Weekly Monitor - 1882

Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia
NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia mfm # 1031

Published on Wednesday

Up to the end of April. More will be posted when it becomes available.

Extracted from microfilm by John Parker, from NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia; mfm #1031; placed on the Internet by Phillip Vogler. No photocopying or downloading please. For personal use only. NSARM will, for a small fee, copy an obituary or a marriage write up or other event. See Inserts at end of listing for those items that don't quite fit - alphabetical listing i.e. anniversaries.

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Please check all family surnames of the family you are seeking since the given name may not be repeated, i.e. Smith, Emily, d/o John Smith …..; John Smith may not have his own entry.

In some cases the place of marriage/death is not given, and the abbreviation [no. pl.]. may be used.

This is not a definitive listing. Please get a copy form NSARM if needed. Website has other information re location, address, etc. Spellings, etc. are as in the paper.

In some cases like, Methodist Parsonage there may be no actual place given – you’ll have to find it.

SKIPS from 12 April 1882 to 26 April 1882.

Anderson, Edwin G. see Willett, Nellie.

Anthony, Blanche, d/o Capt. Willoughby Anthony, married at Lower Granville, 8 Mar., to Elias Hicks, Newburyport, Mass. [15 March 1882].

Banks, Mrs. George, died at Phinneys Cove, 2 March, 38 years. [15 Mar. 1882].

Beck, Ada Caroline, d/o John Beck, married at St. John, 22nd inst., to W. Rupert Willett, Granville, NS. [1 March 1882].

Bent, Florence A., Digby, married at Digby, 22nd inst., to H. A. Snow, Annapolis. [5 April 1882].

Bent, Lawrence, died at Kingsclair, York Co., NH., 20th inst., 83 years, b. Wilmot, removed to 1st NB. [should get copy if interested in him – 29 March 1882].

Bent, Sophia A. see Charlton, John H.

Bent, Phineas see Charlton, John H.

Berry, Henry, Clementsport, married at Methodist Parsonage, 22 Dec, 1881, to Letitia Dunn, Graywood. [4 Jan 1882].

Bishop, Charles, s/o Edward & Caroline Bishop, died at Clarence, 8th inst., 31 years.[22 Feb 1882].

Bishop, Charlotte, d/o Edward C. & Caroline Bishop, died at Clarence, 19th inst., 24 years. [26 April 1882].

Bishop, Miss D. E. see Foster, Sydney M.

Blackie, Alex, married at Granville Ferry, 16th inst., to Mary Goldspring, Annapolis.[22 Mar 1882].

Bogart, Gilbert Hall see Ellis, Lucy.

Brothers, Emma J. see Stevenson, John.

Burke, John Award [sic], married at Lower Granville, 19th ult., to Ann Elizabeth Cronin, d/o Casey Cronin. [1 Feb 1882].

Charlton, John H., Williamston, married at Halifax, 12th Jan., to Sophia A. Bent, d/o Phineas Bent, Paradise. [25 Jan 1882].

Chesley, Adelina, d/o Hicks Chesley, died at Clarence, 25th inst., 41 years. [29 Mar 1882].

Chesley, Avard C., married at Victoria, Wilmot, 19 Jan, to Rachel, 2nd d/o Catherine & John W. Reagh. [1 Feb 1882].

Chute, Susan, w/o Benjamin Chute, Clements Vale, died at Cornwallis, 16 Feb., 73 years. [8 March 1882].

Connell, Maria Lavenia, died at Bridgetown, 29 Jan, relict of Morgan Connell, 55 years. [1 Feb 1882].

Coombs, Israel see Henshaw, Mary Jane.

Corbitt, James Augustus & Corbitt, William Freddie, twin sons of William H. & Maggie Corbitt, died at Annapolis, 21st. inst., 5 months 8 days. [26 April 1882].

Covert, Capt. Herbert H. see Warner, Clara L.

Cress, Abigail, married at Clementsport, 20 Dec. [1881], to Zachens Rosencrants, all of Greenfield, Annapolis Co. [15 March 1882].

Crimmons, Cassie d/o John & Eliza Crimmons, died at Phinney Cove, 19th Mar., 1 year 10 mos. [29 March 1882].

Crisp, Susie, w/o Charles Crisp, died at Inglisville, 13th inst., 37 years.[25 Jan 1882].

Cronin, Ann Eliza see Burke, John Aoward [sic].

Cronin, Casey see Burke, John Aorward [sic].

Croscup, Mrs. Sarah, died at Lower Granville, 20 Feb., 91 years.[1 March 1882].

Cross, Anna died at Annapolis, 24th inst. [sic], 88 years, d/o William Cross, [note says, " …her father settled in this town in 1776 having previously served under General Howe during the Revolutionary struggle …"]. [1 Feb 1884].

Curtis, Annie, eldest d/o Charles & Priscilla Curtis, died at Inglisville, 28th ult., 22 years. [25 Jan 1882].

Cushing, Alice see Harris, Henry.

Daniel, Branwell Emma, d/o Rev. Henry Daniel, St. John, died 18 Jan. [no "s", no location, possible Branwell surname; 25 Jan 1882 Monitor].

