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JACKSON, David 1858 Lindsay

JACKSON, George was born in 1846 in Ireland, New Connexion, and he died on Dec 14 1919 in Walkerville Ontario. His wife Mrs. Jackson died on Aug 30 1920 in Walkerville Ontario, 1871 Emily (Victoria Co.) (Christian Guardian) In Memoriam - Rev George Jackson died Dec 14 1919 Walkerville Ontario Mrs. d. Aug 30 1920 Walkerville Ontario put in by son or daughter as were referred to as mother and father

JACKSON, James was received on trial in 1817 Methodist Episcopal, 1817 Duffin's Creek, 1818 Scarborough, 1819-1820 Ordained Long Point, 1821-1822 Westminster, 1823-1824 Thames, 1825-1828 Westminster, 1829 expelled, 1830 Kingston, 1834-1835 Southwold/Lobo London District, 1840 Waterford, Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society - Referred to by Rev. James Jackson. Kingston Chronicle Jan. 9, 1830 p. 2, col. 5; Letter to the Public and Mr. Macfarlane and Mr. Dalton re: the Canadian Wesleyan Methodist Conference. Kingston Chronicle May 29, 1830 p. 2, col. 4; Mentioned in connection with the Methodist Chapel in Hallowell. Kingston Chronicle Mar. 7, 1829 p. 3, col. 4

JACKSON, John was born in 1840 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1856 st Stratford, Wesleyan Methodist, 1857 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), ordained in 1858-1859 at Consecon, 1860-1863 Stirling/Sidney (Hastings Co.), 1864 no station, 1865 expelled, 1871 Nottawasaga (Simcoe Co.)

JACKSON, Oliver 1918-1923 Grand Banks Nfld

JACKSON, Thomas 1837 Kingston, Methodist Chapel Thomas Jackson, a "coloured" member of the African Episcopal Methodist Church in the United States, is to preach in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Rear St. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette June 5, 1837 p. 3, col. 3;

JACKSON, T.H. BME 1923 Essex St Guelph )Wellington Co.)

Rev. Thomas W. Jackson JACKSON, Thomas W. was born on March 5, 1843 in Bilsdale, Yorkshire, England, and was received on trial in 1868 at Drayton (Wellington Co.) and was ordained in Belleville in 1871 Wesleyan Methodist. He was married June 21, 1871, to Janet Inglis, eldest daughter of Rev. James Boyd, for twenty-nine years Presbyterian minister at Crosshill, (Waterloo Co.), 1867 Listowel, 1868 Drayton, 1869 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1879 St. George, 1871-1873 Otterville, 1874-1876 Oxford Centre, 1877-1879 Talbotville, 1880 Brownsville, 1887-1889 West Flamborough, 1890 Jarvis, 1891 Beamsville


JACKSON, Thomas was born in 1835 in Ireland, New Connexion, 1865 Flesherton (Grey Co.), 1871 Wawanosh West (Huron Co.), 1873 Burford (Oxford Co.),

JACKSON, William was received on trial in 1862, 1867-1869 Danville,

JACOBS, J.W. Episcopal, 1851 Yarmouth/London, 1853 Binbrook,

Rev. Peter JacobsJACOBS, Peter 1854-1855 Saugeen (Owen Sound)





Rev. George JacquesJACQUES, George was born in 1829 in Frodingham, Lincolnshire, England, 1851 arrived Canada and was a local preacher in Artemesia, 1854 was received on trial at the Belleville Conference, 1854-1855 Southampton (Owen Sound), 1865 Hanover (Grey Co.), 1869 Teeswater, 1871 Artemesia (Grey Co.)

JAFFINS, S. was born in 1823 in England, New Connexion, 1871 Morris (Huron Co.)

JAMES, P.E. 1924 Sheddon Ontario (Christian Guardian) Births - Marjorie Jean James was born on Mar 10 1924 in Sheddon Ontario a daughter for Rev. and Mrs P.E. James

JAMES, Richard G. was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Amabel (Bruce Co.)

JAMES, Silas 1870 Sackville N.B. Theology Student,

JAMIESON, W.S. died on Sep 4, 1912. 1880 Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1906 Chesley (Grey Co.), On Dec 11 1883 he married Susannah Marie Acheson, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Acheson who was born on Dec 8 1857 in Goderich and died on Dec 28 1924 in Toronto Ontario and was buried on Jan 1 1925 in Goderich. She was predeceased by her husband and 1 son, Capt. Walter Jamieson - 3rd son, died on Oct 28 1918 in England. She was survived by 5 daughters: Mrs. N.E. South of Winnipeg Manitoba, Mrs. Claude Dingman of Calgary Alberta, Carrie, Kathleen and Laura at home, 3 sons: John A. and William K of Winnipeg Manitoba, Gordon at home (Christian Guardian) 2nd wife? Late Mrs. Jamieson born Mary Jane Cairns on Dec 13 1850 in Perth Ontario daughter of late the Thomas Cairns Postmaster, married in 1877 Rev. W.S. Jamieson (deceased) and she died on May 11 1923 at residence in Ottawa Ontario. She was survived by 4 daughters Kathryn (Mrs George S Best)of Perth Ontario, Eva of Toronto Ontario, Wilhelmina and Flo of Ottawa Ontario, 1 sister Mrs S.T. Dawson of Perth Ontario, 2 brothers: Arthur of Ottawa and Albert post office inspector Edmonton Alberta. (Christian Guardian) Late Mrs. (Rev.) W.S. Jamieson born Dec 8 1857 in Goderich, formerly Susannah Marie Acheson, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Acheson was married on Dec 11 1883 Goderich to Rev. W.S. Jamieson, predeceased her on Sep 4, 1912 died Dec 28 1924 Toronto Ontario buried Jan 1 1925 Goderich

JEFFERIS, Thomas Marmont lived 100 years New Connexion, born 1822 and died March 16, 1922 married Mary Grant who died in 1895 one daughter Martha, 1851 Trafalgar, Christian Guardian - In Memoriam - Rev. Thomas Marmont Jefferis died March 16 1922, age 100 years, 1 month and 1 day wife Mary Grant Jefferis died over 30 years ago signed daughter Martha

JEFFERS, Robert He married in 1798 Nancy (Anne)Maurice (Morris). 1818 sailed from Cork Ireland to Kingston, Ontario with his family. He was received on trial in 1818 Methodist Episcopal, 1818-1819 Augusta, 1820 Oswegotchie District, 1820-1821 Bay of Quinte, 1822 located, Methodist Episcopal Church - Robert Jeffers withdraws from the Methodist Episcopal Church of America. Kingston Chronicle Aug. 24, 1821 p. 2, col. 5; Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Robert Jeffers wrote an open letter to Egerton Ryerson stating that he should not become involved in politics, for fear of ministering to only a portion of his congregation. British Whig (Kingston) June 16, 1838 p. 3, col. 1, 2

JEFFERS, Thomas was born in 1811 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1841, 1841 Colourne District, 1854-1855 Crowland (Welland), 1869-1871 St. David's Toronto (retired)

JEFFERS, Wellington D.D. was born in 1814 in County Cork, Ireland and landed in Canada in 1817. He was received as a Methodist Episcopal minister in 1837. He was buried in Belleville Cemetery, Plot D, Sidney Twp., Hastings Co., 1837 Barrie (Simcoe Co.), 1839 Rock Chapel Thorold, 1841 Smith's Creek Circuit, 1842 Belleville/Stirling (Hastings Co.), 1843-1844 Fredericksburg, 1844-1845 Ernestown & Camden East, 1846 Dundas, 1851 Yonge Street, 1853-1854 Conference Secretary, 1854-1855 Montreal Centre, 1858 Rice Lake indian village, 1858 Peterborough, 1866 Toronto living at 63 Cruikshank, 1869-1871 Oshawa, 1876-1881 Lindsay, Ops Twp. (Victoria Co.), former editor of the Christian Guardian for nine years,

JEFFERSON, Selby 1922 Lambeth (Christian Guardian) Wedding - Motyer-Jefferson married on Dec 27 1922 in Lambeth was Edna, the daughter of Rev. and Mrs Selby Jefferson to Rev A.C. Motyer, son of Mr and Mrs Motyer of Hamilton, Bermuda. The father of the bride officiated and the couple will reside in Boston Mass. USA

JEFFERSON, Thomas Methodist Episcopal, 1870 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

Rev. T.W. Jeffery JEFFERY, Thomas W. was born in 1833 in Jamaica and was received on trial in 1856, 1855-1857 Paris (Brant Co.), 1867-1869 Wellington Square, 1871 Milton (Halton Co.)



