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MacAULAY, William 1837 Kingston, Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Sermon preached by Rev. William Macaulay at the funeral of Mrs. Catherine Wright has been printed in pamphlet form. It deals with Methodists and the Church of England. British Whig (Kingston) Apr. 5, 1837 p. 3, col. 2, 3

MacDONALD, D. was born in Scotland and arrived in Canada in 1871, 1878 Napier/Metcalfe (Middlesex Co.)

MacDONALD, Malcom 1848 Shefford

MacDONALD, T.H. 1896 Greenwood,

MacFARLANE, James was born on Oct 30 1846 and died on Mar 5 1901. He married Caroline M. McNiece who was born in 1850. He was buried in Stirling Cemetery, Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1900 Greenwood,

MacFARLANE, Joseph 1873 Tiny Twp. (Simcoe Co.)

MACK, Robert B. 1870 Port La Tour N.S.

MACK, Wilbur was received on trial in 1818 Methodist Episcopal, 1818 Stanstead and St. Francis, 1819 located

MACKIE, James was born in 1829 in Scotland, 1871 Guelph Town (Wellington Co.)

MADDEN, David B. was received on trial in 1840, 1848-1849 St. Andrews Circuit, 1850 Consecon, 1851 Newburgh, 1854-1855 Oshawa, 1869 Castleton (retired)

MADDEN, George C. was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Pittsburg, 1874 Fredericksburg, 1876 Adelaide (Middlesex Co.)

MADDEN, Thomas was received on trial in 1802 Methodist Episcopal, 1802 Long Point, 1803 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1804 Ordained Oswegotchie, 1805 first Canadian Camp Meeting at Hay Bay, Bay of Quinte 1805 Smith's Creek Circuit, 1806 Long Point, 1807 Quebec, 1808 Montreal, 1809-1810 Ottawa, 1811-1812 Charlotte N.Y, 1813-1814 Brandon N.Y., 1815 Augusta, 1816 Bay of Quinte/Kingston, 1817 Bay of Quinte, 1818-1819 Hallowell, 1820 Belleville, 1821 Smith's Creek, 1822-1823 Augusta, 1824-1826 Niagara, 1827 Ancaster/Binbrook, 1828 Rideau, 1829 Oswegotchie District, 1829-1831 Augusta, 1831-1832 Elizabethtown,1832 Markham (York Co.), 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference

MADDEN, Thomas was born in 1805 in Kingston Ontario, 1881 Dresden Chatham Twp. (Kent Co.), 1881 listed as a farmer and Weselyan minister and owning 150 acres on Con. VIII, Lot 20

MADDEN, Thomas E. was born in 1848 in Quebec, 1871 Belmont & Methuen (Peterorough Co.), 1877 Chatham (Kent Co.)

MADDEN, William H. 1875 Greenwood/Brougham,

MADDOCK, R.H. 1912-1916 Grand Banks Nfld

MAGAVERN, William Joseph 1864-1866 Brampton/Orangeville, married Mary Leighton, sister of John at Orangeville 1865. William Magavern was minister of Primative Methodist Church # 3 York St, Orangeville and moved to Buffalo N.Y.

MAGWOOD, Alexander A. Wesleyan Methodist, 1866 Coboconk, He was received on trial in 1867 at Erin (Wellington Co.) and retired that same year because of ill health.

MAGWOOD, J. Wesley Primitive Methodist, 1892-1893 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1901-1903 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.)

MAHAN, John was born in 1842 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1867, died before 1923 1869 Wyoming (Middlesex Co.), 1871 Plympton (Lambton Co.) Christian Guardian - Personals - Dr Wesley Mahan died on February 10, 1923 at home in Vancouver BC only son of Mrs Mahan of Wyoming ON and late Rev John Mahan survived by widow and 1 daughter

MAIR, William 1916 South Dummer Asphodel Twp.,

MANLY, John G. 1835 Prescott, 1837-1840 Barriefield, 1840 Binbrook, Anderson, Alexander Barriefield, aged 87 married the widow (Margaret) Clement of Pittsburgh Twp. Rev. John Manly, Methodist minister, officiated. British Whig (Kingston) Sept. 28, 1837 p. 2, col. 4; Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - The Minister, Rev. John G. Manly preached a sermon in Picton, on 'The nature, origin, progress, present state, and character of Wesleyan Methodist. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette May 21, 1840 p. 2, col. 2; Merchants Mr. Bently, H. Hardy, and J.M. Rorison are selling a pamphlet by Rev. John G. Manly; The nature, origin, progress, present state, and character of Wesleyan Methodist. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette May 21, 1840 p. 2, col. 2

MANNING, Henry M. was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Sharon and Mount Albert,

MANNING, Mark was born in 1850 in Ontario, 1871 Innisfil (Simcoe Co.)

MANNING, Thomas D.D. 1883 officiated at the opening of a new church building in Bailyboro, 1897 Cambridge St. Lindsay,

MANSIER, Michael was born in 1833 in Germany, 1871 Rainham (Haldimand Co.)

MANSON, C. Episcopal, 1851 Crosby,

MARCEAU, William Frederick was born in 1852 in Naipierville son of Louis and Mary (Manning) and died in 1924 in Naipierville Ontario. He married Sarah McLoughlin and in 1924 was living in Naipierille Ontario

MARCHINGTON, Philip 1802-1803 PEI local preacher

MARK, Robert was born in 1832 in England and was received on trial in 1857, 1867-1869 Orillia, 1871 Brighton (Northumberland Co.)

MARKHAM, Joseph was born in 1831 in England, Primitive Methodist, in 1889 his two daughters Eliza A. and Sarah S. were witnesses at the Daniel Sayers - Elizabeth McAllister wedding in the manse in Erin Village 1866 Malvern (York Co.), 1871 London, 1887-1890 Erin

MARKLE, Bernard Episcopal, 1844 Mosa/London, 1845 Binbrook,

MARSDEN, George was born in 1772 in Manchester, England, of Methodist parentage. He entered the Wesleyan ministry in 1793 and served as a circuit minister for nearly fifty years, mainly in the northwest of England. He died in 1858. A close friend of Jabez Bunting, Marsden was one of the leading ministers of his generation. He served as Missionary secretary (1816-18), secretary of Conference (1820) and President of the Canadian Conference in 1833. He was also President of the Wesleyan Conference in 1821 and 1831. Marsden was superannuated in 1842 and died near Glossop in Derbishire two weeks after preaching his last sermon., Great Britain - Rev. George Marsden of London, Representative of the British to the Methodist conference in Upper Canada, arrived at New York Harbour from Liverpool. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Sept. 14, 1833 p. 2, col. 3; Methodist Episcopal Church - Union of this church and the British Wesleyan Methodists. Egerton Ryerson of the Episcopals and George Marsden of the British Wesleyans supported union but some of the latter group did not. The reporter stated that the Episcopals are too closely connected with the American Methodist groups. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Oct. 12, 1833 p. 2, col. 5

MARSH, D.B. D.D. 1906-1913 Springville Monaghan Twp.,

MARSH, R.W. was born in 1847 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1870-1871 & 1879-1881 Stirling/Rawdon (Hastings Co.)

MARSHAL, C.M. 1892 Thorold

Rev. S.E. MarshallMARSHALL, Sanford E. B.A., D.D. died 1925 at Montreal PQ, 1890 Thorold, 1903-1906 Norfolk St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1907 Trinity Berlin (Waterloo Co.)



