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LOSEE, Rev. William

Solomon Huff first drew a lot on Hay Bay shore, near No. 1, but when that was made a part of Fredericksburg Additional he gave it up and accepted a lot in second concession distant from the Bay, which was then of much value, so as to be in the same township as the other Fourth Town Residents. Paul Huff, son of Solomon, was a leading and well known farmer on Hay Bay.

It was in his house that the first Methodist Class was formed in the Province, by William Losee in 1791. It was on his farm that the first Methodist Church in Upper Canada was built. It was in his barn that the first Quarter Sessions in the Midland District was held, in the summer of 1794, the next being held in Kingston, and then the Methodist Church until a Court House was erected. There was a large family of well-to-do and quiet farmers, taking a prominent part in Methodist Church affairs, but not much in political concerns. None of the name now reside in the Township. Several are in Prince Edward. A sister married Joseph Allison, the father of Joseph B., and another Jacob Dulmage, who moved to Marysburg, Prince Edward County. A number of the descendants still remain but are scattered.

Here is a quote by Manly Baker from a book celebrating the 100th anniversary in 1945 of Central Methodist Church in Stratford, Ontario.

"The first regular itenerant minister in Upper Canada was the Rev. Wm. LOSEE, who came from the United States with the United Empire Loyalists and preached his way from Lake Champlain to Cornwall on the St. Lawrence, then westward to Kingston and still on to Niagara, making the round trip twice a year, preaching in all points possible en route. In 1792 the Rev. Wm. LOSEE reported to the New York Conference, to which Upper Canada churches were affiliated, that he now had 165 members. In 1828 the Methodist of Upper Canada separated from New York Conference and became an independent body."

Charges: Received on trial in 1789 Methodist Episcopal, preached in 1790 at Adolphustown and was buried in Hay Bay Church Cemetery, Adolphustown, Lenox & Addington. The New York Conference which sat in Albany in May of 1791, appointed him to Kingston, which was the name given to the first Methodist Circuit. 1789 Lake Champlain USA, 1790 Canada, 1791 Ordained Kingston, 1792 Oswegotchie, 1793 located.

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