1921 Census

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Bonavista Bay Region ~ Bonavista North District

1921 Census


Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by CYNDI BEALES-ALCOCK, May 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
OSMOND; Peter J.Greenspond58Meth
OSMOND; EllenGreenspond58Meth
OSMOND; Emma J.Greenspond18Meth

OSMOND; CharlieGreenspond34Meth
OSMOND; EmmaGreenspond32Meth
OSMOND; Peter G.Greenspond4Meth

OSMOND; Walter G.Greenspond48Meth
OSMOND; Julia A.Greenspond44Meth
OSMOND; RaymondGreenspond18Meth
OSMOND; Minnie G.Greenspond16Meth
OSMOND; Emily M.Greenspond11Meth
OSMOND; Walter MGreenspond4Meth

DYKE; DariusGreenspond72C of E
DYKE; MaryGreenspond72C of E
DYKE; HaroldGreenspond27C of E
DYKE; RalphGreenspond24C of E
DYKE; RitaGreenspond19C of E
DYKE; LoraineGreenspond7mthsC of E

GRANTER; NathanielGreenspond58C of E
GRANTER; Maria E.Greenspond38C of E
GRANTER; CeceliaGreenspond15C of E
GRANTER; AgnesGreenspond11C of E
GRANTER; RandolphGreenspond9C of E
GRANTER; WilfredGreenspond6C of E

HAWKINGS; JamesGreenspond19C of E.*With or without "G"

BRAGG; JacobGreenspond45C of E
BRAGG; RhodaGreenspond44C of E
BRAGG; Edgar J.Greenspond23C of E
BRAGG; JamesGreenspond21C of E
BRAGG; MaryGreenspond17C of E
BRAGG; MurielGreenspond14C of E
BRAGG; Daisy P.Greenspond8C of E
BRAGG; HarrietGreenspond7C of E
BRAGG; RobertGreenspond4C of E

GRANTER; ThomasGreenspond71C of E
GRANTER; ElizabethGreenspond69C of E
GRANTER; JobGreenspond21C of E
BLACKWOOD; DinahGreenspond15C of E

OSMOND; Jesse B.Greenspond40Meth
OSMOND; ElizabethGreenspond35Meth
OSMOND; OliveGreenspond11Meth
OSMOND; WilburGreenspond5Meth
OSMOND; Mary W.Greenspond3Meth

GRANTER; JamesGreenspond58C of E
GRANTER; EmmaGreenspond47C of E
GRANTER; CecilGreenspond19C of E
JAMES; BenjaminGreenspond18C of E
GRANTER; JaneGreenspond11C of E
GRANTER; AnitaGreenspond8C of E
JAMES; CharlesGreenspond3C of E

WRIGHT; GeorgeGreenspond48Meth
WRIGHT; UniceGreenspond42Meth
WRIGHT; ThymaGreenspond18Meth
WRIGHT; AlbertGreenspond14Meth
WRIGHT; KennethGreenspond11Meth
WRIGHT; ElizabethGreenspond81S Army

WHEELER; EdwardGreenspond32C of E
WHEELER; ElizabethGreenspond35S Army
WHEELER; EdwardGreenspond9S Army
WHEELER; EdgarGreenspond7S Army
WHEELER; FrancesGreenspond5S Army
WHEELER; BaxterGreenspond3S Army
WHEELER; CatherineGreenspond11mS Army

RODGERS; JohnGreenspond59Meth
RODGERS; ElizabethGreenspond58Meth
GILLINGHAM; LillianGreenspond26Meth

SAUNDERS; ThomasGreenspond44C of E
SAUNDERS; ElizabethGreenspond42C of E
SAUNDERS; LenaGreenspond16C of E
SAUNDERS; AmeliaGreenspond12C of E
SAUNDERS; HarriettGreenspond10C of E
SAUNDERS; WilliamGreenspond8C of E
SAUNDERS; MableGreenspond7C of E
SAUNDERS; ClaraGreenspond5C of E
SAUNDERS; MaxwellGreenspond2C of E

SAUNDERS; FrederickGreenspond64Meth
SAUNDERS; SophiaGreenspond53Meth
SAUNDERS; ElsieGreenspond26Meth
SAUNDERS; HaroldGreenspond16Meth
SAUNDERS; JamesGreenspond14Meth

SAUNDERS; ErnestGreenspond33Meth
SAUNDERS; EmmaGreenspond35Meth
SAUNDERS; IsaacGreenspond1Meth

SAUNDERS; MartinGreenspond30Meth
SAUNDERS; DeborahGreenspond28Meth
SAUNDERS; MildredGreenspond4Meth
SAUNDERS; RobertGreenspond1Meth

BURRY; JobGreenspond67Meth
BURRY; MatildaGreenspond55Meth
BURRY; ClaraGreenspond25Meth
BURRY; RobertGreenspond24Meth
BURRY; WalterGreenspond14Meth

SAUNDERS; GeorgeGreenspond35C of E
SAUNDERS; AnnieGreenspond30C of E
SAUNDERS; FrancisGreenspond15C of E
SAUNDERS; ClotildaGreenspond12C of E
SAUNDERS; JobGreenspond10C of E
SAUNDERS; LewisGreenspond8C of E
BROWN; RachelGreenspond7C of E
BROWN; FrancesGreenspond5C of E

GRANTER; GeorgeGreenspond43C of E
GRANTER; EliabethGreenspond36C of E
GRANTER; DinahGreenspond11C of E
GRANTER; LoydGreenspond4C of E

WHEELER; AlpheausGreenspond27S Army
WHEELER; EllenGreenspond29S Army
WHEELER; LucyGreenspond6S Army
WHEELER; MalcomGreenspond4S Army
WHEELER; RalphGreenspond2S Army
WHEELER; RolandGreenspond11mS Army

WHEELER; GeorgeGreenspond56S Army
WHEELER; DrusillaGreenspond55S Army
WHEELER; RalphGreenspond23S Army
WHEELER; BaxterGreenspond22S Army
WHEELER; JosephineGreenspond19S Army
WHEELER; GeorgeGreenspond14S Army

