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CREIGHTON, Rev. Kennedy

At the beginning of the year 1855, the Rev. K. Creighton was appointed to Bytown, with the chairmanship of the district. Towards autumn, a sad affliction took place in the family of Mrs. Creighton, near London, which required her husband to remove thither for the rest of the year.

His circumstances would allow him to render some help on Sabbaths to the city circuit; those services were accepted, and the junior minister appointed for London, Rev. Thomas Stobbs, was dispatched to Bytown to take charge of that important place until the ensuing Conference, while a senior brother was placed in charge of that district by the Conference Special Committee.

The removal of the young preacher out of the Town of London occasioned a deficiency of pastoral attention and Rev. Joseph L. Sanders replaced him.

...from the minutes of the 1855 Wesleyan Methodist Conference in Toronto C.W.

Charges: 1837-1838 Lansdown/Rideau, ordained in 1839-1840 at Peterborough, 1841 withdrew and united with the Canada Wesleyan Conference. He was Secretary of Conference in 1839 and 1840, 1841 Grand River, 1842 Gosfield/Howard, 1843-1844 St. Thomas, 1845-1846 Simcoe, 1847 Dundas/East Flamboro (Wentworth Co.), 1848-1849 Nissouri/Woodstock, 1848-1850 Blandford (London), 1850 East Oxford, 1850 Grand River, 1851 Townsend (London), 1851-1852 Brantford, 1854 Bytown (Ottawa) Chairman of Bytown District, 1855 London, 1855-1856 St. Catharines, 1856 Grantham, 1857 London, 1858-1859 Collingwood, 1860-1862 Newmarket/Aurora Chairman of Barrie District, 1862 Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1863 Prescott, 1864-1865 Dundas, 1866-1867 Bruce Mines (Algoma), 1868 Innisfil, 1871 Owen Sound (Grey Co.), 1881 Rama

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