1926 Highway Map: Province of Saskatchewan
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1926 Highway Map Province of Saskatchewan

1926 Highway Map
                          (1926) SASKATCHEWAN'S NATURAL RESOURCES
	Compared with the agricultural output of Saskatchewan, the
industrial production, while steadily increasing is only a mere
fraction of what it might be, or of what it undoubtedly will be
when her great natural resources are developed.
	Measured by present production, coal is Saskatchewan's
chief mineral. Vast deposits, estimated to contain 60,000,000,000
tons of a good grade of lignite, are found in practically the entire
southern section of the province, and several outcrops have been
located in the extensive but almost unknown northern territory.
Possibilities of developing power at the pit mouth have been
considered feasible by expert engineers, and experiments carried
over a series of years have demonstrated that a high grade fuel
with almost the heating value of anthracite can be manufactured
out of this lignite coal. Only about 480,000 tons are now being
raised per annum.

	Ceramic experts predict that the province of Saskatchewan
will some day lead the Dominion in clay working industries, for
her wealth in raw materials for such industries is unlimited.
With excellent fireclays which are being used for locomotive and
steam boiler work, and also many other argillaceous deposits, there
are within the province ample resources for the manufacture of
almost the whole range of structural clay products. As some of
these clay deposits are located adjacent to the lignite fields, it is
considered by experts that the working of the clays and lignites
together will be found practicable and profitable when sufficient
capital is interested in the enterprise.

	Few even of those living in Saskatchewan realize the potential
wealth of the great northern forests. Estimates prepared by the
federal government give the marketable resources of Northern
Saskatchewan as 7,950,000,000 board feet of saw materials.

	There are large deposits of sodium sulphate located in this
province for which Canada's rapidly developing pulp and paper 
industries as well as chemical plants generally offer a large and 
expanding market.  There are several plants for treating this material,
which is in many cases extremely pure, and considerable shipments have
already been made.
This coming of age Souvenir contains an Offical Map
of the Highways System of the Province (prepared by
the Saskatchewan Department of Highways) and some
interesting information about the progress of the
Province since its formation twenty-one years ago.
Issued by the Department of Highways

1926 Highway Map
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