WHEELER; DavisGreenspond49C of E
WHEELER; MaryGreenspond50C of E
WHEELER; EffieGreenspond25C of E
WHEELER; WilliamGreenspond27C of E
WHEELER; MurielGreenspond21C of E
WHEELER; DavisGreenspond14C of E
WHEELER; SarahGreenspond85C of E

WHEELER; JohnGreenspond50Meth
WHEELER; SarahGreenspond39Meth
WHEELER; ElizabethGreenspond14Meth
WHEELER; LumuelGreenspond9Meth
WHEELER; RubynGreenspond7Meth
WHEELER; FridaGreenspond4Meth
WHEELER; EdnaGreenspond7mths, Meth
WHEELER; JosephGreenspond17S Army

POND; JamesGreenspond70Meth
POND; AnnieGreenspond70Meth

BARROW; EdwardGreenspond60.C of E
BARROW; LucyGreenspond59C of E
BARROW; HubertGreenspond22C of E
BARROW; EdwinGreenspond46C of E
BARROW; ClaraGreenspond32C of E
BARROW; ElizabethGreenspond17C of E

BARROW; JobGreenspond62Meth
BARROW; SarahGreenspond59Meth
BARROW; SusanahGreenspond27Meth
BARROW; EmmaGreenspond25Meth
BARROW; FrancisGreenspond23Meth
BARROW; LucindraGreenspond21Meth
BARROW; EdithGreenspond18Meth

BUTLER; AlfredGreenspond54S Army
BUTLER; MelinaGreenspond51S Army
BURRY; ElsieGreenspond25S Army

CHEATOR; CharlieGreenspond67Meth
CHEATOR; JaneGreenspond65Meth
CHEATOR; WalterGreenspond27Meth
CHEATOR; NormanGreenspond24Meth
CHEATOR; FredrickGreenspond20Meth

CARTER; AugustusGreenspond28C of E
CARTER; MaryGreenspond24C of E

CARTER; LucyGreenspond68C of E
CARTER; PeterGreenspond51C of E
CARTER; CharlotteGreenspond48C of E
CARTER; SamuelGreenspond28C of E
CARTER; JosephineGreenspond20C of E
CARTER; FrancisGreenspond76C of E

DYKE; J*Greenspond45Meth *Wrinkel or tear in page
DYKE; Din*Greenspond45Meth *Same as above
DYKE; EdgarGreenspond20Meth
DYKE; HazelGreenspond15Meth

MEADUS; NormanGreenspond35Meth
MEADUS; LillianGreenspond24Meth
MEADUS; MarjorieGreenspond3Meth
MEADUS; MableGreenspond1Meth
MEADUS; JaneGreenspond77Meth

MEADUS; MartinGreenspond34Meth
MEADUS; ClaraGreenspond30Meth
MEADUS; FredrickGreenspond11Meth
MEADUS; WillisGreenspond8Meth
MEADUS; SylvesterGreenspond6Meth
MEADUS; ReginaldGreenspond2Meth
MEADUS; EnaGreenspond1mthMeth
MEADUS; IsabellaGreenspond68Meth

MEADUS; WilliamGreenspond46Meth
MEADUS; AmeliaGreenspond46Meth
MEADUS; EdmundGreenspond18Meth

MEADUS; SylvesterGreenspond42Meth
MEADUS; FrancisGreenspond34Meth

GILLINGHAM; JesseGreenspond47S Army
GILLINGHAM; LeahGreenspond40S Army

POND; EdwardGreenspond58Meth
POND; JaneGreenspond58Meth
POND; ThereseaGreenspond24Meth
POND; ArchibaldGreenspond30Meth
POND; BessieGreenspond24Meth
POND; EdwardGreenspond3Meth
POND; ThereseaGreenspond6mthsMeth
POND; WilliamGreenspond35Meth
POND; DorcasGreenspond34Meth
POND; *Greenspond9Meth *Wrinkle or tear in page

BURRY; Abram*Greenspond36S Army *Same as above
BURRY; ElsieGreenspond32S Army
BURRY; James R.Greenspond12S Army
BURRY; JosephineGreenspond11S Army
BURRY; NitaGreenspond8S Army

STANFORD; DavidGreenspond67S Army
STANFORD; LouisaGreenspond68S Army
STANFORD; HerbertGreenspond25C of E
STANFORD; Mary J.Greenspond25C of E
STANFORD; BaxterGreenspond3C of E
STANFORD; Benjamin P.Greenspond11mths,C of E

JANES; JobGreenspond28C of E
JANES; Sarah J.Greenspond25C of E
JANES; Philip C.Greenspond1C of E

CHEATOR; WilliamGreenspond42S Army

RUSSELL; JaneGreenspond70S Army

LOVELESS; EdwinGreenspond47Meth
LOVELESS; MargrettGreenspond39Meth
LOVELESS; HerbertGreenspond21Meth
LOVELESS; FrancisGreenspond18Meth
LOVELESS; WilliamGreenspond16Meth
LOVELESS; Arthur B.Greenspond14Meth
LOVELESS; ElizabethGreenspond3Meth

CHEATOR; JohnGreenspond66Meth
CHEATOR; Annie E.Greenspond57Meth
CHEATOR; Eli AGreenspond29Meth

WHEELER; JohnGreenspond61Meth
WHEELER; SuanaGreenspond56Meth
WHEELER; JamesGreenspond20Meth
WHEELER; FredrickGreenspond18Meth
WHEELER; EdithGreenspond15Meth
WHEELER; EdwardGreenspond13Meth

DYKE; WalterGreenspond49Meth
DYKE; CharlotteGreenspond50Meth
DYKE; MaggieGreenspond27Meth
DYKE; FredrickGreenspond14Meth
DYKE; Alice S.Greenspond11Meth

OAKLEY; ArthurGreenspond41S Army
OAKLEY; NaomiGreenspond39S Army
OAKLEY; WalterGreenspond13S Army
OAKLEY; Sarah J.Greenspond11S Army
OAKLEY; HerbertGreenspond10S Army
OAKLEY; LucendraGreenspond7S Army
OAKLEY; Davis M.Greenspond4S Army
OAKLEY; ArthurGreenspond2S Army
OAKLEY; LlewellynGreenspond1mthS Army