MARSTON, D. 1888 Free Methodist Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

MARTIN, Alexander was born in 1829 in Ontario, Episcopal, Marysburgh South (Prince Edward Co.), 1862 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.,

MARTIN, Daniel E. 1888-1891 Florence

MARTIN, R.G. married Mary Evangeline Porter Martin who died on May 5 1924 in West Vancouver British Columbia and was buried May 10 1924 in Gregg Manitoba (Christian Guardian) Deaths - Mary Evangeline Porter Martin died May 5 1924 West Vancouver BC wife of Rev. R.G. Martin of Gregg MB buried May 10 1924 at Gregg MB.(Christian Guardian) Memoriam Aug 1924 Mrs Martin, wife of R.G. Martin, pastor of Kerfoot circuit - died Vancouver BC

MARTIN, Samuel B. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1861, 1870 Port Mouton N.S.

MARTIN, Timothy was born in 1794 and died on June 24, 1841. He was received on trial in 1825 Methodist Episcopal, 1825 Long Point, 1826 located, 1831-1832 Bayham London

MARZOLF, Jacob was born in 1839 in Ontario, 1871 Markham (York Co.)

MASON, George 1892 Greenwood,

MASON, Thomas was born in 1830 in Gloucester England and died in 1924 in Guelph Ontario Christian Guardian Mrs. (Rev.) Thomas Mason - an appreciation. She was born over 90 years ago in Ayrshire Scotland to a military man and his wife and married in 1862, Thomas Mason. She died on Feb 2 1923 and was buried in Lambeth Ontario. In 1870 she left Scotland and came to Peterborough Ontario and in 1911 they moved to Lambeth Ontario. In Nov 1921 she moved into Elliott Home in Guelph Ontario due to increased infirmities. She had many children but only one daughter Mary survived to young womanhood. She died in 1882 at age 17 in Windsor Ontario.

MASSEY, W.J. Episcopal, 1864 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.,

MASSON 1916-1919 Belwood Garafraxa (Wellington Co.)

MASSON, James was born in 1828 in Scotland and was received on in 1854, 1854-1855 Matilda, 1856-1858 Kemptville, 1866 Ramsay Twp. (Lanark Co.), 1869 Lyn, 1871 Elizabethtown (Brockville)

MATHERS, F.M. was born in 1862 and died in 1924 in Toronto Ontario children son A.S .Mathers and daughter Alda were both living in 1924 in Toronto ON

MATHESON, James was born in 1838 in Scotland and was received on trial in 1861, 1869 Aliston, 1871 Tecumseth (Simcoe Co.), 1873 Bolton (Peel Co.)

MATHEWS, Abner 1832 Blenheim London

MATTHEWS, H.S. was born in 1839 in Ontario, 1871 Brant Twp. (Bruce Co.)

MATTINGLY, Charles Primitive 1870 Bracebridge,

MAUDSLEY, Samuel Edward was born in England and was received on trial in 1852, 1852-1853 St. Vincent (Grey Co.), 1853 received on trial, 1854-1855 St. Thomas, 1869 Shawbridge,

MAVETY, D. was born in 1846 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Marysburgh South (Prince Edward Co.)

MAXWELL, Henry W. was born in 1840 and died on April 14th. 1871. He was received on trial in 1862 at Ainleyville, Wesleyan Methodist, 1863 Kincardine, 1864 Howick, 1865 student at Victoria College Cobourg, 1866 Eaton, 1867 Bathurst, 1868 Foxboro, 1869 Port Neuf, 1870-1871 Durham Quebec,

Rev. W.J. MaxwellMAXWELL, William J. was born in 1844 in Plympton (Lambton Co.) and died in 1894. He was received on trial in 1871-1872 at Watford, Wesleyan Methodist, 1868-1872 Watford (Lambton Co.), 1873 Parkhill (Middlesex Co.), 1875 Norfolk St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1876 St Catharines, 1879-1881 Dublin St Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1882 Brantford (Brant Co.), 1889 President Niagara Conference


MAYBEE, W.J. Episcopal, 1879-1881 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.),

MAYER, F.W.A. 1889-1892 South Mountain

McALISTER, James was born in 1828 in Ireland, New Connexion, He was the father of Rev. W. George H. McAlister, was received on trial in 1851 at Crosby, 1850 Goulbourn/Drummond, 1852 Prince Edward, 1853 Yorkville, 1854-1855 Waterloo, 1856 Galt/ Dumfries Twp., 1857-1859 Nelson, 1860-1862 Milton, 1863-1866 Waterford, 1867-1870 Ancaster/Beverley (Wentworth Co.), 1871-1873 Nelson, 1874 Kilbride, 1875-1877 Ellis Church Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1878-1880 Oakville, 1882 Peel (Wellington Co.), Chairman of District 1862 and 1867 to 1874. Delegate to the General Conference, Montreal 1878

McALISTER, W. George H. was born in 1857 in Kilbride Ontario and died in 1924. He was the son of Rev. James McAlister, and he married Lottie Plewes of Brantford (Brant Co.), 1882 Drayton Peel (Wellington Co.) (Christian Guardian) Rev. W.G.H. McAlister died on May 28 1924 at home in Galt. He was the son of the late Rev. James McAlister amd was survived by his widow - formerly Miss Lottie Plewes of Brantford Ontario and 2 sons: Fred and Clive

McARTHUR, John H. B.D. was born in 1864 and died in 1922 near Moffatt. (Christian Guardian) Late Rev John H McArthur STD was born on Aug 21 1864 in Kilbride Village, Halton Co. Ontario. He married in Aug 1893, Miss Margaret Jeanetta Jacks of DeCewsville. He died on Nov 16 1922 and is buried in the Carlisle Cemetery and was survived by his wife and 5 children: Horace Hasner McArthur of Ottawa Ontario, Mrs A Fawcett Eaton of Carlisle Ontario, William John McArthur of Milton Ontario, Myrtle and Eleanor at home, sisters and brothers. He was received on trial in 1886 and ordained 1892 in Niagara, 1893-1897 in Japan, 1901-1904 Princeton, 1904-1907 Salford, 1907-1910 Lynedock, 1910-1914 Erie, 1914-1918 Niagara-on-the-Lake, 1918 retired

McARTHUR, Robert 1871 Pownal PEI

McAMMOND, Foster 1877-1878 Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1878 West Huntington/Moira (Hastings Co.), 1884 Prescott, 1894-1895 South Mountain

McBAIN, J.H. Primitive, 1895-1896 Paisley St Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1918 Trinity Berlin (Waterloo Co.)

McCAMUS, D.N. 1888-1891 Baileyboro,

McCANN, Alfred was born in 1838 in the United States and was received on trial in 1861, 1863-1864 Greenwood/Brougham, 1869-1871 Darlington (Durham Co.), 1873 Ernestown, 1874 Wilton, 1876 Violet,

McCANN, H. 1873-1877 Camden East,

McCANN, J. 1869 St. Patrick's Church Gore of Toronto

McCANN, William was born in 1840 in Ireland, New Connexion, 1871 Marysburgh South (Prince Edward Co.)

McCARTY, William 1847 Charlottetown PEI, 1870 Hillsburg N.S.

McCARTNEY, James H. was born in 1841 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1863, 1869 Yonge Street South, 1871 Culross (Bruce Co.), 1872 Howick, 1886 Clinton,Lincoln (Niagara), 1900-1902 Binbrook,

McCAULEY, Samuel 1872 Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1880 Rawdon (Hastings Co.)

McCLEAWORTH, 1853 Asphodel Twp.,

McCELLAND J.C. 1922 Drew/Minto (Wellington Co.)

McCLUNG, James A. was born in 1837 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1863, 1869-1872 Manvers/Clarke (Durham Co.)

