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WADDELL, Robert H. was received on trial in 1863, 1862-1863 Wardsville, 1866-1867 Thorold, 1868-1870 Kemptville (Grenville), 1870 Bathurst N.B., 1871 St. James N.B.

WADE, William died before 1924 survived by his daughter Mrs. E.G. Courtice

WADMAN, J.W. 1882 Upper Prince St. PEI,

WADSWORTH, 1848 Montreal Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada - Rev. Wadsworth of Montreal spoke to the Kingston Temperance Society in the Methodist Church on Wellington St. British Whig (Kingston) Feb. 19, 1848 p. 3, col. 1

WAGG, F.E. 1924 Regina SK

WAKEFIELD, John was born in 1830 in Warwickshire England and was received on trial in 1854 at the Belleville Conference, 1852 Blenheim/ Stratford (Perth Co.), 1853-1854 Cobourg as a conference student, 1854 on trial, 1854-1855 Ingersoll, 1863-1865 Thorold, 1867-1869 Simcoe, 1891-1893 Thorold

WALDEN, Albert 1905-1917 Florence, 1916-1919 Merlin (London)

WALDRON, Solomon was born in 1795 in the United States and was received on trial as a Methodist Epicopal minister in 1823 at Perth and Back Settlements, 1821 Smith's Creek, 1822 Augusta, 1824 Perth, ordained 1825 at Bay of Quinte and Kingston, 1826 Hallowell, 1827 Grape Island, 1828 Bay of Quinte, 1829 Rideau, 1830-1831 Augusta, 1831-1832 Matilda, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1841 Stirling/Rawdon Twp., 1843 Rochester, 1851-1853 Elora (Wellington Co.), 1853 Nanticoke, 1854-1855 St. Clair (London District), 1869-1871 Sarnia (Lambton Co.), Waldron, Rev. Solomon Methodist Minister at Augusta. Kingston Chronicle Apr. 2, 1831 p. 2, col. 1, 2

WALKER, D.A. Primitive, 1904-1905 Paisley St Guelph (Welington Co.)

WALKER, George A. was born in 1849 in Ontario, Primitive, 1871 Reach (Ontario Co.)

WALKER, Henry E. 1907-1911 Johnstown, 1915-1918 South Mountain, 1925 Wesley/Underwood,

WALKER, J.A. (Christian Guardian) Death - Robert Hugh Walker died on Feb 2 1924, in Pengshien, West China the infant son of Rev and Mrs J.A. Walker

WALKER, J.C. died 1914 married 1878 in Montreal Mary Ann Hay born Mar 6 1856 Scotland and came to Canada 1874 with her parents died Jun 10 1923 Winnipeg Manitoba, went west in 1886 (Christian Guardian) Late Mrs. J.C. Walker - an appreciation, She was born Mary Ann Hay on Mar 6 1856 in Scotland. She came to Canada 1874 with her parents and was married in 1878 in Montreal PQ to Rev. J.C. Walker (died Feb 11 1914) died Jun 10 1923 Winnipeg MB. They went west in 1886 and she was predeceased by her husband in 1914 and son George in 1905. She is survived by 3 sons: Fred, Percy and Harold, and 2 daughters Mrs. R.J.H. Shortell and Miss Minnie

WALKER, James was born in 1838 in Scotland, Primitive 1871 Osprey (Grey Co.), 1877-1881 Hawkesville (Waterloo Co.), 1885-1889 Erin (Wellington Co.)

WALKER, John A. 1923 missionary in China (Christian Guardian) Births - Walker, A son was born on Dec 19 1923 at Penghsien, West China to Rev. John A. and Mrs Walker Death - Robert Hugh Walker died Feb 2 1924 Pengshien, West China infant son of Rev and Mrs J.A. Walker

WALKER, Joseph was born in 1812 in Ireland, Episcopal, 1871 Mosa (Middlesex Co.), 1872 Newbury

WALKER, Levi Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1805 at Penobscott U.S., 1806 Rhode Island, 1807 Stanstead,

Rev. Robert Walker WALKER, Robert was born on June 10, 1839 in Brockville, Ontario, New Connexion He was received on trial in 1861 and was ordained in 1865. He was married on June 15, 1865 to Miss Annie Eliza Hathaway, daughter of John Hathaway, of West Flamborough, (Wentworth Co.) 1865-1868 Durham, 1868-1871 Melbourne, 1871 Burr/Ekfrid (Middlesex Co.), 1873 Omemee, 1874-1877 Bethany, 1878-1881 Tweed, 1881-1883 Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1884-1887 Newcastle, 1887-1890 Clifford Chairman of Mt. Forest District, 1891 Walkerton


WALKER, Stewart 1892 Free Methodist Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

WALKER, Thomas was received on trial in 1859, 1869 Portage-du-Fort,

WALKER, W.A. 1915-1920

WALKER, William 1867 Port Elgin (Bruce Co.), 1915-1917 Mt. Pleasant Nichol (Wellington Co.)

WALLACE, Prof. Rev. F.H. died before 1924 son was Dr. Edward Wilson Wallace who was living in 1924 in China and was married to Mrs. E.W (Cullen) who died in 1924 in Shanghai, China

WALLS, Wesley C. 1890 Free Methodist Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

WALSH, William 1869-1870 Greenwood/Brougham,

Rev. John WaltonWALTON, John was born in 1827 in England and was received on trial in 1857, 1863-1865 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1869-1871 Sidney (Hastings Co.)



WALWYN, I.B. 1925 Weston ON where their son Major W. McL. Walywn died on January 4, 1925 in Ontario

WANDWORTH, R.M. was born in 1847 in Ontario, 1871 Raleigh (Kent Co.)

WARD, Edward A. was born in 1825 in England and was received on trial in 1854, 1863 Bath, 1867-1868 Sidney (Hastings Co.), 1869 North Augusta, 1871 Augusta (Grenville Co.)

WARD, James 1835 Gosfield (London)

WARD, John was born in 1880 in Liverpool England and arrived aboard S.S. Teutonic in Halifax on March 16, 1912, 1912 preached at Bronte, June 1912 accepted charge at Varney (Grey Co.), 1912 Conn (Wellington Cty), 1914 Welseyan Tehological College Montreal, 1914-1918 WW1 Chaplin, 1919 ordination at Trinity Methodist in Kitchener, 1920 Tobermory (Bruce Cty), 1921 Ker (Hamilton), 1922 Damascus (Wellington Co.), 1923 Rock Chapel (Hamilton), 1927 Lebanon (Listowel), 1930 Calvary (Hamilton), 1941 Rockwood (Wellington Co.), 1948 retired, 1950 moved to 177 Grange St. Guelph, 1952 Chalmers and Harcourt (Guelph), 1956 Trinity (Guelph)

WARDROPE, Thomas was born in 1819 in Scotland, 1865 Ottawa, 1871 Guelph Town (Wellington Co.)