Rev. JenkinsJENKINS, John 1851 Montreal East living at 47 St. Antoine Street                                 



JENKINSON, Henry Samuel was received on trial in 1878 at Thurlow (Hastings Co.), 1879 Canton, 1880 student Victoria College Cobourg

JENNINGS, David was born in 1811 in England and was received on trial in 1844, 1854-1855 Merrickville, 1855 Marlborough (Carleton), 1859 Bruce Mines (Algoma), 1864-1871 Weston York West (retired)

JEWELL, John A. 1893 Stirling (Hastings Co.),

JEWELL, Joseph was received on trial in 1795 Methodist Episcopal, 1795 Dover USA, 1796 Somerset USA, 1797 Dorchester USA, 1798 Maryland USA, 1799 Canada District, 1800 Oswegotchie, 1801-1803 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1810 located, 1820 Oswegotchie District,

JEWITT, George 1882-1888 Florence

JOCLYN, J.H.L. 1887 Woodnorth (Manitoba)

JOHNSON, Albert 1923 Shawbridge Quebec (Christian Guardian) Births - Miss Johnson was born Sep 10 1923 and was a daughter of Rev. Albert and Mrs. Johnson of Shawbridge PQ

JOHNSON, Alfred 1925 BME Essex St Guelph

JOHNSON, D.W. 1877 Oxford N.S.

JOHNSON, Francis married in 1877 Theresa Rea Johnson who died Jan 3 1924 in Lindsay, 1924 Lindsay Ontario (Christian Guardian) Late Mrs F. Johnson - an appreciation. She was born Theresa Rea, Reaboro, Victoria Cty Ontario - town got name from her family, father was one of first Justice of the Peace and Captain of militia in 1837 rebellion. In 1914 she moved to Lindsay Ontario and she is survived by her husband, son Percy R. of Toronto Ontario, and daughter Mrs L.F. Clarry of Calgary Alberta

JOHNSON, George 1870 Horton N.S. (retired)

JOHNSON, H. 1919 Moncton New Brunswick

JOHNSON, Henry H. was born in 1806 in Ontario, Methodist Episcopal, 1851 Bay of Quinte, 1871 Brighton Tp. (Northumberland), 1873 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

JOHNSON, I.S. 1870 Annapolis N.S.

JOHNSON, John 1870 Kempt N.S.

JOHNSON, Joshua H. M.A. Episcopal, was received on trial in 1860, 1851 Brockville, 1869 Quebec,

JOHNSON, L. Episcopal, 1865 Stirling/Rawdon Twp.,

JOHNSON, Moses M. was received on trial in 1862, 1867-1869 Compton,

JOHNSON, Robert O. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1857, 1855 Binbrook, 1870 Kingsclear N.B.

JOHNSTON, C.O. 1880 Malvern/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), 1896 Toronto

JOHNSTON, David A. was born in Perth Ontario and was received on trial in 1854, 1854-1856 Sidney (Hastings Co.), 1869 Florence,

JOHNSTON, Francis 1883 officiated at the opening of a new church building in Bailyboro

Rev. Hugh Johnston JOHNSTON, Hugh M.A. D.D. was born in 1840 in Southwold, Ontario, was received on trial in 1859 and died on September 24, 1922 in Baltimore MD. He married Eliza Holland in 1876 who was the daughter of Alderman Richard Holland of Montreal, 1859-1861 Wardsville, 1864 graduated Victoria College, 1865 ordained, 1866 Montreal assistant to Rev. Dr. Douglas in the Montreal West charge, 1866-1869 Windsor, 1871 Toronto West, 1874 received Batchelor of Divinity from Victoria College, 1875 Centenary Church Hamilton, 1878 Wesleyan Methodist Hamilton, 1878 St. James Street Church Montreal, 1882 Metropolitan Toronto, 1886 Carleton St Church Toronto, 1891 Trinity Toronto, resided in Montreal, London and Toronto (Christian Guardian) The late Rev Hugh Johnston was born in Canada (ordained in Canada 1859) and died Sep 24 1922 Baltimore MD in his 83rd year and had resided in Toronto Ontario, Hamilton Ontario, Montreal PQ, London Ontario

JOHNSTON, Robert was born in 1828 in Ontario, New Connexion, 1871 Kitley (Leeds Co.)

JOHNSTON, William was born in 1846 in Ontario, married Mary Lavina Hamble before 1873, daughter Elizabeth Anne was born on April 21, 1873 in Erin Twp. by Dr. McNaughton 1868-1869 Primitive Methodist, was received on trial in 1870 at Drayton (Wellington Co.) Wesleyan Methodist, 1871 Elora/Maryborough (Wellington Co.), ordained in 1872-1873 at Erin (Wellington Co.), 1874-1875 Paisley, 1876-1878 Flesherton, 1879-1880 Meaford, 1889 Emily (Victoria Co.), 1891-1894 Tweed (Hastings Co.), 1896-1901 Stirling (Hastings Co.),

JOHNSTONE, George . 1855-1956 Dunnville

JOLLEY, William C. was born in 1840 in Canada, Episcopal, 1871 Paris (Brant Co.), 1877 Clarke (Newcastle), 1878-1879 Manvers (Durham Co.)

JOLLIFFE, William J. was born in 1847 in England, and died in 1916. He entered the Bible Christian ministry in 1858 and served initially in Wisconsin, United States, before moving to Canada. He was received on trial in 1869. He married Mrs. Jolliffe on July 8, 1874. He held pastorates in Ontario and was President of Conference in 1877. He transferred to the Canadian Methodist Church in 1884. 1869 Prince Albert (Durham), 1871 Clarke (Durham), 1873 Brampton, 1874 Vankleek Hill (Prescott),1906 Bowmanville Ontario, buried in Bowmanville Cemetery (Section B), Darlington, (Durham Co.)

JONES, Benjamin 1845 Albion, 1846 Bradford, 1850 Owen Sound, 1852 Ordained, 1851-1852 Picton, 1854-1855 Humber, 1865 Sarawak Tp. (Grey Co.), 1870 Drayton (Wellington Co.)

JONES, Albert was born and raised in Underwood, Bruce Twp

JONES, Cornelius E.W. was received on trial in 1862, 1867 Cavan (Durham), 1867 Monaghan (Peterborough), 1869 New Ireland, 1870 Maidstone (Essex Co.), 1871-1877 Selwyn Smith Twp. (Peterborough Co.)

JONES, Edmund S. the son of Jesse Jones (a local preacher) and his wife Harriet, was born in King Twp. in 1839 and moved with his parents to the Queen's Bush at an early date in it's settlement. In his 21st. year he was converted. After some study at the Rockwood Academy, he was appointed a circuit minister at Kincardine in 1866 and was received in 1867, 1869 Arkona, 1871 Tilbury East (Kent Co.), 1878 Leamington. He died of typhoid fever on October 16, 1878 in his 39th year . He was survived by his wife and a daughter of Rev. Benjamin Jones and sister of Rev. Richard Jones of Cobourg, also two sons. Another son was born a few weeks after his death. (Christian Guardian) October 23, 1878

JONES, George was born in 1808 in Guernsey Channel Islands the son a devout soldier and sergeant-major, and was a brother to Rev. Richard Jones Episcopal Methodist 1851 Consecon, 1870-1872 Stirling/Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.)(Christian Guardian) Obituary - George Benson Smith was born in Hamilton Twp near Cobourg Ontario, 3rd son of late Sanford Smith. In 1873 he married Miss Josephine Jones daughter of Rev. George Jones on the 2nd of Jun 5 1912 in Cobourg Ontario

JONES, Henry was born in England and raised in Canada in Shannonville District (Hastings Co.), 1852 on trial, 1852 Sidney (Hastings Co.), 1854-1855 Markham

JONES, Hugh 1862 Pilkington (Wellington Co.)