McCLURE, W. New Connexion, 1851 Temperance Street Toronto,

McCOLLOM, Edwin was born in 1844 in Lincoln Co. Ontario and was received on trial in 1867, 1869 Kingsville, 1871 London, 1874 Charing Cross Raleigh Twp. (Kent Co.) 1881 living on 100 acres on Con. X, Lot 17

McCOLLOM, Joseph Wesley was received on trial in 1841, 1843-1836 Osnabruck Twp. (Stormont Co.), 1847 Brockville, 1850 Yonge Twp. (Leeds Co.), 1851-1854 Nelson Twp. (Halton Co.), 1854-1855 Port Hope, 1860 Barrie/Vespra (Simcoe Co.), 1864-1866 Barrie (Simcoe Co.), 1866 Richmond Hill (York Co.), 1869 Sarnia, 1884 Christie/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), In the spring of 1844 he was instrumental in introducing Rev. William McGill into the Wesleyan Methodist Church.

McCONNEL, Herman was born in 1869 and died in 1958 and was buried in the Mount Nemo United Church Cemetery, Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.) He married Edith E. Washington who was born in 1869.

McCONNELL, G. 1906 Scugog Circuit

McCRACKEN, George was received on trial in 1806 Methodist Episcopal, 1806 Dorchester USA, 1807 Lyons USA, 1808 Ordained Scipio USA, 1809 Quebec, 1810 located

McCULLOUGH, Robert was born in 1844 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1867. He married Mrs. R. McCullough in 1872 who was born in Canton Ontario (United Empire Loyalist) and died in March 1924 in Toronto. (Christian Guardian) The late Mrs R. McCulloch - an appreciation. She was born in Canton Ontario where family settled when they came to Canada as United Emprire Loyalists. In 1872 she married the Rev. Robert McCulloch and she died in Mar 1924 Toronto Ontario. She was survived by her husband, 2 daughters: Mrs George E. Deroche of Belleville Ontario, and Miss Ella at home, 3 sons: Dr Edward A. McCullough, Dr R.J. Percy McCullough and Dr. Ernest McCullough all of Toronto Ontario, 6 grandchildren, 1 brother Mr Ephraim Hawkins of Port Hope and 1 sister Mrs W.B. Bashford of Rosthern SK., 1869 Melbourne, 1871 Moore (Lambton Co.),

McCULLOUGH, William was born in 1815 in Ireland and died on September 19, 1879. He was received on rial as a Methodist Episcopal minister in 1840. Rev. George Henry Kenney was married on June 28, 1864 to Lydia, daughter of F. McCullough, Esq., of Navan, and sister of the late Revs. William and James B. McCullough. Rev. A.B. Chambers was married on June 16, 1868 to Miss Lucy, third daughter of the late Rev. William McCullough and they had three daughters and two sons. 1840-1841 Kemptville, 1842 Smith's Creek Circuit, ordained 1842-1843 Belleville, 1844-1845 Cobourg, 1846-1847 Peterborough, 1848-1849 Hallowell, 1850 Picton, 1851-1853 Port Hope, 1854-1856 Chairman Woodstock, 1857-1859 St. Catharines, 1860-1862 St. Thomas/ Port Stanley, 1863-1864 Napanee, 1865 Bradford, 1866-1867 Newcastle, 1867-1869 Oakville, 1870-1871 Markham (York Co.), 1872-1874 Colborne, 1875 Grafton (retired) 1876-1879 Plainville,

McCULLOUGH, William S. B.A. was born in 1841 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1861, 1869 L'Orignal, 1871 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.)

McCUTCHEON, T. 1878-1880 Merlin (London)

McDIARMID, Neil A. was born in 1847 in Ontario, New Connexion, 1871 Somerville (Victoria Co.)

McDONAGH, William was born in 1831 in County Fermanagh (near Eniskillin) Ireland and was received on trial in 1858. His family came to Canada in 1847 to Brockville. 1849 Toronto, 1850-1852 Victoria College, 1852 received on trial, 1853 Humber, 1854-1855 Newmarket, 1866-1869 Cartwright, 1871 Newcastle (Durham), 1882 Clinton

McDONALD, Davidson was received on trial in 1860, 1869 Bloomfield and Cherry Valley (Prince Edward Co.),

McDONALD, Duncan was born in 1836 in Nova Scotia, 1870-1881 Creemore Nottawsaga Twp. (Simcoe Co.)

McDONALD, G.H. was born in 1841 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Osnabruck (Stormont Co.)

McDONALD, Malcolm was received on trial in 1837, 1851 Compton, 1855-1869 Stanstead (retired),

McDONALD, William 1830 Charlottetown PEI

Rev. G.M. McDougall McDOUGALL, George Millward. D.D. was received on trial in 1851 was ordained in 1854 and died in February, 1876 during a raging snow storm, 1851-1852 Bruce Mines (Owen Sound), ordained 1854, 1854-1855 Garden River (Owen Sound), 1856 Otonabee (Peterorough Co.), 1857 Rama, 1863-1869 Victoria Saskatchewan,


Rev. John McDougall McDOUGALL, John was born on December 27, 1842 at Owen Sound and was received on trial in 1866. He was married in 1864 to Abigail, daughter of Rev. H.B. Steinhawr, and after her decease he was married again in 1872 to Elizabeth, daughter of S.C. Boyd. 1867-1869 Elk River, 1876-1891 Chairman of Methodist Missions in the Saskatchewan District, N.W.T.



McDOWELL, David C. was born in 1826 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1846, 1852-1853 Whitby, 1854 Perth (Lanark Co.), 1855 Elmsley (Bathurst), 1859 Mountain Twp. (Dundas Co.), 1860 Oxford, 1864 Matilda/Dundas Twp,, 1869 Chairman Smith's Falls (Lanark Co.), 1869-1871 Wolford (Grenville), 1871 Smiths Falls (Lanark Co.)

McDOWELL, Henry was born in 1828 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1851, 1851 L'Orignal, 1854-1855 Richmond (Ottawa), 1860 Emily (Victoria Co.), 1860 Asphodel (Peterborough Co.), 1861 Dummer (Peterborough Co.), 1865-1867 Cartwright (Durham), 1867-1869 Carleton Place, 1871 Douro (Peterborough Co.)

McDOWELL, J.V. (Christian Guardian) In Memoriam - Rev. J.V. McDowell died on Apr 4 1894 in Lyn Ontario - signed sister Ella McDowell

McDOWELL, Robert 1817 Ernestown, Methodist Chapel - three sermons to be preached by Rev. Jos. Booth, British missionary from Montreal, Rev. Robert McDowall, Ernestown. Publication of the financial state of the Chapel. Kingston Gazette Oct. 14, 1817 p. 3, col. 4

McFADDEN, William was born in 1805 in Cty of Armagh, Ireland and came to this country with his father about 1815 settling in Leeds Co. where he was engaged in farming. He died on Dec 7, 1885 in Brampton. In 1837 he married Susanna, daughter of the late Edward Wilson, Armagh, Ireland who came to the British colonies in 1817 and settled in the City of Kingston. She died in 1872 leaving an only son, William Henry McFadden who became a well known lawyer. Rev. McFadden was received on trial in 1832, 1832 Markham (York Co.), 1835 Mississippi (Augusta), 1840 Asphodel (Peterborough Co.) 1841-1842 Cavan (Newcastle), 1844 Adolphustown, 1848-1850 Ernestown & Camden East, 1849-1850 Richmond, 1850 Napanee, 1851 Wilton/Picton, 1851-1852 Belleville (Hastings Co.), 1853 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1854 Brighton - Chairman Belleville District, 1855 Murray (Newcastle), 1856-1859 Barrie, 1858 Medonte (Simcoe Co.), 1859 Whitechurch (York), 1860 Darlington, 1863-1864 Greenwood/Brougham, 1866 Unionville (York Co.), 1868-1869 Chinguacousy (Peel Co.), 1871 Brampton (Peel Co.), 1872 Vaughan (retired), 1878 Christie/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Wesleyan Methodist Church minister Rev. William McFadden married Susanna Wilson of Kingston. Rev. Joseph Stinson officiated. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette June 12, 1837 p. 3, col. 2

McFADGEN, Alexander 1875 Hillsburg Erin Twp. (Wellington Co.)

