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PADGHAM, R. 1872 Binbrook,

PADDON, C.N. 1924 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

PAGE, A. 1913-1916 Florence

PAINE, George 1898-1903 Grand Banks Nfld

PAISLEY, Charles H. A.M. 1870 Dartmouth, 1889 President New Brunswick and PEI Conferences

PARENT, Amand was received on trial in 1857, 1865-1869 South Roxton, French River

PARK, Perry spoke at Norfolk St. Methodist Church Guelph (Wellington Co.) October 1920, a Y.M.C.A. Secretary at home on furlough from India

PARKE, Nathan Episcopal, 1845 Mosa/London, 1847 Chatham,

PARKE, W.H. 1866 Camden East,

PARKER, Isaac N. 1870 Greenwich N.B.

PARKER, John was received on trial in 1822 Methodist Episcopal, 1822 Thames, 1823 Lyon's Creek, 1824 Ordained East General Conference

PARKER, R. M.A. 1879-1881 Thorold

Rev. W.R. Parker PARKER, William R. D.D. M.A. was born in 1832 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1856, 1855 graduated from Victoria College, 1869-1871 Brantford (Brant Co.), 1882 Moorehouse/Florence Circuit chairman of district


PARNABY, H.B. Primitive Methodist 1923 Belmont ON CG Rev. H.B. Parnaby has just received word of his father's death in England. Mr. Parnaby Sr was a local preacher in the Primitive Methodist Church, as is Rev H.B. Parnaby's brother

PARR, Harold 1924 Toronto Ontario

PARR, Maxwell 1924 Tilbury Ontario

PARR, Theo J. M.A. 1901-1904 Dublin St Guelph (Wellington Co.)

PARSONS, M.L. 1889 President Bay of Quinte Conference

PARSONS, Robert Campbell was born in 1831 in Ontario and died in 1923 Primitive Methodist, 1851 Bay Street Toronto, 1851-1853 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1871 Welland, 1880 Southwold/London,

PARSONS, W. Episcopal, 1883 Binbrook,

PASCOE, Joseph 1870 Fogo Nfld, 1878-1881 Grand Banks Nfld

PATRICK, William was received on trial in 1829 Methodist Episcopal, 1829 Long Point, 1830-1831 Belleville, 1831 Whitby, 1832 Perth, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 Rideau (Augusta), Patrick, Rev. W. Methodist minister at Belleville. Kingston Chronicle Apr. 2, 1831 p. 2, col. 1-2

PATTERSON, Harry P. 1922 Nova Scotia Conference (Christian Guardian) Late Mrs S.A. Patterson - an appreciation. She was born Susan A. Pearson on Dec 1 1844 in Cornwallis Nova Scotia, the daughter of John E. and Isabel R. Pearson. She married in 1868 Nelson H. Patterson of Aylesford Nova Scotia (predeceased 23 years ago) and she died on Feb 11 1924 at the home of her daughter in Montreal PQ from cancer. She was buried at Aylesford Methodist Cemetery, Aylesford Nova Scotia, beside her husband. She was survived by her children: Rev. Harry P. Patterson (eldest) of Nova Scotia Conference, Sampson Amos Patterson (died in 1917), Frank Stewart Patterson and Lamert Stevens Patterson of Montreal PQ and only living daughter Mrs John Simpson Astbury of Montreal PQ

PATTERSON, Jacob 1858 Pelham

PATTERSON, R.M. 1921-1925 Baileyboro,

PATTERSON, Roundy was born in 1839 in England, Primitive, 1871 Kingston Tp. (Frontenac Co.)

PATTESON, W.L.T. 1923 Manitoba (Christian Guardian) Births - Patteson, a daughter was born on Jan 19 1923 in Waskada Manitoba to the Rev. W.L.T. and Mrs Patteson

PATTIE, Elias was received on trial in 1807 Methodist Episcopal, 1807 Bay of Quinte, 1808 Smith's Creek, 1809 Ordained Cornwall, 1010 Augusta, 1811 returned to the USA, 1837 Oswegotchie District, 1838 located

PATTISON, Jacob Episcopal, 1843 Binbrook,

PATTYSON William M. was received on trial in 1846, 1854-1855 Osgoode (Ottawa), 1869-1877 Norwood Asphodel Twp. (Peterborough Co.), 1878 East Ward Lindsay,

PAUL, Richard was born in 1827 in England, Primitive Methodist, 1856-1857 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.) 1871 Oneida (Haldimand Co.), 1877 Milliken's Corners/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), 1893 Brussels

PAYSON, George B. 1870 Gagetown N.B.

PAYTE, W.H. 1862-1865 Camden East,

PEACH, John S. 1870 Island Cove Nfld, 1871-1872 Grand Banks Nfld

PEACOCK, Thomas was born in 1817 in Yorkshire England, 1847 Emegrated to Canada, 1849-1850 Mosa/Wardsville (Middlesex Co.), 1851 Malahide, 1852 Ordained, 1854-1855 Sandwich/Windsor

PEAKE, Edwin was born in Devonshire England, 1852 Carleton Place, 1853 received on trial, 1854-1855 Maitland (Brockville), 1856 Montreal (Christian Guadian ) Late Lewis C. Peake was born on July 18 1842 in Plymouth England He was the seventh son of Thomas and Anne Peake of Plymouth England. He married Miss Margaret Monahan in Montreal PQ and he died in 1923. In 1856 he came to Canada and lived with his brother Rev. Edwin Peake of Montreal Conference. In 1867 he moved to Toronto Ontario. He is survived by his wife, daughters and son

PEAKE, William Henry was born in 1835 in England and was received on trial in 1858 at Centreville/Tamworth, 1859 Bath, 1860 Kingston, 1861 Melbourne, 1862-1863 ordained at Dudswell, 1864 Ernestown, 1864-1865 Harrowsmith, 1867-1869 Durham (Quebec), 1870 Bearbrook/Cumberland (Russell Co.), 1871-1873 Rama, 1874-1875 Fenella, 1876-1878 Marmora, 1879-1880 Thomasburg (Hastings Co.), 1888-1891 Ernestown & Fredericksburg, 1893 South Dummer Asphodel Twp.,

PEALE, James Griggs was born in 1779 and died on December 25, 1822. He was received on trial in 1818 Methodist Episcopal, early circuit rider in Belleville, 1817 Ottawa, 1818 Belleville, 1819 Ordained in Cornwall, 1820 Yonge St., 1821 Perth, 1822 Bay of Quinte,

PEARCE, Gershom died on March 23, 1865. He was received on trial in 1803 Methodist Episcopal, 1803 Plattsburg USA, 1804 Fletcher USA, 1805 Ordained in Niagara, 1806 Oswegotchie, 1807 Funham, 1808 USA, 1830 Oswegotchie District, 1832 Superannuated

PEAREN, James B.A. was received on trial in 1868 at Georgetown, Wesleyan Methodist, 1866 Erin, 1867 Millbank, 1869 Elora (Wellington Co.), 1870-1871 Victoria College Cobourg, 1872 ordained at Merriton, 1873 Sawyerville, 1874 Montreal Conference, 1874-1875 Sawyerville, 1876 Cookshire, 1877 Demorestville/Northport, 1878-1879 Kleinburg, 1880 Davenport, A graduate of Victoria University 1872

PEARLEY, William 1879 Edwardsburg

PEARSON, E.A., B.A. D.D. 1895 Whitchurch, 1917 Norfolk St. Guelph (Welington Co.)

PEARSON, Marmaduke L. was born in 1844 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1862, 1869 Odessa, 1871 Ernestown (Lennox), 1885-1886 Lindsay,

PEARSON, Thomas D. was born in 1829 in England and died on November 16, 1880, at York, England, age 70 yr. English Methodist minister. He was received on trial in 1852, 1852-1853 Belleville, 1853 received on trial, 1854-1855 Chatham, 1866-1868 Binbrook, 1869 Hullsville, 1871 Walpole (Haldimand Co.)

PECK, William was born in 1827 in England, New Connexion, 1851 Lansdowne, 1871 Crosby (Leeds Co.), 1877 Lansdowne (Leeds Co.). 1880 Beachburg Westmeath Twp.(Renfrew Co.) living on 130 acres on Con 2 Lot 10.

PEEVER, R.G. D.D. 1923 Hamilton Ontario (Christian Guardian) Marriages - Cruess - Peever. Miss Annette Peever to Mr. Leigh Saunders Cruess of New York married on Sept 11 1923 at parsonage in Hamilton Ontario by Rev. Dr. R.G. Peever the father of the bride.

PELLEY, E.G. Episcopal, 1870 Green's Pond Nfld, 1880 Goderich,

PENHALL, William died 1923 Calgary Alberta and was married to Eliza Hunt, 1901 Morris (Huron Co.)

PENNY, William Frederick 1870 Sackville N.B. Theology Student, 1873 Pownal PEI,

PEPPER, John was born in 1844 in Wentworth Co., worked in Brant, Simcoe, Bruce, Grey and Peel Counties. He died in 1924 in Syracuse New York and was buried in Gravenhurst, Muskoka District. He married Harriet Patton who was born in 1850 in Wentworth Co. Ontario and died in 1940. In 1924 they were living in Syracuse New York (Christian Guardian) Oct 1923 Rev. John Pepper is critically ill and is residing with his daughter at 2005 South Geddes St. Syracuse NY

PERCEY, John a native son of Brigus and the first Newfoundlander to be ordained, 1804-1819 Grand Banks Nfld

PERCIVAL, William W. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1861, 1870 Florenceville N.B.

PERKINS, W.W. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1857, 1859 Charlottetown PEI

PERRIN, David A. 1867 Binbrook, 1869 desisted irregularly and was ceased to be recognized as a minister.

PERRY, Charles E. was born in 1837 in Ontario, was received on trial in 1864 and died in 1923. He married Mrs.C.E. (nee Sneath) who was born in 1860 in Ontario and died in 1924 in Ontario. 1867 Anglesea, 1868 Denbigh and Mattawachin, 1869 Clarendon (Frontenac Co.), 1870 Proton (Dufferin Co.), 1871-1873 Artemesia (Grey Co.)

PERRY, David was born in 1834 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Gwillimbury East (York Co.)