JONES, Joseph E. 1910-1913 and 1916-1918 Florence

JONES, Peter was received on trial in 1813 Methodist Episcopal, 1813 Broom USA, 1814 Lycoming USA, 1815 Ordained Bald Eagle USA, 1816 Augusta, 1817 Ottawa, 1818 Litchfield USA, 1819 Meslem USA, 1820 Ridgeway USA, 1821-1832 Canada, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference

JONES, Peter was born in 1839 in Ontario and died in 1856 in Brantford. 1846 Brant Co., 1850 Woodstock, 1851-1853 Brantford, 1854-1855 Grand River (Brantford). Rev. Jones was the first native person ordained by the Methodist Church at St. Clair Methodist in London

Rev. Peter JonesJONES, Peter (KA-KE-WA-QUON-A-BY) died in 1856 in Brantford. He was received on trial in 1827 Methodist Episcopal, 1825-1827 Visiting Missionary, 1828-1830 Ordained Credit, 1831 Visiting England, 1832 Missionary to the Indians, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 Credit River, 1846 Brant Co., 1850 Woodstock, 1853 Brantford, 1854-1855 Grand River (Brantford). Rev. Jones was the first native person ordained by the Methodist Church at St. Clair Methodist in London., Great Britain - Rev. Peter Jones, of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada, is to go here, regarding a manual labour school in connection with the missionary society. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Oct. 19, 1844 p. 2, col. 7; Methodist Episcopal Church - Article from the New York Commercial Advertiser re. Peter Jones, an Indian who was sent to England by the Methodist Church in 1831 to obtain aid for Indian missions in Upper Canada. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Sept. 21, 1833 p. 1, col. 1, 2; Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Peter Jones, Canadian Indian and Methodist missionary at River Credit, reports on his mission, noting aid received from England and noting that his wife, an Englishwoman, is teaching sewing to the Indians. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Apr. 18, 1835 p. 3, col. 3

JONES, Peter W. was received in 1868 at St. George, Wesleyan Methodist, 1867 Belmont, 1869 Norwich, 1870 Albion (Cardwell), ordained in 1871-1872 at Garafraxa/Luther (Wellington Co.), 1873-1874 Rockwood (Wellington Co.), 1875 Campbellville, 1876 Thamesville, 1877-1879 Arkona, 1880 Kintore, 1895-1897 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

JONES, Richard was born on November 21, 1804 in Quebec and was received on trial in 1827 Methodist Epicopal. He was the son a devout soldier and sergeant-major, and his older brother was Rev. George Jones. He married Mary Ann Wright who was born c1807 in Sandgate, Vermont USA and arrived Bastard Twp. Leeds Co. in 1820. They were married in December 1829, and she died on Tuesday, May 8, 1888 at the age of 81 and was buried with her husband who died on April 22, 1889 at Cobourg Union Cemetery with three of their nine daughters (includes one set of twins) 1825-1826 Augusta, 1827 Perth, 1828 Richmond, 1829 Ordained Augusta, 1830-1831 Kingston, 1831 Belleville, 1831 Smith's Creek Circuit, 1832 Cobourg, 1833 joined Wesleyan Conference, 1835 Hallowell (Prince Edward Co.), 1843-1844 Ernestown, 1851-1852 Chairman Belleville District, 1854-1855 Yonge Street - Chairman Toronto District, 1861 North St. London, 1864-1877 Cobourg (Northumberland Co.) (retired), 1844 Brockville - at the conference for the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada held here, Rev. Richard Jones was chosen president, and Rev. H. Wilkinson, secretary Kingston Chronicle and Gazette June 15, 1844 p. 3, col. 3; Kingston Rev. R. Jones, Minister at the Methodist Chapel, Kingston. Kingston Chronicle Apr. 2, 1831 p. 2, col. 1-2

JONES, Thomas 1881 Christie/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

JONES, William was received on trial in 1816 Methodist Episcopal, 1816 New Amsterdam, USA, 1817 Caledonia USA, 1818 Ordained Thames C.W., 1819 Ancaster C.W., 1820 Malone N.Y., 1821 Rideau C.W., 1822-1837 USA, 1838-1861 East Genesee Conference

JONES, William H. was born in 1826 in the United States, Episcopal, 1848 Oswegatchie District, 1871 Chatham (Kent Co.), 1915 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

JOSLYN, J.H.L. 1896 Argyle (Victoria Co.)

JOST, Cranwick A.M. 1870 Richibucto N.B.

JOST, Jeremiah V., 1870 Sydney South N.S. 1880 Prince St. Charlottetown (retired)

KANE, D. 1873 Binbrook,

KAPELLE, Stephen was received on trial in 1863, 1869 Hamilton and Paris German Mission,

KAY, William M. 1889 Ballinafad Erin Twp. (Wellington Co.)

Rev. John Kay KAYE, John was born on May 20, 1838 in Napanee Ontario and was received on trial in 1862 and was appointed to assist the Rev. S.B. Gundy in St. Mary's. He married Rev. W. Gundy's daughter. 1863 Manvers. 1866 Ingersoll (twice),ordained 1867, 1869 Milton, 1871 Waterdown, 1872 Dercham, 1873 Tilsonburg, 1876 London, 1878 Ingersoll, 1879-1881 Waterford, 1882 Thorold, 1885 Hamilton, 1888-1891 Wellington Street Brantford,



KAYE, John Fred Primitive 1882-1884 Thorold, 1896 Thorold, 1896-1897 Hamilton, 1898-1901 Paisley St Guelph (Wellington Co.)

KEAGY, J.G. B.A. was received in 1862, 1866-1869 Dundas,

KEAM, Samuel was born in 1844 in England, 1871 Cobourg (Northumberland Co.), 1885 Scarborough Circuit (York Co.),

Rev. B.B. KeeferKEEFER, Benjamin B. was received on trial in 1869 at Grimsby, Wesleyan Methodist, 1868 Thorold, 1870 Brantford, ordained in 1871-1872 at North Street - London, 1873-1875 Brant Avenue - Brantford (Brant Co.), 1876-1877 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1877-1878 Zion Tabernacle - Hamilton, 1879-1880 Petersville/London, 1881 Dublin Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), withdrew 1892, Ottawa 1906, Financial Secretary 1879



KEEFER, Robert Keefer married Carline Slack who died on May 24 1925 in Hamilton Ontario, 1923-1924 Ancaster Ontario, 1922-1924 Paisley St Guelph (Wellington Co.) Christian Guardian - Carline Slack died May 24 1925 Hamilton ON wife of Rev. Robert Keefer of Ancaster ON

KEEGAN, Richard 1852-1853 Maitland

KEELER, Sylvanus died in 1825. He was received on trial in 1795 Methodist Episcopal, 1795-1801 Bay of Quinte, 1802 Oswegotchie and Ottawa, 1803 Niagara/Long Point, 1804 Bay of Quinte 1805 first Canadian Camp Meeting at Hay Bay, Bay of Quinte, 1805 Oswegotchie, 1806 St. Lawrence, 1807 located

KELLAM, Henry was received on trial in 1862, 1866-1869 Clinton,

KELLOGG, Henry was born in 1838 in Ontario, 1871 Wawanosh West (Huron Co.)

KELLY, J. Episcopal, 1882 Binbrook,

KELLY, Thomas was received on trial in 1860, 1863 Paris (Brant Co.), 1869 New Glasgow,

KEMP, H.E.W. Episcopal 1892 Matchedash/Parry Sound (Simcoe Co.), 1893 Tay/Coldwater (Simcoe Co.)