McFARLANE, C.P. 1918 Kirwood

McFARLANE, James P. was born in 1849 in Scotland and was received on trial in 1868, 1869 Lyn, 1871 Smith's Falls (Lanark Co.), 1897 East Ward Lindsay, 1925 Montreal PQ

McFULTON, Jotham A.M. 1870 Summerside PEI

McGEE, Thomas was born in 1794 and died on August 8, 1859. He was received on trial in 1816 Methodist Episcopal, 1817 St. Lawrence, 1818 returned to USA, 1840 Oswegotchie District,

McGILL, Matthew Episcopal, 1849 Caradoc/London,

McGILL, William was received on trial in 1847, 1847 Waterloo Circuit, 1851 Bytown, 1852 Carleton Place, 1854-1855 Aylmer (Ottawa), 1866-1868 Morrisburgh, 1868 Camden East,

McGUIRE, John Robert was born in 1821 in Ireland, New Connexion, 1871 Holland (Grey Co.), 1866 Peel Twp. (Wellington Co.)

McINTOSH, R. Lorne married Eva Huston 1923 Edmonton AB CG Deaths - Late Dr Charles Andrews Huston born 1876 Stratford ON, son of late James and Hattie Huston of Manitou MB married Miss Margaret Davidson of Chicago IL died 1923 Stanford University, CA survived by widow, and sister Eva - wife of Rev R. Lorne McIntosh Edmonton AB

McINTYRE, C.L. 1914 Trinity Berlin (Waterloo Co.)

McINTYRE, John 1835 received on trial at Conference in Hamilton, 1835 Mississippi (Augusta) 1850 Murray Christian Guardian 1850 Marriages - On September 12th in St. Johns Church, Murray, James Cumming of Trent, and Margaret Amelia by Rev. John McIntyre

McKAY, J.W. Episcopal, 1865 Thornbury, (Grey Co.), 1896 Hamilton

McKEE, R. 1921 Malvern/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

McKEE, T.S. 1894-1898 Baileyboro,

McKELVEY, Charles was married in Moore Twp. to Angelina Thomas who was born on October 27, 1843 in St. Thomas and died before 1871, 1865 Hamilton (Wentworth Co.)

McKENZIE, Donald C. M.A. 1880 Corwhin Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.)

McKEOWN, Hezekiah 1870 St. Stephen N.B.

McLAREN, J.M. B.A. 1880 Corwhin Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.)

McLAREN P.J. B.A. 1880 Corwhin Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.)

McLACHLAN James 1906 Hanover

McLAUGHLIN, N. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1884,

McLEAN, Hugh was born in 1831 in Scotland and was received on trial in 1857, 1859 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1860 Binbrook, 1864-1865 South Mountain, 1867-1869 Salford, 1871 Dereham (Oxford Co.)

McLEAN, John was born in 1828 in Scotland, Episcopal, 1851 London, 1871 Hamilton (Wentworth Co.)

McMILLAN, W. 1862-1864 Denbeigh, 1883 Castleton

McMULLEN, Daniel was received on trial in 1825 Methodist Episcopal, 1824 Home District, 1825 Thames, 1826 London, 1828 Ordained Yonge St., 1829 Cavan and Rice Lake, 1830 Cobourg/Smith's Creek Circuit, 1831 Hallowell, 1832 Rice Lake, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1847 Ameliasburgh (Prince Edward Co.), 1850 Adolphustown, 1854-1855 Picton (Prince Edward Co.) supernumerary, 1861-1869 Picton (retired)

McMULLEN, Daniel was born in 1835 in the Bay of Quinte and was received on trial as a Methodist Episcopal minister, died in 1923 and married Eliza Conger who died before 1924, son Harvard C. was born in 1852 in Prince Edward Co. and died in 1924 at Picton ON charges 1851 Ottawa, 1862 Maryborough (Wellington Co.)

McMULLEN, J.A. 1895-1901 Springville Monaghan Twp., 1913 East Ward Lindsay,

McMULLEN, Thomas was born in 1807 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1833 at Dumfries, 1834 Whitby, 1835 Toronto Circuit, 1836 Rideau, 1827 ordained at Lake Simcoe/Barrie, 1838 Florence/Thames, 1839 Godfield/Howard, 1840 Barrie/Pennetanguishene, 1841 Barrie, 1842 Toronto Circuit, 1843 Norwich, 1844 Dereham (Oxford Co.), 1850 Cartwright/Manvers, 1851 Metcalfe Emily Twp. (Victoria Co.), 1852-1853 Clarendon/Portage du Fort, 1854-1855 Huntley/March (Ottawa), 1856 Bell's Corners, 1857-1858 Madoc/Hastings Road (Hastings Co.), 1859-1868 Cooksville, 1869-1873-1881 Yorkville (York Co.)(retired)

McMULLEN, William 1902-1905 Florence

Rev. John McMurrayMcMURRAY, John 1839-1842 Grand Banks Nfld, 1854 Charlottetown PEI, 1870 Newport N.S.



McMURRAY, William 1842 Christian Guardian Marriages Dec 22, 1842 at Ancaster, on 26th P. Napier of Saltfleet, to Agnes Rosseau daughter of George Rosseau - Rev Wm. McMurray

McMURTY, James 1923 Limerick Saskatchewan (Christian Guardian) Births - McMurty, a son was born on Dec 22 1923 in Limerick SK, son of Rev. James and Mrs McMurty

McNAB, Alexander was born in Belleville, was educated for the Methodist ministry, and was for some time Principal of Victoria College, Cobourg. He was received on trial in 1832 Methodist Episcopal, 1832 Hallowell, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 Stamford (Niagara), 1840-1841 Binbrook, Owing to changes in his theological views he went over to the Church of England and was appointed to the charge in Bowmanville. The residence was at the Wilmot's old church, Clarke Twp.

McNAIR, Thomas was born in 1849 in Ireland, 1871 Yarmouth (Elgin Co.)

McNALLY, James 1851 August (retired)

McNAMARA, George was born in 1811 and died on August 3rd, 1877. He was received on trial in 1857 at St. Vincent, Wesleyan Methodist, 1858 Owen Sound, 1859 Flos, 1860-1861 Penetanguishene, 1862-1863 Muskoka/Bracebridge, 1864 Lakefield/Warsaw, 1865-1867 Bobcaygeon/Silver Lake, 1868-1869 Bolsover, 1870-1872 Arthur (Wellington Co.), 1873-1876 Garafraxa/Luther (Wellington Co.), 1877 Arthur (Wellington Co.) retired

McNAMARA J.W. 1906 Drayton (Wellington Co.)

McNIVEN George 1906 Perth brother to William

McNIVEN William 1906 Port Rowan brother to George

McNUTT, Arthur 1835 St. Johns New Brunswick

McRAE, George was received on trial in 1860 at Elma, Wesleyan Methodist, 1859 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1861 Blenheim, 1862 Erin (Wellington Co.), ordained in 1863 at Georgetown, 1864 Galt, 1865 Mitchell, 1866 moved to the USA and united with the California Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1874 he was stationed at Potter and Little Lake, in the Ukiah District.

