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1921 Census

Deadmans Bay

Many thanks go out to the internet pioneers who began the former Notre Dame Bay Genealogy Project and thus online NL geneaology; Glynn Hewlett, Tonya Colbourne, Karen Ruedisueli, Sidney Young, George White, Freeman Fry, Patricia Holwell and John Holwell. Through their efforts and contributions of time, the NDB 1921 Census data was collected, transcribed and posted to the web for the benefit of all people researching their NL roots. The 1921 Census is a handwritten document. Its entries are usually grouped by families and communities. The physical quality of the pages and the clarity of the handwriting sometimes made transcription difficult and interpretive. In structure however, the present format resembles the original as closely as possible and maintains the original groupings and non-alphabetic order. The information for this community was transcribed by PATRICIA HOLWELL ~ May 25, 1997.
* see errata table
Last Name First Name Living
in 1921
Position Date Born Place Born Religion Occup Related
CHAULKAlec*Deadmans BayHEADApr 1887Deadmans BayMethodistLobster fishMarried to Louisa
CHAULKLouisaDeadmans BayWifeNov 1888Keels BayMethodist
Married to Alec CHAULK
CHAULKMelindaDeadmans BayDaughterFeb 1915Deadmans BayMethodist
Daughter of Alec CHAULK
CHAULKRaymondDeadmans BaySonDec 1916Deadmans BayMethodist
Son of Alec CHAULK
CHAULKEdwinDeadmans BaySonAug 1919Deadmans BayMethodist
Son of Alec CHAULK

CHAULKKennethDeadmans BayHEADDec 1889Deadmans BayMethodistFerrymanMarried to Christinaem with Gov't
CHAULKChristinaDeadmans BayWifeJul 1894CarmanvilleMethodist
Married to Kenneth CHAULK
CHAULKJaneDeadmans BayDaughterDec 1916Deadmans BayMethodist
Daughter of Kenneth CHAULK
CHAULKRobertDeadmans BaySonMay 1918Deadmans BayMethodist
Son of Kenneth CHAULK
CHAULKHenryDeadmans BaySonNov 1919Deadmans BayMethodist
Son of Kenneth CHAULK
CHAULKCecilDeadmans BaySonApr 1921Deadmans BayMethodist
Son of Kenneth CHAULK

GOODYEARJeremiahDeadmans BayHEADNov 1889LumsdenSalvation ArmyFishermanMarried to Adelaide
GOODYEARAdelaideDeadmans BayWifeAug 1894LumsdenSalvation Army
Married to Jeremiah GOODYEAR
GOODYEAREltonDeadmans BaySonApr 1911Deadmans BaySalvation ArmySchoolSon of Jeremiah GOODYEAR
GOODYEARNizzie(?)Deadmans BayDaughterJan 1913Deadmans BaySalvation ArmySchoolDaughter of Jeremiah GOODYEAR
GOODYEARElizabethDeadmans BayDaughterAug 1915Deadmans BaySalvation ArmySchoolDaughter of Jeremiah GOODYEAR
GOODYEAREsterDeadmans BayDaughterAug 1917Deadmans BaySalvation Army
Daughter of Jeremiah GOODYEAR
GOODYEARGarlandDeadmans BaySonAug 1919Deadmans BaySalvation Army
Son of Jeremiah GOODYEAR
GOODYEARJasperDeadmans BaySonJul 1921Deadmans BaySalvation Army
Son of Jeremiah GOODYEAR

GOODYEARAlexDeadmans BayHEADJun 1871LumsdenMethodistFishermanMarried to Lucy
GOODYEARLucyDeadmans BayWifeJul 1898Cape IslandMethodist
Married to Alex GOODYEAR
GOODYEARMatildaDeadmans BayDaughterNov 1903Deadmans BayMethodist
Daughter of Alex GOODYEAR
GOODYEARAliceDeadmans BayDaughterMay 1906Deadmans BayMethodist
Daughter of Alex GOODYEAR
GOODYEARMary AnnDeadmans BayDaughterFeb 1909Deadmans BayMethodist
Daughter of Alex GOODYEAR
GOODYEARMaggieDeadmans BayDaughterJun 1910Deadmans BayMethodist
Daughter of Alex GOODYEAR
GOODYEARSamuelDeadmans BaySonJun 1920Deadmans BayMethodist
Daughter of Alex GOODYEAR
GOODYEARDorcasDeadmans BaySonSep 1913Deadmans BayMethodist
Son of Alex GOODYEAR
GOODYEARWilburDeadmans BaySonAug 1920Deadmans BayMethodist
Son of Alex GOODYEAR

