1921 Census

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1921 Census

Fair Island

Note, the age denotes age of last birthday. It was read, recorded and transcribed by CYNDI BEALES-ALCOCK, May 1998. While I have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible, there may be typographical errors.
NOBLE; DavidFair Island57C of E
NOBLE; ElizabethFair Island50C of E

MARCH; JohnFair Island20C of E
MARCH; GertrudeFair Island17C of E
MARCH; LenaFair Island9mthC of E

NOBLE; JohnFair Island62C of E
NOBLE; EllenFair Island65C of E

NOBLE; AmmonFair Island40C of E
NOBLE; Priscilla A.Fair Island34C of E
NOBLE; Amelin E.Fair Island16C of E
NOBLE; Olive J.Fair Island10C of E
NOBLE; RobertFair Island4C of E
NOBLE; Louis W.Fair Island2C of E
NOBLE; Idella M.Fair Island8mthC of E

FERMAGE; CharlotteFair Island46C of E

NOSEWORTHY; EdwinFair Island42C of E
NOSEWORTHY; ElizaFair Island39C of E
NOSEWORTHY; WilliamFair Island11C of E
NOSEWORTHY; ClaraFair Island8C of E
WICKS; CasandriaFair Island80C of E

WICKS; JacobFair Island66C of E
WICKS; SerinaFair Island70C of E
WICKS; AlpheansFair Island42C of E
WICKS; Esther J.Fair Island40C of E
WICKS; RobertFair Island15C of E
WICKS; Cator E.Fair Island13C of E
WICKS; DinahFair Island11C of E
WICKS; Eliza E.Fair Island5C of E
WICKS; Lily B.Fair Island2C of E

PICKETT; JohnFair Island77C of E
PICKETT; EuniceFair Island66C of E
PICKETT; AlbertFair Island29C of E
PICKETT; MaggieFair Island30C of E

FELTHAM; EdwardFair Island47C of E
FELTHAM; MatildaFair Island20C of E
FELTHAM; JosephineFair Island3C of E

PICKETT; WilfredFair Island9C of E
PICKETT; GordonFair Island7C of E
PICKETT; ThomasFair Island5C of E
PICKETT; ChesleyFair Island2C of E

HUNT; BerthaFair Island69C of E
HUNT; JonasFair Island29C of E
HUNT; HarrietFair Island24C of E
HUNT; ElizabethFair Island2C of E
HUNT; Emma F.Fair Island1C of E

PICKETT; JobFair Island64C of E
PICKETT; SusanFair Island59C of E

PICKETT; ObediahFair Island44C of E
PICKETT; KatherineFair Island41C of E
PICKETT; DavidFair Island12C of E

PICKETT; MosesFair Island28C of E
PICKETT; FlorenceFair Island22C of E
PICKETT; JohnFair Island6C of E

HOUNSELL; AbnerFair Island53C of E
HOUNSELL; CharlotteFair Island49C of E
HOUNSELL; HerbertFair Island22C of E
HOUNSELL; Sarah E.Fair Island17C of E
HOUNSELL; LucyFair Island14C of E
HOUNSELL; JobFair Island28C of E
HOUNSELL; SarahFair Island27C of E
HOUNSELL; AmutalFair Island7C of E
HOUNSELL; HerbertFair Island2C of E
HOUNSELL; SellahFair Island2mthsC of E

HOUNSELL; Frederick G.Fair Island26C of E
HOUNSELL; LouisaFair Island17C of E

WATERMAN; MosesFair Island44C of E
WATERMAN; SarahFair Island45C of E

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