McRITCHIE, George was received on trial in 1850 and ordained 1854, 1851 Georgetown, 1854-1855 Kingston, 1860 Burgess Twp. (Johnstown), 1864-1865 Ernestown, 1866-1869 Montreal South, 1872 Windham, 1885 Augusta (Leeds Co.)

Rev.G G. McRobbieMcROBBIE, Gilbert G. 1880 Corwhin Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.)                                                                                                                                                      


McTAVISH, H.W. 1905-1906 Granton - London Conference

McVETY, T.W. was born in Canada, 1878 Odessa Ernestown Twp. (Lennox & Addington Co.)

McVITTY, G.C. officiated at Norfolk Street Methodist Church, a wedding June 7, 1923

MEACHAM, George M. M.A. D.D. was received on trial in 1857 at Matilda, 1856 Maitland, 1858-1859 Victoria College Cobourg, ordaine 1860-1861 at Newmarket/Aurora, 1862 Bradford, 1863 Fergus (Wellington Co.), 1864 Bethany Peel (Wellington Co.), 1864-1866 Fergus/Nichol/Pilkington/Elora (Wellington Co.), 1866-1867 Frankford, 1868-1870 Montreal West, 1871-1873 Napanee, 1874-1875 Dundas, 1876-1881 Canadian Missionary in Japan

MEEKER, Benjamin was born in 1788 in Weybridge, VT, USA, 1851-1857 & 1865 Winchester (Dundas Co.),

MEEKER Philip Harold was born in 1840 the son of Samuel and Nancy Meeker, 1861 living Osnaruck

MELLISH, I.M. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1877,

MELLOR, J. 1902 South Dummer Asphodel Twp.,

MERCER, R.F. 1924 Drew Ontario (Christian Guardian) Births - Earl Bryce Mercer was born on Mar 1 1924 at parsonage Drew Station Ontario. He was the son of Rev. R.F. and Mrs Mercer

MERCER, W. Seeley, died in a blizzard on Feb 4 1924 in Newfoundland (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. T.G. Seeley - an appreciation. He died on Mar 22 1924 at the General Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba and was buried Elmwood Cemetery. A native of Newfoundland, he worked at Maidstone SK and spent 22 months at the sanitorium in Ninette Manitoba after a serious operation. He then moved to Winnipeg Manitoba around 1922. His brother, Rev. W.R. Seeley of Sidney Mines and uncle Rev. W.R. Mercer of SK were with him at time of death. His cousin Rev. W. Seeley Mercer died in a blizzard on Feb 4 1924 in Newfoundland. (Christian Guardian) Rev W.S. Mercer - memorial. He grew up in Bay Roberts and died in a blizzard in Fogo NFLD. He was survived by parents, wife and young son

MERROW, Edward was born in 1841 in Ontario, 1871 Blenheim (Oxford Co.)

MERWIN, Samuel, was born in Durham, Connecticut, September 13, 1777 and died on January 13, 1839. He was received on trial in 1800 Methodist Episcopal. Soon after he entered upon his itinerant career, namely, in the year 1803, he was sent as a missionary to Lower Canada, and took his first station in Quebec, a place almost wholly given to the idolatry of Roman Catholicism, and where Protestantism had little more than a "name to live." Such were the discouraging circumstances attending this first effort to plant Methodism in that strong-hold of iniquity, that brother Merwin continued his ministrations only about six weeks, when he left for Montreal. During this short stay, however, he made a favorable impression on some hearts, which opened the way for future efforts with greater promise of success. 1800 Long Island USA, 1801 Redding USA, 1802 Ordained at Addams USA, 1803 Montreal, 1804 Quebec. 1804 returned to USA.

MESSMORE, Joseph was received in 1824 Methodist Episcopal, 1823 Ancaster, 1824 Thames, 1825-1826 Ordained Lyon's Creek, 1827-1828 Grand River, 1829 Amherstburg, 1830 Stamford, 1831 Niagara, 1832 St. Catharines/Thorold, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 Long Point (Niagara), 1836 Brantford, 1837-1838 Thorold, 1852-1853 Georgetown, 1854-1855 Waterdown, 1862-1869 Simcoe (retired)

METCALF, Franklin was born in 1803 in Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), Obituary: Died on Mon 24 Apr 1830 in York, 3rd inst., Mrs. Isabel Metcalf, wife of the Rev. Franklin Metcalf, Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church at that place. He was received on trial in 1819 Methodist Episcopal, 1819-1820 Hallowell, 1821 Ordained Bay of Quinte, 1822-1823 Perth, 1824-1825 Hallowell, 1826-1827 Augusta, 1828-1829 York, 1830-1831 Augusta, 1831 Lanark, 1832 Niagara, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1834 Fredericksburg, 1835 dispute at Hamilton Conference and he retired on the spot to a farm on the Ottawa River near Point Fortune. - appointed Methodist Minister at Lanark. Kingston Chronicle Apr. 2, 1831 p. 2, col. 1-2

METCALFE, James F. was born in 1847 in Ontario, 1868 Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), 1870-1871 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1874 Hampton (Durham Co.)

MEYER, Fred F. was born in 1839 in Germany, New Connexion, 1871 Woolwich Twp. (Waterloo Co.)

MEYERS, Tobias was born in 1837 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Mariposa (Ontario Co.). He was buried at Whites Cemetery, Sidney Twp. (Hastings Co.)

MIDDLETON Eli was born in 1845 in England and died on May 17 1924 in Toronto and was buried in Prospect Cemetery, Toronto Ontario, Primitive Methodist, He came to Canada around 1867, 1870 Malvern/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), 1874-1877 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), (Christian Guardian) Late Rev. Eli Middleton born England about 79 years ago died May 17 1924 Toronto Ontario, buried Prospect Cemetery, Toronto Ontario, came to Canada around 1867, survived by wife and 1 son Jesse E. of Toronto Ontario

MIGHT, Samuel was born in 1833 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1859, 1869 Shannonville (Hastings Co.), 1871 Port Hope (Durham Co.)

MILES, Stephen was received on trial in 1836, 1837 Florence, 1842 Gananoque, 1844-1845 Ernestown & Camden East, 1845 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1846 Madoc (Hastings Co.), 1847-1848 Marmora (Hastings Co.), 1850-1851 Camden East, 1851 Fredericksburg, 1848-1855 Hazzards Corners (Frontenac), 1854-1855 Madoc (Hastings Co.) superannuated, 1856-1869 Newburg (retired), 1842 Gananoque a message to Capt. Henry Jessopp, 1st Commander 4th Incorporated Battalion Gananoque, from John MacDonald, Ephraim Webster, Rev. Henry Gordon, Presbyterian minister, Rev. Stephen Miles, Wesleyan Methodist minister, W.S. MacDonald and 75 others. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette June 25, 1842 p. 2, col. 6

MILL, John C. 1835 Newmarket

MILLAR, J.H. 1911-1915 South Mountain

MILLARD, M. 1877-1881 Ayr N. Dumfries Twp. (Waterloo Co.)

MILLEN, Albert E. 1924-1925 Mt. Pleasant Nichol (Wellington Co.)

MILLER, Aaron D. Wesleyan Methodist, was received on trial in 1852 at Picton, 1850 Sidney, 1851 Brighton, 1853 no station ill-health, 1854 Bath/Amherst Isle (Kingston), 1855-1856 Wallaceburg, 1857-1859 Maryborough/Peel (Wellington Co.), 1859-1860 Demorestville, 1861-1862 Madoc, 1863-1865 Shannonville, 1866 Ellis Church Puslinch (Wellington Co.), 1866-1870 Arthur Methodist (Wellington Co.), 1870 Waterdown, 1871-1872 Hudson, 1873-1876 Belleville, 1876 Tillbury, 1877 Waterdown, 1878-1881 Rainham

MILLER, D. Andrew was born in 1826 in Ontario, Methodist Episcopal, 1871 Belleville (Hastings Co.), 1885 BME Essex Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.)