DOWNER; CharlieGreenspond42C of E
DOWNER; SusannaGreenspond42C of E
DOWNER; CecilGreenspond15C of E
DOWNER; JohnGreenspond13C of E
DOWNER; MaggieGreenspond11C of E
DOWNER; MarjorieGreenspond10C of E
DOWNER; LenaGreenspond8C of E
DOWNER; DanielGreenspond4C of E
DOWNER; EdithGreenspond3C of E
DOWNER; Charles B.Greenspond1mthC of E

OAKLEY; KennethGreenspond42Meth
OAKLEY; ElizabethGreenspond42Meth
OAKLEY; FredrickGreenspond15Meth
OAKLEY; Jean M.Greenspond10Meth
OAKLEY; Austin L.Greenspond7Meth
OAKLEY; Charles V.Greenspond5Meth
OAKLEY; KennethGreenspond2Meth
OAKLEY; Barbra E.Greenspond1Meth

BOORNE; JesseGreenspond50Meth
BOORNE; Margrett A.Greenspond66Meth
CARTER; Lothe EGreenspond12Meth

LANG; AgnesGreenspond61Presb.

WRIGHT; RobertGreenspond52Meth
WRIGHT; EmilyGreenspond56Meth
WRIGHT; MadgeGreenspond27Meth
WRIGHT; RalphGreenspond24Meth
WRIGHT; Harry H.Greenspond22

BROWN; DonaldGreenspond24
BROWN; FlorenceGreenspond26Meth
BROWN; MalcomGreenspond5mthsMeth

BLANDFORD; DariusGreenspond37C of E
BLANDFORD; AliceGreenspond37C of E
BLANDFORD; FredrickGreenspond13C of E
BLANDFORD; Darisu C.Greenspond12C of E
BLANDFORD; Herbert A.Greenspond10C of E
BLANDFORD; Nina G.L.Greenspond8C of E
BLANDFORD; AliceGreenspond5mthsC of E

GRANTER; RobertGreenspond74Meth
GRANTER; AnnaGreenspond70Meth

OLDFORD; AndrewGreenspond52S Army
OLDFORD; LouisaGreenspond42S Army

BURRY; HenryGreenspond33S Army
BURRY; EllenGreenspond36S Army
BURRY; Francis M.Greenspond11S Army
BURRY; Walter R.Greenspond9S Army
BURRY; Mary JGreenspond7S Army
BURRY; Thriocie *Greenspond4S Army
BURRY; Roland A.Greenspond2mthsS Army

EASON; ErnestGreenspond27S Army
EASON; Edna L.Greenspond26S Army
EASON; Granville MGreenspond6mthsS Army

WOODLAND; EdwardGreenspond68Meth
WOODLAND; CarolineGreenspond68Meth
WOODLAND; SamuelGreenspond23S Army
WOODLAND; MarthaGreenspond19S Army
WOODLAND; CarolineGreenspond1mthS Army

STOCKLEY; Mary JGreenspond52C of E
STOCKLEY; EdwardGreenspond29C of E
STOCKLEY; JosephGreenspond25C of E
STOCKLEY; MaryGreenspond21C of E
STOCKLEY; ElizabethGreenspond19C of E
STOCKLEY; DinahGreenspond17C of E
STOCKLEY; CarrieGreenspond15C of E
STOCKLEY; ElijaGreenspond12C of E
STOCKLEY; JamesGreenspond5C of E
STOCKLEY; GwendolineGreenspond10mthsC of E

HOUSE; Kenneth  ** See Errata table belowGreenspond43Meth
HOUSE; Elija** See Errata table belowGreenspond34Meth
HOUSE; Arlene** See Errata table belowGreenspond13Meth
HOUSE; Walter** See Errata table belowGreenspond8Meth
HOUSE; George** See Errata table belowGreenspond3Meth
HOUSE; Wimore** See Errata table belowGreenspond1Meth

LUSH; HenryGreenspond66Meth
LUSH; SarahGreenspond67Meth

JANES; AndrewGreenspond26C of E
JANES; MaudGreenspond20C of E
JANES; Charles R.Greenspond1C of E
JANES; Ratricia M.Greenspond1mthC of E

WOODLAND; PeirceGreenspond33Meth
WOODLAND; PriscillaGreenspond33Meth
WOODLAND; DaisyGreenspond13Meth
WOODLAND; EdwardGreenspond10Meth
WOODLAND; AlbertGreenspond9Meth
WOODLAND; SamuelGreenspond4Meth

EASTON; CharlesGreenspond39Meth
EASTON; LydiaGreenspond34Meth
EASTON; WilliamGreenspond11Meth
EASTON; Charles L.Greenspond9Meth

HARRIS; William, Rev.Greenspond65Meth
HARRIS; SophiaGreenspond61Meth
HARRIS; AgnesGreenspond28Meth
HARRIS; William J.Greenspond23Meth
HARRIS; David L.Greenspond21Meth

OAKLEY; GeorgeGreenspond60Meth
OAKLEY; RebeccaGreenspond56Meth
OAKLEY; Oratio S.Greenspond27Meth
OAKLEY; RonaldGreenspond20Meth
OAKLEY; William E.Greenspond18Meth
OAKLEY; Helena L.Greenspond16Meth

CRUMMEY; Edward J.Greenspond46Meth
CRUMMEY; Ellen E.Greenspond48Meth
CRUMMEY; Clarence B.Greenspond13Meth
CRUMMEY; Owen W.Greenspond9Meth

PITTMAN; JulianGreenspond61Meth
PITTMAN; SarahGreenspond63Meth

BURRY; DavidGreenspond44S Army

WHITE; TobiasGreenspond42Meth
WHITE; MariaGreenspond41Meth
WHITE; Susan B.Greenspond4Meth

POND; JosephGreenspond71C of E
POND; AmeliaGreenspond62C of E
DYKE; GertrudeGreenspond24C of E

