1883 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor

Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia
NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia mfm # 1031

The following data is for personal use only and is not to be copied in any form for more than personal with the exception of libraries, family research centres or history centres. John Parker and Phil Vogler. Please contact NSARM at (902) 424-6060 or (902) 424-0628 or email nsarm@gov.ns.ca for original copies. They will provide a photocopy for a small fee. We cannot do this for you. * Sometimes the place of death or marriage or the date is not included in the original. * Also sometimes the print is not legible due to folding, smudging, etc.- please refer to original. I have tried to follow the spelling as printed in the paper but errors do occur.

**The week of April 11, 1883 is missing at NSARM.

Armstrong, Mrs. Walker, died at Bloomington, Annapolis Co., NS, 6 Jan., age 70 years. [17 Jan 1883].

Baker, Deacon Thomas, died at Margaretville East, 26 Feb., 75 years. [21 Mar. 1883].

Baker, Williard, died at Bear River, 17 April, age 43 years. [Previous week his mother, wid/o late Parker Baker, died at Torbrook]. [25 April 1883].

Balcom, Hannah A., w/o Thomas A. Balcom, died at Bridgetown, 2nd inst., age 37 years. [4 April 1883].

Balcom, Joseph A., Lawrencetown, married at Lawrencetown, 17 Jan. to Ruby L. Harris, d/o Capt. Joseph Harris, Margaretville. [24 Jan 1883].

Balcom, Lillian E. see Dodge, E. Louis.

Balcom, Thomas A. see Balcom, Hannah A.

Balcom, W. W. see Dodge, E. Louis.

Balcomb, John F., Aylesford, married at Annapolis, 1 Jan. [1883], to Anna Lightizar [sic], Aylesford. [10 Jan 1883].

Balser, Alice Maud, Port George, married at Pine Grove, 1 Jan [1883], to Weston Crawford. [10 Jan 1883].

Bath, J. see Weatherspoon, Lizzie.

Bath, Lizzie see Weatherspoon, Lizzie.

Beals, Hannah, w/o Priestly Beals, died at Inglisville, 22 march, age 59 years. [28 March 1883].

Beals, John C. Junr., Bear River, married at East Wilton, New Hampshire, 1st inst., to Martha Dean, Musquodobit, Nova Scotia. [14 Feb 1883].

Beals, Priestly see Beals, Hannah.

Bent, Eben, married at Young’s Cove, 27th ult., to Fanny, d/o Edward Mulberry, all of Young’s Cove. [3 Jan 1883].

Bent, Joseph & Emma, children of, died at Springfield : 24 Jan. Delbert L. Bent, 5 years 2 months; 25 Jan. Wilbert R. Bent, 2 years 5 months; 4 Feb. Ralph A., 8 years 9 months. [28 Feb 1883].

Bent, Melbourne, s/o James & Mary Bent, died at Springfield, 21 Jan. age 1 year 3 months. [28 Feb 1883].

Bent, Seth, died at Lawrencetown, 8 Feb., 73 years. [14 March 1883].

Boland, Rebecca, wid/o late Rev. Thos. Boland, Bay St. George, Newfoundland, died at Lawrencetown, 7 May 1883, age 78 years. [9 May 1883].

Boland, Rev. Thos., see Boland, Rebecca.

Bolser, James, Midleton, married at Hanley Mountain, 10 Jan., to Ella F. Brown, d/o Maitland Brown, Hanley Mountain. [17 Jan 1883].

Bowlby, Adam, Waterford, Ontario, b. Wilmot, 29 March 1792, died at Berlin, Ontario, 26 Feb., age 90 years, 10 months, 28 days, s/o Richard Bowlby. [14 march 1883 – unusual – long obituary ].

Bowlby, Richard see Bowlby, Adam.

Brown, Ella F. see Bolser, James.

Brown, Capt. John, Port George, married at Clementsvale, 6 March, to Laura M. Potter d/o Joseph Potter, Clements. [14 Mar 1883].