MILLER, George was born in 1830 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1869 Uxbridge (Ontario Co.), 1871 Gwillimbury East (York Co.),

MILLER, Gilbert was received on trial in 1830 Methodist Episcopal, 1829 Pinnacle St. Belleville, 1830 Cavan, 1831-1832 Lake Simcoe, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833 Albion, 1836 Coldwater (resident missionary to the Indians), 1840 Cavan (Durham), 1844-1845 Lindsay, 1846-1869 Picton (Prince Edward Co.) supernumerary(retired)

MILLER, H.J. 1923 Vancouver (Christian Guardian) Mrs Miller wife of Rev. H.J. Miller of Vancouver BC died a few days ago and was buried in Cookstown Ontario in Feb 1923

MILLER, Robert b 1836 Ontario, British Methodist Episcopal, 1871 Trafalgar (Halton Co.)

MILLER, T.W. 1884 Alma Peel Twp. (Wellington Co.)

MILLER, William W. was born in 1825 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1856, 1859 Lindsay, 1864 Napier (Middlesex Co.), 1866-1868 Fredericksburg (Lennox Co.), 1868 Camden East, 1869 Harrowsmith, 1871 Portland (Addington Co.)

MILLIGAN, George S. A.M. 1870 Charlottetown PEI

MILLIKEN, Andrew Wesleyan Methodist was received on trial and ordained in 1856-1858 at Flos/Orillia, 1852 & 1862 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1857 Vespra/Medonte (Simcoe Co.), 1858 Oro (Simcoe Co.), 1859-1860 Erin/Rockwood/Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1860-1862 Eramosa (Wellington Co.), 1861-1862 Fergus/Elora/Peel/Minto (Wellington Co.), 1863-1865 Wallace, 1866 Wellesley, 1867-1868 Millbank/Minto (Wellington Co.), 1867-1868 Mornington (Perth Co.), 1869-1871 Howick (Huron Co.), 1872-1873 Bervie, 1875-1876 Holmesville, 1877-1879 Ashfield, 1880 St. Clair. In the 1860's Winterbourne was a mission project of Trinity Methodist Church in Waterloo. When the Rev. Miliken was preaching with all the gusto he could muster to win souls for the Lord, a little black animal with a white strip down its back, rushed into the room and disrupted the meeting. Even the offering was forgotten in the haste that day to vacate the room.

MILLS, Edwin was born in PEI and was ordained in 1867, 1870 Knowlesville N.B.

MILLS, John 1904-1906 Trustee Norfolk St. Methodist Church Guelph (Wellington Co.) Mrs. Mills was a member in 1919 at Norfolk St. Methodist Church

MILLS, John was born in Ireland and was received on trial in 1851, 1851 Newborough (Kingston), 1852 on trial, 1854-1855 Bowmanville, 1855-1856 Camden East, 1856 Richmond, 1861 Hullett (Huron Co.), 1866-1869 Paris (Brant Co.)

MILLS, William was received on trial in 1869. He was married to Hannah Ellis in Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.) on Tuesday June 17, 1873 at the home of her parents Edward and Mary Ellis. The wedding was officiated by Rev. Thomas Stobbs. Rev. Mills was to become the minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, in Heslper in 1883. Before his marriage to Hannah Ellis, he was "in training" for the ministry. His travels as an assistant minister would have take him to Ellis Church in Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.). He was received on trial in 1869 at Innisfil, 1870 Aurora, 1871 Berlin, 1872 Elora (Wellington Co.), 1873 ordained at Elmira, 1874-1876 Georgetown, 1877-1878 Cumnock Nichol Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1879 Arthur, 1880 Corunna, 1883 Hespler, 1883-1886 Ellis Church Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.)

MILNER, James 1838-1839 Florence/Thames

MILNER, John was born in 1830 in England, Primitive, 1871 Barrie (Simcoe Co.)

MINOR, Timothy was received on trial in 1810 Methodist Episcopal, 1810-1811 Dunham C.E., 1812 returned to the USA

MINTER, Rev. Episcopal 1889 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

Rev. George A. Mitchell MITCHELL, George A. was born on January 31, 1841 in North Toronto, Ontario, and was received on trial in 1865 and died on October 20, 1922 in his 83rd year at his daughter's home in Lacombe Alberta with the funeral Oct 23 at son's home (Brig. General C.H. Mitchell) in Toronto Ontario. 1865 Clinton, 1866 Cooksville, 1868 Sarnia, 1869-1871 Oil Springs (Lambton Co.), 1871 Chatham, 1872 Petrolia, 1875 Kincardine, 1878 Wingham, 1881 Exeter, 1884 Harriston, 1887 Niagara Falls South, 1890 Tilsonburg, 1891 Zion Tabernacle Hamilton



MITCHELL, George F. B.A. 1906 Port Maitland/Brenton Maritime Conference

Rev. James MitchellMITCHELL, James was born in 1776 and died on April 13, 1859. He was received on trial in 1806 Methodist Episcopal, 1806 Somerset N.Y., 1807 Sciplo N.Y., 1808 Ordained Ontario N.Y., 1809 Holland N.Y., 1810 Quebec, 1811 Montreal, 1812 returned to USA, 1840 London, 1851 Maitland,


MITCHELL, R. 1907-1910 Florence

MOFFATT, R.C. 1872 Walkerton

MONTGOMERY, Hugh born in Ireland,1835 Perth (Lanark Co.), 1840 Binbrook, 1851 Russelltown C.E., 1854 left to join the Anglican Church

MONTGOMERY, James was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Cooksville,

MOONEY, J. 1884-1886 Binbrook,

MOORE, B.C. was born in the United States, Methodist Episcopal, 1876 Trecastle Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1867-1877 Embro West Zorra Twp.(Oxford Co.), 1881 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

MOORE, D.D. M.A. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1879,

MOORE, Ezra B. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1864, 1870 Jacksonville N.B.

MOORE, Frederick W. was born in PEI and was received on trial in 1851, 1870 Charlotetown PEI (retired)

MOORE, H. 1906 Weston - Toronto Conference

MOORE, J.E. D.D. married Eleanore Thompson born 1850 and died March 9 1924 Uxbridge Ontario, 1923-1924 Uxbridge, (Christian Guardian) - Mrs. (Rev) E.T. Moore - an appreciation. In 1850 she was born Eleanor Thompson, daughter of late Mr. G. Thompson of Sanford Ontario and married 47 years ago Rev. Dr. J.E. Moore and she died Mar 9 1924 at home at the age of 74 years old. In 1914 settled at Uxbridge Ontario and is survived by husband and 2 sons: Dr. H. Moore of Lakefield and Frederick Moore at home.

Rev. T. Albert Moore MOORE, T. Albert was born on June 29, 1860 at Acton, Ontario. He was married on September 16, 1884 to Miss Lissa Newton. of Woodstock, Ontario. Commencing business as a printer at the age of fourteen, he became both editor and proprietor of the Acton Free Press within three years in 1877. He was received on trial at the London Conference in 1880 and was ordained in 1884. 1880 London North, 1881 Belmont, 1882-1884 Salford, 1884-1887 Drumbo, 1887-1890 Princeton, 1891 Simcoe Street Hamilton, 1919 Secretary of the Board of Evangelism


MOOTE, Stanley A. married Grace Wood, 1924 South Cayuga Ontario 1925 Clifford (Wellington Co.)

MORDEN, John P. was born in 1830 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 London Tp. (Middlesex Co.)