WARNER, Christian was born in 1754 in Albany Co. N.Y. and died in 1833 in Niagara

Rev. Lewis WarnerWARNER, Lewis was born in 1812 the son of Stephen Warner who was born in 1786 in Maine and died June 17, 1870 in Ernestown Ontario and Rebecca Damon born in 1788 in Maine and died 1854 and they were married in 1805. He married his first wife Jane Sibley who died on July 13, 1837 and they had Belvedera and Jane M. His second wife was Julia Wright (Smith) and they had Lewis A, Harold Billings and Franklin A. His siblings were Sidney, Jane, Charles, Hester, Billings and Harriet. Methodist Episcopal and was received on trial in 1832 at Bytown/Ottawa, died in 1882 and was buried at Hamilton Cemetery, Wentworth Co., As a Wesleyan Methodist minister, he laid cornerstone of the Norfolk St. United Church of Canada 1855. He was first Methodist Minister at Folden’s Corners and rode the Ingersoll circuit on horseback. 1831-1832 Ottawa, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833 Rideau, ordained in 1834 at Nelson, 1835 Waterloo, 1836 Elizabethtown, 1837 Waterloo (Kingston)/Gananoque, 1838-1839 Stirling/Sidney Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1840-1841 Hallowell, 1842-1843 Stamford (Welland Co.), 1844-1845 Hamilton/Binbrook, 1846 St. Catharines/Thorold, 1847-1849 Yonge St Circuit, 1850-1853 Barrie (Rev. Andrew Edwards, assistant for part of this time removed to Nebraska USA in 1887), 1852 Chairman Barrie District, 1853-1857 Chairman of Guelph District, 1853-1855 Norfolk St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1855 Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1856 Galt/Berlin, 1857 agent Victoria College, 1858-1859 Chairman Port Hope, 1860-1862 Whitby, 1863 Chairman Chatham, 1864-1866 Chairman Ingersoll, 1866 Foldens (Oxford Co.), 1867-1868 Chairman St. Thomas, 1869 Eramosa (Wellington Co.), 1869-1870 Chairman Thorold, 1871-1872 Brighton retired, 1873 Hamilton, 1874 Victoria, Saskatchewan, 1875 Edmonton House, Saskatchewan, 1877-1879 Hamilton, 1879 Beamsville, 1880 St. Catharines, Rev. Lewis Warner, Wesleyan Methodist minister, Nelson, officiated at Ernestown at the Wedding of Wm. Watson and Ruth Montgomery. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette May 2, 1835 p. 3, col. 2



WARNER, Robert Ironside M.A. D.D. was born in 1848 and died in 1924 Alma College, St. Thomas Ontario. He married Mrs. Robert (nee Parsons) and in 1924 was living St. Thomas and was survived by his wife and sons Dr. W.P. Warner living in 1924 in Toronto ON and R.I. Warner

WARNER, S. 1864 Ernestown

WARREN, Elijah Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1813 at Bridgewater U.S., ordained 1815-1816 Niagara, 1817 Thames,

WARREN, J.C. New Connexion, 1851 Brock,

WASHINGTON, Edwin S. B.A. was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Baltimore,

WASHINGTON, George was born in 1801 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1857, 1851 King Street Hamilton, 1852-1853 Nelson (Halton Co.), 1859-1871 Oakville/Trafalgar (Halton Co.) (retired)

WASHINGTON, George B.A. was received on trial as a Methodist Episcopal minister in 1862, 1867-1869 Melbourne,

WASHINGTON, William C. M.A. was received on trial in 1861, 1867-1869 Onslow, 1869 Eardley (Ottawa), 1871 Fenelon (Victoria Co.), 1879 Greenwood/Brougham, 1912 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

WASS, Jabez B. B.A. was born in 1844 in Ontario was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Muskoka, 1882-1883 Wesley/Underwood (Bruce Twp.)

WASS, William 1906 St. James Mission Maritime Conference

WASSON, Robert 1870 Barrington N.S.

WATERHOUSE, John 1868-1871 Grand Banks Nfld, 1870 Brigus Nfld

WATERS, W.C. 1870 Beachville (Oxford Co.)

WATSON, Coverdale was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Mount Forest (Wellington Co.), 1889 Toronto

WATSON, G. 1876 Markdale (Grey Co.)

WATSON, John died 1835 (Christian Guardian) WATSON, Mrs Sarah. Sarah POOLE, wife of John WATSON Sr. was born at Marton, Lincolnshire, England July 30, 1802. On June 9, 1819 she married John WATSON Sr. In 1825 she was converted on the Gainsborough Circuit. In 1841 she came to Canada with her husband and family and resided at Durham and Sutton, C.E. before moving to Port Sarnia, C.W. in 1851. She died at Port Sarnia, Jan. 7, 1854. Predeceased by one child who died in his 20th year. Survived by her husband and 11 children, two of whom are Wesleyan Methodist preachers.

WATSON, William C. M.A. was received on trial in 1860, 1864-1871 Widham Twp./Oxford Centre (Norfolk Co.), 1871 Chinguacousy Twp. (Peel Co.), 1872 Richmond, 1875 Chatham/Kingsville (Essex Co.)

WATT, Robert 1880 Corwhin Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.)

WATTS, A.O. was married on Sep 29 1923 to Florence A. Arnold of Easton's Corners Ontario. 1923 Merrickville Ontario (Christian Guardian) Marriages - Watts - Arnold married Sep 29 1923 Miss Florence A. Arnold of Easton's Corners Ontario to Rev A.O. Watts of Merrickville Ontario

WATTS, Fred W. was born in 1854 and died in 1883. He married Zora M. Martin who died on Jan 10 1937 and was buried at Stirling Cemetery, Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.)

WATTS, George T. 1905-1908 Erin Village (Wellington Co.)

WATTS, James C. New Connexion, was received on trial in 1849 in St. Thomas and was ordained in 1853 1851 Waterford (Brant Co.), 1852 Barton, 1853 Nassagaweya (Halton Co.), 1855 Montreal 1858-1861 Waterford (Brant Co.), 1862 Hamilton. He went back to England in 1862. He held various positions in the Conference, including Chairman of District 1855-1857, as well as 1861. Secretary of the Conference in 1852, 1855 and 1858 to 1860

WATTS, John H. was born in 1828 in Nova Scotia, Episcopal, 1855 Garafraxa Mt. Carmel (Wellington Co.), 1871 St. Vincent (Grey Co.), 1873 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1884 Erin (Wellington Co.)

WAUDBY, John 1831 Kingston, British Wesleyan Methodist Society Rev. John Waudby, of the British Wesleyan Methodists, intends opening a school in the house lately occupied by Mr. Morin, opposite the residence of Sheriff John MacLean. Applications to J. P. Hetherington. Kingston Chronicle Nov. 12, 1831 p. 3, col. 4

WAUGH, Ernest died 1918 CG Deaths - Late Joseph Waugh born 1838 County Donegal Ireland married 56 years ago Mary Shennehom died 1923 Eastnor Twp., 83 years old buried beside wife Eastnor Cemetery 1848 at age 10 settled with parents in Wallace ON survived by family of 11 children, 1 son Rev. Ernest Waugh predeceased 5 years ago, 67 grandchildren and 52 great grandchildren son Isaiah lived with him

WEATHERILL, J.E. 1906-1910 Baileyboro,

WEAVER, Francis G. was born in 1826 in Ontario, New Connexion, 1850 Port Maitland (Haldimand Co.), 1851 Lake Erie Mission, 1865 Meaford (Grey Co.), 1871 Benrinck (Grey Co.), 1875 Crowland

WEBB, Henry C. Episcopal 1866 Toronto boarding at 73 Shuter

Rev. James Webb WEBB, James was born on April 21, 1846 in London Twp., Middlesex Co., and was received in 1873 and was ordained in 1879. 1873 London Twp. (Middlesex Co.), 1874 Southwold, 1875 Norwich, 1876 Mount Elgin, 1877 Charlotteville, 1878 Troy, 1881 Barton, 1884 Oakland, 1887 Kelvin, 1891 Northfield Centre, Ontario, 1908-1911 Belwood Garafraxa (Wellington Co.)