PERRY, David Episcopal 1835-1839 Smith's Creek Circuit, 1851 Waterloo (retired)

PERRY, Robert was received on trial in 1805 Methodist Episcopal, 1805 Ottawa, 1806 Niagara, 1807 Ordained Smith's Creek Circuit, 1808 Yonge St., 1809 Niagara, 1810 Long Point, 1811 located

PERRY, Thomas P. Primitive, 1894-1895 Paisley St Guelph (Wellington Co.),

PETERS, Neil Denis was born in 1839 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Denbigh (Addington Co.)

PETERSON, A.L. was born in 1830 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1856, 1857 Lindsay, 1869 Avonmore, 1871 Roxborough Twp. (Stormont Co.),

PETHERICK, William (Christian Guardian) November 1879 - Rev. Petherick was born in Devonshire, England in 1799 and joined the BC Church in his 17th year and was appointed a local preacher four years later. At age 25 he entered regular ministry and six years later he went to Ohio as a pioneer preacher. Seven years later he moved to Ontario and after a brief residence he settled at Sparta. For 37 years he served as a Wesleyan Methodist local preacher. His closing years were spent in St. Thomas where he died October 23, 1879

PETTYS, Charles Episcopal, 1837-1838 and 1840 London

PHELP, William 1848 Esquesing (Halton Co.)

PHELPS, Leonard 1904 East Ward Lindsay, 1908-1909 Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1924 Markham Ontario (Christian Guardian) Mrs. Phelps died on Jan 10 1924 at the parsonage in Markham Ontario after a long illness. She was the wife of Rev. L. Phelps

PHELPS, Richard was born in 1797 in the United States and was received on trial in 1828 Methodist Episcopal, 1826 Cobourg, 1827 Grape Island, 1828 Westminster, 1829 Thames, 1830 Ordained Canborough (Niagara), 1831-1832 Grand River, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833-1834 Oxford, 1835 Canborough, 1836 Grimsby, 1837-1838 Simcoe, 1839-1843 Erie Conference USA, 1844 Sidney (Hastings Co.), 1845-1846 Norwood, 1847-1848 Gosfield/Amherstburgh (Western), 1849-1851 London Circuit, 1854-1855 Belmont (London District) superannuated, 1855-1865 Morpeth (retired), 1866-1871 Ridgetown (retired), 1871 Howard (Bothwell), 1872-1873-1876 Grimsby, 1877 Niagara, 1878 Fenwick, 1879 Kelvin, 1880 Grimsby

PHILIP, John was born in 1840 in Ontario, 1871 Essex Co. Windsor Town, 1893 Hamilton (Wentworth Co.)

PHILIP, William was born in 1809 in England and died on August 18, 1878, Wesleyan Methodist was received on trial in 1840 at Hallowell, 1841 Sidney/Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1842 Binbrook/Hamilton, 1843 ordained at Dundas, 1844-1845 Nelson, 1846 Eramosa (Wellington Co.), 1846 W. Flamborough (Wentworth Co.), 1846-1848 Nassagawega/Esquesing (Halton Co.), 1849 Georgetown/Erin (Wellington Co.), 1850 Oshawa/Whitby, 1851 Farmersville, 1852 Lyn/Elizabethtown (Leeds Co.), 1853-1855 Waterloo (Kingston), 1856-1858 Newcastle/Clarke Twp. (Durham Co.), 1859-1860 Weston, 1861-1863 Waterdown/Flamborough East (Wentworth Co.), 1864-1866 Whitby, 1867-1877 retired Waterdown/Flamborough East (Wentworth Co.), 1878 London,

PHILLIP, J.L. Episcopal, 1856 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.

PHILLIP, R. 1872 Esquesing (Halton Co.)

Rev. A.M. PhillipsPHILLIPS, Alfred Moore B.D. was born on Jan 24, 1846 near the village of Wellington, Hillier Twp. (Prince Edward Co.). He married, on June 21st. 1882, Margaret Jane daughter of William Coyne, of St. Thomas. She died in Galt on the 2nd. of December 1884 leaving one child, Alfred Coyne Phillips, aged one and a half years. He was converted in 1866 in Trenton Ontario, 1868 he was made an exhorter on the Brighton Circuit by the Rev. A.A. Smith, 1869 Victoria College, 1870 Morretown Circuit (Sarnia) under superintentence of Rev. George Clark, 1871 received on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1872 Oil Springs (Sarnia), 1873-1878 Victoria College, 1875 received into full connexion with the London Conference, at Brantford and was ordained in 1878 in St. Thomas, 1878-1881 Chatham, 1881-1884 St. Thomas, 1884 Galt

PHILLIPS, John R. was born in 1829 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Niagara Twp., 1874-1876 Binbrook, 1879 Superintendent Oaklands Circuit

PHILLIPS, Robert was received on trial in 1868-1869 at Albion, Wesleyan Methodist, 1870-1871 Orangeville, ordained in 1872 at Acton/Esquesing (Halton Co.), 1873-1875 Arthur/Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1873 Mornington (Perth Co.), 1875-1876 Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1876 West Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1876-1878 Millbank, 1879-1880 Fullerton, 1885 Arthur (Wellington Co.)

PHILLIPS, Samuel B. was received in 1863, 1867-1869 Muskoka,

PHILLIPS, Samuel G. was born in England and was received on trial in 1853, 1854 on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1869 Dunham, 1878 Oso (Frontenac Co.), 1886 HastingsTrent Bridge Asphodel Twp., 1887 North Marysburg (Prince Edward Co.)

PHILLIPS, W. Primitive, 1851 Markham, 1842 Dec 22nd William Hawkins, Goderich to Frederica Sligo daughter of S.P. Hurd Etobicoke twm - Rev Dr. Phillips

PHILLIPS, William Allen was born in 1842 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Camden East (Addington Co.)

PHILP, John B.A. was received on trial in 1860, 1866-1869 Fairfield,

Rev. Joseph Philp PHILP, Joseph B.D. was born on September 4, 1851 in Manvers Twp. (Durham Co.) and was received on trial in 1869 and was ordained in 1873. He was married on June 11, 1875 to Miss Louisa Wright Bennett of Copetown. 1860 Omemee, 1870 Millbrook, 1871 Nelson, 1872 Ancaster, 1875 Manvers, 1877 Blyth, 1879 Holmsville, 1881 Belgrave, 1883 Sparta, 1885 Talbotville, 1887 St. Thomas Central, 1889 Watford, 1891 East London,


PHILP, Samuel C. Sr. was born in 1811 in England Wesleyan Methodist. He was received on trial in 1840 at Nelson, 1838 Cobourg, 1839-1840 Nelson, 1841 Binbrook/Hamilton, 1842 W. Oxford, 1843 Zorra/Woodstock, 1844-1845 Florence/Chatham, 1846-1848 St. Thomas/Mosa (London), 1849-1850 Malahide, 1851-1853 Humber/Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1854-1855 Streetsville/Brampton, 1856-1857 Georgetown/Erin/, 1857 York, 1858-1860 Berlin/Ellis Church Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1861-1863 Lindsay, 1864-1865 Omemee, 1866-1868 Norwood, 1869-1871 Frankford, 1872 Sidney (Hastings Co.), 1873 Omemee, 1874-1881 Prince Albert (retired), 1882 Mariposa (Victoria Co.)

PHILP, Samuel C. Jr. was born on October 20, 1837 in Cobourg Ontario, married on September 26, 1860 Miss Martha Jane Davidson Wesleyan Methodist, was received on trial in 1857 at St. Mary's and died on January 3, 1923 in Toronto, 86 years old buried Prince Albert Cemetery 1856 Georgetown/Caledon, 1857 York, 1858 Clinton, 1859 Berlin/Woolwich (Waterloo Co.), 1860 St. Thomas/Port Stanley, 1861-1862 Wallaceburg, 1863-1864 Arthur/Mt. Forest (Grey Co.), 1865-1866 Oil Springs/Petrolia, 1867 Dunville, 1868 Frankford, 1869-1870 Cooksville, 1871-1872 Newburg 1873-1875 Prince Albert, 1876-1877 Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1878 West Huntington/Moira (Hastings Co.), 1878-1879 Bradford, 1880 Flesherton Financial Secretary. (Christian Guardian) Personals - Rev S.C. Philp died on January 3, 1923 in his 88th year in Toronto Ontario and was the son of late Rev. S.C. Philp Sr, survived by wife and 4 daughters Christian Guardian - Deaths - Late Rev. Samuel C. Philp born October 20, 1837 Cobourg ON, son of Samuel and Mrs. Philp married Sept 26 1860 Miss Martha Jane Davidson, daughter of late Mr and Mrs Alexander Davidson of Spring Water Mills ON (youngest of three daughters - other 2 are Mrs Cochrane, widow of late Rev George Cochrane & Mrs Alexander Hardie, recently deceased wife of Rev Alexander Hardie) died on January 3, 1923, 86 years old buried Prince Albert Cemetery survived by wife and 8 of 12 children: Mrs S.P. Muldren and Mrs G Nordyke of Cleveland OH, Mrs Arthur Letts of LA, Mrs F.C. Preston of Midland, Mrs W Jeffrey, Mrs Garnet Flyn, and Mrs Agnes Hunter all of Toronto ON

PHILP, William was received in 1840, 1850 Oshawa, 1851 Farmersville, 1855 Waterloo Kingston District, 1862 Flamborough (Wentworth Co.), 1869 Waterdown (retired)

PHINNEY, John S. 1855-1856 Grand Banks Nfld, 1870 Bonavista Nfld

PICARD, Humphrey D.D. 1870 Chairman Maritime Conference

PICKAVANT John 1834-1837 and 1842-1843 Grand Banks Nfld

Rev. John Pickering PICKERING, John was born in England and came to Canada in 1872 at the request of Rev. Dr. Punshon, 1873 Aurora, 1875 Markham, 1877 Port Perry, 1879 Pickering, 1881 Richmond Hill, 1883 Eglington, 1885 Richmond St. Toronto



PICKETT, Daniel was born in 1771 and died on July 15, 1854. He was received on trial in 1800 Methodist Episcopal, 1800 Ottawa, 1801 Bay of Quinte, 1802 Ordained at Niagara, 1803 Ottawa, 1804 Niagara and Long Point, 1805-1806 Yonge St., 1807 Oswegotchie, 1808 Augusta, 1809 located. After his location he got sadly estranged from the Church of his early choice, and for several years preached on his own responsibility, and tried to raise a society under the name of "Provincial Methodists". In 1830 he returned to the Methodist Church and took rank as a local preacher, and so continued until after the Union, when he placed himself in opposition, and was one of the five who on June 25, 1834, met and organized the present Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada (1874), 1834 London,

PICKETT, Thomas was born in 1842 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Ernestown (Lennox Co.)