KENNEDY, A. Episcopal, 1880 Parkhill/London

KENNEDY, David M.A. was born in 1839 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1860 at Berlin (Waterloo Co.), Wesleyan Methodist, 1861-1862 student Victoria College Cobourg, 1863-1864 ordained at Consecon, 1865 Napanee, 1866 Selby/Richmond, 1867-1868 Pittsburg/Camden East, 1869-1870 Garafraxa/Luther (Wellington Co.), 1869-1870 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1871-1872 Seaforth (retired), 1873 Hudson, 1874 Montreal Conference, 1874 Huntington, 1875 N.B. & P.E.I. Conference, 1875 Sackville Vice-Principal Male Academy, 1877 Sackville Principal Ladies Academy, 1893-1896 Belwood Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), A graduate of Victoria University - B.A. 1863, M.A. 1868,

KENNEDY, George was received on trial in 1842 at Peterborough, Wesleyan Methodist, 1839 Upper Woolwich (Waterloo Co.), 1843 Simcoe, 1844 Woodstock, 1845 London Circuit, ordained in 1846-1847 at Goderich, 1848 Adelaide, 1849-1850 Walshingham/Middleton (London), 1851-1852 Malahide, 1853 Aylmer C.W., 1854-1855 Galt, 1854 Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1855 Nichol (Wellington Co.), 1855 Galt/Dumfies, 1856-1850 Ingersoll, 1860-1862 Nissouri/Embro (Oxford Co.), 1863-1865 Mount Brydges, 1866 Lucan, 1867 Waterdown, 1868-1869 Dunnville, 1870 L'Original, 1871 Turnberry (Huron Co.), 1872-1881 Ingersoll (retired)

KENNEDY, Jacob Episcopal, 1856 Smithville/Dunville, 1861 Ancaster, 1880-1882 Binbrook,

Rev. James Henry Kennedy KENNEDY, James Henry was born on April 17, 1832 in Goulbourn Twp., Carleton Co. and was received on trial in 1858 and ordained in 1869. On January 2, 1862 he married R.E. Woodhall, of Delaware Twp. 1866-1869 Mt. Brydges (Middlesex Co.), 1869-1871 Parkhill/Caradoc (Middlesex Co.), 1871 Florence, 1872 Lynden, 1875 Highgate, 1878 Petrolia, 1881 Alvinston, 1882 Mount Elgin, 1883 Saltfleet, 1884 Troy, 1886 Louth/Grantham/ Tintern, 1890 Glandford, 1891 S.Dorchester (Middlesex Co.), 1896 London, 1896-1902 Florence



KENNEDY, M. Episcopal 1851 Georgetown (Halton Co.)

KENNER, Henry was born in 1830 and he entered the Bible Christian ministry in 1855. He served in home circuits until 1860 when he volunteered for the work in Canada. His name disappears from the record in 1873. Kenner's two brothers John and William were also Bible Christian ministers, who served in Britain and Canada.

KENNER, John was born in 1834 in Cornwall and entered the Bible Christian ministry in 1855. He emigrated to Canada in 1871 and held several pastoral positions in Ontario. 1882 Trent Bridge Asphodel Twp., Kenner served as President of the Canadian Conference in 1875, Secretary of Conference in 1877 and 1880 and Connexional treasurer for eight years. In 1884 he transferred to the Canadian Methodist Church.

Rev. George H. Kenney KENNEY, George H. was born on July 2, 1833 in Trafalgar Twp., Halton Co. and was received on trial in 1860 and was ordained in 1864. He was married on June 28, 1864 to Lydia, daughter of F. McCullough, Esq., of Navan, and sister of the late Revs William and James B. McCullough. 1859 Grand River Mission, 1866-1869 Bearbrook, 1870 Bluevale (Huron Co.), 1872 Blyth (Huron Co.), 1874 Morris (Huron Co.), 1891 Minesing (Simcoe Co.)



KEOUGH, Jabez Bunting was born in 1830 in Quebec and was received on trial in 1854, 1851-1854 Victoria College Conference student, 1854-1855 Orillia, 1866-1869 Grenville, 1871 North Gower (Carleton)

KEOUGH, Thomas S. was born in 1824 in England and was received on trial in 1856, 1860 Bertie, 1862-1864 Binbrook, 1866 St.George (Brant Co.), 1866-1869 East Zorra, 1871 Cobourg (Northumberland Co.)

KEPPEL, John H. was received on trial in 1863, 1864 Berlin (Waterloo Co.), 1869 Bruce Mines,

KER, Peter was born in 1809 in Ontario and died on April 8, 1878. He was received on trial in 1833 at Westminster, Wesleyan Methodist, 1834 Gosfield, 1835 Canboro (Niagara), 1836 Simcoe, ordained in 1837 at Brantford, 1838 Ancaster/Binbrook, 1839 Hamilton 1840 Norfolk Street - Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1840 Oxford, 1841-1842 Simcoe, 1843 Windham (London), 1843-1844 Dumfries/Galt, 1844 Blenheim (Oxford Co.), 1845-1846 Nelson/Trafalgar (Halton Co.), 1847 Chinguacousy (Peel Co.), 1847 Toronto circuit,1848-1849 Brampton, 1850-1852 Markham, 1853-1854 Oshawa, 1856-1857 Dunville, 1858-1859 Galt/Paris (Brant Co.), 1860-1870 Drummondville (retired), 1870-1871 Stamford Welland, 1871 Medonte (Simcoe Co.), 1871-1872 Hillsdale, 1873 Chelsea, 1874 Thurso in Montreal Conference, 1875-1878 Drummondville (retired) Christian Guardian 1850 Marriages -On Aug 23rd, Nicholas Hagerman and Jane Glue both of Markham - Rev. P. Ker and on Aug 7th James S. Collins and Frances Hamilton of Markham, Ont by Rev. P. Ker On Sept 3rd. David Anderson of Markham and Susanna Gardiner of Pickering, Ont by Rev P. Ker

KERN, Daniel Shaver was born in 1877 and died in 1933, entered the ministry as a member of Bethesda Church, Ancaster and served a term in China.

KERR, George J. (Christian Guardian) Rev. John Russell - an appreciation was born on July 17 1836 near Napanee Ontario and on Jan 9 1867 he married Miss Hester Kerr, sister of Rev. George J. Kerr and he died on Oct 19 1923 at the home of his daughters in Toronto Ontario and was buried at Prospect Cemetery in Toronto Ontario He was predeceased by his wife in 1916 and his daughter Elaine in 1917 and was survived by 2 sons and 4 daughters: Mrs (Ella) AJ Sheppard of Burford Ontario, Mrs (Hattie) Isaac Watterworth of Glencoe Ontario, Misses Mary and Jean at home, Dr. John W. Russell and Dr. William G. Russell of Toronto Ontario. 1891 Thorndale (Middlesex Co.), 1924 Lambeth

KERR, John L. was born in 1826 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1854 at the Belleville Conference, Wesleyan Methodist, 1852 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1851 London, 1853 Wellesley, 1854 on trial, 1854-1855 Mono, 1855-1856 Garafraxa/Proton (Wellington Co.), ordained in 1857 at Owen Sound, 1858-1859 St. Vincent, 1860-1862 Orillia, 1863-1865 Cayuga, 1866 Napier, 1867 Romney, 1868-1870 Dawn Mills, 1871 Camden (Bothwell), 1871-1873 Ridgetown, 1874-1875 Leamington, 1876 Wardsville/Bothwell, 1877-1879 Kirkton, 1880 Dorchester Station

KERR, Richard A. was received on trial in 1865, 1869 Winchester,

KERR, Sylvester L.was born in 1825 in Upper Canada, Episcopal Methodist, 1851 London, 1861 Oakville

KERRUSH, T.L. 1884-1885 Binbrook, 1916 Fergus

KERSHAW, Edward was born in 1835 in England, New Connexion, 1871 Louth (Lincoln Co.), The first Methodist minister in Prospect Hill, Perth Co. was Mr Kershaw, and Mrs Blatchford can remember well hearing him coming through the woods on horseback, a saddle bag on each side of the horse. They could hear him away in the distance singing a favourite hymn.