BURRY; EdwardGreenspond54Meth
BURRY; MariaGreenspond60C of E
BURRY; Edward D.Greenspond18C of E
BURRY; JosephGreenspond52Meth
BURRY; HarriettGreenspond42Meth
BURRY; PierceGreenspond18Meth
BURRY; EldonGreenspond17Meth
BURRY; PeterGreenspond15Meth
BURRY; NoahGreenspond10Meth
BURRY; EnaGreenspond1Meth

LOVELESS; EgbertGreenspond42C of E
LOVELESS; ElizaGreenspond38C of E
LOVELESS; HarryGreenspond14C of E
LOVELESS; BessieGreenspond12C of E
LOVELESS; WilliamGreenspond10C of E
LOVELESS; EverettGreenspond1C of E

LOVELESS; Everett J.Greenspond46C of E
LOVELESS; MaryGreenspond40C of E
LOVELESS; JanetGreenspond16C of E
LOVELESS; EdnaGreenspond16C of E
LOVELESS; WilliamGreenspond77C of E

GRANTER; EliasGreenspond64C of E
GRANTER; JuliaGreenspond58C of E
GRANTER; Edgar JGreenspond29C of E
GRANTER; MaryGreenspond26C of E
GRANTER; MarthaGreenspond21C of E

GRANTER; EdwinGreenspond37C of E
GRANTER; Clara JGreenspond32C of E
GRANTER; May L.Greenspond9C of E
GRANTER; Martha H.Greenspond6C of E
GRANTER; Ena G.Greenspond1C of E

GRANTER; LewellynGreenspond34C of E
GRANTER; MiriamGreenspond30C of E
GRANTER; Ernest M.Greenspond6C of E
GRANTER; Duncan C.Greenspond4C of E
GRANTER; MyrtleGreenspond10mthsC of E

GRANTER; WilliamGreenspond66C of E
GRANTER; AnasticaGreenspond64C of E
GRANTER; MurrielGreenspond30C of E
GRANTER; MalcomeGreenspond27C of E
GRANTER; ElizabethGreenspond43C of E
GRANTER; Tricie*Greenspond20C of E *Illegible

GRANTER; JobGreenspond67C of E
GRANTER; JaneGreenspond66C of E
GRANTER; LouisaGreenspond23C of E

OLDFORD; Mary J.Greenspond53C of E
OLDFORD; WalterGreenspond23C of E
OLDFORD; HarryGreenspond18C of E
OLDFORD; MartinGreenspond11C of E
OLDFORD; MinnieGreenspond6C of E
OLDFORD; BeatriceGreenspond14C of E

STARKS; GeorgeGreenspond57Meth
STARKS; RebeccaGreenspond57Meth

RODGERS; GeorgeGreenspond46Meth

WHITE; EdgarGreenspond33Meth
WHITE; Sarah J.Greenspond31Meth
WHITE; GertieGreenspond9Meth
WHITE; LesterGreenspond1Meth

BURRY; WilliamGreenspond80C of E
BURRY; DinahGreenspond77C of E
RALPH; WilliamGreenspond40C of E
RALPH; EmilyGreenspond37C of E
RALPH; MaryGreenspond16C of E
RALPH; BerthaGreenspond13C of E
RALPH; LydiaGreenspond8C of E
RALPH; DanielGreenspond4C of E
RALPH; ClaraGreenspond2C of E

BURRY; SidneyGreenspond46C of E
BURRY; DelilahGreenspond55C of E
BURRY; AaronGreenspond54Meth
BURRY; DoraGreenspond48Meth
BURRY; JanetGreenspond22Meth
BURRY; CecilGreenspond17Meth
BURRY; JohnGreenspond70C of E

STRATTEN; EdwinGreenspond42S Army
STRATTEN; AliceGreenspond19S Army
STRATTEN; WilliamGreenspond16S Army
STRATTEN; FredrickGreenspond13S Army
STRATTEN; ClarenceGreenspond10S Army

BURRY; StephenGreenspond50C of E
BURRY; Eliza*Greenspond45C of E *Elija or Eliza?
BURRY; EdwardGreenspond18C of E
BURRY; JohnGreenspond14C of E
BURRY; KennethGreenspond12C of E
BURRY; SidneyGreenspond11C of E

STRATTEN; LlewellynGreenspond31S Army
STRATTEN; EthelGreenspond24S Army
STRATTEN; MurrielGreenspond8mthsS Army

STRATTEN; JohnGreenspond67Meth
STRATTEN; SarahGreenspond55Meth
STRATTEN; JosephGreenspond28Meth
STRATTEN; HenryGreenspond26Meth
STRATTEN; GarlandGreenspond20Meth
STRATTEN; WilliamGreenspond18Meth
STRATTEN; Edith M.Greenspond16Meth

WHITE; Darius A.Greenspond?4Meth *Could be 24
WHITE; Sarah A.Greenspond63Meth
WHITE; FrankGreenspond27Meth

WHITE; Hubert G.Greenspond49C of E
WHITE; BeatriceGreenspond37C of E
WHITE; StephenGreenspond16C of E
WHITE; Victor J.Greenspond14C of E
WHITE; CarolineGreenspond9C of E
WHITE; Edith M.Greenspond7C of E
WHITE; Janet S.Greenspond5C of E
WHITE; Greta A.Greenspond2C of E

WHITE; John T.Greenspond44Meth
WHITE; Ethel H.Greenspond36Meth

WHITE; WillisGreenspond37Meth
WHITE; CatherineGreenspond38Meth
WHITE; MalcomGreenspond6Meth
WHITE; William G.Greenspond1mthMeth

WHITE; StephenGreenspond35Meth
WHITE; LizzieGreenspond30Meth
WHITE; GordonGreenspond7Meth
WHITE; Raymond W.Greenspond5Meth
WHITE; Nina C.Greenspond3Meth

