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  Biographical Sketches section of the History of Welland County Ontario, 1887.

BROWN, Rev. T.J.

REV. T. J. BROWN was born in the township of Burford in the county of Brant, on the 2nd day of June, 1858. His parents were John and Ellen (Adair) Brown, the former of whom was born in the county of Down, and the latter in Armagh County, Ireland.

They came to Canada in the year 1855 and settled in Burford, which was the birthplace of the subject of this sketch. Here he spent his childhood and early boyhood ; attended the public school of the section in which his father's farm was situated, and afterwards went to Albert College, Belleville.

He entered the ministry in 1879 as assistant to Superintendent Rev. J. R. Phillips, of Oaklands Circuit ; afterwards was at Westminster, Aylmer, St. Marys and Dunnville. He was ordained at Hamilton by the Rev. Drs. Williams and Carman, in the year 1884 ; this was the first ordination by the united conference of the Methodist Church. He was next pastor of Welland West Methodist church, and in June 1885, was transferred to International Bridge, after filling which appointment, and in the fall of 1886, he accepted the position of pastor of the Congregational church at Mukwonago, Wis., where he still resides.

He is an eloquent and earnest preacher. His fine flights of oratory always secure and retain the sympathy of his listeners. He was married October 8th, 1885, to the widow of the late Dr. Haney, M.P.P. He is connected with the Masonic fraternity, being a member of the Prince of Wales Lodge, No. 171, Iona ; also a member of the I. O. O. F., International Lodge, No. 228, at International Bridge ; and a member of the Royal Black Knights of Ireland.

Charges: 1879 Oaklands, 1880 Westminster, 1881 Aylmer, 1882 St. Mayr's, 1883 Dunnville, 1884 Welland, 1885 International Bridge, 1886 Mukwonago, WIS, USA

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