Brown, Maitland see Bolser, James.

Brown, Mrs. William, died at Lawrencetown, 9th inst., age 36 years. [17 Jan 1883].

Bruce, Annie M., Centreville, married 13th inst., at Bridgetown, to J. J. Lantz, Centreville. [16 May 1883].

Burdett, Charles, Lynn, Mass., married at Lynn, Mass., 21 Dec. [1882] to Lydia A. Merry, eldest d/o Henry Merry, New Albany. [24 Jan. 1883].

Burke, Harvey, died at Granville, 21st inst., 58 years. [7 March 1883].

Burns, Alexander see Burns, Mary H.

Burns, Carl R., 3rd s/o Wm. H. & Georgie Burns, died at Bridgetown, 28th ult., 12 years. [2 May 1883].

Burns, Mary H., d/o Alexander Burns, Port Lorne, married at Port Lorne, 15th inst., to Enos S. Swallow, Springfield. [15 April 1883].

Burns, Wm. H. & Georgie see Burns, Carl R.

Bush, Georgiana see Middleton, William.

Bush, James see Middleton, William.

Carty, Fannie A., d/o William & Margaret Carty, died at Tupperville, 31 Dec [1882],age 21 years. [10 Jan 1883].

Chesley, Elizabeth O., w/o Hansen Chesley, died at Bridgetown, 14 Jan., in 69th year. [17 Jan 1883].

Chesley, Hansen see Chesley, Elizabeth O.

Chute, H. E. see Chute, Sarah Bella.

Chute, Sarah Bella, w/o H. E. Chute, formerly of Annapolis, died at Worchester, Mass., 17th inst., d/o Jacob Wyman, Weymouth. [25 April 1883].

Clark, Sophia L., died at Margaretville, 15 Feb. age 10 years. [21 Feb 1883].

Clark, William, died at Granville, 13th inst., 80 years. [21 Mar. 1883].

Coleman, Maggie J. see Connell, George R.

Connell, George R., Nictaux, married at Nictaux, 22nd inst. to Maggie J. Coleman, Kentville. [24 Jan 1883].

Corbitt, A. W. see Corbitt, Mary.

Corbitt, Mary, eldest d/o A. W. Corbitt, Annapolis, married at the Church of Advent, Boston, 2 May, to Henry A. West, Liverpool, NS. [23 May 1883].

Cornwall, George, died at Clarence, 4th inst. [no age provided]. [10 Jan 1883].

Crawford, Weston see Balser, Alice Maud.

Creighton, F. W. see Creighton, Georgiana.

Creighton, Georgiana, w/o F. W. Creighton, d/o late George Robinson, Annapolis, died at Ottawa, 5th inst. [23 May 1883].

Cropley, Augusta Mercy, w/o Russell Cropley, age 41 years, died at Granville, 28 Jan. [7 Feb 1883].

Cropley, Russell see Cropley, Augusta Mercy.

Dean, Martha see Beals, John C. Junr.

Ditmars, Edwin A., Clements West, married at Roop’s Point, 1st inst., to Susan Winchester, Roop’s Point. [21 March 1883].

Dodge, George, died at Middleton, 3 Feb., age 68 years. [7 Feb. 1883].

Dodge, E. Louis, Boston, Mass., formerly of Clarence, married at Lawrencetown, 30 April, to Lillian E. Balcom, eldest d/o W. W. Balcom, Lawrencetown. [25 April 1883].

Dodge, William W., Middleton, married at Middleton, 28 Feb., to Maggie Rodgers, Nictaux. [7 March 1883].

Douglass, Robert, died at Port George, 10 Dec. age [83?not clear], years. [24 Jan 1883].

Dukeshire, Barnard, married at Clements, 19 March, to Henrietta Dukeshire, Clements. [28 March 1883].

Dukeshire, Henrietta see Dukeshire, Barnard.