WHITEAnnieDeadmans BayHEADSep 1830Cape FreelsMethodist

GOODYEARMyrtleDeadmans BayGrand Daughter-dauSep 1904Cape FreelsMethodist


GOODYEARSamsonDeadmans BayHEADOct 1865LumsdenMethodist
Married to Matilda
GOODYEARMatildaDeadmans BayWifeDec 1867Ladle CoveMethodist
Married to Samson GOODYEAR
GOODYEARMarkDeadmans BaySonMay 1906Deadmans BayMethodist
Son of Mark GOODYEAR
GOODYEARJohn Thos.Deadmans BaySonApr 1888Deadmans BayMethodist
Son of Mark GOODYEAR

GOODYEARWilliamDeadmans BayHEADApr 1891Deadmans BayMethodist
Married to Edna
GOODYEAREdnaDeadmans BayWifeApr 1891Deadmans BayMethodist
Married to Wm GOODYEAR
GOODYEARStephenDeadmans BaySonOct 1915Deadmans BayMethodist
GOODYEARAlexanderDeadmans BaySonJul 1917Deadmans BayMethodist
GOODYEARHelenDeadmans BayDaughterOct 1919Deadmans BayMethodist
Daughter of Wm GOODYEAR
GOODYEARIrisDeadmans BaySonMar 1921Deadmans BayMethodist

CHAULKWilliamDeadmans BayHEADMar 1861LumsdenMethodistFishermanMarried to Sibyl
CHAULKSibylDeadmans BayWifeNov 1861Doting CoveMethodist
Married to William CHAULK

CHAULKNehmiahDeadmans BayHEADJan 1899Deadmans BayMethodistFishermanMarried to Priscella
CHAULKPriscellaDeadmans BayWifeApr 1861NewtownMethodist
Married to Nehmiah CHAULK
CHAULKCarlDeadmans BaySonApr 1919NewtownMethodist
Son of Nehmiah CHAULK
CHAULKMaryDeadmans BayDaughterSep 1914NewtownMethodistSchoolDaughter of Nehmiah CHAULK

BUTCHEREllaDeadmans BayHEADNov 1891NewtownMethodist
BUTCHERSamuelDeadmans BaySonJun 1910NewtownMethodistSchoolSon of Ella BUTCHER
BUTCHERZenithDeadmans BayDaughterFeb 1913NewtownMethodistSchoolDaughter of Ella BUTCHER
BUTCHERHerbertDeadmans BaySonAug 1914NewtownMethodistSchoolSon of Ella BUTCHER
BUTCHERBeatriceDeadmans BayDaughterFeb 1916NewtownMethodist
Daughter of Ella BUTCHER
BUTCHEREzraDeadmans BaySonJan 1909NewtownMethodist
Son of Ella BUTCHER
BUTCHERGladysDeadmans BayDaughterAug 1920NewtownMethodist
Daughter of Ella BUTCHER

BURTONStephenDeadmans BayHEADMar 1879Doting CoveSalvation ArmyFishermanMarried to Ester(?)
BURTONEster(?)Deadmans BayWifeMar 1883Doting CoveSalvation Army
Married to Stephen BURTON
BURTONChloeDeadmans BayDaughterDec 1912Doting CoveSalvation ArmySchoolDaughter of Stephen BURTON
BURTONHaroldDeadmans BaySonJan 1916Deadmans BaySalvation Army
Son of Stephen BURTON
BURTONElmoreDeadmans BaySonDec 1918Deadmans BaySalvation Army
Son of Stephen BURTON

POWELLJohnDeadmans BayHEADApr 1880BonavistaMethodistFishermanMarried to Phoebe
POWELLPhoebeDeadmans BayWifeJul 1886Deadmans BayMethodist
Married to John POWELL
POWELLEdwardDeadmans BaySonJan 1908Deadmans BayMethodistSchoolSon of John POWELL
POWELLTobiasDeadmans BaySonNov 1915Deadmans BayMethodist
Son of John POWELL
POWELLFannyDeadmans BayDaughterOct 1918Deadmans BayMethodist
Daughter of John POWELL

Name in RecordDescription of error / additional informationMy Name
Chaulk, Alec Name should be Abel Chaulk - he was my great-grandfather Pauline Pritchett

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