NB Genweb: Passengers to Bathurst from [Troon], Ireland to Gloucester County, New Brunswick

Ship Thetis

In We-Lived, several counties of New Brunswick were not covered very extensively. Items covered in We-Lived reflected the interests of the subscribers, therefore areas of no interest were soon dropped.
A reprint from We Lived (A GENEALOGICAL NEWSLETTER OF NEW BRUNSWICK SOURCES published by Cleadie B. Barnett)


List of passengers embarked in the [THETIS] of Troon, Robt. Smith, Master, and who have contracted
to be landed at Bathurst, Bay Chalure (All men listed as labourers.)
{Ref: REX/PA Emigration, Box #2, PANB / probably changed ref. by now.}
          No.          Name                                         age

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