KERSHAW, James B. was born in 1824 in England, New Connexion, 1851 London/Blanchard, 1865 Mt. Forest (Grey Co.), 1871 Egremont (Grey Co.)

KILBORN, Ira B. 1853 Nanticoke,

KILGOUR, Joseph was received on trial in 1856 at L'original, 1857 Richmond, 1858 Kemptville, 1859-1860 student Victoria College Cobourg, ordained 1861-1863 Ormstown, 1864-1865 Cavignal, 1866-1868 Lachute/Grenville, 1869 Aylmer (Quebec), 1870-1872 Tweed (Hastings Co.), 1873 Shannonville (Hastings Co.), 1874-1875 Shannonville (Hastings Co.), 1876 Moira (Hastings Co.), 1877-1878 Thomasburg (Hastings Co.), 1879-1880 Thurlow (Hastings Co.), 1891-1894 Baileyboro,

KINES, James was received on trial in 1863, 1868 Hamilton, 1869-1871 Keene Otonabee Twp. (Peterborough Co.), 1873-1876 Ernestown, 1876-1877 Keene Otonabee Twp. (Peterborough Co.)

Rev. G.A. KingKING, George Albert was born in 1877 at Tara and died on January 20, 1925 at Burlington ON Interment at Tara. He was a member of Norfolk St. Methodist Church Guelph (Wellington Co.) and entered ministry, 1906 Victoria College Toronto. In 1907 he married Mabel Eady of Harriston (Wellington Co.), and in 1914 he married Annie Yeates of Hamilton (Wentworth Co.) who was living in 1925 in Burlington ON Christian Guardian - Deaths - Rev. George Albert King born at Tara, of a family that early settled in Bruce Co ON married 1907 Miss Mabel Eady of Harriston ON married 1914 Miss Annie Yeates of Hamilton ON died on January 20, 1925, 48 years old Interment at Tara survived by widow, son Carman from first marriage, parents Mr. and Mrs. J.J. King of Guelph, 2 sisters: Misses Audrey and Gladys, and 2 brothers in the west


KING, George B. 1924 Islington Christian Guardian - Birth - Barbara Anne King was born on April 5, 1924 in Cambridge Mass. a daughter for Rev. and Mrs. George B. King of Islington Ontario

KING, James P. 1869 Uxbridge (Ontario Cty.), 1872 Eramosa (Wellington Co.)

KING, T.P. Episcopal, 1903 held the second BME conference in Guelph, 1921-1922 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1923 Kemble Ontario, (Christian Guardian) Marriages - Arnott - King ... marriage on Oct 19 1923 at St. Catherine's Ontario of Glendora Mabel, only daughter of Rev. T.P. and Mrs. King of Kemble Ontario, to Mr. George W. Arnott of Vineland Ontario

KIRKLAND, Elias E. 1845 Queen's Bush/Peel (Wellington Co.)

Rev. J.H. KirklandKIRKLAND, J.H. member of Norfolk St. Methodist Church Guelph (Wellington Co.) and entered the ministry, 1906 Stratford




KITCHING, J.W. 1894 former pastor on the Erin circuit married Mary Sibley 1913-1916 Binbrook,

KITELY, Walter M. 1913-1916 Florence

KITTGOWER, Joseph was born in 1832 in Scotland, 1871 Hungerford (Hastings Co.)

KNAPP, Amos was born in 1821 in Ontario, Primitive, 1864 Muskoka Circuit, 1871 Huron (Bruce Co.)

KNIGHT, Adolphus G. was received on trial in 1869, 1867-1869 student at Victoria College,

KNIGHT, Richard 1824-1827 Grand Banks Nfld, 1836 Charlottetown PEI

KNOTT, S. Episcopal, Dorchester N.,

KNOWLAN, James British Wesleyan Methodist Society Kingston Chronicle editorial re: the efforts of the Rev. James Knowlan, senior minister of the British Wesleyan Society, to unite the British and Upper Canada Conferences. Kingston Chronicle Nov. 26, 1831 p. 2, col. 4; will preach a sermon at the British Methodist Chapel. Kingston Chronicle Sept. 19, 1829 p. 2, col. 6; Committee member of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society. Secretary. Kingston Chronicle Sept. 22, 1826 p. 3, col. 1-2;

KNOWLAND, Frederick was born in 1824 in Ontario, 1871 Hinchinbrooke (Addington)

KNOX, J.D.P. was born on May 13 1864 and died on Sep 5 1945 and was buried in Stirling Cemetery, Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.). Ordained as a Minister of the Methodist Church in Victoria, B.C. on 12 May 1895,

KNOX, P.E. b 1831 Ontario Episcopal, 1871 Brighton (Northumberland Co.)

Rev. E.L. KoyleKOYL, Eardley H. M.A. Niagara Falls, Ont was born at Centralia, Ontario in 1858 and is the second son of Rev. Ephriam Koyl, Methodist minister. He was married August 25, 1886 to Miss Letta Bigelow of Lindsay, Ontario. 1878 on probation in London Disctrict and then Brantford, ordained at 1879 Woodstock, 1880-1883 Paris, 1883-1886 Beamsville, 1886 Paris (Brant Co.), 1887-1889 Ingersoll, 1891 Niagara Falls


KOYL, Ephraim L. M.A. Episcopal, was born in 1815 in the United States, 1851 Long Point, ordained 1853, 1854-1855 Amherstburg (Chatham), 1858 Usborne (Huron Co.), 1869 Pittsburg (Kingston), 1871 Camden East (Addington),

LACEY, John was born in 1797 in England, Primitive, 1844 Bethel/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), 1871 Loughborough (Addington)

LADNER, Charles was born in PEI and was ordained in 1861, 1870 Perlican Nfld, 1875-1878 and 1881-1882 Grand Banks Nfld

LA DU, S.W. Episcopal 1843-1844 Ernestown, 1847 Belleville/Stirling/Rawdon Twp. (hastings Co.), 1851 Cobourg,

LAIRD, James was born in 1841 in Scotland and was received on trial in 1862, 1869 Woodsley, 1871 Maidstone (Essex Co.), 1880 West Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1892-1894 Binbrook,

LAIRD, John Guiness was born in 1823 in Fermanagh, Ireland and was received on trial in 1848 at the Beleville Conference, Wesleyan Methodist, 1848 Chatham, 1849 Goderich, ordained in 1850-1852 at the London Circuit, 1853-1855 Sarnia/Moore (Lambton Co.), 1854-1855 Port Sarnia, 1857 St. John (Welland), 1856-1858 Thorold (Niagara), 1859 Hamilton (Wentworth Co.), 1860-1861 London Circuit, 1862-1863 Mt. Pleasant, 1864-1866 Dumfries/Paris (Brant Co.), 1867-1869 Drummondville, 1869 Stamford (Welland Co.), 1870-1872 Fergus (Wellington Co.), 1873-1874 Chairman Owen Sound, 1876-1879 Bowmanville, 1879-1881 Barrie, buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, London, (Middlesex Co.), Delegate to First General Conference, Toronto 1874, Secretary of Conference 1878, Chairman of District 1879-1880

LAIRD, William H. died in 1891 He was received on trial in 1855, 1859 Binbrook, 1869 Superintendent at Dundas married Mrs. Laird who died in 1924 in Regina SK Their son was Senator H.W. Laird living in 1924 in Regina SK

LAKE, Charles V. Episcopal was received on trial in 1856, 1866 Queensville (York Co.), 1868 Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), 1869 Niagara,

LAKE, John N. 1850 Markham (York Co.), 1865 Greenwood/Brougham,

LAMBERT, Chandly was born in 1781 and died on March 16, 1845. He was received on trial in 1808 Methodist Episcopal, 1808 St. Lawrence, 1809 Bay of Quinte, 1810 moved to the USA

