1926 Highway Map: Province of Saskatchewan
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1926 Highway Map Province of Saskatchewan

1926 Highway Map
     In September, 1905, when Saskatchewan became a province,
there were 896 school districts in the entire province. On January
1st of this year there were 4,679, with 6,O54 rooms in operation
as compared with 942 in 1905; with 6,250 teachers as compared
with 1,011 when the province was formed, and with an enrolment
of 206,595 pupils as contrasted with 25,191 in 1905.

   There were no high schools and no university in the provi-
sional district which became Saskatchewan twenty-one years ago.
Today there are 21 high schools, over 300 continuation schools,
and nearly 700 other rural village and town schools do high
school work.  The magnificent collection of buildings built of
native limestone which houses the University of Saskatchewan
at Saskatoon, provides courses in all the major branches for over
1,500 students, the total registration last year, including short
courses, very nearly reaching the two thousand mark.

     The enormous increase in population in Saskatchewan and
particularly in school population, has been so great in the past
twenty years that it is only recently that it has been at all possible
to overtake the incessant demand for expansion.

     Today, educational facilities in Saskatchewan, after twenty-
one years of careful administration, have reached the point where
it is possible for any child in the province, living in an organized
rural school district, to continue at school until he has completed
Grade X and, after passing the Grade VIII examination, any
child may attend any high schcol in the province. The system
has got to this stage that any child in the province of Saskatchewan
can proceed from the primary grades through the elementary and
secondary schools and the provincial university, under the
through the government, of the people of the province.
This coming of age Souvenir contains an Offical Map
of the Highways System of the Province (prepared by
the Saskatchewan Department of Highways) and some
interesting information about the progress of the
Province since its formation twenty-one years ago.
Issued by the Department of Highways

1926 Highway Map
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