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1984 (volume 4)

Grant, John Webster The Hunters Hunted: Methodists of Three Countries in Pursuit of the Indians of Canada

Hayes, Alan L. Anglican and Methodist Perspectives on Episcopacy to 1791

Korteweg, Arie Dr. J.R. Jaques and Albert University, 1875-1885

McKillop, A. Brian Canadian Methodism in 1884

Moir, John S. Notes of Discord, Strains of Harmony: The Separation and Reunion of the Canadian and British Wesleyan Methodists, 1840-1847

O'Neill, Joseph Jabez Bunting and the Control of Wesleyan Methodism: The Warrenite Controversy in the 1830s Concerning Itinerant Training

Richey, Russell E. Community, Fraternity and Order in Methodism

Ward, W. Reginald Class, Denomination and the Development of the Connexional Frame of Mind in the Age of Bunting

1987 (volume 6)

Aikens, Alden Christian Perfection in Four Representative Canadian Methodists

Muir, Elizabeth Methodist Women Preachers: An Overview

Shearman, John A Local Response to the Union/Secession Crisis of 1834 in the Nelson Circuit of the Methodist Church

Whiteley, Marilyn F. Modest, Unaffected and Fully Consecrated: Lady Evangelists in Canadian Methodism, 1884-1900

1988 and 1990 (volume 8)

Crawford, Katherine M. The Beginnings of Methodism in Quebec City

Dale, James "Till all I am is Lost in Thine": Charles Wesley as Mystic and Visionary

Mair, Nathan H. Methodist Controversies in the Montreal Press, 1808-1819

Rabson, Donald J. Lay Learning in The United Church of Canada Compared with Early British Methodist Lay Learning

Whiteley, Marilyn Färdig Called to a More Suitable Mission: Conversion in the Life of Annie Leake Tuttle

Panel discussion: What has happened to Methodism in The United Church of Canada?
Grant, John Webster "And are we yet alive?"
Hobbs, Gerald Methodism in The United Church of Canada.
Watts, A.M. Faith Journey or Pilgrim Way?

Airhart, Phyllis Sobriety, Sentimentality and Science: The WCTU and the Reconstruction of Christian Womanhood

Burkinshaw, Robert K. The Press, Methodists and Fundamentalists: Explanation of the Pentecostal Movement in Victoria and Vancouver, 1923-1925

Grant, John Webster Ephraim Evans

Hart, Elizabeth "A Tinge of the Ideal": Trans-Atlantic Interpretation in Portraits of Susanna Wesley

Hobbs, R. Gerald Stepchildren of John Wesley: the Gospel Workers Church of Canada

Howard, Oliver R. Fire In The Belly: A brief introduction to a few of the Methodist Men and Women who presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Natives of British Columbia

Nix, James Ernest City Meets Wilderness: Thomas Woolsey in Edmonton House and Rocky Mountains, 1855-1864

Whiteley, Marilyn Färdig Conversion and Corrective Domesticity: The Mission of the Chinese Rescue Home

1989 (volume 7)

Baker, Frank John Wesley at Leisure

Dieter, Melvin E. Hannah Among the Methodists: A Quaker Woman in the Methodist Holiness Revival

Dirks, Patricia Getting a Grip on Harry": Canada's Methodists Respond to the `Big Boy' Problem, 1900-1925

French, Goldwin S. Victoria University: Retrospect and Prospect

Gagan, Rosemary R. The Methodist Background of Canadian WMS Missionaries

Hardesty, Nancy A. Methodists and the W.C.T.U.: Cooperation and Conflict

Harland, Gordon Four Sermons

Heitzenrater, Richard P. John Wesley as Historian of Early Methodism

Keller, Rosemary S. Vocational Journey and Vocational Identity in the Life and Work of Georgia Harkness

Richey, Russell E. The Four Languages of Early American Methodism

Runyon, Theodore Wesley and `Right Experience'

1991 and 1992 (volume 9)

Aikens, Alden The Legacy of John Wesley in The Church of the Nazarene in Canada

Elliott, David Hugh Wesley Dobson (1879-1956): Regenerator of Society

Jackman, Edward The Interaction Between John Wesley and the Roman Catholic Church

Manson, Ian Ernest Thomas and the Theology of the Methodist Social Gospel

Pfeiffer, Susan, Marilyn F. Whiteley, et al. Archaeology, Biology and History: Research Collaboration in the Prospect Hill Project

Rupwate, Daniel The Covenant Theology of John Wesley

Shepherd, Victor From New Connexion Methodist to William Booth

Thomas, John "The Christian Law of Living:" The Institutionalization of Christian Stewardship in the Methodist Church

Galea, Kate Crawford Anchored Behind the Veil: Mystical Vision as a Possible Source of Authority for Phoebe Palmer

Krommenhoek, Cora The Church Should Have Championed the Woman's Cause: Women's Liberation and the Methodist Church in Canada 1874-1925.

MacFarlane, Mary Anne Educating, Sanctifying and Regulating Motherhood: The Cradle Roll Department in Methodist Sunday Schools

Rawlyk, George A. All Coherence Gone?

