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One of the most frequently asked for item, is a map of New Brunswick, showing the location of the home area of a person's ancestor. A number of online maps have been located, and indexed (click here), but there is still a large void to be filled.

By using a combination of the Land Grant / Cadastral Database, prepared by PANB and UNB, to find where a grant was given, and finding the location on a map, you can find where your ancestors (or other family members) were at some given time. For a description of this, and other land related items, click here.

Just because they asked for land, and were granted it, does not mean that was the place they settled. Often early settlers asked for land to harvest the white pine, that was so abundant in New Brunswick forest when the early settles arrived. These pine logs were used as ship's mast (etc.) and once they were harvested, the land was sold, or if abandoned, reverted to the province to be regranted.

Another reason behind non settlement on a grant was that the land was too far away from existing settlement, friends or other family members. It might also have been found to be just plain unusable land, or the survey was wrong. I have found numerous re-petitions for land on the grounds that the lot, although allowed, was not the size it was supposedly to be, and the grantee could not get his allotment without encroaching on other people's land. Then again a reason could be that the male(s) died off before the land could meet the condition of the grant, and the remaining females, or under age males could not conclude the conditions of the grant.

The next step, after finding a location, would be to try and find other records for the area, to see if they were recorded in them. These records could included (but not limited to) county marriage records, deeds, probates, cemetery records, and if they lived long enough, census records.

If you have a map (and own the rights to it, or can claim "fair use of") and would like to see it on-line, send me an image (or paper copy and I will scan it) and I will place it with this collection.

Maps of New Brunswick (whole)

  • Map of New Brunswick, on home page of this site, showing county structure (supplied by Rick Doucette)
  • Map of New Brunswick, showing county and parish structure (on Northumberland Co. GenWeb site)
  • Maps from various time periods for New Brunswick | Irene Doyle's personal site.

  • Maps of New Brunswick (parts thereof)

  • Map of individual Counties: (hand drawn) with some of the main features of the county, including parishes and major settlements: Albert | Carleton | Charlotte | Gloucester | Kings | Kent | Madawaska | Northumberland | Queens | Restigouche | Saint John | Sunbury | Victoria | Westmorland | York |
  • Map of New Jerusalem, Queens County, NB (rough drawing from memory)
  • Land Grant Map for Six 1826 Properties in Queens County  (six lots in New Jerusalem)
  • Lands described in the Studholm Report | The Saint John River area of NB, ca, 1765
  • Map of Saint John, Kings, Queens & Sunbury Counties  (Road Map / showing some surrounding areas)

  • Maps of Various Areas of New Brunswick, Showing Land Grants

    These maps are approx. boundries, used by NB for indexing purposes, = Map 1 to 6 Taken from Plan #156, Dept. of Natural Resources, Fredericton, NB; ca. 1960s. Granted Lands marked with an asterisk.

    Similiar maps for Carleton County  and for Northumberland County  may be found on those GenWeb sites,

  • Map 1 = Kings County = Westfield Parish - Woodman Point, Belyea Pt. and Morrisdale areas extends down river to Ephworth Park (Westfield Centre) West side of River, and corresponding area on the opposite side of the Saint John River
  • Map 2 = Kings County = Westfield Parish - a continuation of Map #1, moved west so that one half of Map #1 is showing.
  • Map 3 = Kings County = Greenwich Parish - along the River from above Greenwich Hill, down river to Public Landing (sits on top of Map #1)
  • Map 4 = Queens & Kings Counties = Both sides of the County Line - Gagetown & Petersville Parishes Westfield & Greenwich Parishes  ?? (sits on top of map. #2 / to the west of map #3)
  • Map 5 = Queens County = Petersville Parish - to west of Map #4, below Camp (Base) Gagetown
  • Map 6 = Charlotte & Queens Counties = Clarendon Parish, Ch. Co / Petersville Parish, Queens Co to the west of Map #5
  • Map 7 =

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