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CASE, Rev. Willam

In 1828, Rev. Case was appointed general Superintendent of the church, and Superintendent of Indian Missions. Henceforth he devoted more of his time to Indian work, and after 1833 his entire time. As a result he gradually faded from the limelight. He located himself at different Mission stations, and died in 1855 at Alderville mission (just north of Cobourg), named after Rev. Robert Alder D.D., one of the leaders of the Wesleyan Church.

Charges: He was received on trial in 1805 Methodist Episcopal, 1805 Bay of Quinte, 1806 Oswegotchie, 1807 Ordained Ulster N.Y., 1808 Jerseyville/Ancaster (Wentworth Co.), 1808 Hallowell, 1809 Detroit, 1810-1827 Presiding Elder of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada and Northwestern New York, 1816 Smith's Creek Circuit, 1827 Peterborough, 1828 General Superintendent of Indian School and Missions in Upper Canada, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1851-1855 Alderville

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