Durling, Annie M., w/o Thomas E. Durling, died at Inglisville, 4 May, age 30 years.[30 May 1883].

Early, Rosanna, died at Margaretville East, 11th inst., 22 years. [21 Mar. 1883].

Eaton, Edward H. see Rodgers, Clara Louisa.

Everett, Asa, y/s/o Cecilla & the late Jacob Everett, Granville, died at San Francisco, California, 9 March, age 24 years. [28 March 1883].

Everett, Cecilla & late Jacob see Everett, Asa.

Fancy, Ellen see Mosher, David.

Fairn, Maria F. see Holmes, Frank W.

Fales, David see Fales, Nancy.

Fales, Nancy, w/o David Fales, died at Victoria, Wilmot, 24 Dec [1882], age 39 years. [10 Jan 1883].

Fitzrandolph, Ann, w/o John Fitzrandolph, died at Bridgetown, 29 May, age 73 years. [30 May 1883].

Forbes, C. M. see Forbes, Margaret Mudie.

Forbes, Margaret Mudie w/o C. M. Forbes, died at Annapolis, 21 march, age 64 years. [28 March 1883].

Foster, John, died at Torbrook, 26th ult. age 38 years. [14 Feb. 1883].

Foster, Lizzie M., 2nd d/o W. G. Foster, Granville, married at Hudson, 1 Feb., to Henry E. Hall, Washington, Main [sic]. [21 Feb 1883].

Foster, Capt. Raymond, married at Bridgetown, 17th inst. to Emma Peck, d/p Capt. Caleb Peck, Charleston [?], St. John, NB. [24 Jan 1883].

Foster, W. G. see Foster, Lizzie M.

Gates, George see gates, William Wallace.

Foster, George B., inf/s/o Adoriam & Susan Foster d. age 10 months.[no place, date.- 21 Feb 1883]

Gates, William Wallace, s/o George Gates, died at Albany, 29 Dec [1882], age 13 [could be 18,19 – bad print] years, 10 months, 11 days. [3 Jan 1883].

Gates, George see gates, Samuel.

Gates, Samuel, s/o George Gates, died at Albany, 8th inst., age 4 years, 4 days. [17 Jan 1883].

Gates, Susan Isabel d/o George Gates, died at Inglisville, 27 Jan., 2 years 9 months. [21 Feb 1883].

Gilliatt, Capt. J. E., Clementsport, died at Sorocco, New Mexico, 9 Jan. [17 Jan 1883].

Graves, Deacon john, died 9 April at Port Lorne, in 81st year. [18 April 1883].

Hall, Asa, formerly of Saint Criox Cove, died at South Boston, 17 Dec. 1882, age 26 years. [17 Jan 1883].

Hall, Caroline, wid/o late John Hall, died at Lawrencetown, 28 May, 72 years. [30 May 1883].

Hall, Henry E. see Foster, Lizzie M.

Halliday, Joel, married at the parsonage [? Bridgetown?], 28th inst., to Jessie Robinson, 2nd d/o Capt. Isiah Robinson, Hillsburn, Annapolis Co., N.S. [3 Jan 1883].

Hamilton, Frances Helen, w/o Norman McDonald, d/o late Samuel Hamilton, Bridgetown, died at Great Bend, Kansas. [23 May 1883].

Hamilton, Samuel see Hamilton, Frances Helen.

Harris, Bernard I. see Roop, Ida M..

Harris, James DeLancy, Bellisle, married at Lower Granville, 27th inst., to Carrie Delap Shafner, d/o John H. Shafner, Lower Granville. [4 April 1883].

Harris, Capt. Joseph see Balcom, Joseph A.

Harris, Ruby L. see Balcom, Joseph A.

Harris, Lucy, d/o Capt. Simeon & Emeline Harris, died at Margaretville, 27 ult., 14 years.[2 May 1883].

Harris, Simeon & Emeline see Harris, Lucy.

Hatley, William H., died at Paradise, 7 April, age 42 years. [18 April 1883].