BISHOP; SusanGreenspond64Meth
BISHOP; Malcom J.Greenspond29Meth
BISHOP; Eric G.**See Errata table belowGreenspond2*Meth *Second letter illegible.
BISHOP; Annie E.Greenspond21Meth
BISHOP; AliceGreenspond18Meth
BISHOP; BaxterGreenspond35Meth
BISHOP; MargarettGreenspond27Meth
BISHOP; MarjorieGreenspond4Meth
BISHOP; GorgenaGreenspond2Meth

BISHOP; WilliamGreenspond36C of E
BISHOP; Annie E.Greenspond34C of E
BISHOP; Evelyn M.Greenspond13C of E
BISHOP; HenryGreenspond11C of E
BISHOP; DariusGreenspond2C of E

WHITE; FredrickGreenspond29Meth
WHITE; ClaraGreenspond27Meth
WHITE; **Greenspond6mthsMeth **Illegible
WHITE; EuniceGreenspond69Meth

POND; SamuelGreenspond54C of E
POND; DelilahGreenspond54C of E
WHITE; ArthurGreenspond37C of E
WHITE; **Greenspond33C of E **Illegible
WHITE; HaroldGreenspond13C of E
WHITE; WilfredGreenspond8C of E

ORAM; OratioGreenspond38, S Army
ORAM; EdithGreenspond33, S Army
ORAM; LlewellynGreenspond9S Army
ORAM; SarahGreenspond7S Army
ORAM; PearlGreenspond5S Army
ORAM; NelsonGreenspond3S Army
ORAM; ArthurGreenspond2wksS Army
ORAM; HughGreenspond2wksS Army

ORAM; HenryGreenspond26, Meth
ORAM; CarrieGreenspond20, Meth
ORAM; AlexandriaGreenspond9mthsMeth

ORAM; JohnGreenspond28, S Army
ORAM; HarrietGreenspond24, S Army
ORAM; MaggieGreenspond4S Army
ORAM; HerbertGreenspond2S Army

EASTON; RichardGreenspond52, Meth
EASTON; JohannaGreenspond53, Meth
EASTON; ThomasGreenspond26, Meth
EASTON; MaryGreenspond24S Army
EASTON; DorothyGreenspond20, Meth
EASTON; AbramGreenspond18, Meth
EASTON; MaryGreenspond83C of E
EASTON; MargrettGreenspond26, Meth
EASTON; DanielGreenspond22, Meth
EASTON; EdwardGreenspond42, Meth
EASTON; RebeccaGreenspond21, Meth
EASTON; JobGreenspond4Meth
EASTON; AnnieGreenspond3Meth
EASTON; GretaGreenspond9mthsMeth

BURGESS; EllenGreenspond62Meth
BURGESS; DaisyGreenspond27, Meth
BURGESS; JohnGreenspond35Meth
BURGESS; EllenGreenspond29Meth
BURGESS; EthieGreenspond1Meth
BURGESS; ArthurGreenspond33Meth
BURGESS; BeatriceGreenspond33Meth
BURGESS; LauraGreenspond6Meth
BURGESS; EllenGreenspond4Meth

HARDING; SamuelGreenspond71Meth
HARDING; EllenGreenspond60Meth
HARDING; JessieGreenspond25Meth
HARDING; KennethGreenspond35Meth
HARDING; BatriceGreenspond30Meth

HARDING; JacobGreenspond69C of E
HARDING; SusanGreenspond63C of E
HARDING; WilliamGreenspond41C of E
HARDING; PatienceGreenspond27C of E
HARDING; MarthaGreenspond25C of E
HARDING; EmilyGreenspond22C of E

SPARKS; SarahGreenspond62Meth
SPARKS; GeorgeGreenspond42Meth

McROBERTS; DorothyGreenspond33Meth
McROBERTS; StellaGreenspond12Meth
McROBERTS; GordonGreenspond10Meth

DOWDEN; WalterGreenspond50Meth
DOWDEN; SarahanaGreenspond49C of E
DOWDEN; Fredrick J.Greenspond19Meth
DOWDEN; ChesleyGreenspond15Meth
DOWDEN; MalcomGreenspond13Meth
DOWDEN; DorothyGreenspond10Meth
DOWDEN; WalterGreenspond8Meth

DOWDEN; EdwardGreenspond42C of E
DOWDEN; SusanahGreenspond47C of E
DOWDEN; ThomasGreenspond14C of E

CARTER; JamesGreenspond35C of E
CARTER; SarahGreenspond37C of E
CARTER; PierceGreenspond11
CARTER; DaisyGreenspond8
CARTER; OliveGreenspond6
CARTER; ClarenceGreenspond4
CARTER; StellaGreenspond2
CARTER; JamesGreenspond10days

WEEKS; BenjaminGreenspond66
WEEKS; CarolineGreenspond53
WEEKS; CharlieGreenspond27

MULLINS; StephenGreenspond30
MULLINS; FlorenceGreenspond29
MULLINS; EvelynGreenspond7

BURGESS; WilliamGreenspond75
BURGESS; AbramGreenspond30

CARTER; MaryGreenspond64

WORNELL; JobGreenspond43
WORNELL; LydiaGreenspond43
WORNELL; MarieGreenspond17
WORNELL; CatherineGreenspond12
WORNELL; CoralGreenspond10
WORNELL; BeatriceGreenspond8
WORNELL; WilliamGreenspond5
WORNELL; EdgarGreenspond2

CARTER; JobGreenspond52
CARTER; SusanahGreenspond52
CARTER; HannahGreenspond77

MULLINS; GeorgeGreenspond55
MULLINS; EllenGreenspond53
MULLINS; JohnGreenspond19
MULLINS; GarlandGreenspond16
MULLINS; MabelGreenspond11

MULLINS; WalterGreenspond50
MULLINS; MarthaGreenspond43
HARDING; HarrietGreenspond64Meth
HARDING; WillingtonGreenspond34Meth
HARDING; PriscillaGreenspond29Meth
HARDING; HarrietGreenspond6Meth
HARDING; OliveGreenspond5Meth

WAY; JamesGreenspond73C of E
WAY; MaryannGreenspond75C of E
WAY; EdgarGreenspond36Meth
WAY; ClaraGreenspond34Meth
WAY; GertrudeGreenspond15Meth
WAY; MaryannGreenspond12Meth
WAY; JamesGreenspond9Meth
WAY; AgnesGreenspond7Meth
WAY; CathleenGreenspond3Meth