WEBB, William 1846 Charlottetown PEI

WEBBER, George was born in 1838 in Devon, England and died in 1907. He entered the Bible Christian ministry in 1858 and joined the mission to Canada in 1866. He served as President of the Canadian Conference in 1876 and Connexional Secretary in 1881. He transferred to the Canadian Methodist Church in 1884.

WEBBER, George G. 1822 Claresholm Alberta son of Rev. George Webber, b/o Mrs. Caroline Snell (Rev. James Albert) (Christian Guardian) Snell - Little married June 24 1924 at home Mrs Bessie Little of Toronto Ontario daughter Marguerite Little married Dr. Jerrold W. Snell of Lawrence Stn., eldest son of Rev J.A. and Mrs Snell of Dutton and grandson of late Rev George Webber of Toronto Ontario. Miss Dorothy Little (sister) and Mr Donald Snell of Toronto ON (brother) in wedding party. They will reside at Lawrence Stn. near St. Thomas

WEBSTER, John was born in 1823 in London Twp. Ontario and was received on trial in 1846, 1849 Bradford, 1854-1855 Devonshire (London District), 1855 Hay Tp. (Huron Co.), 1867-1869 Wardsville, 1869 Cashmere (Middlesex Co.) 1871 Port Carling (Muskoka), 1871 N.Orillia (Simcoe Co.), 1873 Watt (Muskoka), 1875 Sydenham, 1877 Hillsdale Medonte Twp. (Simcoe Co.), 1877-1878 Stayner (Simcoe Co.), 1879 Tiny Twp. (Simcoe Co.), 1883 Elderslie (Bruce Co.)

WEBSTER, Joshua was born in 1795 in the United States, Episcopal, 1871 Brighton Twp. (Northumberland Co.)

WEBSTER, Peter 1906 Dundurn Assiniboia Conference Saskatchewan

WEBSTER, Samuel D. was born in 1882 in England and died in 1923 in England (Christian Guardian) Obituary - Rev. Samuel D. Webster died Jan 1 1923 Monyash, Derbyshire, England, 41 years old 1906 came from England to Sedgewick AB, 1918 moved to PEI, 1922 returned to Englandsurvived by wife Miss Florence Bridges of Cascumpec, PEI and child

WEBSTER, Thomas Episcopal Methodist, 1840 London, 1841 Stirling/Sidney Twp., 1851 King Street Hamilton

WEDGEWORTH, Clark (Christian Guardian) Feb 1824 In Memoriam - Cora Wedgeworth Hawley wife of Major John A. Hawley of Clarenceville PQ daughter of Late Rev. Clark Wedgeworth

WELDON, Fletcher A. 1870 Somerset Bermuda

WELDON, Isaac was born in 1834 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1861, 1867-1869 Milford, 1871 Marysburgh South (Prince Edward Co.)

WELDRON, Solomon 1843 Yarmouth Centre/Mersea (Western)

WELLS, W. 1901-1903 South Mountain

WERDEN, James E. 1871 Greenwood/Brougham,

WEST, Isaac Newton Dugan Episcopal, 1833-1835 Westminster/Lobo London District, 1849 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1851 Bay of Quinte (retired)

WHALE, James 1850 Peel Twp. (Wellington Co.)

WHALE, Thomas 1855 Wellesley, Maryborough, Minto (Wellington Co.)

WHALEY, A. David 1910-1913 Florence

WHIPPER, Benjamin was born in 1804 in the United States, Episcopal, 1871 Stamford (Welland)

WHITCOMB, O. was born in 1806 in the United States New, Connexion, and died in 1878 and was buried at Thomasburg Cemetery, Hungerford Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1851 Potton, 1871 Bayham (Elgin Co.)

WHITE, Edward was received on trial in 1841 and was Ordained in 1852, 1853-1855 Sandwich/Windsor, 1855 Gosfield Twp (Western), 1867-1869 Nanaimo,

WHITE, F.W. 1910-1913 Baileyboro,

WHITE, J.T. 1924 Hazemore Saskatchewan Christian Guardian - Birth - Mary Elizabeth White was born on March 27, 1924 in Hazemore SK a daughter for Rev. J.T. and Mrs White

WHITE, James was born in 1825 in Ireland, New Connexion, 1871 Southwold (Elgin Co.), 1876 Phillipsville

WHITE, LeRoy C. married Alice Jackson, 1924 living Toronto Ontario, 1925 Goderich Christian Guardian - Births - Harry Graham White born on April 14, 1925 at Toronto ON son of Rev. and Mrs. LeRoy C. White (nee Alice Jackson) Christian Guardian - Deaths -Harry Graham White died April 27, 1925 at Alexandra Hospital, Goderich ON infant son of Rev. and Mrs. LeRoy C. White

WHITE, Levi 1858 Burford (Brant Co.)

WHITE, N 1873 Episcopal Farmersville

WHITEHEAD, Thomas Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1783 in the New York Conference, ordained 1784-1786 at Albany and New York, 11787-1803 Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, 1804-1805 Albany, N.Y., 1806-1807 Niagara, 1808-1809 Long Point, 1810-1811 Bay of Quinte, 1812-1813 Smith's Creek, 1814 Ancaster, 1815 Long Point/Burford, 1816-1822 Brantford, 1823 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), arrived in Goderich in 1831 by horseback and held two class meetings. 1832 Goderich, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833 Stanley,

WHITEMARSH, C.A. 1916-1917 Grand Banks Nfld

Rev. John A. Whiteside WHITESIDE, Arthur 1924 New Brunswick (Christian Guardian) Jan 1924 Murdered - Mrs. Clara Whiteside wife of Rev. Arthur Whiteside of New Brunswick Conference. Her husband was away in Manitoba and she was at home alone. No one saw her for a while and when they checked the house they found her body. No clues to the perpetrator

WHITING, Lansford Methodist Episcopal, was born in 1786 and died on June 4, 1811. He was received on trial in 1808 at Plattsburg N.Y., 1809 Dunham, 1810 moved to USA

WHITING, Matthew, was born on April 26, 1780 in Ancaster, Ontario and died on November 1, 1869 in Hawkesville (Waterloo Co.). He entered the Methodist Episcopal ministry in 1826 at London and was received on trial in 1827 at Westminster, 1828-1829 London, ordained in 1830-1831 at Amherstburg, 1832 Bay of Quinte, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 Waterloo, 1846 St. Catharines/Canboro Twp., 1848-1849 Dumfries (Oxford Co.), 1849 Galt, 1851 Woodstock/Walsingham, 1851 Middleton/Zorra (London), 1854 Windham (Oxford Co.), 1854-1855 New Credit (Brantford), Amherstburgh Rev. Matthew Whiting of Amherstburgh, Methodist Minister. Kingston Chronicle Apr. 2, 1831 p. 2, col. 1-2

WHITING, James was received on trial in 1859, 1869 Arkona, 1882 Wardsville

WHITING, Richard was born in 1821 in England and was received on trial in 1845, 1851 Amherstburg, 1854-1855 Brockville, 1859 Millbrook, 1869-1871 St. Mary's (Perth Co.)