Hazelwood, W. H., died, 30th ult., at Granville.

Henshaw, Simeon, Centreville, ,married at [Virginia, Annapolis Co.], 9 April by Rev. J. M. Parker, to Sarah E. Henshaw, eldest d/o William Henshaw, Virginia, [ Annapolis Co.. [18 April 1883].

Henshaw William, see Henshaw, Simeon.

Holmes, Frank W., Boston, married at Moschelle, 3rd inst. to Maria A. Fairn, Moschelle. [10 Jan 1883].

Ince, Lieut. Col. George V. see Phinney, Robert J.

Ince, Mary E. see Phinney, Robert J.

Jarvis, Charles & Alice Jarvis see Lynch, Mary Elizabeth.

Jarvis, Mary Elizabeth see Lynch, Mary Elizabeth.

Jefferson, George H. E., eld./s/o late Robert Jefferson, died at Bear River, 22 April, age 69 years. [9 May 1883].

Jefferson, Robert see Jefferson, George H. E.

Johnson, Sarah A., d/o Robert Mills, Granville Ferry, died at Montreal, 27th inst. [3 Jan. 1883].

Kempton, Mrs. Ella M. see Roberts, Daniel.

Kempton, Thomas see Roberts, Daniel.

Kent, Watson, Bentville, married at Bellisle, 7th inst., to Ella Blanche Troop, eldest d/o Obadiah B. Troop, Bellisle. [14 Feb 1883].

Lantz, J. J. see Bruce, Annie M.

Lightizar, Anna see Balcomb, John F.

Longmire, John R., died at Lower Granville, 27 March, 50 years. [2 May 1883].

Lucaw, Samuel see Stephenson, Eunice.

Lynch, Mary Elizabeth, died at Lawrencetown, 25 Jan., age 30 years, d/o Charles & Alice Lynch. [7 Feb. 1883].

Manghan, Elizabeth, Clementsport, married at Clementsvale, 28 Feb., to William Voohers Rawding, Virginia [there is a Virginia East in The Nova Scotia Atlas p.63].[7 March 1883].

Marshall, Edwin, died at Middleton, 30 Jan., age 35 years. [7 Feb 1883].

Marshall, Ralph L., twin s/o Warren & Phoebe Marshall, Central Clarence, died at Central Clarence, 30 Jan. [21 Feb 1883].

Marshall, Susan died at Annapolis, 11th inst., age 86 years. [16 May 1883].

McDonald, Frances Helen see Hamilton, Frances Helen.

McDonald, Norman see Hamilton, Frances Helen.

McGowan, Bessie May d/o Robert & Harriet McGowan, died at Bridgetown, 25th inst., 2 years 6 months. [30 May 1883].

McKeen, William, died at Alma House, 19th inst. age 84 years. [21 Feb 1883].

McKenzie, Salome, w/o William Smith, died at St. Croix Cove, 14th inst., age 48 years. [21 March 1883].

Merry, Henry see Burdett, Charles

Merry, Lydia A. see Burdett, Charles.

Middleton, William, married at Inglisville, 18 Mar., to Georgiana Bush, adopted d/o late James Bush. [21 Mar. 1883].

Mills, Robert see Johnson, Sarah A.

Milner, Thomas, Parker’s Cove, married at Bridgetown, 23 Jan., to Susan Adelia Reed, Parker’s Cove. [7 Feb. 1883].

Morse, Elias see Morse, Lucy O.

Morse, Lucy O., relict of late Elias Morse, Paradise, died at Berwick, 11th inst. 76 years. [21 Feb 1883].

Mosher, David, married at Paradise, 7th inst., to Ellen Fancy, Paradise. [21 Feb 1883].

Mulberry, Edward see Bent, Eben.

Mulberry, Fanny see Bent, Eben.

Munro, Lizzie, w/o Walter Munro, 5th d/o Rev. N. Vidito, Windsor, NS, died at New Haven, CT. [no date- 7 Feb 1883].