HARDING; JobGreenspond40Meth
HARDING; FrancisGreenspond36Meth
HARDING; MyrtisGreenspond13Meth
HARDING; PierceGreenspond8Meth

HARDING; BenjaminGreenspond62C of E
HARDING; WilliamGreenspond28C of E
HARDING; ChesleyGreenspond14C of E

HARDING; ThomasGreenspond65C of E
HARDING; AbigalGreenspond63C of E
HARDING; JacobGreenspond42C of E
HARDING; AlfredGreenspond24C of E
HARDING; ElizabethGreenspond28C of E
HARDING; LucyGreenspond21C of E
HARDING; GertrudeGreenspond18C of E
HARDING; ReubenGreenspond63C of E
HARDING; ElizaGreenspond58C of E
HARDING; RachelGreenspond18C of E

YOUNG; SidneyGreenspond41C of E
YOUNG; ElizaGreenspond40C of E
YOUNG; ViolaGreenspond12C of E
YOUNG; JacobGreenspond85C of E

HOWSE; GilbertGreenspond45Meth
HOWSE; EsterGreenspond42Meth
HOWSE; LouisaGreenspond20Meth
HOWSE; HarrietGreenspond18Meth
HOWSE; AlmaGreenspond15Meth

YOUNG; AlexanderGreenspond54C of E
YOUNG; EllenGreenspond52C of E
YOUNG; JessieGreenspond21C of E
YOUNG; WilliamGreenspond18C of E
YOUNG; EbenezerGreenspond58C of E
YOUNG; EllaGreenspond53C of E
YOUNG; GertrudeGreenspond22C of E
YOUNG; BenjaminGreenspond68C of E

LANG; WilliamGreenspond78Meth

GREEN; ErnestGreenspond32C of E
GREEN; BeatriceGreenspond26C of E
GREEN; SophiaGreenspond60C of E
GREEN; GertrudeGreenspond26C of E

HODDINOTT; LouisGreenspond46Meth
HODDINOTT; MaryGreenspond46Meth
HODDINOTT; EdgarGreenspond19Meth
CHEATOR; ChesleyGreenspond17Meth

BOURNE; FrancisGreenspond60Meth
BOURNE; AllenGreenspond21Meth

PARSONS; TobiasGreenspond33C of E
PARSONS; EllenGreenspond29C of E
PARSONS; OliveGreenspond3C of E
PARSONS; LouisaGreenspond1C of E

DYKE; GarfieldGreenspond37C of E
DYKE; GertrudeGreenspond38C of E
DYKE; MannieGreenspond9C of E
DYKE; CharlesGreenspond6C of E
DYKE; RonaldGreenspond5C of E

DOMMINY; Edgar JGreenspond49C of E
DOMMINY; Annie AGreenspond50C of E
DOMMINY; EdnaGreenspond23C of E
DOMMINY; GracieGreenspond20C of E
DOMMINY; JohnGreenspond18C of E
DOMMINY; MableGreenspond15C of E
DOMMINY; MayGreenspond13C of E

KEAN; EllenGreenspond69C of E
KEAN; EdwardGreenspond32C of E

HUMPHRIES; WilliamGreenspond53C of E
HUMPHRIES; FannieGreenspond49C of E
HUMPHRIES; LenaGreenspond16C of E
HUMPHRIES; CharlieGreenspond13C of E

HUMPHRIES; JamesGreenspond18C of E

HARDING; ReubenGreenspond53S Army
HARDING; SusanGreenspond48S Army
HARDING; CecilGreenspond21S Army
HARDING; FredrickGreenspond11S Army

HUMPHRIES; RobertGreenspond50C of E
HUMPHRIES; MaryannGreenspond47C of E
HUMPHRIES; IreneGreenspond21C of E
HUMPHRIES; MargretGreenspond15C of E
HUMPHRIES; LillianGreenspond13C of E

HARDING; ThomasGreenspond29C of E
HARDING; CarrieGreenspond30C of E
HARDING; EthieGreenspond7C of E
HARDING; MurrielGreenspond5C of E
HARDING; FrankGreenspond2C of E

PARSONS; WilliamGreenspond75C of E
PARSONS; EdwardGreenspond59C of E
PARSONS; EllenGreenspond61C of E
PARSONS; BenjaminGreenspond23C of E
PARSONS; MarkGreenspond27C of E
PARSONS; MaggieGreenspond24C of E
PARSONS; EdwardGreenspond4C of E
PARSONS; WilfredGreenspond2C of E
PARSONS; ClarenceGreenspond6mthsC of E

DEWEY; FrankGreenspond53Meth
DEWEY; EdithGreenspond49Meth
DEWEY; AlbertaGreenspond21Meth
DEWEY; BenjaminGreenspond25Meth
DEWEY; MurrielGreenspond19Meth
DEWEY; Hannah BGreenspond15Meth
DEWEY; Robert G.Greenspond13Meth
DEWEY; Maggie J.Greenspond12Meth
DEWEY; Enid M.Greenspond7Meth

MAHAR; IsabellaGreenspond49C of E
MAHAR; BaxterGreenspond26C of E
MAHAR; ClaraGreenspond13C of E

POND; WilliamGreenspond44C of E
POND; JemimaGreenspond42C of E
POND; EdwardGreenspond17C of E
POND; JohnGreenspond13C of E
POND; EffieGreenspond10C of E
POND; MaryGreenspond8C of E
POND; WiliamGreenspond6C of E
POND; SamuelGreenspond4C of E
POND; KennethGreenspond38C of E
POND; IreneGreenspond28C of E

POND; AnnieGreenspond81C of E
POND; JosephGreenspond42C of E

PARSONS; EdwardGreenspond38C of E
PARSONS; ElijaGreenspond38C of E
PARSONS; EmmaGreenspond16C of E
PARSONS; AmeliaGreenspond13C of E
PARSONS; BessieGreenspond8C of E
PARSONS; GretaGreenspond1C of E
PARSONS; JosephGreenspond44Meth
PARSONS; LucyGreenspond39Meth

