Lists of pensioners, Names of Cadets, Soldiers

The Canadian Military Heritage Project is pleased to add lists of pensioners, names of cadets, and various other assorted lists of soldiers to its pages.

Offsite list of Cadets at the Military College in 1877 - later named the Royal Military College (RMC)
Offsite list of Claims to Pensions - In the Sessional Papers of 32 Victoria 1869 (75). This is a report of militia pensions being paid giving name of soldier, rank, unit, reason for pension and sometimes gives name of a parent.
Muster Rolls of French Indian Wars
Loyalist Muster Rolls
War of 1812 Muster Rolls
Rebellion of 1837 - Names of men charged in the Short Hills Insurrection
Rebellion of 1837 - List of men sentenced to die in Dr. Dunscombe's Rising
Red River Rebellion - Red River Expeditionary Force (1704 soldiers' names)