WHITMORE, Norman W. 1924 Medicine Hat/Eyremore Alberta (Christian Guardian) Late Mr. Whitmore died end of December 1923 in St. Thomas Ontario. He was the father of Rev. Norman W. Whitmore and was a train dispatcher for NY Central. (Christian Guardian) Births - Whitmore, a daughter was born May 14 1924 in Medicine Hat Alberta. Sh was daughter for Rev. and Mrs N.W. Whitmore of Eyremore Alberta

WHITTLE, Edward T. was born in 1814 in Cty. Tyrone Ireland and died in 1886 and was buried at Belsyde, Old Section, Division B, Section 1 to 3 Fergus Ont. He married Jane who was born 1812 and died in 1882. In 1881 he was living in Fergus and was a Episcopal Minister, 1858 Deacon full connection Brantford District and Durham District, 1858 Lay Preacher Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1859 Arthur (Wellington Co.), 1860 Removal, 1863-1866 Lay Preacher Garafraxa (Wellington Co.).

WICHER, John was received as a Methodist Episcopal minister in 1864, 1857-1858 Lay Preacher Hallowell, Huntingdon & Hastings Napanee District, 1864 Hungerford (Hastings Co.), 1865 Napanee & Denbigh (Hastings Co.), 1869 Craighurst (Simcoe Co.),

WICKETT, W.T. was born in 1868 in Columbus Ontario and died on Nov 11 1923 in Tyrone Ontario and was buried at Little Britain Methodist Cemetery. In June of 1895 he married Emily E. Yea of Little Britain Ontario (Christian Guardian) Deaths - Rev W.T. Wickett died Nov 11 1923 Tyrone Ontario, age 55 years. 1913-1917 Baileyboro,

WIGHT, L.S. 1910-1912 Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1920-1925 Tweed Hungerford Twp. (Hastings Co.)

WILD, Joseph M.A. D.D. was born in 1834 in England, Episcopal, 1864 Received on trial, 1864 Orono Colborne District, 1865-1872 Professor, Albert College, 1868 Elder Toronto District, 1870-1871 Belleville (Hastings Co.), 1873 to N.Y. East Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church (Brooklyn, New Jersey), 1877 Trafalger South Twp. (Halton Co.) owned 100 acres on Con III S, Lot 31

WILDE, Robert Episcopal 1836 Local preacher WILEY, George W. 1870 Port-au-Basque Nfld

WILKIN, J.W. was born on March 11, 1868 in Ontario and died on Feb 7, 1939 in Ontario. He was ordained in 1904, 1911-1916 Victoria British Columbia

WILKINS, Harry 1919-1930 Waterford (Brant Co.)

WILKINSON, H. 1888 student minister Howitt Memorial Church Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.) married Lily Rudel and they became missionaries in China, 1919-1920 Greenwood,

WILKINSON, Henry was born in 1815 in the United States, New Connexion, 1833 Binbrook, 1834 Smith's Creek Circuit, 1835 Belleville (Hastings Co.), 1837 Brockville, 1841 Kemptville (Johnstown), 1842 Kingston, 1843-1844 Toronto/Davenport, 1846-1847 Markham, 1848-1849 Binbrook/Waterford, 1851 Ancaster/Hamilton (Wentworth Co.), 1851 Richmond Street Toronto, 1853 Elm Street Toronto, 1854-1856 London, 1862 Brownsville (Oxford Co.), 1871 King (York Co.), 1844 Brockville - at the conference for the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada held here, Rev. Richard Jones was chosen president, and Rev. H. Wilkinson, secretary Kingston Chronicle and Gazette June 15, 1844 p. 3, col. 3; Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Sabbath school anniversary to be celebrated. Rev. H. Wilkinson to preach the sermon. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Nov. 5, 1842 p. 3, col. 2; Committee member, Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Aug. 21, 1841 p. 3, col. 3 Christian Guardian - 1850 Marriages - On August 8th David M. Lee and Ann Grundan, both of Ancaster by Rev H. Wilkinson of Hamilton

WILKINSON, Hyram H. 1831 Prescott, 1846 Barrie, 1863 Erin (Wellington Co.)

WILKINSON, John was born in 1803 in England, New Connexion, 1840 Binbrook, 1842-1843 Waterford, 1846-1847 Waterford, 1851 Norwich, 1871 Norwich South (Oxford Co.)

WILKINSON, John A. was born in 1835 in the United States, New Connexion, 1871 Simcoe Town (Norfolk Co.)

Rev. John M. Wilkinson WILKINSON, John M. B.A. was born on December 5, 1852 in Markham, Ontario and was received on trial in 1874 in Hamilton and ordained in Belleville in 1880. He was married in December 1881 to Emma, eldest daughter of R. Philip, merchant manufacturer, of Toronto. 1874 Port Hope, 1877-1878 Sutherland, 1879 Port Perry, 1880 Bradford, 1881 Toronto, 1881 Greenwood/Brougham, 1882 Barrie, 1886 St. Agnes St. Toronto, 1889 Peoples Tabernacle Mission Toronto


WILKINSON, Thomas Lottridge was born in 1836 and died February 11, 1919 at Dunnville in his eighty-third year and the fifty-seventh year of his ministry. He was received on trial in 1862 in Quebec and was ordained in 1866 at St. Catherines. New Connexion London, Caledon, 1882-1883 Waterford (Brant Co.), 1884 Bolton, 1887 St. Catherines, 1890 Bartonville/Wainfleet (Welland), 1893 Aurora, 1896 Nassagaweya, after union Fergus, 1899 Acton, 1901 Dunnville, 1904 Grimsby, 1907 Mount Pleasant, 1910 West Flamborough, 1912 Hanover, 1914 Waterdown, 1916 Delhi, 1918 Ridgeway

WILKINSON, William 1884 Christie's/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

WILKS, Joseph Episcopal 1873 was received on trial, 1875 Deacon full connexion, 1873 Queensville Colourne District, 1874 Clarke, 1875 Minden, 1876-1877 Kinmount Toronto District, 1877 Elder Toronto District, 1878-1880 Whitby, 1881-1882 Uxbridge, 1883 withdrew

WILL, Ebenezer was born in 1830 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1863 Received on trial, 1866 Deacon Full Connexion, 1863 Bluevale Toronto District, 1864-1865 Whitby, 1866 Brampton Huron Dist., 1867 Elma, 1868 Elder Toronto District, 1868-1871 Melancthon (Grey Co.), 1871 -1874 superannuated Brampton, 1875 letter of removal

WILL, Henry Episcopal, 1843-1845 Lay preacher Malahide

WILL, John Episcopal 1877-1884 Lay Preacher Norwich

WILL, Phineas D. was born in 1833 in Ontario and was received in 1858, 1866 Newmarket (York Co.), 1869 Meaford, 1870-1871 St. Vincent/Euphrasia Tp. (Grey Co.)