MORGAN, J.H. 1893 Keewatin (Algoma)

MORGAN, James was born in 1830 in England and died on Feb 4, 1858 in Dundas (Wentworth Co.), and was received on trial in 1855, 1855 Woodstock, 1856 Aylmer, 1857 Ingersoll, 1858 Dundas

MORRIS, A.H. 1870 Miramachi N.B.

MORRIS, Caleb was received on trial in 1800 Methodist Episcopal, 1800 Herkimer USA, 1801 Ottawa, 1802 returened to USA

MORRIS, G.F. 1893 Thorold

MORRISON, H.L. 1923 Arnprior Ontario (Christian Guardian) Births - Kenneth Lloyd Morrison was born on Sep 3 1923 in Arnprior Ontario. He was the son of Rev. and Mrs. H.L. Morrison

MORRISON, John H. was born in 1857 in Plympton Ontario and died in 1924 in Sarnia Ontario. He was married to Rose Bloom sons living in 1924 John in Detroit Mich USA and Lancelot living in Toronto ON charges 1888-1891 Florence

MORRISON, Samuel was born in 1813 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1851 Toronto Presiding Elder, 1871 Markham (York Co.)

MORRISON, W.F. B.A. 1864 Lindsay,

MORROW, Edward B.A. was received on trial in 1863 at Havelock, 1862 Peterboro, 1864 Newcastle, 1865 Pickering/Greenwood/Brougham, 1866 ordained at Madoc, 1867 Sidney (Hastings Co.), 1868 Consecon, 1869 Paris, 1870-1872 Princeton/Burford (Oxford Co.), 1873 St. Thomas, 1874 Montreal Conference, 1875 Peterboro, 1876-1881 Winnipeg (retired)

MORROW, Henry was born in 1826 in Ireland, New Connexion, 1871 Manvers (Durham)

MORROW, Milton C. D.D. 1899-1902, 1921-1924 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.)

MORTON, Arthur D. AM 1870 Kentville N.S. and exchanged with the Horton N.S. minister once a month.

MORTON, Lewis In 1848 was received on trial at the Belleville Conference.

MORTON, Rolland 1870 Albion Mines N.S.

MORTON, Stanley Edgar was born on Apr 11 1884 and died on Jan 1 1940 and buried at Thomasburg Cemetery, Hungerford Twp. (Hastings Co.) He married Mathilda Blanche Thompson who was born in 1889.

MORTON, William was born in 1817 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1842, 1847 Templeton (Quebec), 1847 Murray (Northumberland Co.), 1849 Dummer (Colbourne), 1849 Asphodel (Peterborough Co.), 1850 Norwood (Peterborough Co.), 1851 Millbrook/Cavan (Durham Co.), 1854-1855 l'Orignal (Ottawa), 1863 Elizabethtown (Leeds Co.), 1867-1868 Matilda/Edwardsburgh (Grenville Co.), 1871 Iroquois Village (Dundas Co.) CG 1850 Marriages - At Cramahe on August 4th, Richard Skinner and Harriet Ketchem, both of Cramahe by Rev W. Morton

MOSHER, J.A. 1870 Maitland N.S.

MOSS, James was received in 1867, 1869 St. George,

MOSS, William H. was born in 1839 in England, New Connexion Methodist. His mother Catherine J. Moss was born in 1838 and died in 1924 in Milverton Ontario, 1924 daughter Aileen Rose was born on October 1, 1924 in Goderich ON 1865 Mt. Forest (Grey Co.), 1871 Trafalgar (Halton Co.), 1924 Benmiller Ontario

MOTYER, A.C. 1922 Boston Mass. (Christian Guardian) Wedding - Motyer-Jefferson married on Dec 27 1922 in Lambeth Edna, daughter of Rev. and Mrs Selby Jefferson to Rev. A.C. Motyer, son of Mr and Mrs Motyer of Hamilton, Bermuda. The father of bride officiated and the couple will reside in Boston Mass.

MOYER, Isaac M. Primitive, 1915-1918 Paisley St Guelph (Wellington Co.)

MULKINS, H. 1835 Yonge Street

MULLEN, Thomas 1833 Wellington Co.

MUNDAY, John H. 1910-1912 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

MURRAY, Edwin W. Episcopal, 1877 Kitchener (Waterloo Co.)

MURRAY, George 1834 Ayr, 1862 Blenheim (Oxford Co.)

MURRAY, Holt 1910-1914 Carsonby

MURRAY, S. 1919-1926 Merlin (London)

MUSGROVE, James was born in 1815. He was received on trial in 1832 Methodist Episcopal, 1831 Belleville, 1832 Whitby, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 Long Point (Niagara), 1836 Hamilton, 1837-1838 Thorold, 1842 Binbrook, 1849 Matilda (Eastern), 1850 Alnwick (Northumberland Co.), 1853-1855 Alderville - his attention shall be principally directed to the Industrial School, 1870 Paris (Brant Co.), son was John who married Charlotte Thackeray (born about 1850) in Alnwick, Northumberland Ontario and he was a school teacher

MYERS, Peter Episcopal, 1876 Binbrook, 1907-1910 Florence

NANKEVILLE, Benjamin was born in 1799 and died on October 9, 1856 in Cooksville, and was received on trial in 1835-1836 at Dumfries Toronto District, Wesleyan Methodist, 1834 Credit, 1837 no station - ill health, 1838 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), ordained in 1839-1841 at Matilda, 1842-1843 Augusta, 1844 Elizabethtown (Johnstown), 1844 Kemptville, 1845 Oxford/Richmond, 1846-1847 North Gower/Beckwith (Bathurst/Fenlon), 1846-1848 Goulbourn (Dalhousie), 1848 Mississippi, 1849 Carleton/Packenham, 1850-1851 Smith's Falls, 1852 Gananoque, 1853 Brampton, 1854-1856 Cooksville, (Christian Guardian) 18 April 1858 Streetsville - Mrs. Mary Nankeville, widow of the late Rev. B. Nankeville Wesleyan minister died suddenly.

NARRAWAY, James H. A.M. was born in PEI and was received on trial in 1854, 1851 Charlottetown PEI, 1870 St. John N.B. (retired)

NATTRASS, Timothy, Primitive Methodist, 1858 Galt, 1861-1864 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.)

NAZREY, Willis 1856 first Bishop of the British Methodist Episcopal Church (Brant Co.)

NEELANDS, John was born in 1836 in Port Credit, Ontario and was received on trial in 1859, 1851 Owen Sound, 1852-1853 Derby (Grey Co.), 1854-1855 Owen Sound supernumerary, 1868-1871 Adelaide (Middlesex Co.), 1877-1880 Florence Euphemia Twp. (Lambton Co.), 1880-1881 Woodslee Maidstone Twp. (Essex Co.)

NELLES, Samuel S. M.A. D.D. LL.D. B.A. was born on Oct 17, 1823 in Mount Pleasant (Brantford) and was received on trial in 1847, 1839-1840 Lewiston Academy New York, 1840 Fredonia Chautauqua New York, 1841 Genesee Wesleyan Seminary at Lima New York, 1842 Victoria College Cobourg, 1846 teacher at Newburg Academy in Lennox Co., 1847-1848 Port Hope, 1848-1850 Adelaide Street Church Toronto, 1850 Brantford, 1850 London, 1851 Cobourg - Principal of Victoria College, 1880 president Victoria College, associate representative with Rev. Isaac Brock Aylesworth, of the general Conference at the Methodist Episcopal General Conference, Philadelphia, 1884. Christian Guardian 1850 Marriages - On October 15th. in Brantford, Ont Jno Shaver and Mary Wood both of Windham by Rev S. Nelles

Rev. J. NelsonNELSON, J.F. 1870 Iroquois (Stormont Co.)