LAMBERT, Sidney (Christian Guardian) Death - John William Lambert died on Mar 24 1924 at Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto Ontario the infant son of Rev. Sidney and Mrs Lambert

LAMBLEY, Osborne R. B.A. Episcopal Methodist was born in 1839 in Quebec and was received on trial in 1862, 1867-1869 Georgeville and Magog (Quebec), 1884 Stirling Rawdon Twp. (Hastings Co.),

LAMIGON, Jacob Episcopal 1841 Wainfleet

LANCELEY, Ebenezer B. was born on September 18, 1857 in Cobour, Ontario and was married October 15, 1884, to Alice, daughter of the late Oscar Munroe, of London Twp. He was received on trial in 1876 at Centenary Church in Hamilton and was ordained at Woodstock in 1882. 1877 Stoney Creek, 1879-1882 Woodstock, 1882 Strathroy, 1884 London West, 1887 Forest, 1888-1891 Colborne Street London,

Rev. J.E. LanceleyLANCELEY, John Ellis was born on January 10, 1848 in Birkenhead, England and died in 1900 and was buried in Baltimore United Cemetery, Hamilton Twp., (Northumberland Co.). He came to Canada in 1856 with his father. In 1877 he married Miss Caroline Eliza Ward who was born in 1860 in Clifton Ontario (Niagara Falls) and her mother was Mrs Caroline Ward. He was received on trial in 1871 at Aurora, Wesleyan Methodist, 1870 Washington/Plattsville, 1871 Aurora, 1872 Chatham, 1873 Dundas. He was ordained 1874-1875 Norfolk Street/Dublin Street Guelph (Wellington Co.), 1875 Clifton/Niagara Falls, 1876-1878 London/Petersville, 1879 St. Thomas Second, 1880-1881 Dunnville, 1883 Burlington 1885-1887 Thorold, 1888-1891 Toronto,


LANGFORD, Alexander was received on trial in 1857, 1867-1869 Chairman Chatham, 1896 Orangeville (Dufferin Co.)

LANGFORD, Charles D.D. was born in 1845 and died on April 8, 1924 in Toronto, Ontario in his 80th year and was survived by wife and 1 son, Howard B. Langford. In 1908 he spoke at Norfolk Street Methodist Church Guelph (Wellington Co.) on Sunday April 5th. 1908 at the Anniversary and Organ Opening Service.

LANE, Bidwel was born in 1844 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1871 Ottawa

LANE, Henry Episcopal, 1851 Hallowell,

LANG, Matthew 1835 Toronto District Book Steward, 1837 Toronto (residence Newgate St. E.)

LANGDON, Joseph 1863 Peel Co.

LANGFORD, Alexander was born in 1836 in Scotland, 1871 Chatham Town (Kent Co.)

LANGHORNE, John Episcopal 1807 Earnestown, Bay of Quinte, Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada Letter. Reference to Mr. Barry of Toronto and the late Rev. John Stuart and Rev. John Langhorne. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Nov. 7, 1838 p. 2, col. 6

LANTON, Henry was born in 1810 in England and was received on trial in 1837, 1843 Hamilton, 1847 received at Toronto Conference, 1847-1848 Kingston, 1851 Clkarenceville,1858 Burgess Twp., 1860 Fredericksburg, 1861 Adolphustown, 1862-1863 Ernesttown (Lennox), 1863 Amherst Island, 1864-1871 King St Hamilton (retired), Simpson, William Kingston merchant. Married Catherine Embury Fisher, daughter of John Fisher of Quebec at Hamilton in the British Wesleyan Methodist chapel, with Rev. H. Lanton officiating. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Oct. 7, 1843 p. 3, col. 5

LARGE, Richard S.E. was born in 1841 in Prince Edward Island, Episcopal, 1866 Newland (York Co.), 1871 Kincardine (Bruce Co.), 1906 assistant pastor Metropolitan Church Toronto

LATHERN, John 1870 Centenary St. John N.B., 1876 Charlottetown PEI

LATIMER, James F. was born in 1833 in Ontario and was received on trial in 1855, 1864-1869 Port Stanley (retired), 1871 Yarmouth (Elgin Co.)

LATTER, Asher P. 1888 Greenwood,

LAURANCE, B. Episcopal, 1881 Ingersoll (retired)

LAVELL, Charles M. A. was received on trialin 1842 and in 1869 was the Secretary of Conference. 1851 Kingston, 1856 Hamilton (Wentworth Co.), 1854-1856 Toronto West, 1861 Belleville (Hastings Co.), 1861 Toronto, 1862 Yorkville, 1868 Glen Morris (Brant Co.), 1869 Stratford (Perth Co.), 1872 Seaforth (Huron Co.),

LAW, Albert J. living 1924 Burdett AB son of James E. Law married Mary Anne Oke in 1874 Oshawa ON; living 1924 Morden MB Edwin C. son of James living 1924 Vancouver BC and Oliver J. son of James living 1924 Darlingford MB

LAW, John was born in 1806 in Fermanagh County, Ireland and died on September 7th., 1869, He was received on trial in 1833 Lindsay/Cavan, 1834 Dumfries/Wellington Co., 1835 London, 1836 Brantford, ordained in 1837 at Grimsby, 1838 Nelson, 1839-1840 Yonge Street, 1842 Stamford, 1842-1844 Toronto Circuit, 1845-1846 Dumfries/Blenheim (Oxford Co.)/Paris Plains, 1847-1848 St. Catharines/Thorold, 1849-1850 Humber, 1851-1852 Oshawa, 1853-1854 Markham, 1855 Georgetown, 1856 Milton, 1857-1858 Sidney (Hastings Co.), 1859-1861 Prince Albert, 1862-1868 Whitby (retired), 1834 Dumfries - Conrad Vandusen and John Law appointed clergymen for the Wesleyan Methodist Church for Dumfries in the York, or Toronto District for the year. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Jun. 21, 1834 p. 2, col. 6, August 12 1845, William Ellis married Dorothy Howell, witnesses Jonah Howell and David Ellis. Rev. John Law, Wesleyan Methodist in Dumfries

LAW, S. 1860 Reach Twp.

LAWSON, Thomas 1925 Saskatchewan Christian Guardian article on his 50 years of ministering born Toronto ON, son of William and Mary Lawson who came to Canada in 1837 from Yorkshire England

LAWRENCE, Benjamin was born in 1811 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1851 Garafraxa (Wellington Co.), 1851 Toronton District, 1871 Mosa (Middlesex Co.)

Rev. George Lawrence LAWRENCE, George was born on February 18, 1822 in the Cty of Limerick, Ireland, Episcopal, arrived in Canada with his parents in 1825 to Little York and was received on trial in 1844 and was ordained in 1846 by Bishop Alley at the Yonge Street Church. He was married on September 26, 1850 to Miss Lucy Reid, daughter of Dr. A.F. Reid of Richmond Hill, Ontario and they had two daughters. 1844 Canboro, 1845 Toronto, 1848 Nelson, 1850 Yonge Street, 1852 Newmarket, 1854 Saltfleet, 1856 Orono, 1858 Markham, 1860 Yonge Street, 1861 Erin, 1863 Georgetown, 1865 Pickering, 1867 Brooke, 1869 Sombra. 1871 London, 1891 Ingersoll (retired)



LAWSON, Thomas was born in 1826 in England and died on October 22nd. 1870. He was received on trial in 1855 at Arthur, Primitive Methodist, 1851 Hamilton, Wesleyan Methodist 1855 Arthur, 1856 Wawanosh, 1857-1859 Albion, 1860-1861 Kleinburg, 1862-1863 Baltimore/Grafton, 1864-1867 New Credit, 1868 Madoc, 1869 Grand River, 1870 Tuscarora (Brant Co.), Drowned while crossing the Grand River in 1870

Rev. John Laycock LAYCOCK, John was born on October 21, 1848 in Embro Ontario and was received on trial in 1871 and was ordained in 1873. He was married on April 15, 1879 to Miss Annetta Marie Dolson, daughter of Gilbert H. Dolson, of Chatham, Ontario, a lady of culture and refinement. 1870 Malahide, 1871 Mount Elgin, 1872 Nissouri, 1873 Leamington, 1874 Bothwell/Florence, 1875 St. Clair, 1876 Glencoe, 1877 Wallaceburg, 1878 Essex Centre, 1879 Chatham, 1880 St. Mary's/Nissouri, 1881 London North, 1882 Park Hill, 1884 Ingersoll, 1887-1890 Waterford, 1891 Emerald Street Hamilton,


Rev. J.J. LeachLEACH, J.J. was born in 1852 in Ontario, 1871 Camden East (Addington co.)