WILL, William Episcopal 1879 Received on trial, 1879 Harwich, 1880 Thamesville, 1881 College, 1881 Deacon Full Connexion, 1882 Asst. Carman, Manitoba, 1883 without charge Wyoming, 1884 to Detroit Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1884 Elder Chatham District

WILLBRIDGE, J.S. Episcopal, 1879 Received on trial

WILLBY, Richard was born in June 1796 in Lincolnshire, England and died on March 9 1859 in Howard Twp. He came to Canada in 1827, settling in Hope Twp. where he joined the Bible Christian Church. In 1856 he moved with his family to Howard Twp. where he joined the Wesleyan Methodist Church.

WILLETS, J. Episcopal 1859 Lay Preacher Niagara District

WILLIAMS, B. Episcopal 1876 Lay Preacher Brampton

WILLIAMS, C. Episcopal 1874-1877 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.)

WILLIAMS, Daniel 1901-1902 Greenwood, (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. Roger Allin - an appreciation. He was born Dec 11 1844 near Bowmanville Ontario married in 1873 to Miss Jane Williams (died Aug 16 1898), sister of late John Williams of Cobourg Ontario and the Rev. Daniel Williams died Feb 29 1924 Brooklin Ontario and was buried in Picton Ontario beside wife at Glenwood Cemetery. He moved to Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin before moving back to Ontario and was survived by a son Prof. Cephas D. Williams of the University of Minnesota and 2 sisters Mrs Grace Pridham of Mitchell and Mrs Jane Harper who lived with Rev. Williams

WILLIAMS, David was born in 1826 and died on Dec 15, 1902, Episcopal 1864 was received on trial, 1866 Deacon full connexion, His daughter Laura H. was married on August 14, 1872 to Rev. Daniel Ecker and she diec on April 21, 1890 leaving two daughters. 1864 Nanticoke Niagara District, 1865-1866 Smithville, 1868 Elder Oxford District, 1867-1869 Barton/Binbrook Brantford District, 1871-1872 Walsingham, 1873 Oakland, 1874 Erie District, 1875 Charlotteville, 1877-1884 superannuated Charlotteville

WILLIAMS, David was born in 1831 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1867, 1869 Artemesia, 1871 Amabel (Bruce Co.), 1872-1874 Markdale, 1875 Artemesia

WILLIAMS, E. New Connexion, 1851 Malahide,

WILLIAMS, Hiram was born in 1822 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1845 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1851 Bonechiere, 1871 Thurlow (Hastings Co.), Meeting of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada; he gave an address. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Feb. 22, 1843 p. 2, col. 7

WILLIams, J.D. 1851 Gananoque

WILLIAMS, John 1846-1848 Sydenham/Walpole Mission, 1851 Wilton (shall reside at Mill Creek), 1854-1855 Berlin and Blenheim (Waterloo Co.)

Rev. J.A. WilliamsWILLIAMS, John A. was received on trial in 1846, 1844 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1845-1846 Frankford, 1846 Thurlow Twp.(Hastings Co.), 1849 Wawanosh/Colbourne (Huron Co.), 1851 Blanchard (Oxford Co.), 1852-1853 Derby (Grey Co.), 1853 Sydenham, 1854 Camden East, 1854-1855 Wilton (Kingston), 1866-1869 Port Hope,

WILLIAMS, R.J. (Christian Guardian) Births - Williams, a daughter was born on Jan 2 1923 to Rev and Mrs Williams of Assinibois

WILLIAMS, Richard entered the Wesleyan ministry in 1813 at Hungerford in Berkshire. He volunteered for the mission to Canada in 1814 and served for over five years in the east of the colony. In 1821 he transferred to Jamaica for two years, after which he returned to Canada where he spent the rest of his life. He died in 1856.

WILLIAMS, Richard W. was born in 1847 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Newcastle, 1871 Darlington (Durham Co.), 1877-1881 Kitchener (Waterloo Co.)

WILLIAMS, Samuel 1863 Erin (Wellington Co.)

WILLIAMS, Thomas was born in 1811 in England and was received on trial in 1840, 1840-1841 Florence/Thames, 1846 Warwick, 1849 St. Mary's, 1854-1855 Binbrook/Glanford/Seneca, 1866-1869 Oakwood, 1871 Sarawak (Grey Co.)

WILLIAMS, Thomas G. was received on trial in 1861, 1867-1869 Huntingdon,

WILLIAMS, William H. Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1820 at Long Point and was the son of William and Margaret Pearse Williams. 1821 Long Point, ordained in 1822 at Ottawa, 1823 Cornwall, 1824-1825 Scarborough/Yonge St./York/Toronto Circuit, 1826 Perth/Mississippi, 1827 Bathurst/Mississippi, 1828 Cornwall, 1829 No Station, 1830-1831 Brockville, 1831 Elizabethtown, 1832 Richmond, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 Prescott, 1836-1837 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1844 Wentworth, 1846 Oxford, 1847 Oswegatchie District, 1847 Kitley (Johnstown), 1848 St. Mary's, 1850 Osnabruck (Stormont Co.), 1851 Amherstburg, 1851 Leeds, 1852-1854 Richmond, 1854 Camden East, 1854-1855 Percy/Seymour (Hastings Co.), 1856-1869 Matilda (retired), 1831 Brockville - Rev. Anson Green and Rev. William Williams, are Methodist Ministers in Brockville. Kingston Chronicle Apr. 2, 1831 p. 2, col. 1, 2

WILLIAMS, William D.D.was born in 1829 in England and died on November 19, 1861, Wesleyan Methodist. In 1859 he married Mary Brennan of Hamilton. 1854 was received on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1853 Amherstburg, 1854 Aylmer C.W. (Brantford), 1855 Ingersoll, 1856 Walsingham, ordained in 1857-1858 at Wawanosh, 1860 Thornbury, 1861 Sandwich, Christian Guardian - Obituary - Mrs. Kate Amelia Stone born 1845 Toronto ON daughter of William and Margaret Pearse Williams married Richard Stone (died 1888) moved to Manor SK in 1903 died Dec 15 1924 at Manor SK Her brother was Rev. Dr. William Williams and cousin of Rev. Mark Guy Pearse daughter Florence predeceased survived by children: Mrs. Anderson and William of Manor SK, Benjamin of Bonnington Falls, Mrs. Fee of Holland Centre, Mrs. Banks of Forestburg, Reginald of Baltimore MD, and Richard Cropsey of Illinois

WILLIAMS, William was received on trial in 1855 at Welland Canal, New Connexion, 1854 Owen Sound, 1856 London, 1857 Ancaster, 1858 Galt, 1859 Toronto, 1860-1862 Barton, 1863-1866 Cavan, 1867-1869 Waterford, 1870-1874 Hespler, 1875 Simcoe, 1876-1878 Centenary Hamilton, 1879-1881 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1888 Cambridge St. Lindsay, 1906 Los Angeles Ca., Chairman of District 1864, 1865, 1869 and 1874, Secretary of Conference 1867, President of Conference 1872, Delegate to First General Conference Toronto 1874, Secretary of Conference 1875, Delegate to General Conference Montreal 1878, Chairman of District 1879-1880