Munro, Walter see Munro, Lizzie.

Parker, Daniel, died at Torbrook, 25 March, congestion of lungs, 69 years. [16 May 1883].

Parker, Edward see Parker, Zibiah.

Parker, Richard, married at Annapolis Royal, 31st ult., to Sarah Nelson, both of Campbellton, NB. [7 Feb 1883].

Parker, Zibiah, d/o late Edward Parker, died at Cleveland, Annapolis Co., NS, 2 Jan 1883, age 39 years. [17 Jan 1883].

Patterson, Mrs. John G. died at Aylesford, 3 Feb., age 71 years. [28 Feb. 1883].

Peck, Capt. Caleb see Foster, Capt. Raymond.

Peck, Emma see Foster, Capt. Raymond.

Phinney, Elias see Wiswall, Abel W.

Phinney, Inglis see Phinney, Robert J.

Phinney, Robert J., 2nd s/o Inglis Phinney, Middleton, married at Nictaux, 8th inst., to Mary E. Ince, eldest d/o Lieut. Col. George V. Ince, Ottawa, late of Nictaux. [14 Feb 1883].

Phinney, Naomi E. see Wiswall, Abel W.

Potter, Laura M. see Brown, Capt. John.

Potter, Joseph see Brown, Capt. John.

Purdy, Isaac D. see Purdy, Sarah Ann.

Purdy, J. G. see Purdy, Sarah Ann.

Purdy, Sarah Ann, relict of Isaac D. Purdy, died at the residence of her son, J. G. Purdy, at Carleton, 28th inst., age 76 years, burial at Moose River, Annapolis Co., NS. [4 April 1883].

Rice, Emma, 2nd d/o late William Rice, died at Bridgetown, 1st inst., in 28th year. [10 Jan 1883].

Rice, William see Rice, Emma.

Pineo, George R., Canadr [?], Cornwallis, married at Rosette, 24th inst., to Alma Spurr, d/o Charles E. Spurr, Rosette. [31 Jan 1883].

Rawding, William Voohers see Manghan, Elizabeth.

Reed, Susan Adelia see Milner, Thomas.

Rideout, Rev. William C. see Robblee, Hannah M.

Ristern, Annie, w/o Deacon William Ristern, died at Port Lorne, 24th inst., 81 years. [30 May 1883].

Ritchie, Florence M., d.o J. Norman Ritchie, Halifax, married at St. Paul’s, Halifax, 25th inst. to Francis C. Whitman, Annapolis. [2 May 1883].

Ritchie, J. Norman see Ritchie, Florence M.

Ritchie, Maria, wid/o John E. Ritchie, died at Clementsport, 7th inst., age 55 years. [28 March 1883].

Robblee, Hannah M., 3rd d/o Harris Robblee, Granville, married at Granville, 21st inst., to Rev. William C. Rideout, St. David, NB. [28 March 1883].

Robblee, Harris see Robblee, Hannah M.

Roberts, Daniel, London, G. B., married at Lynn, Mass., 12 Dec 1882, to Mrs. Ella M. wid/o the late Thomas Kempton, Caledonia, Queens Co., N.S. [3 Jan. 1883].

Robinson, Capt. Isiah see Halliday, Joel.

Robinson, George see Creighton, Georgiana.

Robinson, Georgiana see Creighton, Georgiana.

Robinson, Jessie see Halliday, Joel.

Rodgers, Clara Louisa, eld./d/o late John Rodgers, Nictaux, married at Nictaux, 28th inst., to Edward H. Eaton, Centreville, Cornwallis. [4 April 1883].

Rodgers, John see Rodgers, Clara Louisa.

Rodgers, Maggie see Dodge, William W.

Roop, Ida M., eldest d/o Joseph Roop, Clementsport, married at Hillsburg, Digby Co., NS to Bernard I. Harris, Hillsburg. [no date given 17 Jan 1883].