HARDING; JamesGreenspond65Meth
HARDING; JosephGreenspond30Meth
HARDING; EffieGreenspond30Meth

PARSONS; JamesGreenspond38C of E
PARSONS; MaryGreenspond34C of E
PARSONS; SarahGreenspond9C of E
PARSONS; HurbertGreenspond7C of E
PARSONS; CarolineGreenspond70C of E
PARSONS; ShirleyGreenspond15C of E
PARSONS; SamuelGreenspond29C of E
PARSONS; MinnieGreenspond29C of E
PARSONS; JosephGreenspond8C of E
PARSONS; RaymondGreenspond6C of E
PARSONS; LenaGreenspond4C of E
PARSONS; GordonGreenspond2C of E
PARSONS; SamuelGreenspond8mthsC of E

PECKFORD; WilliamGreenspond73C of E
PECKFORD; JamesGreenspond48C of E
PECKFORD; MarthaGreenspond47C of E
PECKFORD; AbramGreenspond18C of E
PECKFORD; JamesGreenspond14C of E
PECKFORD; WilliamGreenspond25C of E
PECKFORD; RosanaGreenspond25Meth
PECKFORD; WinifredGreenspond2mthsC of E
PARSONS; JohnGreenspond46Meth
PARSONS; ClementinaGreenspond33C of E
PARSONS; ReubenGreenspond21Meth
PARSONS; DaisyGreenspond19Meth
PARSONS; BessieGreenspond6Meth
PARSONS; John M.Greenspond2Meth
PARSONS; JosephineGreenspond1Meth
HOWELL; JamesGreenspond38Meth
HOWELL; MaudGreenspond43Meth
HOWELL; MayitableGreenspond17Meth
HOWELL; JohnGreenspond10Meth
LUSH; JosephGreenspond37C of E
LUSH; HannahGreenspond34C of E
LUSH; RobertGreenspond7C of E
CROCKER; EdwardGreenspond39C of E
CROCKER; Rebecca J.Greenspond35C of E
BRAGG; EmmaGreenspond15C of E
BRAGG; MaryannGreenspond14C of E
CROCKER; Mary L.Greenspond9C of E
CROCKER; Edith M.Greenspond6C of E
CROCKER; FrankGreenspond4C of E
CROCKER; HannahGreenspond2C of E
CROCKER; DariusGreenspond11mths,C of E
CROCKER; JohnGreenspond47C of E
DOWDEN; JohnGreenspond47C of E
DOWDEN; EmilyGreenspond39C of E
DOWDEN; RaymondGreenspond12C of E
DOWDEN; HaroldGreenspond8C of E
DOWDEN; MildredGreenspond4C of E
DOWDEN; MarkGreenspond45C of E
DOWDEN; HannahGreenspond47C of E
DOWDEN; CarolineGreenspond15C of E
DOWDEN; William R.Greenspond8C of E
TUCKER; AleanderGreenspond31C of E
TUCKER; ElizabethGreenspond31C of E
CARTER; KennethGreenspond61C of E
CARTER; MaryannGreenspond60C of E
CARTER; FrancisGreenspond20C of E
CARTER; John S.Greenspond19C of E
HARDING; Mable M.Greenspond8Meth
GREEN; GeorgeGreenspond72C of E
SAMSON; EllenGreenspond62Meth
JANES; JamesGreenspond61Meth
JANES; Laura M.Greenspond46Meth
JANES; Nellie MGreenspond13Meth
JANES; Mildred A.Greenspond11Meth
JANES; Edna LGreenspond10Meth
JANES; MargretGreenspond9Meth
HARDING; EdwardGreenspond77Meth
HARDING; Fanny J.Greenspond45Meth
DOMINY; James AGreenspond42Meth
DOMINY; SusanahGreenspond42Meth
DOMINY; SadieGreenspond13Meth
DOMINY; MarjorieGreenspond7Meth
BRAGG; MarkGreenspond41C of E
BRAGG; AlcieGreenspond38C of E
BRAGG; StewartGreenspond15C of E
BRAGG; DanielGreenspond13C of E
BRAGG; ReginaldGreenspond11C of E
BRAGG; FredrickGreenspond8C of E
BRAGG; ThomasGreenspond5C of E
BRAGG; PaulineGreenspond2C of E
DOMINY; John CGreenspond40C of E
DOMINY; LouisaGreenspond37C of E
DOMINY; Ada BGreenspond12C of E
DOMINY; ClarenceGreenspond10C of E
DOMINY; BertramGreenspond9C of E
DOMINY; HarryGreenspond4C of E
STOCKLEY; PatienceGreenspond68C of E
HUTCHINGS; HenryGreenspond57C of E
HUTCHINGS; LouiseGreenspond52C of E
HUTCHINGS; Annie LGreenspond17C of E
HUTCHINGS; EdithGreenspond11C of E
DAWE; SamuelGreenspond77C of E
DAWE; Elija JGreenspond76C of E
BLANDFORD; SamuelGreenspond42C of E
BLANDFORD; Daisy A.Greenspond41C of E
BLANDFORD; Mona MGreenspond13C of E
BLANDFORD; Olive LGreenspond12C of E
BLANDFORD; Samuel RGreenspond9C of E
BLANDFORD; May DGreenspond7C of E
BLANDFORD; GwyndalineGreenspond3C of E
PECKFORD; HenryGreenspond69C of E
PECKFORD; ThomasGreenspond35C of E
PECKFORD; CarolineGreenspond32C of E
PECKFORD; HerbertGreenspond12C of E
PECKFORD; FredrickGreenspond11C of E
PECKFORD; Beatrice LGreenspond8C of E
HUNT; JaneGreenspond81C of E
HUNT; Thomas PGreenspond41C of E
HUNT; Mary S.Greenspond36C of E
HUNT; Jane M.Greenspond1C of E
HUNT; WilliamGreenspond53C of E
HUNT; EmilyGreenspond50C of E
HUNT; LouisaGreenspond19C of E
HUNT; EdnaGreenspond15C of E
HUNT; WilliamGreenspond7C of E