Rev. Jonathon S. Williamson WILLIAMSON, Jonathan S. was born on July 3, 1842 in Darlington Twp., Durham Co, Ontario, Episcopal, He has been twice married, first, on March 13, 1866 to Lucy Mulholland. of Troy, and on May 4, 1874 he married Ada A. Woolverton, daughter of the late Dr. Wolverton of Hamilton (Wentworth Co.). He was received on trial in 1865 and ordained in 1867 at Lambeth. (Christian Guardian) Golden Wedding May 4 1924 Rev J.S. Williamson and Mrs Williamson celebrated 50th anniversary at home in Toronto Ontario. They were married in 1874 in Hamilton Ontario nee Miss Ada Woolverton of Hamilton Ontario, and since 1919 have lived in Toronto Ontario. The have three daughters: one lives at home, Mrs J.R. Gibson is in Toronto Ontario, and Mrs (Rev) H.H. Bingham is in Calgary Alberta. 1865 Brant, 1866 Ingersoll, 1867 Yarmouth, 1868 Seaforth, 1869-1871 was ordained as a Elder at London, 1872 Hamilton, 1877 Brantford (Brant Co.), 1880 Hamilton, 1883 Norwich, 1886 Paris, 1889 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1891 Oakville, 1919-1924 Toronto

WILLIAMSON, W. D.D. was born in 1852 and died in 1924 in Toronto Ontario survived by his second wife and son Robert J. Williamson living in 1924 in Montreal PQ

WILLIS, Charles S. was born in 1837 in England, Primitive, 1871 Loughborough (Addington Co.)

WILLISTON, John K. was born in 1811 in Quebec and was received on trial in 1832, 1835 Westminster (London), 1840-1841 Florence/Thames, 1851 Gosfield, 1854 Adelaide (London), 1855 Strathroy, 1864-1871 Strathroy (Middlesex Co.)(retired),

WILLMOTT, John C. M.A. was born in 1836 in Onatario and was received on trial in 1860, 1865 Walyrt's Falls (Grey Co.), 1869 Cainsville, 1871 Brantford, 1890-1893 Belwood Garafraxa (Wellington Co.)

WILLMOT, William was born in 1832 in England, New Connexion, 1871 Clarke (Durham Co.)

Rev. WilloughbyWILLOUGHBY, Nicholas Ramsay M.A. D.D. was born in 1837 and died in 1906 and was received on trial in 1857 at Cookstown, Wesleyan Methodist, 1856 Ainwick circuit, 1858-1859 student Victoria College Cobourg/Baltimore, ordained in 1860-1861 at Kingston, 1862-1863 Mt. Pleasant, 1864 Port Dover, 1865-1867 Simcoe, 1868-1870 Picton, 1871 Barrie, 1872-1874 Yorkville, 1875-1878 Peterborough, 1888-1889 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), A graduate of Victoria University B.A. 1860; M.A. 1867, Delegate to First General Conference Toronto 1874,



WILLOUGHBY, William was born in 1812 in Coon, County Kilkenny, Ireland, was received on trial in 1836 and died on April 17, 1890 in Brantford. 1835 Wolford (Rideau Circuit), 1836 probation at Clarendon, 1837 Perth and Bywater, 1838 Mississippi, 1839 Ottawa, Full connexion and ordained in 1840 and sent to Osgoode, 1841-1842 Elizabethtown, 1843 Rideau, 1844-1846 Dumfries/Blenheim (Oxford Co.), 1845 Florence/Chatham, 1846 Bath/Grenville Co., 1846 Chatham, 1847-1848 Nelson, 1849-1851 Georgetown, 1852-1855 Newmarket, 1856-1858 Whitby, 1859-1860 Richmond Hill, 1862-1864 Brampton, 1865-1867 Oakville, 1867-1870 Waterdown, 1871-1873 Mount Pleasant Flamborough East (Wentworth Co.), 1874-1876 Caledonia, 1877-1878 Cainsville, 1879-1890 Salford 1846 Marriages from the 8 Apr 1846 edition of the Christian Guardian: 1 Apr 1846, David Ellis & Lavinia Howell, both of Dumfries. (Rev. W. Willoughby). Also on the next line, 2 Apr 1846 Uzal Ogden Howell & Martha Ellis, all of Dumfries. (Rev. W. Willoughby).

WILLS, Ebenezer 1873 Westervelt's Corners (Brampton)

WILLSON, Gilman Episcopal 1862-1865 Bracebridge, he retired from active work in 1865 because of his health, but continued to reside in the neighbourhood, at Willson's Falls, to which he gave his name and where he had a lumber mill. He was later to become one of Macaulay Twp. first municipal councillors in 1871 and served for a number of years. It is understood that the graves of Rev. and Mrs. Willson and others of their family are at Nipissing Junction; it may have been that they went there sometime after the railway was constructed that far north in the late 1880's. He performed the first wedding ceremony in Bracebridge in February 1866 when the bride was his daughter Elizabeth and the bridegroom was William Holditch. Mr. Holditch's sister was bridesmaid and the best man was Rev. J.W. Tolten, Wesleyan Methodist missionary.

WILLSON, John R. was born in 1839 in Ontario, 1871 Ameliasburgh (Prince Edward Co.)

WILSON, Albert C. was received on trial in 1866, 1866-1867 Greenwood/Brougham, 1869 Markham, 1872 Thorah (Ontario Co.), 1889 Ashburnham (Peterborough Co.)

WILSON, Andrew 1892 Stirling (Hastings Co.),

WILSON, David was born in 1818 in Scotland, Episcopal, 1851 Bay of Quinte, 1871 Fredericksburgh N. (Lennox Co.)

WILSON, Fred E. 1922 Stoney Plain AB (Christian Guardian) Births - Wilson, a daughter was born on Nov 29 1922 at Stoney Plain Alberta to Rev. and Mrs Fred E. Wilson

WILSON, I. 1883 Asphodel Twp.,

WILSON, J.C. 1871 Cartwright (Durham), 1894-1897 Tweed Hungerford Twp. (Hastings Co.)

WILSON, J.P. D.D. 1908 Cambridge St. Lindsay,

WILSON James 1895-1898 Grand Banks Nfld

WILSON, James Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1817-1819 at Bay of Quinte, ordained 1820-1824 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1825 Belleville, 1826 Whitby, 1827 Yonge St/Whitby, 1828 Trafalgar, 1829 Ancaster/Binbrook, 1830-1832 Stamford, 1832 Whitby, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference

WILSON, John was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Aylwin,

WILSON, John B.A. was received on trial in 1867, 1868-1869 Waterdown,

WILSON, John Carroll was received on trial in 1862, 1866-1869 Beaverton,

WILSON, John V. was born in 1821 in Ireland and was received on trial as a New Connexion minister in 1854, 1854-1855 Nanticoke, 1869 La Chute, 1871 Brant Twp. (Bruce Co.)

WILSON, Richard was born in 1826 in England, and was received on trial in 1853 and ordained in 1854, 1851 Kemptville, 1854-1855 Nanticoke (Norfolk Co.), 1867-1869 Wilton, 1869-1871 Camden East, 1871 Kingston Twp. (Frontenac Co.)

