CAMPBELL, Rev. Alexander

In 1854 Morris (Guelph District) scarcely yet assumed the status of a circuit, but was supplied by the ministration of the Clinton preacher, the Rev. Alexander Campbell born in Ontario in 1832. He was a man of great strength, and could easily perform extra work.

Rev. John Carroll writes, "About three years before this time (1851), there fell inder my pastoral care in Hamilton, a young man, the son of one of our leading friends in Guelph, who possessed a good mind and unmistakable talents for usefuless, whose reluctance to public efforts I endeavored, with no very great success, to overcome. I was, therefore, glad when I heard, a few years later, that he had entered the work. Here is his own account of the matter:-"On the 4th of July, 1854, Rev. Lewis Warner met me at a camp-meeting at Bond Head, and he and many others insisted on my going immediately into the work. I had just consecrated myself anew to God; and after spending the night in prayer, with some friends, I consented to go. I was at once sent, under Rev. A. Campbell's (1st) superintendency, to Clinton. My destiation was Morris Mission, then just forming." This letter is signed John Hough.

Charges: 1851 Hamilton, 1852 Ordained, 1854-1855 Clinton, 1855 McKillop, 1871 Sidney (Hastings Co.)

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