Daniels, Matilda, d/o George & Sarah Daniels, died at Lawrencetown, 27 Feb., 23 years. [8 March 1882].

Delap, Eliza, w/o Robert Delap, died at Granville Ferry, 20th inst., 57 years.[22 Feb 1882].

Doronie [?], sic [Downie], Alonzo, s/o Jacob Doronie [?], [Downie] died at Margaretville East, 17th inst., 18 months. [25 Jan 1882].

Downie, Giselia, d/o Abram Downie, Evergreen, married at Evergreen Meeting House, 8 Feb., to D. Burbage Harris, Morristown. [15 March 1882].

Dunn, Letitia see Berry, Henry.

Downie, Alonzo S., inf/s/o Jacob & Melissa Downie, died at East Margaretville, 27 Jan, 1 year 4 months. [1 Feb 1882].

Eaton, Emma see Ritchie, Henry.

Ellis, Lucy, Karsdale, married at Granville, 16 Mar to Gilbert Hall Bogart, Karsdale.[29 Mar 1882].

Foster, Ada, Bridgetown, married at Marlboro, Mass., 3 Dec 1881, to Lewis A. Illsley, Northville, Kings Co., NS. [15 March 1882].

Foster, Sydney M., Bridgetown, married at Hillsborough, 28 Dec 1881, to Miss D. E. Bishop, Hillsborough. [18 Jan 1882].

Fleet, William H. died at Bridgetown, 19th inst., 90 years. [26 April 1882].

Gates, Helen, d/o Robert Gates, married 8th inst, to George Gates, all of Mill Section. [11 Jan 1882].

Gidney, Angus, died at Bridgetown, 20th inst., 79 years.[middle initial may be "M’- 25 Jan 1882].

Gilliatt, Mary L., Walkdeck Line, married at Clementsport, 8 Mar., to Eben R. Thomas, Smith’s Cove, Digby Co. [15 March 1882].

Goldspring, Mary see Blackie, Alex.

Granada, Christina, d/o George & Christina Granada, died at Annapolis, 24th inst., 14 months. [1 March 1882].

Hardwick, Edward see Hardwick, Mary Eliza.

Hardwick, Mary Eliza, d/o Edward Hardwick, Annapolis Royal, married at Lawrencetown, 11th , to Charles B. Whitman, s/o Hon. W. C. Whitman.[18 Jan 1882].

Hardy, Mrs. Ann, died at Granville Ferry, 16 Feb., 77 years. [8 Mar 1882].

Harris, D. Burbage see Downie, Giselia.

Harris, Henry, s/o Richardson Harris, married 28 Dec 1881 at St. Luke’s Church, to Alice Cushing, Annapolis. [4 Jan 1882 Wed.].

Haskell, George, died at Brooklyn West, 11th inst., 91 years ( late of the H. M. 81st. Reg).

[22 March 1882].

Hayden, David, Lower Granville, married at Lower Granville, 12th inst., to Annie L. Young, Sandy Cove, Digby Co. [25 Jan 1882].

Henshaw, Mary Jane, d/o William Henshaw, Virginia, married at Clementsport, 9th, to Israel Coombs. [15 March 1882].

Hicks, Elias see Anthony, Blanche.

Hudgins, Sarag E. see Roach, George N.

Hudson, Charles E., s/o George & Martha Hudson, 27 years, died at Harker’s [sic] Cove, 30 Nov.1881. [8 Feb 1882].

Hutt, Mrs. Mary, Port George, died at Alm House, 4th inst. [15 Feb 1882].

Illsley, Lewis A. see Foster, Ada.

Isaac, Randolph A. F., died at Aylesford, 6th inst., 37 years. [15 Feb 1882].

Jesting, Willie H., inf/s/o Nina & William Jesting, died at Round Hill, 17 Dec 1881, 3 months 21 days. [4 Jan 1882].

Johnson, Freeman, married to Bessie Swift, all of Annapolis, at the Methodist Parsonage, 30 Nov., 1881. [4 Jan 1882].

LeCain, Frederick see White, Annie.

LeCain, Annie see White, Annie.

Leslie, James B. see Saulnier, Mrs. Margaret.

Littlewood, John, N.E. Harbor, Shelburne Co., married at Granville, 11th inst., to Alma Littlewood, d/o Capt. John Littlewood, Granville. [25 Jan 1882].

Logan, Oliver, died near Margaretville, 19 Feb, 16 years. [1 Mar 1882].

Longley, Joseph S. see Shaffner, Ella Maud.

Longmire, Capt. H., born to at Young’s Cove, 30 Dec 1881, a daughter.[11 Jan 1882].

Lynch, Patrick, died at Annapolis, 24th inst. [sic], 76 years. [1 Feb 1882].

Magranahan [?], Bradford, s/o Robert & Amanda Magranahan [?], died at Margaretville, 8 Feb, 4 years. [1 March 1882].

Maling, Hilda A. see Wright, Ward S.

Marshall, W. L., died at St. Louis, 6 Dec [1881], 43 years. [22 Feb 1882].