                                 LEACH, Webster Wesley was received on trial in 1860, 1869 Tamworth, 1866-1870 Camden East, (Addington Co.)

LEAROYD, W.H. was received on trial in 1856, 1869 Ingersoll, 1882 Greenwood/Brougham,

LEAVER, Charles 1970 Cavan (Durham Co.)

LEE, George F. was born in 1835 in Ontario, Primitive, 1871 Glenelg (Grey Co.)

LEE, Joseph 1924 Champion Alberta (Christian Guardian) Births - Brian Moffitt Lee was born on Jul 18 1924 in Champion Alberta a son for Rev. and Mrs Joseph Lee

LEE, Herbert 1896 Brookholm (Grey Co.), 1899 Armour (Parry Sound)

Rev. George LeechLEECH, George was born in 1834 in Augusta Twp. (Grenville Co.) Ontario and was received on trial in 1861, 1869 Whitby, 1877-1878 Newtonville Clarke Twp. (Durham Co.)



LEECH, Webster W. was born in 1841 in Ontario, 1871 Sheffield (Addington Co.), 1876-1878 Greenwood/Brougham,

LEIGH, Montague W. 1917-1921 Baileyboro, 1923-1925 Greenwood,

LEITH, Hamilton 1877 spoke at Howitt Memorial Church Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1883-1884 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

LEITH, Robert H. 1875 Kaladar (Lennox & Addington), 1877 Cloyne, 1882-1883 Stirling (Hastings Co.),

LeLACHEUR, David W. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1863, 1870 Nashweak N.B.

LENCH, Charles 1923-1930 Grand Banks Nfld

LEONARD, John died accidentally when his horse ran away. Body found by C. Raymond who took it to Charter's Inn. Leonard was a Wesleyan Methodist minister. British Whig (Kingston UC) Dec. 16, 1848 p. 3, col. 2

LEONARD, Joseph Homer, was born in 1809 in Prescott and died in 1877 in Chicago, Episcopal 1838-1839 Stirling Rawdon Twp., 1850 Niagara Conference, 1854 Chicago USA. He married Susannah Lockwood who was born in 1816 and died in 1881. He was a Minister and bookseller for the Methodist Church in southern Ontario and Niagara Conference.

LePAGE, A.E. was born in PEI and was ordained in 1864, 1870 Port Hawkesbury N.S.

LEROYD, John 1861 Albion (Peel Co.)

LESLIE, C.W. 1922-1924 Wesley/Underwood Bruce Twp.,

LESLIE George was born in 1820 and died1888 in Lanark Co Rev. George Leslie was a farmer and Methodist preacher. He preached in Glasgow, Scotland and married Mary Virtue, daughter of Col. John Virtue, and early settler in Lanark Co. Rev. Leslie came to Lanark about 1822, and secured land through his father-in-law in Dalhousie Township. His daughter, Mary Leslie married 1) David Crooks (died 1850) and 2) Mr. Crawford. She was a school teacher from 1850-1866.

LESTER, Alexander was received on trial in 1861, 1869 Westmeath,

LETT, F.G. McLeod St. Ottawa,

LEVER, J.J.A. 1876 Erin (Wellington Co.)

LEVER, John was born in 1803 in England Wesleyan Methodist and was received on trial in 1836-1837 at Newmarket, 1835 Brock Toronto District, 1831839 Whitby, ordained in 1840-1841 at Toronto Circuit, 1842 Barrie/Innisfil and in whose time the first Methodist church was built in Barrie, Ontario, 1843 Oro (Simcoe Co.), 1844-1845 Augusta, 1846-1847 Matilda, 1848-1849 Smith Falls, 1851-1852 Wilton, 1852 Ernestown, 1853-1856 Sidney (Hastings Co.), 1857 Consecon, 1858-1859 Brighton, 1861-1871 Sidney (Hastings Co.)(retired). He was buried in Delhi Cemetery, Windham Twp., (Norfolk Co.)

LEWIS, Daniel Episcopal 1831 Smith's Creek Circuit,

LEWIS, E. Dewart 1877 Greenwood/Brougham,

LEWIS, George was born in 1844 in Ontario Primitive, 1871 Rideau (Kingston)

LEWIS, Harry T. B.A. was born in Stony Drummer Ontario(?) (within Bay of Quinte Conference) and died Jan 23 1924 in Oshawa Ontario and was burried in Little Lake Cemetery Peterboro Ontario. He married Ethel Drew of Oshawa Ontario, who predeceased him some years ago as did his little daughter Alice who drowned while he was stationed at Oshawa Ontario. He was survived by 1 son Hartley of Toronto Ontario, 1 daughter Miss Mary of Toronto Ontario, 2 sisters: Miss Kate of Regina SK and Miss Margaret of Vancouver BC charges Stony Drummer, Cobourg, Oshawa, 1912-1923 Regina, where he lived through a cyclone, Saskatoon, Moosejaw, Oxbow Saskatchewan (Christian Guardian) Death of Rev. H.T. Lewis died Jan 23 1924 Oshawa Ontario letter commemorating life and time spent in Sask., body shipped to Peterboro Ontario for burial in Little Lake Cemetery moved from Stony Drummer to Coburg to Oshawa to Regina SK, where he lived through a cyclone, to Saskatoon SK to Moosejaw Sk to Oxbow SK wife Miss Ethel Drew of Oshawa Ontario

LEWIS, Henry 1888-1891 Grand Banks Nfld

LEWIS, John was received on trial in 1811 Methodist Episcopal, 1811 Henderson N.Y., 1812 Ashburnham N.Y., 1815 Stanstead, 1817 located

LEWIS, John was born in 1827 and died in 1916 and was buried in Whites Cemetery, Sidney Twp. (Hastings Co.)

LEWIS, Joshua P. was received on trial in 1861, 1865 Washington/Wexford/Highland Creek (York Co.),1869 Point Levi,

LEWIS, T. 1858 Haldimand Twp.

LIDSTONE, Joseph was born in 1844 in England, Primitive son Albert Edmund died in 1870 at the age of 11 months 1870 Peel (Wellington Cty.), 1871 Woodstock (Oxford Co.), 1892-1895 South Mountain

LIMBERT, 1886 Hastings/Trent Bridge Asphodel Twp.,

LING, F. Episcopal, 1881 Stanley/London,

LINSCOTT, T.S. was born on June 19, 1846 in Devon, England and was ordained in 1875. Episcopal. Retired in 1879 for family reasons and took charge of a publishing business at Brantford where he was resideing in 1891.

LINTON, J. 1906 Beresford Souris Assiniboia Conference Saskatchewan

LITTLE, G.C. 1897 Blenheim married Annie Robertson 1897 choir member at Norfolk St. Guelph

LITTLE, John (Joe) 1874 Parkhill/Warwick, 1879 Binbrook, 1880 Corwhin Puslinch Twp. (Wellington Co.)