HUNT; HarryGreenspond22C of E
HUNT; ElizabethGreenspond19C of E
MICHELL; ReginaldGreenspond33C of E
MICHELL; AnnieGreenspond23C of E
PHILLIPS; Charles GGreenspond23C of E
HUNT; Sarah JGreenspond47Meth
HUNT; SusieGreenspond16Meth
HUNT; VioletGreenspond15Meth
LUSH; GeorgeGreenspond49C of E
LUSH; PriscillaGreenspond39C of E
PECKFORD; FrankGreenspond7C of E
PECKFORD; HarryGreenspond7C of E
LUSH; SarahGreenspond91C of E
LUSH; ArronGreenspond52C of E
CARTER; Fredrick L.Greenspond30C of E
CARTER; JosephineGreenspond29C of E
CARTER; Mary G.Greenspond1C of E
BUTTON; EdgarGreenspond37C of E
BUTTON; LillyGreenspond29C of E
BUTTON; Edgar JGreenspond6C of E
BUTTON; Elias JGreenspond3C of E
BUTTON; Edward JGreenspond2C of E
BUTTON; ArthurGreenspond1weekC of E
UPWARD; Rev T WGreenspond50C of E
UPWARD; SarahGreenspond43C of E
UPWARD; Allen MGreenspond11C of E
UPWARD; Jesse C.Greenspond9C of E
UPWARD; MaryGreenspond7C of E
UPWARD; Hillery BGreenspond6C of E
HANDCOCK; MaryGreenspond39C of E
BUTLER; SamuelGreenspond54.Meth
BUTLER; DeborahGreenspond54Meth
BUTLER; GertrudeGreenspond27Meth
HODDINOTT; SamuelGreenspond45Meth
HODDINOTT; Ellen AGreenspond46Meth
HODDINOTT; Edith MGreenspond21Meth
HODDINOTT; Ada LGreenspond19Meth
HODDINOTT; Isa LGreenspond13Meth
HODDINOTT; Charles WGreenspond11Meth
HODDINOTT; Boyd CGreenspond9Meth
HAWKINS; JaneGreenspond66Meth
HAWKINS; ArthurGreenspond30Meth
HAWKINS; EffieGreenspond26S Army
HAWKINS; WilliamGreenspond10mths,S Army
EDGAR; EllenGreenspond65C of E
EDGAR; Lillian EGreenspond22C of E
EDGAR; Clarissa MGreenspond33C of E
EDGAR; OliveGreenspond20C of E
EDGAR; Jessie LGreenspond29C of E
JAMEISON; D.G. MDGreenspond38Presby
JAMEISON; Elizabeth BGreenspond36Presby
JAMEISON; Carrie BGreenspond7Presby
JAMEISON; Marion BGreenspond6Presby
JAMEISON; Thomas BGreenspond5Presby
JAMEISON; DugaldGreenspond2Presby
WEEKS; George WGreenspond44C of E
WEEKS; Sarah MGreenspond44C of E
WEEKS; Nita AGreenspond14C of E
WEEKS; Ethel MGreenspond12C of E
WEEKS; EdgarGreenspond12C of E
WEEKS; GeorgeGreenspond10C of E
WEEKS; QueenieGreenspond9C of E
BUTLER; RebeccaGreenspond82C of E
BUTLER; CalebGreenspond42C of E
BUTLER; AliceGreenspond42C of E
BUTLER; Charles EGreenspond3C of E
GRANTER; AbrahamGreenspond70C of E
GRANTER; Sarah JGreenspond62C of E
EDGAR; Mary SGreenspond32C of E
EDGAR; Nina KGreenspond8C of E
EDGAR; Agnes LGreenspond4C of E
EDGAR; Patricia MGreenspond2C of E
WHITE; William HGreenspond63Meth
WHITE; Lucy C.Greenspond61Meth
WHITE; Beatrice EGreenspond24Meth
WHITE; HenriettaGreenspond21Meth
WHITE; DorothyGreenspond13Meth
DYKE; TheresaGreenspond69Meth
DYKE; FredrickGreenspond43Meth
DYKE; Rosetta LGreenspond44Meth
DYKE; FrankGreenspond8Meth
DYKE; EleanorGreenspond5Meth
DYKE; AubreyGreenspond37C of E
DYKE; SusieGreenspond30C of E
DYKE; JeanieGreenspond8C of E
DYKE; VioletGreenspond7C of E
DYKE; BeatriceGreenspond5C of E
DYKE; OliveGreenspond4C of E
DYKE; VeraGreenspond6mthsC of E
DYKE; ThomasGreenspond67C of E
DYKE; SarahGreenspond62C of E
BURTON; JamesGreenspond65Meth
BURTON; SophiaGreenspond58Meth
BURTON; SidneyGreenspond39Meth
BURTON; LucyGreenspond34Meth
BURTON; Olive GGreenspond5Meth
SAINSBURY; JohnGreenspond63C of E
SAINSBURY; Silas J.Greenspond32C of E
HISCOCK; JohnGreenspond43C of E
HISCOCK; AbiGreenspond34C of E
HISCOCK; WilliamGreenspond7C of E
HISCOCK; CarolineGreenspond3C of E
HISCOCK; RobertGreenspond70C of E
HISCOCK; CharlotteGreenspond63C of E
HISCOCK; GeorgeGreenspond35C of E

Name in RecordDescription of error or additionMy Name
HOUSE The family listed as House, Kenneth, Eliza, Arlene, Walter, George, Wilmore, the surname should be HOWSE. The oldest daughter is IRENE not Arlene.  I know this to be factual, George Howse was my father. Jill Davis
BISHOP BISHOP; Gorgena (age 2) should be BISHOP; Georgina. Also a few lines down from entry above, BISHOP; Henry (age 11) should be BISHOP; Harry. William Logan
BISHOP BISHOP, Eric G. Age would have been 24. Bill Logan

© Cyndi Beales Alcock and NL Gen
Bonavista Bay North