WILSON, Robert Ph. D. was born in PEI and was received on trial in 1853, 1870 Sheffield N.B.

WILSON, Samuel was received on trial in 1857 at Napanee, Wesleyan Methodist, 1856 Montreal First, 1858 Waterloo, 1859 Lyn, ordained in 1860 at Kempville, 1861-1863 Erin/Hillsburgh/Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1864-1865 Norwood, 1866-1868 Keene, 1869-1871 Farmersville, 1872-1873-1874 Mitchell, 1875-1876 Richwood, 1877-1879 Dunnville, 1880 Drummondville,

WILSON, Shipley W. Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1814-1815 at New England, ordained in 1816 at St. Francis River, 1817 moved to USA

WILSON, William F. was born and educated in the Cty. of York. He entered the ministry in 1879, 1883 Hanover, 1885 Chesley, 1887 Kirkville, 1888-1897 Toronto, 1897 Wesley Church Hamilton (Wentworth Co.), 1901 President of Guelph Conference, spoke at Norfolk Street Methodist Church Monday November 4, 1901

WILSON, William George was born on February 8, 1850 in Peterborough and died on Feb 21 1925 in Lashburn and was buried at Beechwood Cemetery in Lashburn Ontario. On Jun 20 1883 he married Margaret Ann Morton Christian Guardian - Deaths - Late Rev. William George Wilson born February 8, 1850 in Peterborough ON married June 20, 1883 Miss Margaret Ann Morton died February 21, 1925 Lashburn ON buried Beechwood Cemetery Lashburn ON survived by widow and daughter Mrs. Bert Ewald of Gardena CA

WILSON, William H. 1891 Free Methodist Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

WILSON, W. Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada - Rev. W. Wilson of the Episcopal Methodist Church and others have been arrested in the Brockville area. British Whig (Kingston) Dec. 29, 1837 p. 1, col. 4-6

WINKLER, Phillip was born in 1821 in Germany, Methodist Episcopal, 1871 Bentick (Grey Co.)

WINTER, David was born in 1848 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1868, 1867-1869 Bobcaygeon, 1871 Ops (Victoria Co.)

WINTERBOTHAM, John 1870 Pownal PEI

Rev. W.H. Withrow WITHROW, William H. M.A. D.D. F.R.S.C. was born in 1839 on Bay Street, Toronto. New Connexion, He was received on trial in 1863 as a Wesleyan minister after graduating from Victoria College. He was ordained at Hamilton in 1864. In 1874 he became editor of the "Canada Methodist Magazine" and Sunday School periodicals. He was married in 1864 to Ann Smith who was born at Delhi, daughter of John Smith and she died in 1901. 1864 Hamilton, 1866 Waterford, 1867-1869 Davenport and Seaton, 1869 East & West Churches Montreal, 1870 Main Street Hamilton, 1872 Rice Lake, 1873 Toronto, 1874 Niagara-on-the-Lake, 1877-1878 Wesleyan College Hamilton


WITTED, James G. 1852-1853 Consecon (Prince Edward Co.), 1851 Bytown - has leave of absence for one year, to visit his friends in England, 1854-1855 Colborne

WITTMON, W.H. 1868 Davenport (York Co.)

WOLSEY, Thomas was born in 1819 in England, 1871 Tuscarora (Brant Co.)

WOOD, Brock was born in 1804 in England, 1871 York West

WOOD, Charles Methodist Episcopal, was received on trial in 1822 at Belleville, 1823 Rideau, 1828 Augusta, 1829 Cornwall, 1830 Mississippi, 1831 Richmond, 1832 Elizabethtown, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference

Rev. Enoch WoodWOOD, Enoch D.D 1851 Toronto/Yorkville, 1854 Chairman of Conference, 1857-1869 Missionary Secretary Toronto, 1875 President of Toronto Conference





WOOD, G.S. 1906 High River Alberta

WOOD, George was born in 1826 in England, Primitive Methodist, 1866-1869 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1871 King (York Co.), 1871-1874 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.)

WOOD, James Alexander born 1856 United States, 1880 Thurlow (Hastings Co.) boarding on the farm of William Chapman con 8 lot 20 , 1881 Stirling (Hastings Co.),

WOOD, John Methodist Episcopal, 1851 Dumfries, 1882 Sweaborg,

WOODCOCK, Eli was born in 1824 in Ontario, Methodist Episcopal, 1853 Stirling/Rawdon Twp., 1871 Hungerford (Hastings Co.)

WOODGER, F. 1886 Greenwood,

WOODS, William 1870 City Mission St. John N.B.

WOODWARD, W. Episcopal, 1851 Amaranth/St. Vincent,

Rev. James Woodsworth WOODSWORTH, James was born on May 3,1843 in Toronto, Ontario and was received on trial in 1864 and was ordained in 1868. He married Miss E. Josephine Shaver of Etobicoke on June 16, 1868.and he died in January, 1917 in Winnipeg Manitoba CG - Late Mrs. J. Woodsworth born Esther Josephine Shaver May 5, 1846 Etobicoke ON, daughter of Peter Shaver who was of Pennsylvania Dutch descent married June 16 1868 Rev. James Woodsworth died Apr 16, 1925 Winnipeg MB survived by 4 sons and 2 daughters: James S. an M.P. for Ottawa ON, Richard B. of Red Deer AB, Mary J. at home in Winnipeg MB, Joseph F. of Edmonton AB, F. Harold of Kobe Japan, Mrs. Dr. Arthur R. Rose of Hafford SK Charges - 1867-1869 Vespra, 1871 Nottawasaga (Simcoe Co.), 1880 Chairman Bracebridge District, 1882-1887 Portage la Prairie, 1891 Superintendent of Methodist Missions in Manitoba and the North-West


WOODSWORTH, 1853 Asphodel Twp.,

Rev. R.W. WoodsworthWOODSWORTH, Richard W. was born in Toronto in 1846 and was twice married - first to Charlotte J. Bridgmn on July 11, 1871 who died in 1901, at fifty-five years of age and they had four children. Mr. Woodsworth's second wife was Anna E. Day, for twelve years a missionary in Africa. In 1906 they were living at No. 105 Yorkville Ave., Toronto. He was received on trial in 1867, 1867 Smithville, 1868 Aurora, 1869 Thorold, 1871 Ridgetown, 1871 ordained at Belleville, 1872 Wardsville, 1873 Ridgetown, 1874 Jarvis, 1875 Dundas, 1879 Colbourne Street Brantford, 1883 Niagara Falls South, 1887 Woodstock, 1899 Toronto

WOOLSEY, Elijah Methodist Episcopal, was born in 1771 and died in 1849. He was received on trial in 1793 at Cambridge N.Y., 1794 Upper Canada Upper Circuit, ordained 1795 Bay of Quinte, 1796 Redding U.S.,

WOOLSEY, Thomas was born in 1803 in Gainsborough Lincolnshire England, 1837 arrived Canada and was received in 1852, 1852-1853 Simcoe (Brantford District), 1853 received on trial, 1854-1855 Brighton, 1867-1869 New Credit,

WOOSTER, Hezekiah C. Methodist Episcopal, was born in 1770 and died on Nov. 6, 1798. He was received on trial in 1793 at Granville, Mass U.S., 1794 Elizabethtown N.J., ordained 1795 Columbia N.Y., 1796-1797 Oswegotchie