LITTLEWOOD, S. 1923 North Bay CG - Births - Littlewood, Manley Winfred born March 10, 1923 North Bay ON son to Rev and Mrs S Littlewood

LIVINGSTON, Joseph A.was born in 1829 in the United States, Episcopal, 1870-1871 Brantford

LIVINGSTONE, H. 1884 Binbrook, 1895-1896 Binbrook,

LIVINGSTONE, James 1877-1885 Florence/Thames

LOCHEAD, Robert was received on trial in 1844 at Sidney, Wesleyan Methodist. In 1847 he was received at Toronto Conference. 1843 Matilda, 1845-1846 Cartwright/Scugog, 1847 Amherst Isle, 1848 Wilton, 1849 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1850 Malahide, 1851 Oshawa, 1852 Newmarket/Snake Island, 1853 Zion Maryborough (Wellington Co.), 1854-1856 Humber, 1857-1858 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1859-1870 Meaford (retired), 1871 Markdale, 1872 Smith's Falls, 1873 Coldwater, moved to Montreal Conference, 1874 Bury, 1875-1876 Alice, 1877-1878 Plantagenet, 1879 Smith's Falls

LOCKE, Joseph H. was born in 1844 in Ireland and was received on trial in 1865, 1869 Beamsville, 1870 Clinton, 1871 York. 1874 Woodbridge (York Co.)

LOCKHART, C. 1870 Sussex Vale N.B.

LOCKHEAD, M. 1851 Richmond Bayham Twp. (Middlesex.Co.)

LOCKWOOD, Joseph was received on trial in 1807 Methodist Episcopal, 1807 Long Island USA, 1808 Middletown USA, 1809 Ordained Bay of Quinte, 1810 Scarborough, 1811 located

LODGE, W.W. 1870 Caledonia N.S.

LOGAN, C. 1902-1905 Florence

LOMAS, William was born in 1829 in England, Primitive, 1851 Woodstock, 1855 Carrick (Bruce Co.), 1866 Nobleton (York Co.), 1871 Bradford (Simcoe Co.)

Rev. Benjamin Longley LONGLEY, Benjamin was born in 1847 in Shefford, Quebec, began preaching in 1867 and was received on trial in 1869, 1869 Hatley and Cassville, 1872 graduated Victoria College Cobourg, 1878 St. James Montreal, 1880 Douglas Montreal, 1885 Queen St. Toronto


LONGLEY, R.S. Christian Guardian - Births - Edith Marion Auld Longley born January 25, 1925 at Fowchow, Sze, China daughter of Rev and Mrs. R.S. Longley

LORD, William was born in 1791 in Bacup, Lancashire, England and died in 1873. He was converted as a boy under the influence of the minister William Edward Miller. Lord entered the Wesleyan itinerancy in 1811 and quickly displayed conspicuous ability. He served as President of the Canadian Conference in 1834 and represented the British Church at the American General Conference in 1835. From 1843 to 1857 he was governor of Woodhouse Grove School and was instrumental in an elargement of the premises. Lord superannuated in 1861 and died Manningham near Bradford on January 20 1873., Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Rev. Lord sailed for Liverpool with Rev. E. Black of Montreal and the Indian missionary John Sunday, who is to be "shown about" in England. British Whig (Kingston) June 21, 1836 p. 3, col. 3; Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Bay Street, Kingston, to re-open. Sermons by Rev. William Lord and Egerton Ryerson. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Nov. 7, 1835 p. 3, col. 5; The Kingston Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society is to meet at the Wesleyan Chapel. Rev. William Lord will speak. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Apr. 18, 1835 p. 3, col. 3; Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Rev. Lord, Methodist minister, to preach in the Methodist Chapel or Rear St., then to go on to Belleville, Colborne and Cobourg. Kingston Chronicle and Gazette Nov. 15, 1834 p. 2, col. 5; Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada - Rev. William Lord selected in place of Marsden as President of the Canadian Conference. British Whig(Kingston) Nov. 11, 1834 p. 3, col. 2

LOSEE, William was received on trial in 1789 Methodist Episcopal, preached in 1790 at Adolphustown and was buried in Hay Bay Church Cemetery, Adolphustown, Lenox & Addington. To William Losee belons the honour of being the first Methodist missionary sent in 1790 to Canada. The New York Conference which sat in Albany in May of 1791, appointed him to Kingston, which was the name given to the first Methodist Circuit. 1789 Lake Champlain USA, 1790 Canada, 1791 Ordained Kingston, 1792 Oswegotchie, 1793 located.

LOUNSBERRY, Edward was born in 1826 in Ontario, Episcopal, 1851 Oxford, 1871 Dereham (Oxford Co.), 1880 Presiding Elder London District,

LOVE, John E. 1925 Stonewall (Christian Guardian) Obituary - James Henry Love was born near St. Mary's, (Perth Co.) Ontario and in 1898 he married Miss Elizabeth Dickinson who was born in 1867 and died on Jan 8 1925 in Virden Manitoba. He was survived by his widow, 2 children Myrtle (attending Normal school at Dauphin) and Ewart at home, 1 brother Rev. John E. Love of Stonewall, and 5 sisters Mrs. J. Mooney of Elkhorn, Mrs. George Cornish of Miniota, Mrs. J. Gardner and Mrs. Elmer English of Virden MB, and Mrs. Charles Treble of Fillmore

LOVELL, Charles 1843 Thorold, 1848 Thorold

LOVERIN, Charles 1852 "disposed from the ministry and expelled from the Church"

LOWE, William F. Episcopal, 1851 Gainsborough, 1901 Morris (Huron Co.)

Rev. Daniel V. Lucas Mrs. D.V. Lucas LUCAS, Daniel V. was born in 1835 Wellington Square, in Halton Co., Ontario and was received on trial as a Methodist Episcopal minister in 1869, 1869 Waterford, 1871 Townsend (Norfolk Co.), 1873 Victoria College Cobourg, 1874-1877 Farmersville Yonge Twp. (Leeds Co.), 1878 Victoria, Vancouver Island, 1881 appointed Travelling Lecturer for the Standstead Wesleyan College, 1903 & 1919 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

Mrs. D.V. Lucas was born at L'Original, she being the only daughter of the late Rev. Joseph Reynolds, a successful minister of the Methodist Church. She received her education in Farmersville and at the Wesleyan Female College, Hamilton.


LUCEY. J. Episcopal, 1881 Binbrook,

LUCKEY, Samuel D.D. was born in 1791 and died on October 11, 1869. He was received on trial in 1811 Methodist Episcopal, 1811 Ottawa, 1812 St. Francis River, 1813-1869 New York and Genesse Conference. In 1832 he was elected Principal of the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, and in 1836 he was elected Editor of the Christian Advocate, New York. In 1843 he visited the Canada Wesleyan Conference at Hamilton, as delegate from the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal church.

LUCSON, John was born in 1811 in England, 1871 Arran (Bruce Co.)

LUNAU Austin 1923 King (Christian Guardian) Deaths - Mary Jane (nee Udell) Lunau died on Nov 15 1923 at her residence in Markham Ontario and was buried on Nov 17 1923 in Elmwood Cemetery. She was the widow of J. Jacob Lunau and was survived by 2 sons and 2 daughters: Lambert of Mt. ALbert, Mrs. Anice McDowell and Mrs. V.J. Winterstein of Markham Ontario, Rev. Austin Lunau of King and a step daughter Mrs C.A. Brown of Toronto Ontario

LUND, William was born in 1817 in England and was received on trial in 1857, 1869 Port Stanley, 1871 Southwold (Elgin Co.)

LY-BERTUS, Rev. Episcopal 1900 BME Essex St. Guelph (Wellington Co.)

LYLE, William was born in 1796 in England, Primitive, He married Mary Ann who died on May 7, 1862. His daughter Mary Ann was married in 1844 to Rev. William F. Clarke a Congregational minister at Burford upon his ordination at that place. 1835 Toronto Twp., 1842 Bethel/Scarborough Circuit (York Co.), 1851 Bay Street Toronto, 1871 Yorkville (York Co.),

LYONS, Armon P. 1879-1880 Wesley/Underwood, in 1885 his widow Eliza married Rev. James Cooke Seymour.

LYNCH, John was born in 1840 in Ireland, Methodist Episcopal, 1868 Bracebridge, 1871 Mono (Cardwell), 1874-1875 Erin (Wellington Co.), 1880 Orangeville

LYND, Garnet 1911 Port Credit, 1913 Chapleau,

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