.6C of E

FELTHAMSamuelSilver Hare Is.78C of E
FELTHAMCharles ESilver Hare Is.32C of E
FELTHAMAnnieSilver Hare Is.30C of E
FELTHAMEmma ESilver Hare Is.3C of E
FELTHAMThomas D.Silver Hare Is.10mtC of E

HUNTJobSilver Hare Is.36C of E
HUNTLucySilver Hare Is.36C of E
HUNTJacobSilver Hare Is.15C of E
HUNTThomasSilver Hare Is.9C of E
HUNTMarySilver Hare Is.3C of E
HUNTJohn J.Silver Hare Is.1C of E

FELTHAMJohnSilver Hare Is.74C of E
FELTHAMEmmaSilver Hare Is.70C of E

FELTHAMAleck ESilver Hare Is.33C of E
FELTHAMLucy J.Silver Hare Is.27C of E
FELTHAMIdellaSilver Hare Is.8C of E
FELTHAMArthur W.Silver Hare Is.2C of E

BUTTONDavidSilver Hare Is.44C of E
BUTTONAlfredaSilver Hare Is.38C of E
BUTTONThomasSilver Hare Is.17C of E
BUTTONKeziahSilver Hare Is.13C of E
BUTTONPierceSilver Hare Is.5C of E

BUTTONJosephSilver Hare Is.38C of E
BUTTONClaraSilver Hare Is.36C of E
BUTTONAnneSilver Hare Is.14C of E
BUTTONCecilSilver Hare Is.12C of E
BUTTONVirtueSilver Hare Is.11C of E
BUTTONJohnSilver Hare Is.8C of E
BUTTONMinnieSilver Hare Is.6C of E

WICKSSamuelSilver Hare Is.70C of E
WICKSElizaSilver Hare Is.66C of E

WICKSJosephSilver Hare Is.35C of E
WICKSMary J.Silver Hare Is.33C of E
WICKSJohnSilver Hare Is.13C of E
WICKSCarolineSilver Hare Is.11C of E
WICKSGeorgeSilver Hare Is.9C of E
WICKSElizaSilver Hare Is.7C of E
WICKSRolandSilver Hare Is5C of E

WICKSSamuelSilver Hare Is.24C of E
WICKSFrancesSilver Hare Is.22C of E
WICKSHenrySilver Hare Is.2C of E

WICKSWilliamSilver Hare Is.33C of E
WICKSSarahSilver Hare Is.28C of E
WICKSMartinSilver Hare Is.2C of E

MATTHEWSJosephSilver Hare Is.56C of E
MATTHEWSCatheineSilver Hare Is.50C of E
MATTHEWSJacobSilver Hare Is.22C of E
MATTHEWSAbelSilver Hare Is.20C of E
MATTHEWSMarkSilver Hare Is.18C of E
MATTHEWSAblsomSilver Hare Is.15C of E
MATTHEWSWalterSilver Hare Is.11C of E
MATTHEWSMarySilver Hare Is.8C of E

MATTHEWSSamuelSilver Hare Is.26C of E
MATTHEWSRachel A.Silver Hare Is.22C of E
MATTHEWSThriphimaSilver Hare Is.7mtC of E

MATTHEWSJohnSilver Hare Is.28C of E
MATTHEWSAmeliaSilver Hare Is.28C of E
MATTHEWSHannahSilver Hare Is.10C of E
MATTHEWSCharlotteSilver Hare Is.8C of E
MATTHEWSDelilahSilver Hare Is.6C of E
MATTHEWSSarahSilver Hare Is.4C of E
MATTHEWSJosephSilver Hare Is.1C of E
MATTHEWSDuglas CSilver Hare Is.3mtC of E

MATTHEWSAdamSilver Hare Is.24C of E
MATTHEWSElizabethSilver Hare Is.18Meth

HUNTJohnSilver Hare Is.38C of E
HUNTEllaSilver Hare Is.35C of E
HUNTJamesSilver Hare Is.5C of E

HUNTObediahSilver Hare Is.50C of E
HUNTElizabethSilver Hare Is.38C of E
HUNTSamuelSilver Hare Is.18C of E
HUNTLucySilver Hare Is.9C of E
HUNTEllaSilver Hare Is.7C of E
HUNTAdelineSilver Hare Is.5C of E
HUNTFrancesSilver Hare Is.4C of E
HUNTJanetSilver Hare Is.1C of E

HUNTSamuelSilver Hare Is.53C of E
HUNTEmmaSilver Hare Is.51C of E

STRATTONJohannaSilver Hare Is.88C of E
STRATTONJaneSilver Hare Is.54C of E
STRATTONEdgarSilver Hare Is.15C of E

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