PICKLES, F.H.W. 1870 Berwick N.S.

PICKLES, F.M 1870 Digby/Weymouth N.S.

PICKLES, M. 1870 Annapolis N.S. (retired)

PIERCE, L.A. 1923 Toronto (Christian Guardian) Births - Pierce, a son was born on Jan 5 1923 at Wellesley Hospital, Toronto Ontario to Rev. L.A. and Mrs Pierce

PIERCE, Thomas was born in PEI and was ordained in 1880,

PIERCE, Thomas C., was born in 1791 and died on May 25, 1851. He was received on trial in 1814 Methodist Episcopal in New England Conference, 1817 St. Francis, 1818 returned to USA

PIERCE, William was received on trial in 1868, 1869 Orillia,

PIERSON, J. 1869 Uxbridge (Ontario Co.)

Rev. PikePIKE, John M. 1870 Hopewll N.B.




PIKE, S.J. 1925 Lacolle Quebec Christian Guardian - Births - Stephen Charles Pike born on April 30, 1925 at Lacolle PQ son of Rev. and Mrs. S.J. Pike

PILCHER, F.H. D.D. 1878 Brantford (Brant Co.)

PINEL, J. 1924 Hudson Heights PQ (Christian Guardian) Deaths - Eliza D. Killam Pinel died on May 18 1924 and was buried Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal PQ. She was the wife of Rev. J. Pinel of Hudson Heights PQ

PINCH, Richard 1855 Blanchard Tp. (Huron Co.), 1856-1857 Berlin and Blenheim (Waterloo Co.)

PITHLADO, Charles B. 1870 St. Andrew's N.B.

PITT, Joseph 1905 Quebec

PLAYTER, George F. was born on Aug 31 1809 in England and died Oct 24 1866. He was buried at Stone Church Cemetery, Sidney Twp. (Hastings Co.). For thirty-two years he was a minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, author of the first history of Canadian Methodism: "The History of Methodism in Canada", Vol. I published 1862, and died before Vol. II could be published. 1835 Bytown (Ottawa), 1837 Perth, 1840-1841 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1851 Brighton, 1852-1853 Stirling, 1854-1855 Napanee. Rev. George F. Playter, Wesleyan Methodist minister, Perth, married Elizabeth Robinson at Prescott. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Jun. 15, 1837 p. 3, col. 3

PLUMBY, Daniel was received on trial in 1815 Methodist Episcopal, 1815 New England, 1816 St. Francis River, 1817 moved to the USA, 1821 expelled

POINTER, Richard

POLLARD, William was born in 1820 in Quebec and was received on trial in 1842, 1846 Binbrook/Hamilton, 1848 Blandford (Oxford Co.), 1848 Osborne (London), 1850 Wardsville, 1851 Fingal/London, 1859 Ernestown, 1866 Toronto, 1868-1871 Cobourg (Northumberland Co.)

POMEROY, Daniel Webster 1849 Newburg Addington Co., 1866 Yorkville living at 10 Yonge St. (York Co.), 1872-1873 Brantford (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. William M. Pomeroy - an appreciation. He was born on July 10 1849 in Newburg, Addington Co. Ontario, son of Rev. Daniel Pomeroy. In 1871 he married Miss Sarah Alice Bird of Sydney, Hastings Co. and he died on May 13 1924 at Maidstone and was buried at Windsor Grove Cemetery. In 1918 he retired and settled in Maidstone. He was survived by his widow, 5 sons and 3 daughters - 1 son is Rev. D. Webster Pomeroy

POMEROY, John S. was born in 1837 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1857 Stirling/Rawdon Twp., 1871 Reach Tp. (Ontario Co.)

Rev. William M. Pomeroy POMEROY, William M. was born on July 10 1849 in Newburg, Addington Co. He was received on trial as an Episcopal Methodist in 1868, 1878 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1878 West Huntington/Moira (Hastings Co.), and twelve other circuits, 1888-1891 Florence (Lambton Co.). (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. William M. Pomeroy - an appreciation. He was born on July 10 1849 in Newburg, Addington Co. Ontario, son of Rev. Daniel Pomeroy. In 1871 he married Miss Sarah Alice Bird of Sydney, Hastings Co. and he died on May 13 1924 at Maidstone and was buried in Windsor Grove Cemetery. In 1918 he retired and settled in Maidstone. He was survived by his widow, 5 sons and 3 daughters - 1 son is Rev. D. Webster Pomeroy (Christian Guardian) 1924 Veteran's Farewell - Rev. William M. Pomeroy of Maidstone leaves widow and several children.

POOLE, George was born in 1799 in Gory Wexford Ireland and died in Brantford Sept 11, 1853, Joined Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1817, ordained in 1827, 1830 Albion, 1835 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1837-1839 Cavan (Durham), 1839 Peterborough, 1845 Brantford (Brant Co.), 1851 Brantford (retired)

POOLE, George was received on trial in 1827 Methodist Episcopal, 1825 Cornwall, 1826 Bay of Quinte, 1827 Richmond, 1828-1829 Bytown, 1830-1831 Ordained in Ottawa, 1832 Bay of Quinte, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference

POOLE, Jacob was received on trial in 1823 Methodist Episcopal, 1823 Belleville, 1824 Hallowell, 1825 Ordained Augusta, 1826 Rideau, 1827 Crosby, 1828 Cornwall, 1829 no station, 1830 Albion, 1831 located, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference

POOLE, Jacob was received on trial in 1863, 1864-1869 Cookstown (retired),

POOLE, William Henry LL.D. was born on Apr 3, 1820 in Cty. Kilkenny, Ireland. In 1831 his father and family emigrated to Canada and settled in the village ofCarleton Place, (Lanark Co.). In 1844 he attended Victoria College and he was received on trial in 1846. On June 17, 1850 he married Mary Ann, second daughter of Simon Delong of Ameliasburg, (Prince Edward Co.) and they had five daughters (all died early) and three sons. 1838 Douro Colbourne, 1851 Demorestville, 1853 Yorkville (York Co.), 1855-1857 Peterborough, 1866 Brockwille (Leeds Co.), 1866-1869 Goderich (Huron Co.), 1871 Hamilton (Wentworth Co.), 1874 Toronto, 1874 officiated at the cornestone laying at Dublin Street (Guelph), 1879 Simpson Methodist Episcopal church in Detroit Mich. - immigrated from Ireland in 1831 as an 11 year old, with his family. He became a Methodist Minister in 1846 and spent the next 35 years at 13 different charges around southern Ontario. 1855 officiated at the opening of a new church in Norwood. In 1884 he received a call to the Methodist Episcopalian Church in Detroit, and I think died there in 1896. He had five daughters of which two are Martha Jane, born in 1863, and Hannah Mariah, born in 1866. He had 3 sons, Egerton Ryerson Poole, who was a commercial traveler in Ontario, William Henry Poole who became a Doctor in Detroit, and Charles Albert Poole, a druggist in Detroit.

Rev. Henry PopePOPE, Henry was born in 1789 in Padstow Cornwall England, 1816 arrived in Canada as a British Wesleyan Minister, served in Lower Canada, Cornwall and Niagara before arriving in York in 1820, 1826 Charlottetown PEI, 1850 Halifax South (retired)

POPE, Henry Jr. 1849 and 1867 Charlottetown PEI

POPE, R.M. Episcopal 1884-1886 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.),

POPE, Richard was converted in early life and entered the Wesleyan ministry in 1816. He was almost immediately sent as a missionary to Canada. In 1832 he was forced to become a supernumary through ill health and died later that year in Quebec.

PORTER, John was born in 1846 in England, Episcopal, 1871 Chatham (Kent Co.)

POTTER, Austin was born in 1845 in England, 1871 Macaulay (Muskoka)

POTTER, Richard was received on trial in 1858 at Sidney, Wesleyan Methodist, 1857 Demorestville, 1859 Woodstock, 1860 Paris (Brant Co.), ordained in 1861 at Hastings Road, 1862 Frankford, 1863-1864 Milford, 1864 Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1865-1867 Mt. Forest (Grey Co.), 1867 Arthur (Wellington Co.), 1868 Binbrook/Glanford, 1869 Binbrook, 18701871 Moira, 1872-1874 Campbellford, 1875 Markdale, 1876-1878 Fenlon Falls, 1879-1880 Ameliasburg,

POTTS, James H. born Simcoe ordained 1874 1868 Thornbury

Rev. John Potts POTTS, John D.D. was born in 1838 in Maguire's Bridge, Cty. Fermanagh Ireland, and came to Canada in 1855 at the age of seventeen arriving in Kingston. He was received on trial in 1857 after attending Victoria College in Cobourg, married Margaret and in 1881 was living in Toronto, Ontario. 1857 Markham, 1858 Aurora, 1859 Newmarket, 1860-1861 Thorold, 1861 received in full connection, 1861 North St. Methodist Church London with Rev. Richard Jones, 1865 Yorkille Elm St. Methodist Church with Rev. E.H. Dewart living on William St., 1866-1869 Centenary Church Hamilton (named to commemorate the centenary of American Methodism), 1871 St. James Methodist Church Montreal, 1874 Metropolitan Methodist Church Toronto, 1877 Elm St. Toronto, 1880 Metropolitan Methodist Church Toronto, 1883 officiated at the opening of a new church building in Bailyboro

POULTER, E.A. 1913-1916 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

POWERS, E.P. New Connexion, 1851 Oxford,

POWLEY, James Episcopal 1836 Kingston and deligate to General Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church - Rev. James Powley and Rev. John Bailey went to a conference of United States Methodists in Cincinnatti. British Whig (Kingston) Aug. 4, 1836 p. 2, col. 3

PRATT, John 1891-1892 Grand Banks Nfld

PRATT, Richard 1861 Charlottetown PEI

PRESCOTT, W.E. 1921 Trinity Berlin (Waterloo Co.)