Roop, Joseph see Roop, Ida M.

Ross, Edwin C., died at Middleton, 31 Jan., age 46 years. [7 Feb. 1883].

Ruggles, Bertha L. see Walker, Alden G.

Ruggles, William S. see Walker, Alden G.

Sanford, Richard, died at Clementsvale, 5 Mar., 60 years. [14 Mar. 1883].

Saunders, Samuel, married at Rosette, 24th ult., to Eliza Whitman eldest d/o Hon. George Whitman, all of Rosette. [7 Feb. 1883].

Shafner, Carrie Delap see Harris, James DeLancy.

Shafner, John H. see Harris, James Delancy.

Smith, William see McKenzie.

Snide, Kate M., eldest d/o Richard & May Snide, died at Annapolis, 24 Dec. [1882], age 22 years. [3 January 1883].

Snide, Richard & May see Snide, Kate M.

Snow, Samuel, s/o Deacon Ingram B. & Mel[issa] Snow, died at Hampton, 8 April 16 years. [18 April 1883].

Spurr, Alma see Pineo, George R.

Spurr, Andrew R., s/o George & Mary J. Spurr, died at Annapolis, 12 Jan., age 19 years. [24 Jan 1883].

Spurr, Charles E. see Pineo, George R.

Spurr, George & Mary J. see Spurr, Andrew R.

Starratt, Jacob Troop, died at Annapolis, 1 March, in 87th year. [7 March 1883].

Stephenson, Eunice, Granville, married at [Bridgetown ?], 4th inst. to Samuel Lucaw, Annapolis. [14 March 1883].

Stirk, Lovica, w/o Chesley Stirk, died at Port Lorne, 2 Jan, in 70th [?] year. [10 Jan 1883].

Templeman, John, infant son of, died at Hampton, 25th ult. 10 months. [10 Jan 1883].

Troop, Ella Blanche see Kent, Watson.

Troop, Obadiah B. see Kent, Watson.

Troop, Susan A. see Weatherspoon, Lizzie.

Tupper, Elias see Tupper, Elizabeth.

Tupper, Elizabeth, relict of the late Elias Tupper, died at Round Hill, 11th inst., 81 years. [14 March 1883].

Vidito, Lizzie see Munro, Lizzie.

Vidito, Rev. N. see Munro, Lizzie

Walker, Alden G., Bridgetown, married at Upper Clements, 29th Jan. to Bertha L. Ruggles, eldest d/o William S. Ruggles. [ 31 Jan 1883].

Weatherspoon, Lizzie, y/d/o J. Bath & Susan A. Troop, died at Granville, 8 Dec [1882], 26 years. [3 January 1883].

West, Henry A. see Corbitt, Mary.

Whitman, Edward & Phoebe see Reginald, Whitman.

Whitman, Eliza see Saunders, Samuel.

Whitman, Francis C. see Ritchie, Florence M.

Whitman, Hon. George see Saunders, Samuel.

Whitman, Reginald, s/o Edward & Phoebe Whitman, died at Inglisville, 28 Jan., age 4 years. [7 Feb. 1883].

Willett, Lucy, relict of the late Geo. Willett, died at Tupperville, 31 Dec [1882], age 87 years. [10 Jan 1883].

Winchester, Susan see Ditmars, Edwin A.

Wiswall, Abel W., married at South Farmington, 10th inst. to Naomi E. Phinney, y/d/o Elias Phinney. [17 Jan 1883].

Woodbury, Mrs. Eliza died at Clementsvale, 9 Jan. age 76 years.[17 Jan 1883].

Wylie, Bessie, w/o John Wylie, died at Round Hill, 11 April, in [64] year. [18 April 1883].

Wyman, Jacob see Chute, Sarah Bella.

Wyman, Sarah Bella see Chute, Sarah Bella.

York, Emma, Lawrencetown, married at Paradise, 14th inst., to David Middleton, Paradise. [21 Feb 1883].