WORKMAN, George Coulson was born on Sept 28, 1848 in Grafton Ontario, and was the son of George Sayer Workmand, merchant of Cobourg and Sarah Ann Coulson of Grafton. He was ordained in June 1878

WORRALL, J.W. Primitive, 1901-1903 Paisley St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

WRAY, T.J. 1906 Douglas Assiniboia Conference Saskatchewan

WRIGHT, Alexander was born in 1816 and died on Sep 3 1895. New Connexion He married Sarah Ann Wright who was born in 1818 and died on Aug 25 1896, and was buried in Foxboro Cemetery, Thurlow Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1850 Port Hope, 1851 Blanchard,

WRIGHT, Daniel 1839 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1842 Florence/Thames, 1854 Brock

WRIGHT, David Methodist Episcopal, He was an early local preacher in Adolphustown and was received on trial in 1823 at Hallowell, 1821 Spencerville/Edwardsburg, 1822 Belleville, ordained in 1824-1825 at Rideau, 1826 Brockville, 1827 Cornwall, 1828 Kingston, 1829-1830 Cobourg, 1831-1832 Yonge St., 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 Chairman London District, 1835-1837 London, 1838 Westmister London, 1851 Hamilton, 1854-1855 Nelson (Halton Co.) superannuated, 1867-1869 Leslieville (retired),

WRIGHT, J.M. 1906 Fergus (Wellington Co)

WRIGHT, H. Merwyn married Millie Cox, 1924 Lyons Ontario daughter Muriel Grace was born on September 2, 1924 at Lyons ON

WRIGHT, Peter was born in 1812 in Ontario, and died on Sep 22 1890. He was buried in the Weaver Cemetery, Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), Episcopal, 1860 Stirling/Rawdon Twp., 1871 Percy (Northumberland Co.), 1886 Stratford

WRIGHT, R. Walter living 1924 in Jamaica where his wife Emily C. (Graham) died at St. Ann's Bay. She was born in 1853

WRIGHT, Wesley P. M.A. Professor of Natural Sciences. He was born in 1830 in the United States and was received as a Methodist Episcopal minister in 1863, 1863-1869 Professor at the Female College in Hamilton, 1871 Hamilton, 1897-1900 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1920-1921 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

WRIGHT, William E. 1888 Johnstown, 1922 Shanly Ontario (Christian Guardian)Births - Lloyd James Wright was born on Oct 17 1922 in Shanly Ontario to Rev William E. and Mrs Wright 1923-1928 Johnstown,

YOKAM, Rev. 1868 Ancaster (Wentworfth Co.)

YOUMANS, David Methodist Episcopal was born in 1771 in Upper Canada (Dutch) and died in 1856, 1808 Thurlow Twp., ordained in 1815-1816 at Ancaster, 1817 Westminster, 1818 Long Point, 1819-1820 Yonge St./Scarborough, 1821 Duffin's Creek, 1827 Niagara and Ft. George, 1828 Yonge St., 1829 Toronto Twp., 1830 Credit, 1831-1832 Whitby, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1846 Colbourne District, 1851-1855 Markham superannuated, 1867-1871 Bradford (Simcoe Co.)

Rev. Jay YoumansYOUMANS, Jay S. D.D. was born in 1832 in Prince Edward Co. Ontario and was received in 1853, 1854 on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1854-1855 Percy/Seymour (Hastings Co.), Erie Conference United States

YOUNG, A.H. 1882-1885 Florence/Thames

YOUNG, Egerton Ryerson was received on trial in 1863. He was the son William Young, 1864 Thorold, 1867-1869 Norway House, 1886 Meaford, 1902 Toronto, 1906 Port Carling

Rev. George Young YOUNG, George of U.E.L. descent was born in Prince Edward Co. December 31, 1821. He was received on trial in 1842, 1843 Florence/Chatham, 1845 Queenston (Niagara), 1846-1847 Thorold (Niagara), 1848-1850 Binbrook/Hamilton, 1851 Niagara (who shall reside at Niagara), 1854-1855 Belleville, 1858-1860 Brantford, 1862 Centreville, 1866 Toronto, 1867-1869 Superintendent of Missions in Manitoba and Red River, 1877 Toronto His son Capt. George H. Young living in 1924 in Brandon MB where his wife Hannah V. (Fawcett) died and was survived by their son George F. Young living in 1924 in Florida



YOUNG, H. Stanley B.A. 1906 Kingston N.S.

YOUNG, James 1909-1910 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

YOUNG, John was born in 1843 in Ontario, 1871 Kingston Tp. (Frontenac Co.)

YOUNG, K. 1850-1851 Toronto

YOUNG, Samuel Squires was born in 1819 in Brampton Ontario, Episcopal, He was the son of William Young and he died on Mar 29 1925 in Whitby Hospital Ontario and was buried in Whites Cemetery, Sidney Twp. Trenton Ontario. He was the last survivor of his family - predeceased by brothers Rev. William John Young, Rev. Charles Young, and Rev. Egerton R. Young, 1851 Waterloo, 1871 Tyendinaga (Hastings Co.)

YOUNG, Sheldon Episcopal 1844 Stirling/Rawdon Twp., 1857-1858 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.,

YOUNG, T. 1849 Vaughan (York Co.)

YOUNG, William was born in 1809 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1831, 1833 Asphodel Twp., 1835 Lindsay, 1843 Norwood, 1843-1844 Colbourne District, 1846 Lindsay, 1851-1853 Brampton, 1854-1855 Bradford, 1858-1869 Trenton (retired),

YOUNG, William John and was received on trial in 1868. 1868 Saskatchewan Valley Mission, He was the son of William Young, 1868 Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1869 Wilton, 1871 Murray (Northumberland Co.)

YOURT, Alexander was born on Aug. 28, 1791 and he married Isabella Gray who was born on April 14, 1798, both born in County Antrim, Ireland. They had at least 8 children. Margaret (Dec. 30, 1824), Francis Yourt (Mar. 6, 1827), Hudson, (1831), William John (July 20, 1833), John (1838), Robert (1839), Mary A. (June 5, 1840) and Sarah (Sept. 21, 1841). It is believed the family came to Canada in 1843. Alexander was a Methodist Minister and the family settled in Wellington County in Ontario.

YULE, George 1902-1905 Springville Monaghan Twp.,

Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada - Of the one hundred and ninety-eight men whose records were given in the 1881 Cyclopedia of Methodism, five are reported to have died in the work; two as having been expelled; thirty-eight as having been located; eighty as having returned to work in connection with their Conferences in the United States; leaving seventy three connected with the Conference after the Union in 1833, every one of whom are returned as being connected with the Conference after the Union had been consumated. The Union is thus seen to have secured the unanimous vote of the Conferences concerned. Henceforth there was no organization in Canada known as the Methodist Episcopal Church, until the so-called Conference of five men was held at Cummer's meeting-house, Yonge Street, on June 25th., 1834, when the present Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada was constituted.

The five who formed said new organization, for which they adopted the old name, were...

  • John W. Byam
  • David Culp
  • Joseph Gatchell
  • Daniel Pickettt
  • John Reynolds

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