1921 Census

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1921 Census

Indian Bay

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by CYNDI BEALES-ALCOCK, May 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
PARSONS; EdwinIndian Bay33C of E
PARSONS; EstherIndian Bay40C of E
PARSONS; TobiasIndian Bay21C of E
PARSONS; Martha JIndian Bay17C of E
PARSONS; Alfred GIndian Bay2C of E
PARSONS; AmeliaIndian Bay1C of E
PARSONS; BenjaminIndian Bay25C of E
PARSONS; Mary BIndian Bay23C of E

PARSONS; HenryIndian Bay39C of E
PARSONS; Martha J.Indian Bay38C of E
PARSONS; ThomasIndian Bay18C of E
PARSONS; CharlesIndian Bay16C of E
PARSONS; Llewellyn Indian Bay14C of E
PARSONS; StanleyIndian Bay11C of E
PARSONS; RichardIndian Bay6C of E
PARSONS; MargaretIndian Bay4C of E

PARSONS; WilliamIndian Bay70C of E

PARSONS; SamuelIndian Bay32C of E
PARSONS; Beatrice M.Indian Bay35C of E
PARSONS; Isabella J.Indian Bay12C of E
PARSONS; CharlotteIndian Bay9C of E
PARSONS; Mary B.Indian Bay7C of E
PARSONS; MartinIndian Bay4C of E
PARSONS; EliIndian Bay2C of E
PARSONS; AdamIndian Bay19C of E

HUNT; JohnIndian Bay49C of E
HUNT; CarolineIndian Bay42C of E
HUNT; GeorgeIndian Bay21C of E
HUNT; MinnieIndian Bay17C of E
HUNT; Mary PIndian Bay11C of E
HUNT; EdwinIndian Bay9C of E
HUNT; BerthaIndian Bay7C of E
HUNT; SamuelIndian Bay2C of E

HUNT; James RIndian Bay63Meth
HUNT; KennethIndian Bay28S Army
HUNT; AnnieIndian Bay26S Army*born in Edinburgh Scotland
1919 year of Naturalization
HUNT; Arthur J.Indian Bay1S Army

FIRMAGE; AdamIndian Bay49C of E
FIRMAGE; Mary AnnIndian Bay44C of E
FIRMAGE; Avalon J.Indian Bay11C of E

FIRMAGE; WilliamIndian Bay43C of E
FIRMAGE; Mary AnnIndian Bay43C of E
FIRMAGE; DinahIndian Bay11C of E

FIRMAGE; ArthurIndian Bay42C of E
FIRMAGE; SarahIndian Bay41C of E
FIRMAGE; SamuelIndian Bay16C of E
FIRMAGE; KennethIndian Bay8C of E
FIRMAGE; RobertIndian Bay3C of E

FIRMAGE; GilbertIndian Bay19C of E
FIRMAGE; PriscillaIndian Bay20C of E
FIRMAGE; GeorgeIndian Bay1C of E

WATERMAN; WoodbineIndian Bay40C of E
WATERMAN; MaryIndian Bay37C of E
WATERMAN; MargaretIndian Bay10C of E
WATERMAN; Mary AnnIndian Bay8C of E
WATERMAN; JohnIndian Bay1C of E

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