Ruggle, Richard Conversion and Death in Nineteenth-Century Esquesing

Shearman, John Two Pioneer Methodist Episcopal Church Builders of Palermo Methodist Episcopal Church: Laurence Hager and Anson Buck

Steinacher, Mark A Synopsis of "The Homogenization of Methodism"

1993 and 1994 (volume 10) 1993:
Bedal, Penny & Ross Bartlett The Women Do Not Speak: The Methodist Ladies' Aid Societies and World War I

Brox, Harold The Beginnings of the Evangelical United Brethren Church in Upper Canada

Dirks, Patricia Serving Church and Nation: Methodist Sunday Schools in Canada's Century

Kewley, Arthur The Swaddler Preacher: The Rev. George Ferguson Loyal to King and Conscience

Moir, John S. Egerton Ryerson, the Christian Guardian and Upper-Canadian Politics, 1829-1840

Armstong, A.J. & David Goa Praise and Prophetic: Methodist Resonances in United Church Worship

Fox, Uta H. Rev. Arthur Barner: Reforms at the Red Deer Industrial School, 1907-1913

French, Stephen The Questions of Charles Wesley in the Salvation Army Song Book

Hutchinson, Gerald Introducing the Rev. William Mason

Kelker, Henriette The Influence of Early Methodist Missions in Alberta on Current United Church Relations with Native Peoples

MacDonald, Robert The Methodist Church in Alberta during the First World War

Owen, Michael "Do Women Really Count?": Emily Spencer Kerby, Early Twentieth-Century Alberta Feminist

Wilk, Stephen The Expansion of the Methodist Church in Southern Alberta

1995 and 1996 (volume 11)

Beardsall, Sandra "Let Us Hear You Tell It Over Once Again": Public Witnessing in Newfoundland Methodism

Court, John P.M. Out of the Woodwork: The Wood Family's Benefactions to Victoria University

Dobson, Shirley A. Methodist Piety in a Local Congregation: Central Methodist Church of Moncton, N.B.

Hay, Eldon Covenanter Critique of Methodism: A Maritime Report

Mair, Nathan Maritime Methodism and the Social Gospel, 1902-1925

McKenzie, Donald A. Nineteenth-Century Deathbed Piety, According to the Obituaries

Semple, Neil In Anticipation of The Lord's Dominion

Whiteley, Marilyn F. Cyclones of Power/Noisy Display: The Holiness Conflict in the Methodist Church

Armstrong, Mary Annis Canadians in West China: The Stanley Ewart Annis Family

Armstrong, Phyllis E. The Irwins: An Irish Wesleyan Family in Grey County

Buchanan, Robert The Distinguishing Marks of Methodism

Howard, Gene L. The Redemptive Life and Work of William McAdam Luke

Johnson, Darlene The Saugeen Ojibway Nation and Wesleyan Methodist Missionaries

Mann, Florence Local Preachers and Local Preaching: A Personal View

McMullen, Stephanie Nahneebahweequa: A Struggle for Justice

Pletsch, Donald J. The Evangelical United Brethren Church in Grey and Bruce Counties

Robertson, Susan Henry Dr. Anna Jane Henry (1863-1942)

Semple, Neil The Methodist Church and a National Community

Walmsley-Walker, Marion Two Missionary Families: The Kilborns and Walmsleys in West China

1997 and 1998 (volume 12)

Buchanan, Robert J. The Development of "Doctrine and Discipline" in North-American Methodism, 1773-1808

Dreyer, Frederick The Ecclesiology of Enthusiasm: The Methodist Case

Krommenhoek, Cora Freedom or Servitude? Methodist Women and the Doctrine of Sanctification

Semple, Neil Goldwin S. French, John Webster Grant and the Study of Methodist History

Shepherd, Victor "Can You Conceive Anything More Amiable Than This?" A Note on Wesley's Challenge Concerning Christian Perfection

Angus, Murray E. King Jesus and King George: The Manly Christian Patriot and the Great War, 1914- 1918

Beardsall, Sandra Method Meets Romance: The Newfoundland Methodist Class Meeting

Hartlen, Gary Seeking Salvation: Simeon Perkins Listens to Liverpool's "Tower of Babel," 1762-1794

Lane, Hanna M. `The pence of the poor and the pounds of the rich': Methodist Church Finance and Wealth-holding in Mid-Nineteenth Century St. Stephen, New Brunswick

Layton, Truman Berwick Encampment: 127 Successful Years

Moir, John S. Competition or Co-operation?: Aspects of Presbyterian-Methodist Relations in Canada's Atlantic Region

1999 and 2000 (volume 13)

Beardsall, Sandra "Impoverished Spiritual Life," or "Possessed of the True Riches": Navigating the Poles of Newfoundland Methodist Historiography

Bush, Peter A Symbiotic Relationship: Phoebe and Walter Palmer and Canadian Methodism, 1853- 1858

Evans, Christopher From Militant Methodism to Secular Christianity: The Social Gospel in American Methodist Historical Narratives

Kostlevy, William Moving Behind Phoebe Palmer: Holiness Movement Research Challenges and Opportunities in the Twenty-First Century

Lamb, J. William John Carroll: Canada's Most Prolific Methodist Historian

Semple, Neil The Canadian Methodist Historical Society, A Centennial Note

Smith, Donald Nahnebahwequay (1824-1865): "Upright Women"

Whiteley, Marilyn F. "I got my supper about eleven o'clock on Saturday night": Rereading the Sources of Methodist History

Abraham, William J. Conversion and Knowledge of God

Abraham, William J. What's Right and What's Wrong with the Quadrilateral?

Mealey, Mark John Wesley's Use of the Idea of the Spiritual Senses in His Definitions of Faith and the New Birth

Semple, Neil "Through a Glass Darkly": Samuel Sobieski Nelles and the Quest for a Quiet, Settled Faith

Shearman, John Changes to the Doctrinal Basis of Union of The United Church of Canada Before and Since 1925

Shepherd, Victor A. Neither Calvin nor Wesley, but Schleiermacher: Whose Theology Is Operative in The United Church of Canada?

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