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Westfield Parish Churches - Kings County - NB - Canada  


St James Church (Church of England / Anglican), Westfield, Kings County, NB (photo)

    St James Church church was built to replace the old St. Peters Church, which I believe was either on the grounds of, or near the cemetery, at Woodman's Point. It is a fairly young church, and has only a small cemetery on the adjoining ground. Although it is still in use, it now has a very small congregation. The records available for Westfield: Church Records, 1797-1953 (F1096) extend into St James Church time.

  • Memorial to Dennis & Adrianna (Brittain) Finley - Stainglass window in St. James Anglican Church, Westfield - View Two - An enlargement of the dedication portion at the bottom of view one.
St. Peters Church (Church of England / Anglican) Westfield and Greenwich Parishes.

    St Peters Church was at Woodman's Point. Their records cover both Westfield and Greenwich, as well as a few records for the Anglican Church that was in Headline, Queens County listed as Welsford. There are also a few scattered records of people from Kingston Parish. This building was believed to have been situated slightly above the Saint John River in the lower half of what is now just the cemetery, and indeed there was for many years a rough area that could well be the old building site.

Greenwich & Westfield Anglican Church Records | A transcribed index, which has NOT been proofread after completion. (see below) Use as an index ONLY.| PANB - Westfield: Church Records, 1797-1953 (F1096)
These parish records were combined in the originals, and in most cases are only identified by the residence section of the entries. At this point in time I cannot remember if the Welsford records were combined into my recording. Those marked "copies of" were not checked against the others. There are also some missing records from the group that were indexed. cbb
  chr 1801-1821
  m   1801-1803
A chr 1820-1902
B m   1822-1901  1846-1859 not copied
C b   1822-1902

Vestry Minutes 1797-1853

D chr 1848-1860 Weslford Records:
E chr 1820-1863 copies of above / Westfield
F m   1822-1866 copies of above / unspecified
G bur 1822-1860 copies of above / unspecified
H chr 1903-1953
I m   1903-1949
J bur 1903-1953

D =  1848-1860 Baptism from p. 1 to 8, copied from the Welsford records / exact duplicates of parts of A/B/C/ = Copy not taken.
E =  1820 from p. 9 to ... copied from the Westfield Records by HH Cody