PRESTON, James C. was born in 1829 in England and was received on trial in 1851, 1851 Brantford, 1867-1869 Chairman Woodstock, 1871 Woodstock (Oxford Co.), 1873 Ancaster (Wentworth Co.), 1874-1878 Thorold

PRESTON, Walter New Connexion, 1851 Owen Sound, 1876-1877 Florence/Thames, 1879 Wellesley

PRESTON, William was born in 1823 in England, New Connexion, 1851 Cayuga, 1871 Grey (Huron Co.)

PRESTWOOD, Paul 1870 Tryon PEI

PRICE, William was born in 1821 in England and was received on trial in 1840 at Walpole/Brantford, Wesleyan Methodist, 1839 Barrie/Coldwater, 1841 London, 1842 Binbrook/Hamilton, ordained in 1843 at Toronto 1844-1845 Markham/Yonge Street, 1846-1848 Oshawa, 1847 Darlington (Newcastle), 1848 Reach Twp., 1848 Pickering, 1849-1850 St. Catharines/Thorold, 1851-1853 Chatham, 1854-1856 St. Thomas, 1857-1859 Prescott, 1860-1861 Kemptville, 1862-1864 Kleinburg, 1865 St. Clair, 1865-1866 Drayton (Wellington Co.), 1867-1868 Stratford Chairman, 1869-1870 Seaforth (Huron Co.), 1871-1872 Owen Sound (retired), 1873 Toronto (retired)

PRINCE, John 1845 Charlottetown PEI, 1870 Moncton/Coverdale N.B.

PRINDLE, Andrew was born in 1780 and died on January 15, 1855. He was received on trial in 1806 Methodist Episcopal, He became so fat in middle life that a special buggy with extra strong springs had to be built for him, and a very wide chair was made for him. 1805 Niagara, 1806 Ottawa, 1807 Yonge St., 1808 Litchfield N.Y., 1809 Bowman Church Ancaster (Wentworth Co.), 1810 Niagara, 1811 Scarborough, 1812 Ancaster and Long Point, 1813-1814 Bay of Quinte, 1815-1816 Augusta, 1817 St. Lawrence, 1818-1819 Black River N.Y., 1820 Seneca N.Y., 1821-1822 Bloomfield N.Y., 1823 Genesee N.Y., 1824-1825 Batavia N.Y., 1826 Lewiston N.Y., 1827 St. Lawrence, 1828-1829 Ancaster C.W., 1830 Dumfries/Wellington Co., 1831 Ancaster, 1832 Long Point, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833 Galt, 1834-1839 Ancaster (retired), 1839 Oswegotchie District, 1840-1849 Hamilton (retired)1854-1855 Glanford/Seneca superannuated

PROPER, Elisha 1862 Flamborough (Wentworth Co.)

PRUDHAM, W. 1909-1912 Binbrook,

PUFFER, Isaac was born in 1784 and died after a short illness in 1853. He was received on trial in 1817 Methodist Episcopal, 1817 Augusta, 1818-1819 Bay of Quinte, 1820-1821 Niagara, 1822 returned to USA, 1843 Superannuated

PUGH, John D. was born in England, 1852-1853 Hungerford (Hastings Co.), 1854-1855 Hinchinbrook (Kingston)

PUGSLEY, Ernest E. 1922 Iroquois Falls ON (Christian Guardian) Deaths - Pugsley, Urban died on Dec 31 1922 in Vancouver BC, aged 71 years old. He was survived by 2 sons and 1 adopted daughter: Rev Ernest E Pugdley of Iroquois Falls Ontario, Edmund L Pugsley and Zella Pugsley of Vancouver BC

PUNCH, Richard 1854-1855 Berlin/Blenheim, 1856 received on trial

Rev. W.M. Punshon PUNSHON. William Morley M.A. D.D., LL.D. (1824-81) was born in 1824 in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England the son of a draper. He was converted by the Methodist minister Samuel Romilly Hall and entered the Wesleyan ministry in 1844 after receiving training under his uncle the missionary Benjamin Clough and spending a short period at Richmond Theological Institute. In the 1850s Punshon established a high reputation as a public speaker with lectures that were largely based around the idea of nineteenth century progress. Between 1862 and 1867, Punshon raised £10,000 by lecturing and was able to build a series of chapels in seaside towns. He was one of the founders of the Methodist Recorder and in 1868 was appointed British representative to the Canadian Conference. December 17 1871 he officiated at the opening of a new church building in Lindsay. On his return to England, Punshon was elected President in 1874. He was subsequently head of the Home Mission department and a secretary of the Foreign Mission Society. In the late 1870s, Punshon was one of the main advocates of admitting lay representatives to the Conference. He died in 1881 at Brixton Hill in London. 1868 Newburgh, 1869 Toronto President of Conference,

QUARTERMAN, Clive was born on Dec 24 1889 in Oxford England and died on May 24 1942.He was buried at Twelfth Line Cemetery, Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.)

Christian Guardian

Founded on November 21, 1829, this weekly was the organ of the Wesleyan Methodists. It had a tremendous influence among all non-Conformists, pursuing a political middle of the road. Although violently opposed to the privileges of the Church of England, it generally supported the conservative side. Lord Sydenham called it "the only decent paper in both Canadas", Its most famous editor was Rev. Egerton Ryerson, who edited it from 1829-1832, 1833-1835, 1838-1840. Before Confederation, it was also edited by Rev. James Richardson, Rev. Ephraim Evans, Rev. Jonathan Scott, Rev. George Frederick Playter, Rev. George R. Sanderson, Rev. James Spencer and Rev. Wellington Jeffers. The New Outlook absorbed the Guardian in 1925.

Listings of selected obituaries and some articles taken from the Christian Guardian.

The United Church Observer is one of the oldest and most respected church publications in Canada. Its origins date back to the first half of the 19th century, when Canadian Methodists decided to found a weekly newspaper. They called it The Christian Guardian and named Rev. Egerton Ryerson editor.

Ryerson earned a reputation as a "doughty controversialist who, by his facile pen, fought the battle of civil and religious liberty." His passion and determination were his greatest strengths — and often his worst enemies: in his first 11 years as editor he was voted in and out of office three times by the Methodist Conference.

Starting out with the barest of resources, Ryerson guided The Christian Guardian to a circulation of 3,000 in its first three years. It came to be regarded as the leading newspaper of Upper Canada, a tireless defender of religious freedom, democracy and education. Ryerson went on to serve in government, and is credited with founding the public school system in Upper Canada.

His counterpart in the Presbyterian Church in Canada was Peter Brown, editor of The Banner, begun by the denomination in 1843. Brown’s son George was the paper’s publisher; he went on to found the Toronto Globe, now known as The Globe and Mail, and is a father of Canadian Confederation.

When Canadian Methodists, Congregationalists and most Presbyterians merged into The United Church of Canada in 1925, the three denominational newspapers also joined forces as The New Outlook. The publication became The United Church Observer in 1939. In the early 1950s, as the United Church began two decades of unprecedented growth, The Observer shifted from a newspaper to a magazine format. Under a plan that encouraged congregations to give every member a subscription, circulation peaked at over 300,000 readers in the early 1970s.

Like the Church Union that brought together three Canadian Protestant traditions, The New Outlook was the amalgamation of long- running Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregationalist journals. In 1939 it was renamed The United Church Observer. The inaugural edition of The New Outlook was published on the occasion of the founding services of The United Church of Canada, June 10, 1925.

RADEOFF, Richard was born in 1832 in England, New Connexion, 1871 Nottawasaga (Simcoe Co.)

RAINEY, G.J.A. Primitive, 1909-1910 Paisley St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

RAINEY, Thomas was born in 1838 in Ireland, 1871 Arran (Bruce Co.)

RAMAGE, William New Connexion 1848 Erin (Wellington Co.)

RANDALL, Edward 1898 Merlin Ontario

RANEY, William H. was received on trial in 1865 at Peel (Wellington Co.), Wesleyan Methodist, and was married in 1895 to Retta Barclay who was born in 1870 in Elma, Ontario and died on May 3, 1924 in Ottawa Ontario. 1866 Drayton (Wellington Co.), 1867 Manningsville, 1868 Farmersville, ordained in 1869 in North Augusta, 1870-1872 Admaston Twp. (Renfrew Co.), 1873-1874 Carleton Place, 1875 Osgoode, 1876 Metcalfe, 1877-1878 Lyn, 1879-1880 Winchester, 1895 Pembroke, 1907-1911 South Mountain. (Christian Guardian) The late Mrs. W. Raney - an appreciation, Mrs. Retta Barclay Raney born Elma Omtario, 54 years ago, married 29 years ago Rev. W.H. Raney of Pembroke Ontario and died May 3 1924 Ottawa Ontario, after surgery 4 months prior, funeral May 5, 1924 Ottawa Ontario, survived by husband, 6 sons and 1 daughter: Grant and Miss Grace of Toronto Ontario, Fred, Douglas, Andrew, Wendell and Eric of Pembroke Ontario.

RANKIN, J.A. Episcopal, 1882 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.),

RATTRAY, Thomas 1845 Thorold, 1846-1848 Binbrook/Hamilton (Wentworth Co.),

RAWSON, Joseph was born in 1834 in England, New Connexion, 1871 Howard (Bothwell)

RAYMOND, Ari African Episcopal Methodist of Boston, Mass, 1838 was sent to Oro Twp. and in 1848 helped to build a MBE church in Oro Twp.

RAYMOND, William 1838-1839 Queen's Bush/Peel (Wellington Co.)

RAYNER, Alfred was born in 1841 in Quebec, 1871 Cobourg (Northumberland Co.)