NEPPEL, John was born in 1841 in Ireland, 1871 Bruce Mines (Algoma)

NEWCOMBE, H.A. 1889-1892 Wesley/Underwood Nruce Twp.,

NEWLOVE, George entered the Wesleyan ministry in 1831. After a year in the Stanstead Circuit, he was sent as a missionary to Canada. He died of cholera only a few weeks after his arrival in 1833.

NEWNHAM, B.E. married Gertrude Thomson 1923 Shallow Lake Christian Guardian - Births - Newnham, William Thomson was born on February 7, 1923 at Shallow Lake son of Rev B.E. and Mrs Newnham (nee Gertrude Thomson)

NEWSON, Charles was born in 1831 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Cramahe (Northumberland Co.)

NEWTON, Joshua 1794-1795 PEI local preacher

NEWTON, Robert representative from the Wesleyan Methodist conference at the Methodist Episcopal General Conference of 1840 in Baltimore, M.D.

NEWTON, Thomas

NEWTON, William was born in 1820 in England, Primitive Methodist, 1851 Hughson Street Hamilton, 1857-1858 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.) 1858 Plattsville, 1865-1866 Paisley Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1871 Caradoc (Middlesex Co.),

NICHOLSON, T. Episcopal, 1884 Binbrook,

NICOL, M. Primitive, 1851 Markham,

NIGHTENGALE, John H. married Mattie Dealy of Edmonton, 1923 Lacombe Alberta (Christian Guardian) Births - Florence Patricia Nightengale was born on Aug 21 1923 at Lacombe Hospital Alberta. She was a daughter for Rev. John H. and Mrs. Nightengale (nee Mattie Dealy of Edmonton Alberta)

NIGHTINGALE, Adam 1861-1862 Grand Banks Nfld

NICHOLLS, Matthew Primitive 1844 Bethel/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), 1846-1847 Paisley Street Guelph (Wellington Co.)

NICOLSON, Alex W. 1870 Windsor N.S.

NIXON, James Eliscopal, 1843 Malahide,

NOLLEN, Frederick was born in 1824 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Hichinbrooke (Addington)

NORMAN, William E. was born in 1800 in New Brunswick, Episcopal, 1851 Milford, 1871 Murray (Northumberland Co.), 1887 Greenwood,

NORRIS, James was received on trial in 1827 Methodist Episcopal, 1827 Cavan, 1828 Cobourg, 1829-1830 Ordained Yonge St., 1831-1832 Whitby, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1833 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1835 Nelson (Halton Co.), 1836 Emily Tp., 1840 Markham (York Co.), 1865-1869 Omemee (retired)

NORRIS, John S. was born in 1845 on the Isle of Wight, Episcopal, 1871 Madoc (Hastings Co.)

NORRIS, Samuel died June 23, 1880. He was received on trial in 1818 Methodist Episcopal, 1818 Landaff USA, 1819 Stanstead and St. Francis, 1820 returned to USA

NORTON, William was received on trial in 1855, 1865 Chatsworth (Grey Co.), 1867 Mulmer (Dufferin Co.), 1867-1869 Bannockburn,

Rev. Francis E. Nugent NUGENT, Francis E. was born on November 21, 1842 at Tyrone, Durham Co., Ontario and was received on trial in 1867 and was ordained in 1871 in Owen Sound, New Connexion, 1867 Millbrook, 1868 Erin, 1869-1871 Waterford, 1871 Milford, 1874 Goderich, 1876 Harmony, 1878 Bayham, 1880 Hespler/Ellis Church Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1883 Berlin, 1886 Lucknow, 1888 Listowel, 1891 Mitchell,

NURSE, James 1904-1908 Grand Banks Nfld

ODERY, J. 1879-1881 Binbrook,

OGDEN, Thomas was born in 1799 in England, New Connexion, 1851 Dunham, 1871 Kitley (Leeds Co.)

O'HARA, James was born in 1837 in Ireland, New Connexion, was received on trial in 1861 at St. Mary's, 1862 Owen Sound, 1863 Holland, 1864 Walkerton, 1865-1866 Mount Forest, 1867-1869 Crosby, 1870-1871 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1872-1873 Clarke, 1874 North Augusta, 1874 Montreal Conference, 1875-1877 Avonmore, 1878 Robinson, 1879-1880 North Wakefield

OLIVANT, Edward 1875 Stirling (Hastings Co.),

OLIVER, John was born in 1789 and was accepted by the 1819 Conference on the recommendation of John Davies, Superintendent minister of the Nottingham circuit. He was described as a single man, possessed of good health, a strong constitution, deep piety and good ability. Oliver expressed himself as willing to be sent to any part of the world and from 1820 to 1822 he was stationed in Grand Bank, Newfoundland. He returned to England and served circuits in England and Wales. Oliver disappeared from the list of ministers between 1827 and 1833.

OLIVER, Joseph W. D.D. Episcopal 1891 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1906 Sarnia, 1922 Champion Alberta (Christian Guardian) Births - John Lloyd Oliver was born on Nov 15 1922 in Champion Alberta to Rev. J.W. and Mrs. Oliver

OLIVER, Robert F. was born in 1834 in Ontario, was received in 1869 and died in 1905. He married Mary Louise Dunlap who died on October 7, 1923 in Brockville Ontario, 1871 Verulam (Victoria Co.). (Christian Guardian) The late Mrs R.F. Oliver was born Mary Louise Dunlap and died Oct 7 1923 at home of daughter Mrs M.L. Dixon of Brockville Ontario widow of Rev. R.F. Oliver (died 18 years ago). She was survived by 1 sister Mrs Frank Cochrane of Ottawa Ontario, 1 brother D.A. Dunlap of Toronto Ontario, 3 daughters: Mrs M.L. Dixon of Brockville Ontario, Mrs A.E. Crummery of Frankville Ontario, Rev Mrs H.H. Hillis of Pakenham Ontario, 2 granddaughters: Doris Dixon and Margaret Hillis

ORMAN, George 1923 St. John CG Death - Miss Marion Orman died suddenly February 1923 in New York youngest daughter of Rev George Orman of St John funeral Montreal PQ February 27, 1923

ORMEROD, John 1863 Peel Co.

ORSER, Ezra was born in 1819 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1850-1851 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.), 1871 Kingston

OSBORNE, John C. was born in 1821 in Ontario, 1854-1856 Lindsay and will exchange with the minister at Metcalfe once in six weeks, 1871 Marmora & Lake (Hastings Co.),

OSBORNE, W.R. 1918 Thorndale (Middlesex Co.), 1922 Londesboro (Christian Guardian) Deaths - Mrs. M.J. Bentley was born Pamela Todd on Oct 31 1854 in the Twp of Cartwright, Durham Co., Ontario. She married on May 31 1876 M.J. Bentley and she died on Oct 9 1922. At the age of six her family moved to Kent Co. and settled at Guilds near Blenheim Ontario. She was survived by her husband, 1 son Rev H.J. Bentley of Charing Cross and 1 daughter Mrs (Rev) W.R. Osborne of Londesboro

OSGOOD, Thaddeus 1824 Kingston, Thanked by Rev. Thaddeus Osgood for bringing Sunday School children to a meeting. Kingston Chronicle Nov. 5, 1824 p. 3, col. 2

OSTROM, H.E.F. 1884 Halloway (Hastings Co.)

OTTOWELL, 1899-1902 Belwood Garafraxa (Wellington Co.)

ORME, James was born in 1838 in Ontario, New Connexion, 1871 Middleton (Norfolk Co.)

ORMEROD John Episcopal, 1851 Sauble,

OWEN, Jesse Episcopal 1833 London, 1861 Niagara (retired)

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