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BROOKING, Rev. Robert

Rev. Robert Booking was by birth and education an Englishman, and went out into the ministry under the direction of the Wesleyan Conference and missionary authorities of England; but the whole of his effective labors had been expended in their foreign fields.

Although naturally as strong and healty as he was large, his health had been impaired by no less than six years' missionary labor in the most trying of all climates, Western Africa, namely, in the Cape Coast Castle, Aecra, Ashanti, and Ananaboo stations.

On discontinuing, for want of health, he came to Canada at his own instance, and was taken up by Western Canada District, and by that body introduced as an ordained minister to the Canada Conference.

As all his previous active life had been devoted to missions among heathen, under the direction of the English Conference, so the balance of his after-life was destined to be devoted to similar work in connection with the Colonial Conference.

But we must turn to one whose accession to the Conference was of great significancy as the man of distinguished calibre place in connection with that body by this union measure.

...from the minutes of the 1847 Wesleyan Methodist Conference in Toronto C.W.

Charges: He was received on trial in 1839 in Western Australia, 1847 received at Toronto Conference, 1847 Rice Lake, 1852-1853 St. Clair, 1854-1859 Oxford House/Norway House Hudson Bay Territory, 1860-1868 Hiawatha, 1869 Rama (Ontario Co.), 1871 Otonabee (Peterborough Co.)

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