REA, Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada Comments made by William Lyon Mackenzie re its formation. Reference to ministers Slight, Scott, Steer, Douse, Rea, Gladwin who have come upon the request of Egerton Ryerson. Mackenzie describes them as "Tories" British Whig (Kingston) June 29, 1834 p. 3, col. 4

READ, F.A. died on Mar 8 1924 in Toronto Ontario. (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. F.A. Read died on Mar 8 1924 in Toronto Ontario and was predeceased by his wife. He was survived by 2 children: Ruth at Ontario College of Education and Frank of Sydenham Ontario

READ, John 1870 Truro N.S., 1888 Charlottetown PEI

REAL, Joseph R. 1879 Greenwood/Brougham, 1908 East Ward Lindsay,

REAY, John 1870 Port-au-Basque Nfld

REDDITT, J.J. 1885 Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

REDMAN, A.E. died Jul 30 1919 Victoria British Columbia (Christian Guardian) In Memoriam - Rev A.E. Redman who died on Jul 30 1919 in Victoria BC - signed the family

REDMOND, Richard was received on trial in 1877 at Peel (Wellington Co.), Wesleyan Methodist, 1876 Arthur (Wellington Co.), 1878 Kilbride, 1879 Holstein, 1880 student Victoria College Cobourg,

REED, Fitch was born in 1796 and died on October 10, 1871. He was received on trial in 1817 He was an American Methodist Episcopal missionary who was sent to Canada in 1818. 1817 Suffolk N.Y., 1818 Sagg Harbour N.Y., 1819 Ordained in Dunham C.E., 1820-1822 York and in 1821 the Rev. Fitch Reed, of the Genesee conference, was appointed to York, (now Toronto,) in Upper Canada, with Rev. Kenneth M. K. Smith as his helper. Their mission extended into the settlements in the neighborhood of Toronto, which, at that time, were new, poor, and destitute of the gospel. 1822 returned to the USA, He visited the Wesleyan Methodist Conference of Canada, in Toronto, in June 1864.

REED, F.J. 1922 missionary in China (Christian Guardian) Births - Reed, Dorothy Lorraine was born on Sept 27 1922, a daughter to Rev. F.J. and Mrs Reed (nee Annie Helen Male) of Pengshien W. China

REED, J. 1862 Culloden (Oxford Co.), 1869 Prince Albert (Ontario Co.)

REEDER, Nathaniel was born in 1762 and died on August 10, 1838. He was received on trial in 1813 Methodist Episcopal, 1813 Shamokin N.Y., 1814 Chenango N.Y, 1815 Ordained in Ottawa, 1816 Smith's Creek, 1817 Bay of Quinte, 1818 Cornwall, 1819 returned to the USA, 1835 located

REID, Andrew 1870 Sault Ste. Marie

REID, Henry was born in 1811 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1847-1848 at Nottawasaga, Wesleyan Methodist, 1846 Mono, 1849-1850 St. Vincent (Grey Co.), ordained in 1851 at Penetanguishene, 1852-1853 Durham, 1854-1856 Peel/Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1857-1858 Blenheim (Brock), 1859-1860 Walshingham, 1861-1862 Bayham, 1863-1865 Brock, 1866-1867 Greenwood/Brougham/Pickering, 1868-1870 Prince Albert/Pickering, 1871 Mount Brydges, 1872 Dawn Mills, 1873-1874 Kirkton, 1874 Blanchard Twp. (Huron Co.), 1875-1881 Peel (Wellington Co.) (retired)

REID Hugh 1872-1875 Erin (Wellington Co.)

REID, John 1924 Sask. (Christian Guardian) June 1924 Mrs Rev. John Reid died in Saskatchewan

REID, T.R. 1873 St. Vincent Tp. (Grey Co.), 1877-1880 Chatsworth Holland Twp. (Grey Co.), 1885 Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

RELIANCE, William was born in 1845 in Ontario, 1871 Rawdon (Hastings Co.), 1877-1879 South Mountain

RENOUS, William S. was born in 1811 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1869 Manilla (Ontario Co.), 1871 Brock (Ontario Co.)

REYNAR, Alfred H. M.A. was received on trial in 1862, 1864-1869 Professor at Victoria College,

REYNOLDS, C.W. 1893 Greenwood, died on Mar 11 1924 in Toronto and was buried in Oshawa Ontario

REYNOLDS, Elie 1891-1894 Johnstown

REYNOLDS, Francis C. was received on trial in 1869 and he was married to Elizabeth Edwards, 1869 Lloydtown, 1870-1872 Minto (Wellington Co.) (Christian Guardian) Deaths - Reynolds George Edwards died Oct 5 1922 at residence in Ottawa Ontario, only son of Rev. Francis Reynolds and wife Elizabeth Edwards

REYNOLDS, John was born in Oxford Twp. and died in 1857, was received on trial in 1808 Methodist Episcopal, better known as "Bishop Reynolds", 1808 Augusta, 1809 Scarborough, 1810 Ordained at Smith's Creek Circuit, 1811 Augusta, 1812 Bay of Quinte, 1813 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1813 located. After his location he was employed for a time as a school teacher in Sidney, and subsequently went into mercantile life in Belleville. He continued to exercise his gifts as local preacher, and in that capacity was ordained a local elder at the Conference of 1824. He served the Church in various ways acceptably until after the Union of the Methodist Episcopal Church with the British Wesleyans, under the name of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. This Union was consumnated at the Conference of 1833. On February 9, 1834, as a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, he acted as Secretary of the Belleville Auxiliary Missionary Society, and wrote and account of the Annual Meeting , which was published in the Guardian of February 17. On June 25, 1834, Mr. Reynolds, Joseph Gatchell (a superannuated minister), Daniel Pickett, who had travelled nine years, - vix., from 1800-1808, but who located in 1809, and subsequently endeavoured to raise an independent organization under the name of the "Provincial Methodists", David Culp, who had travelled from 1813 to 1825, and who had been located for nine years, and John Wesley Byam, who was received on trial in 1816, and after two years' probation was discontinued; met a Cummer's meeting-house north of Toronto, and claiming to be disastified with the Union of 1833, organized the present Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada. In 1835 Mr. Reynolds was elected the first Bishop of the new organization by the General Conference, which consisted of Joseph Gatchell, John Reynolds, David Culp, Daniel Pickett, already named, and Jno. H. Huston, who had only travelled six years, had never been admitted to Elder's orders, and who had located in 1833. He was ordained by Messrs. Gatchell, Culp and Pickett. he held the office of Bishop, acceptably until his death in 1857.; Methodist Episcopal Church - N.G. Reynolds son of Episcopal Methodist John Reynolds, to run as reform candidate in Hastings County. British Whig (Kingston) Apr. 14, 1836 p. 3, col. 3; Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada - Nelson G. Reynolds, the son of John Reynolds, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, was arrested and brought from Belleville to jail in Kingston; he was one of the arrests in connection with the rebellion. British Whig (Kingston) Jan. 6, 1838 p. 2, col. 2, 5

Rev. John Reynolds REYNOLDS, John was born on January 30, 1837 in Cornwall, England, and came to Canada at six years old to settle at Cobourg, Ontario. He was married on September 18, 1861 to Miss Lowes of Romney, Ontario and had a family of four sons and four daughters. Episcopal, He was received on trial in 1865 by the Niagara Conference at Strathroy. 1865 Sombra, 1866 Enniskillen, 1867 Sandwich,1868 Wallaceburg, ordained in 1869 at Park Hill, 1871 Embro/Williams West (Middlesex Co.), 1873-1876 Fenwick/Pelham (Welland Co.), 1876 Barton, 1879 Smithville, 1882 Brant, 1885 Ingersoll, 1887 Avon, 1890 Vienna, 1891 Highgate, 1891-1893 Florence



REYNOLDS, Joseph was born in 1811 in Ontario and died on October 16, 1874 at Grimsby. He was received on trial in 1840 at Bath and Amherst Island, 1841 Murray, 1842 Buckingham, 1843-1844 Osgoode/Gloucester (Dalhousie), 1845 Hull, 1846 L'Orignal, 1847-1849 Marmora/Hungerford/Rawdon (Victoria Co.), 1850 Napanee Richmond Twp. (Lennox Co.), 1851 Newburg/Ernestown/Fredericksburg, 1852-1853 Demorestville, 1854-1856 Carleton Place, 1857 Tweed/Hungerford (Hastings Co.), 1858 Maitland, 1859-1861 Farmersville, 1862-1863 Welland, 1864-1866 Smithville, 1867-1868 Hiawatha/Otonabee (Peterborough Co.), 1869-1873 Waterford (retired), 1871 Townsend (Norfolk Co.), 1874 Grimsby

REYNOLDS, Robert was born in 1848 in Ontario, 1871 Mono (Cardwell)

RHODES, John was born in 1783 and died on January 13, 1843. He was received in 1808 Methodist Episcopal, 1808 Northumberland USA, 1810 Ordained in Seneca USA, 1811-1812 Augusta C.W., 1813 Ancaster/Long Point, 1815 Scarborough, 1816 returned to USA, 1830 Oswegotchie District,

RICE, James J. was born in PEI, 1887-1889 Stirling (Hastings Co.),

RICE, Luther O. Wesleyan Methodist, was born in 1811 in the United States and was received on trial in 1841 at Malahide, 1840 Dumfries, 1842-1843 ordained at Walpole/Cayuaga (Niagara), 1844 Georgetown, 1845 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1846-1847 Chippewa, 1847-1849 Dalston (Simcoe Co.), 1850-1851 Nottawasaga/Bradford/Barrie (Simcoe Co.) "During the two years, I travelled rising of 14,000 miles, nearly two-thirds of which was performed on horseack" - L.O.R., 1851-1852 Camden East, 1852 Cookstown (built new parsonage), 1854-1857 Dunnville, 1857 Berlin/Ellis Church Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1858 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1859 Fingal, 1860-1861 Westminster, 1862-1863 Strathroy, 1864-1866 Amherstburg, 1867-1868 Kincardine, 1869-1871 Dungannon, 1871 Colborne (Huron Co.), 1872 Bervie, 1873-1874 Bayfield, 1875-1881 Dungannon (retired)

RICE, Madison A. was received on trial in 1859 at Mount Brydges/Ingersoll, Wesleyan Methodist, 1860 Madoc/ Hastings Road, 1861 Peel (Wellington Co.)

RICE Samuel Dwight D.D. was born in 1816 in the United States and was received on trial in 1837-1839 at Mirimachi N.B., Wesleyan Methodist, 1840-1841 St. John South N.B., 1842 Sackville Wesleyan Academy, 1843-1846 St. John West N.B., 1847 received at Toronto Conference, 1847-1848 Toronto West, 1849 Muncey Industrial School, 1850-1852 Kingston Chariman of Kingston District, 1853 Treasurer Victoria College Cobourg, 1854-1855 Co-Chairman Kingston District, 1854-1856 Governor and Chaplin of Victoria College, 1857-1861 Hamilton, 1863-1877 Governor of Female College in Hamilton, 1871 St. Patrick's (Hamilton), 1878-1879 St. Mary's 1880 Winnipeg Chairman, The honorary degree of D.D. was conferred upon him by Victoria University in 1867, Secretary of Conference 1855, President of Conference at London in 1873, and at Hamilton in 1874, Delegate to the First General Conference Toronto 1874, Delegate to the General Conference of 1878, Chairman of District 1879, Elected Vice-President of General Conference 1878.

RICE, S.H. 1883 Upper Prince St. PEI,

RICE, William C.

RICHARD A. died before 1923 Port Perry CG Deaths - Richard, W. Ernest died March 6, 1923 at Huntsville eldest son of late Rev A. Richard and Mrs Richard of Port Perry and husband of Adeline Laing

RICHARDS, R.T. 1905 South Dummer Asphodel Twp.,

RICHARDSON, B. Episcopal, 1853 Binbrook,

RICHARDSON, Ezekiel was received on trial in 1867, 1869 Harmony,

RICHARDSON, George L. was born in 1834 in Ontario, New Connexion, 1854 was received on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1871 London City, 1889 President Guelph Conference

RICHARDSON, George T. was born in 1823 in Oakhampton Devonshire England, arrived in Canada summer of 1853, 1854 on trial, 1854-1855 Brock (Barrie), 1861 Carden (Colbourne), 1869 Blenheim, 1871 Harwich (Kent Co.), 1874-1875 Greenwood/Brougham,

RICHARDSON, James D.D. was born on January 29, 1791 in Kingston Ontario and was the son of Capt. James Richardson of the Provincial Marine and died on March 9, 1875 in Toronto. He married in 1813 Rebecca Dennis who died Mar 29, 1858 at Clover Hill (St. Joseph St.) Toronto, 1818 local preacher, 1824 ordained, 1823 Scarborough, 1824-1825 Yonge St Circuit, 1826 Fort George (Niagara), 1827 ordained as deacon along with Egerton Ryerson and Anson Green at Credit, 1828 Credit Rivier Indian mission, 1828 Secretary of Conference at Ernesttown Bay of Quinte,1828-1829 St. Catharines/Niagara, 1830 ordained at Kingston as an elder by Bishop Harding of the United States, 1831 Kingston, 1831 Presiding Elder Niagara District, 1833 joined Welseyan Conference, 1833-1834 Editor of the Christian Guardian, 1835 Chairman Toronto District, 1837 Toronto (Bay St.), 1840-1851 agent of the British Foreign Bible Society, 1842 Vice President and 1851 President of the Upper Canada Religious Tract and Book Society, Sunday Aug 22, 1858 he was consecrated, Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Letter to Sir John Colborne from Edmund Grinrod, President, and James Richardson, secretary, avowing loyalty of the Church to Great Britain and referring (implicitly) to the Hume Letter. British Whig (Kingston) June 8, 1834 p. 2, col. 5; Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Rumour that the Episcopal and Primitive Methodists are about to unite. Ref. to sermon by Rev. James Richardson. British Whig (Kingston) June 21, 1836 p. 3, col. 2, 3; Kingston Rev. J. Richardson Minister at the Methodist Chapel, Kingston. Kingston Chronicle Apr. 2, 1831 p. 2, col. 1-2

RICHARDSON, James E. was received on trial in 1859, Episcopal, 1851 Toronto, 1866-1869 Coaticoke and Barnston,

RICHARDSON, P.L. D.D. (Christian Guardian) Marriages - Beck - Richardson. Vera Evelyn Richardson, only daughter of Mrs. P.L. Richardson and the late Rev. Dr. P.L. Richardson, to Stephen Martin Charles Beck, son of Mrs. M.D. Beck and the late Mr. M.D. Beck of Westmount. They were married on Sept 12 1923 at residence of bride's mother in Montreal West.

RICHARDSON, William R. was born in 1824 in Hull, Yorkshire England and was the son of John Richardson and died in Toronto July 12, 1905. He was married in 1856 to Anna M. Russ, who was born in Grimsby, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Terryberry) Russ, natives of Canada and they had three children. He was received on trial in 1851. 1851 Humber, 1852 on trial, 1853 Binbrook, 1854-1855 Grimsby, 1858 Cartwright (Durham), 1862 Camden East, 1864 Queenston, 1869 Point Abino and Port Colbourne, 1871 Verulam (Victoria Co.). He retired from his ministerial work in 1888, and from that time until his death lived in Toronto.

RICHEY, Matthew D.D. AM 1829 Charlottetown PEI, 1848 Toronto, 1840 Methodist Episcopal Conference in Baltimore, 1847-1848 Vice-President of Canada Conference, 1864 Charlottetown PEI, 1870 Windsor N.S. (retired), Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada Article entitled "The Methodists and the college question." Petition to Parliament from this church, signed by Rev. Mathew Richey and Geo. R. Sanderson. British Whig (Kingston) Dec. 11, 1847 p. 2, col. 3

RICHIE, George M. 1862 Bathurst (Lanark Co.), 1865-1867 & 1876 Camden East,

RIDDOLLS, E.G. 1920-1921 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

RIDLEY, John was born in 1846 in England and was received on trial in 1868 at Bath, Wesleyan Methodist, 1867 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1869 Cataraqui, 1869-1870 Napanee (Lennox Co.), ordained in 1871 at Merritton, 1872-1874 Font Hill, 1875-1876 Drummondville, 1877 Second Street - St. Catharines, 1878-1881 Ailsa Craig,

RIFE, David 1850 Puslinch (Wellington Co.)

RIGBY, Walter was born in 1845 in Hamilton, Ontario and was received in 1868 and died on June 11, 1922. 1869 Tilsonburg, 1871 Saltfleet (Wentworth), 1871 Thorold, (Christian Guardian) Rev. Walter Rigby born Dec 29 1845 near Hamilton Ontario and died Jun 11 1922 London Ontario. In 1921 he was living with his daughter Mrs Frank White of London, Ontario and his wife predeceased him in January 1922.

RISDON, F.G. 1921-1923 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

RIVET, Xavier was receivd on trial in 1869, 1869 Roxton Falls French Mission,

ROADHOUSE, James was born in 1840 in Ontario, Primitive,. He married Mrs. June 18, 1869 Rosemount (near Toronto), 1871 Richmond Tp. (Lennox), 1924 Kingston (Christian Guardian) 55th Anniversary - Rev. and Mrs J. Roadhouse celebrated anniversary at home in Kingston Ontario on June 18, 1924. They were married at Rosemount (near Toronto Ontario). Their youngest son, Louis, died in the great war and they have 5 daughters and 3 sons surviving: Mrs Friend of Wolfe Island, Mrs (Rev.) Jones of Bowmanville Ontario, Mrs Killins of Cobalt, Mrs Rev. McCormack of London England, Mrs Gask of Ottawa Ontario, Amos of California, Antliff of Cape Vincent, and Morley of Haileybury

ROBBINS, J. 1875 Binbrook,

ROBERTS, Junius B. Episcopal 1880 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

ROBERTSON, David was born in 1829 in Kemptville Ontario, 1850-1852 Mississippi (Brockville), 1851 received on trial, 1851 Carleton/Pakenham,

Rev. J.L. RobertsonROBERTSON, J.L. 1897 Gore Bay





ROBESON, J.E. 1903-1906 Baileyboro, 1906-1907 Greenwood,

ROBINS, Paul was married to Mary Ann Taylor who died in 1852 and she entered the Bible Christian ministry in 1832, and served in home circuits for over twenty years until her marriage to the prominent minister Paul Robins. The couple emigrated to Canada.

ROBINSON, John was born in 1769 and died in 1848. He was received on trial in 1794 Methodist Episcopal, 1794 Freehold USA, 1795 Chester USA, 1796 Milford USA, 1797-1798 Delaware USA1799 Dorchester USA, 1800 MoHawk USA, 1801 Ottawa, 1802 Niagara, 1803 Presiding Elder Upper Canada District, 1804 located

ROBINSON, John H. was born in 1846 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1865, 1869 Invermay, 1871 Glenelg (Grey Co.), 1872 Scarborough (York Co.), 1877 Barton Hamilton (Wentworth Co.)

ROBINSON, Joseph Hiram was born in 1839 in England, New Connexion, 1851 Toronto, 1866 Toronto, 1871 Cayuga (Haldimand Co.), 1881-1882 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.)

ROBINSON, J.W. was born in 1844 in England, Primitive Methodist, 1871 Albion (Cardwell), 1877 Milliken's Corners/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), 1880-1883 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. James E. Hunter was born on Aug 27 1870 in Huron Twp, Bruce Co. Ontario and died on Jul 14 1924 in Granton Ontario and was buried Woodland Cemetery, London Ontario. He was survived by his wife (daughter of late Rev J.W. Robinson), 2 daughters Alma and Beth, a brother Rev. William Hunter and 4 sisters

ROBINSON, P. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1877,

ROBINSON, Reuben 1841-1843 Barrie

ROBINSON, Richard was received on trial in 1862, 1869 Farnham,

ROBINSON, Robert was born in 1818 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1845, 1850 Rawdon (Hastings Co.), 1851-1852 Madoc (Hastings Co.), 1854-1855 Newborough (Kingston), 1869-1871 Madoc (Hastings Co.)

ROBINSON, William was born in 1807 in Ireland, New Connexion, 1851 Manvers, 1871 Manvers (Durham Co.)

ROBISON, M. was born in 1844 in Canada, 1878 Ameliasburg Twp. (Prince Edward Co.)

ROBLIN, Philip I. was born in 1798 in Ontario, 1871 Kaladar (Addington)

Rev. E. Robson ROBSON, Ebenezer was received on trial in 1856, 1869 Montague (Lanark Co.), 1870 Cramache (Northumberland Co.), 1866-1870 Merrickville (Grenville Co.)



ROBSON, George was received on trial in 1861, 1866-1869 Castleton,

ROBSON, Thomas was born in April 1819 in Wallsend, near Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, emigrated to this country in 1843, and died in Oct 1868 in Nissouri Mission, Episcopal, 1845 Binbrook, 1851 Blenheim. In 1855 he became a Wesleyan Methodist minister. 1855 Blenheim (London), 1858 Wellesley (Waterloo Co.), 1860 Norwich, 1863 McKillop (Oxford Co.), 1868 Nissouri

RODWELL, William A. was born in 1851 in England and was a Primitive Methodist minister, 1876-1880 Forest Warwick Twp. (Lambton Co.)

ROGERS, David was received on trial in 1874 at Arthur (Wellington Co.), Wesleyan Methodist, 1875 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1876 Howick, 1877 Drayton/Zion Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1878 Brussels, 1879-1880 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1898 Morris (Huron Co.), 1901 Woodwich (Huron Co.), 1906 Thorndale (Middlesex Co.)

ROGERS, George was received on trial in 1863, 1867-1869 Franklin Centre,

ROGERS, Howard Orval M.A. B.D. Christian Guardian - Deaths - Late Rev Howard Orval Rogers born July 22, 1888 Mariposa Twp ON, son of Rev Robert H. Rogers married in October 1914 Miss Edith Davidson of Dundas ON, daughter of W.A. and Mrs Davidson of Dundas ON and died on February 7, 1923 in the Saskatoon Hospital living at Laura SK buried Dundas ON survived by widow and 2 sons Donald Howard and Gordon Walter Christian Guardian -Death of Young Minister- Rev H.O. Rogers MA, BD of Laura SK did not recover from his operation, survived by widow

ROGERS, Jabez Maurice Episcopal, 1834-1854 Springville Monaghan Twp., 1851 Leeds, 1854-1855 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1866 Charlottetown PEI, 1870 Brunswick Street Halifax North,

ROGERS, Robert H. 1912-1915 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.) son is Rev. Howard Orval Rogers

ROGERS, Thomas M.A. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1865, 1870 Yarmouth East N.S.

ROLSTON, David D. was born in 1822 in Ireland, New Connexion, 1851 Goulburn/Fitzroy, 1871 Brant Tp. (Bruce Co.), 1877-1880 Mildmay Carrick Twp. (Bruce Co.), 1880-1882 Wesley/Underwood, 1880 owned 100 acres on Con XII, Lot 23

ROSE, Brock was born in 1837 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1860, 1869 Glenlay, 1871 Bathurst (Lanark Co.)

ROSE, George W. 1907 Mono Mills

ROSE, H. 1871 Caradoc (Brant Co.)

ROSE, J. Episcopal Methodist, 1880 Norwich,

ROSE, Philip was born in 1820 and died on December 29, 1862. He was received on trial in 1857-1858 at Durham, Wesleyan Methodist, 1859 Bentinck (Durham Co.), ordained in 1859 at Arthur/Mt. Forest (Grey Co.), 1860 Bayham/Richmond, 1861-1862 Marmora (Hastings Co.), 1861 Dereham (Oxford Co.)

Rev. RoseROSE, Samuel D.D. was the father of Justice Rose and was received on trial in 1833-1834 at Westminster, 1831 Toronto/Indian Mission, 1831-1832 Albion, 1835 Hamilton, 1836-1838 Stamford (Niagara), 1839-1840 Rock Chapel Thorold, 1841 London, 1842-1843 Burford (Oxford Co.), 1843 Brantford, 1844-1846 Yonge Street, 1847-1849 Dundas/Waterdown/Flamboro W. (Gore), 1852 Chairman of London District - attention was principally directed to the Industrial School, 1850-1855 Mt. Elgin/Muncey (Middlesex Co.), 1856-1858 Dundas, 1859 Glenleg, 1859-1860 Thorold (Niagara), 1861-1863 St. Catharines, 1864 Belleville, 1866 King Twp., 1865-1878 Book Steward Wesleyan Methodist Book Room 80 King St E., Toronto, 1879-1881 Toronto (retired), Co-Delegate of the Conference 1867, Delegate to the First General Conference Toronto 1874, the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity was confered upon him by the Central Tennisee College of Nashville Ky., USA in 1878

ROSS, Andrew W. 1872-1873 Greenwood/Brougham, CG - In Memoriam - George Douglas Ross died May 5, 1914, 8 years and 7 months son of Rev. and Mrs. Ross signed parents and sisters

ROSS, G.E. 1922 Peterborough Ontario (Christian Guardian) Marriages - Mollard - Ross married on Oct 25 1922 at Peterboro Ontario, Ruth M. Ross the only daughter of Rev. G.E. and Mrs Ross to W. Melville Mollard M.D. son of Mr and Mrs Edward Mollard of Balmoral Manitoba. The father of bride performed the ceremony.

Rev. RossROSS, James S. D.D. was received on trial in 1867, 1869 Aylmer, 1898-1900 Dublin St Guelph (Wellington Co.)

ROSS, Wallace 1860-1870 Salem-Kinsdale Pickering Twp. (Ontario Co.)

ROSS, William was born in 1791 and died on February 10, 1824. He was received on trial in 1812 Methodist Episcopal, 1812 Dunham C.E., 1813 returned to USA

ROSS, William W. was born in 1835 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1857, 1869 King Street Hamilton East, 1871 Toronto St. David's Ward (York Co.)

ROUSTON, Thomas was born in 1837 in England, Episcopal, 1871 Oakland (Brant Co.)

ROWE, H. B. was born on Dec. 5, 1859 and died on April 30, 1918. He was married to Lillian G. Blakely who was born on Sept. 10, 1872 and died on Jan. 18, 1907, and was buried at Fox Cemetery, Madoc Twp. (Hastings Co.)

ROWE, Richard B. was born in 1842 in Cornwall England and died on Oct 20 1922 in Hamilton Ontario. He was buried in St. Catherine's beside his first wife and mother of his children. In 1870 he came to Canada. In 1866 he married Mary A. Chirgwin who died in 1918 in Hamilton Ontario. In 1920 he married Emma Jane Boyle of Hamilton Ontario, (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. Richard B. Rowe born Cornwall England over 80 years ago, married 1866 Miss Mary A. Chirgwin (died 4 years ago Hamilton Ontario). Married 1920 Mrs Emma Jane Boyle of Hamilton Ontario died Oct 20 1922 Hamilton Ontario buried St. Catherine's beside 1st wife and mother of his children. He was survived by wife, 1 son James S. of Brantford Ontario, 3 daughters: Mrs Christopher Fry of Norwich, Mrs Rev W.H. Barraclough of Lindsay, and Mrs Warren Fry of St. Thomas ON (another daughter Lucy died 33 years ago)

ROWE, William B. Primitive, 1865 Mt. Forest (Grey Co.) 1866 Toronto Circuit living at 105 Bond St.

ROWES, John 1858 Drummond (Smith Falls)

ROWSOM, William H. B.A. was received on trial in 1863, 1869 Hatley and Cassville,

ROY, Abram R. Episcopal, 1847 Malahide, 1851 Palermo/Nelson Trafalgar Twp. (Halton Co.)

ROY, James B.A. was born in 1835 in Quebec and was received on trial in 1855, 1866-1869 Classical Master at Victoria College, 1871 Cobourg (Northumberland Co.)

ROY, Louis E. was born in 1861 in Bridgewater Ontario and died on Apr 12 1923 in Montreal due to contracting typhoid at outbreak on Masonville funeral in Montreal. He was buried in Richmond Quebec. He was survived by his widow, nee Georgina Demers, 2 daughters, 1 son, 1 brother Rev T. Roy of Montreal Conference and 3 sisters. (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. Louis E. Roy - an appreciation - born 1861 Bridgewater Ontario died Apr 12 1923 Montreal PQ due to contracting typhoid at outbreak on Masonville funeral in Montreal PQ buried Richmond PQ

ROY, N. Episcopal, 1851 Howard,

ROY, T 1923 Montreal Conference

RUMP, T. New Connexion, 1851 Welland Canal,

RUNDLE, William W. was received on trial in 1818 Methodist Episcopal, 1818 Scarborough, 1819 Long Point, 1820 returned to USA

RUPERT, E.S. was received on trial in 1860, 1866-1869 Centreville, 1867-1868 Camden East, 1868-1869 Richmond, 1871-1873 Ernestown, 1893 Morrington/Milverton (Perth Co.)

RUSS, Amos E. was received on trial in 1855, 1859 Dereham (Oxford Co.), 1869 London, 1862 Burgess (Johnstown), 1864 Burgess Twp., 1866 Trenton, 1868-1869 Victoria Virgin Islands,

RUSSEL, R.L. was born in 1841 in Ontario, 1871 Chinguacousy (Peel Co.)

RUSSELL, Alfred E. was received on trial in 1866, 1867-1869 Student at Victoria College,

RUSSELL, John was born on July 17, 1836 near Napanee Ontario and was received on trial in 1861 and died on October 19, 1923 at his daughters home in Toronto Ontario, buried Prospect Cemetery Toronto. He was married on January 9, 1867 to Hester Kerr who died in 1916 and was the daughter of Rev. George J. Kerr. Rev. Russell was predeceased by his wife in 1916 and daughter Elaine in 1917 snd was survived by 2 sons and 4 daughters: Mrs (Ella) AJ Sheppard of Burford Ontario, Mrs (Hattie) Isaac Watterworth of Glencoe Ontario, Misses Mary and Jean at home, Dr. John W. and Dr. William G. of Toronto Ontario. 1885-1888 Florence

RUTARO, John was born in 1843 in Ontario, 1871 Brudenell (Renfrew Co.)

RUTER, Martin D.D. was born in 1785 and died on May 16, 1838. He commenced his itinerant career in the early days of Methodism in New England, when he was only sixteen years of age, and was admitted on trial in the New York conference in 1801. In 1804 he went as a missionary to Montreal, in Lower Canada, where he gave great satisfaction to the people by the diligence and ability with which he discharged his duties. Though young in the ministry, he evinced a thorough acquaintance with the truths of the gospel, having applied himself with great assiduity to study, and particularly to the study of the Bible. 1801 Chesterfield USA, 1802 Landoff USA, 1803 Ordained in Adams USA, 1804 Montreal, 1805 returened to USA

RUTLEDGE, Herbert died before 1924 son of James Ingram Rutledge who was born in 1831 in Ontario and died in 1924 at Avondale SK. His mother was Elizabeth Welsh and was living in 1924 at Avondale SK and his brothers were George living in 1924 at Avondale SK and Edgar living 1924 in Los Angeles CA

RUTLEDGE, William Leech was born in 1848 in Ireland. He was a member of Norfolk Street Methodist Church in Guelph, Ontario (Wellington Co.) and entered ministry, and was received on trial in 1871 at Omemee/Burleigh (Peterborough Co.), 1870 Chandos, 1872 Oakwood, 1873-1875 student at Montreal Theological College, 1876-1878 Yorkville North, 1879-1881 Sundas Street - Toronto, 1906 Chatham, (Christian Guardian) February 3, 1875 - Mrs. Rebecca Keeling the daughter of William Rutledge was born in Sligo, Ireland, March 19, 1849 and lost her father before she was three. Her mother then came to Canada with several children and settled in the village of Erin where she died seven years later. Rebecca was converted at age 13 while attending school in Hamilton. In May 1871 she married Mr. C.E. Keeling of Guelph. She died July 27, 1874. Survivors included her husband and a brother Rev. Wm. E. Rutledge of Montreal

RUTTAN, John 1871 Stirling (Hastings Co.),

RYAN, David was born in 1830 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1856, 1866-1869 Stirling/Hungerford (Hastings Co.), 1871 Burford (Brant Co.)

RYAN, Henry was received on trial in 1800-1801 at Vergennes N.Y., 1802 ordained at Fletcher N.Y., 1803-1804 Plattsburg N.Y., 1805 first Canadian Camp Meeting at Hay Bay, Bay of Quinte, 1806 Bay of Quinte, 1807 Long Point, 1808-1809 Niagara, 1810-1814 Presiding Elder Upper Canada District 1812 Rideau Camp Meeting where the War of 1812 was announced to those gathered who all went home to prepare for the struggle, 1813 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1819 Episcopal Presiding Elder in York, 1821-1823 Bay of Quinte, 1824 Chippew and Grand River, 1825 superannuated, 1827 located, After his location he and James Jackson succeeded in creating in 1829, a rival organization under the name of the Canadian Wesleyan Methodist Church., Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Rev. Henry Ryan, minister for 30 years in Upper Canada, died at Smithville. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Sept. 21, 1833 p. 21, p. 2, col. 5; Reference to Elder Ryan. British Whig (Kingston) June 15, 1837 p. 3, col. 5

RYAN, William 1858 Charlottetown PEI

RYAN, William was received on trial in 1869, 1867 Thorne, 1868 Hungerford, 1869 Marmora (Hastings Co.), 1870 student Victoria College Cobourg, ordained in 1871 at Matilda, 1872-1873 Milford, 1874-1875 Thurlow (Hastings Co.), 1876-1877 Renfrew, 1878-1880 Three Rivers (Montreal Conference)

Rev. E.B. RyckmanRYCKMAN, Edward Badshaw M.A. D.D. graduated Victoria College in 1855 and was received on trial in 1856 at Yonge Street, 1856-1857 Yonge Street Circuit, ordained in 1858-1859 at Montreal, 1860-1862 Odelltown, 1863-1865 Huntingdon, 1866-1868 Kingston, 1869-1870 Chairman Stanstead, 1871-1872 Chatham (Kent Co.) Chairman, 1873-1875 Governor Dundas West Collegiate Institute, 1876-1878 Norfolk St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1879-1881 Brantford - Wellington Street, 1906 Almonte, A graduate of Victoria University - B.A., 1855, Valedictorian M.A. 1868, Journal Secretary of Conference 1867-1871, Delegate to First General Conference Toronto 1874, Chairman of District, 1876 to 1880, President of the Conference 1878, Delegate to the General Conference Montreal 1878, Honourary degree of D.D. was conferred upon him by the University of Victoria College May 1879, Delegate elect. to Ecumenical Congress held in London England September 1881.



RYDER, Isaac was born in 1805 in England, Primitive, 1865 Maxwell (Grey Co), 1868 Linwood, 1871 Wellesley (Waterloo Co.)

RYERSON, Edwy M. was the son of Col. Joseph Ryerson, Methicist Episcopal 1831 Credit, 1832 Ancaster/Binbrook, 1833 joined Wesleyan Methodist Conference, 1834-1835 Thorold, 1835 St. Catharines, 1851 Simcoe, 1854-1855 Dover (Norfolk Co.) superannuated

Rev. E. RyersonRYERSON, Egerton D.D. LL.D. was born on march 24, 1803 in Vittoria Charlotteville Twp. (Norfolk Co.) and was received on trial in 1825 Methodist Episcopal in Yonge Street/York. He was the son of Col. Joseph Ryerson, died in 1882 married in 1833 Mary Armstrong (second wife), 1824 Ancaster, 1825 York Circuit, 1826 Credit, 1827 ordained in Cobourg, 1828 Ancaster/Binbrook, founder (1829-1832) and the first editor of the Christian Guardian, a Methodist periodical, 1829-1831 York Circuit, 1832 Thorold/St. Catharines, 1833 joined the Wesleyan Methodist Conference, 1833-1834 Editor Christian Guardian, 1833-1837 York Circuit, 1835 Secretary of Conference, 1840 Methodist Episcopal Conference in Baltimore, founded and was first president (1841) of Victoria College, Cobourg (later Victoria University), 1844-1869 Chief Superintendent of Education in Upper Canada in Toronto, 1846 Brantford (Brant Co.), 1851 Queen Street Toronto - chief superintendent of schools, by permission of the conference, living on Bay St., 1875 President of the General Council preached at 10:00 a.m. on Christmas Day at the dedication of George St. Methodist Church in Peterborough, Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Rev. Egerton Ryerson married Mary Armstrong, daughter of J. R. Armstrong, York merchant. Rev. Alexander Irvine officiated. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Nov. 23, 1833 p. 3, col. 1; The conference decided that Egerton Ryerson would be one of the preachers for Kingston, that Rev. J.C. Davidson is to go to Toronto and that Mr. Evans is to be editor of the Christian Guardian. British Whig (Kingston) June 26, 1835 p. 1, col. 3; Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Message to Sir George Arthur deploring the recent "patriot" war, signed by: Joseph Stinson, president of the conference, Egerton Ryerson, secretary of the conference, William Ryerson, of Toronto, superintendent, Andrew Taylor, minister, John Beatty, toward. List of other signatures included. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Dec. 12, 1838 p. 2, col. 1, 2

RYERSON, George was born in 1781 and was the eldest son of Col. Joseph Ryerson and he died in 1882. He was received on trial in 1828. In 1828 he was a delegate to the English Conference and remained until 1832. In Egland he became an Irvingite, and on his return founded the Catholic Apostolic Church in Canada. 1828-1829 Credit, 1830 Grand River, 1831 located, Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Egerton Ryerson's brother George Ryerson, a minister of the "Irving" sect, has arrived in Kingston from England. British Whig (Kingston) Oct. 27, 1836 p. 3, col. 2

RYERSON, John was born in 1801 in Norfolk Co. Ontario and was received on trial in 1821 Methodist Episcopal. He was the son of Col. Joseph Ryerson. 1820 Long Point, 1821 Ancaster, 1822 Niagara, 1823 ordained Yonge St., 1824 Bay of Quinte, 1825 Perth, 1826 Niagara, 1827-1830 Presiding Elder Niagara District, 1831 York (Toronto), 1832 Presiding Elder Bay of Quinte District, 1833 joined Wesleyan Methodist Conference, 1835 Chairman Bay of Quinte District, 1840 Methodist Episcopal Conference in Baltimore, 1842 Thorold, 1843 Ernestown, 1851 Queen Street Toronto Chairman Toronto District living on Church St., 1852-1853 Chairman Belleville District, 1854-1855 Kingston - Co-Chairman Kingston District living at 95 Queen Street, 1858-1869 Brantford (retired), 1863 Tuscarora (Brant), 1871 Brantford (Brant Co.)

RYERSON, Joseph E. 1844 Florence/Chatham, 1847-1848 Toronto East, 1851 Adelaide Street Toronto

RYERSON, William R. was born in 1798 in New Brunswick and was received as a Methodist Episcopal minister in 1823. He was the son of Col. Joseph Ryerson and died in 1873. 1821 Westminster, 1822 Norwich, 1823-1824 Niagara, 1825 ordained Fort George and Queenston, 1826-1827 York and Yonge St., 1828-1831 Presiding Elder Bay of Quinte District, 1830 Smith's Creek Circuit, 1831 Belleville, 1832 Brockville, 1833 joined Wesleyan Methodist Conference, 1833 Brockville, 1836 Chairman Niagara District, 1836 Brantford, 1838 Toronto, 1844 Adolphustown, 1844 Barrie (Simcoe Co.), 1845 Norwich/Mt. Pleasant, 1847 Malahide (London), 1851 Simcoe (Nofolk Co.), 1852 Blenheim (Oxford Co.), 1854 Beachville (Oxford Co.), 1855-1869 Grand River - Chairman Brantford District (retired), 1871 Onondaga (Brant Co.), buried in Salt Springs Church Cemetery, Onondaga, (Brant Co.), Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Message to Sir George Arthur deploring the recent "patriot" war, signed by: Joseph Stinson, president of the conference, Egerton Ryerson, secretary of the conference, William Ryerson, of Toronto, superintendent, Andrew Taylor, minister, John Beatty, toward. List of other signatures included. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Dec. 12, 1838 p. 2, col. 1, 2; Belleville - Rev. W. Ryerson, Methodist Minister in Belleville. Kingston Chronicle Apr. 2, 1831 p. 2, col. 1, 2

RYLANCE/RILANCE, William was received on trial in 1868, 1869 Milford, 1870 Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1895-1897 Johnstown

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