McCaul, Richard, married at Litchfield, 16 Feb, to Alice Woodworth. [15 Mar 1882].

McKay, Joseph H. see Rumsey, Eliza A.

McLean, Colin, married at Methodist Parsonage, 21 Dec 1881, to Mrs. Lavinie Phinney, all of Margaretville. [11 Jan 1882].

Messenger, Levia d/o John Messenger, died at Dalhousie, 25 mar., 10 years. [26 April 1882].

Moore, Mary H. C., d/o Rev. D. C. Moore, Rector, Albion Mines, married at New Ross, 18 Feb, to Charles Pratt (Glastenbury, Wilts), formerly of this place, only surviving s/o John Pratt. [1 March 1882].

Morse, H. Harding, died near Bridgetown, 29 Mar., 56 years. [5 April 1882].

Morse, Susanna, w/o Martyn Morse, died at Paradise, 24 inst., 68 years. [29 Mar 1882].

Nash, Irving L. see White, Ella C.

O’Dell, Cory see Ritchie, Norman F.

O’Dell, Fanny see Ritchie, Norman F.

Parker, Addie T. see Troop, Henry F.

Parker, Annie, of Harborville, married at Harborville , 29 March, to Capt. D. H. Slocomb, Harborville. [note: birth of one of their children at NSARM, records Boston as marriage place] [12 Apr 1882].

Parker, John B. see Troop, Henry F.

Parker, Obadiah, died at Granville, 1st inst., 60 years. [5 April 1882].

Perry, Harry T., native of Lower Granville, died at North Woburn, Mass., 5 Feb., 21 years. [1 March 1882].

Perry, Eliza see Wright, Henry.

Phinney, Abel W., Boston, married at Boston, 31 Jan. to Annie Phinney, Hyde Park.[22 Feb 1882].

Phinney, Annie see Phinney, Abel W.

Phinney, Mrs. Lavinie see McLean, Colin.

Potter, Benaiah W., married at Clementsport, 22 Feb., to Phoebe Ruggles, all of Clements Vale. [15 March 1882].

Pratt, Charles see Moore, Mary H. C.

Pratt, John see Moore, Mary H. C.

Randall, Mordaunt [?] M., s/o Benjamin Randall, formerly of this place, died at Boston, Mass., 19th inst, in 41st year. [1 Mar 1882].

Reagh, John W. & Catherine see Chesley, Avard C.

Rice, John L., died, "yesterday morning", at Annapolis, 10 [?], years.[12 April 1882].

Riley, Hope M, d/o Andrew Riley, married at Methodist Church, 15th inst., to F. Lamont Roach, all of Annapolis. [22 Feb 1882].

Ritchie, Henry, Annapolis, NS, married at Lynn, [Mass.], 20 Oct [1881], to Emma Eaton, Lynn, Mass. [22 Feb 1882].

Ritchie, Norman F., married at Annapolis, 4th inst, to Fanny O’Dell, d/o Cory O’Dell, all of Annapolis. [18 Jan 1882].

Roach, F. Lamont see Riley, Hope M.

Roach, George N., married at Melvern Square, 4 Feb, to Sarah E. Hudgins, both of Margaretville. [15 March 1882].

Rosencrants, Zachens see Cress, Abigail.

Ruggles, Phoebe see Potter, Benaiah W.

Rumsey, Eliza A., d/o Joseph Rumsey, married at Clarence, 4th inst, to Joseph H. McKay, Clyde River, Shelburne Co., NS. [11 Jan 1882].

Russel, Abbie M., Lynn, Mass., married at Phinney Cove, 13 Mar, to Albert E. Saunders, Paradise. [15 March 1882].

Saulnier, Mrs. Margaret, married at Bridgetown, 4th inst., to James B. Leslie, Patten, Maine. [8 March 1882].

Saunders, Albert E. See Russel, Abbie M.

Saunders, Caroline, w/o Benjamin Saunders, died at Bridgetown, no date, 81 years.[26 April 1882].

Saunders, Oliver, died at Clarence, 18th inst., 87 years. [26 April 1882].

Shaffner, Ella Maud, only d/o George B. Shaffner, married at Williamston, 4th inst, to Joseph S. Longley, Paradise. [11 Jan 1882].

Shipp, Mrs. Martha, died at Dalhousie, 14 mar., 86 years. [29 Mar 1882].

Slocomb, Capt. D. H. see Parker, Annie.

Snow, H. A. see Bent, Florence A.

Snow, Sophia, d/o Slyvannus Snow, died at Hampton, 3rd, 71 years. [15 Feb 1882].

Starratt, Cassie, w/o Alfred C. Starratt, d/o Samuel Starratt, Paradise, 49 years.[8 March 1882].

Stevenson, John, Boston, married at Granville [?], 22 Mar., to Emma J. Brothers, Granville. [29 Mar 1882].

Swift, Bessie see Johnson, Freeman.

Thomas, Eben R. see Gilliatt, Mary L.

Troop, Eugene P., died at Granville, 25th inst., 50 years. [29 Mar 1882].

Troop, Henry F., s/o Robert H. Troop, Granville Centre, married at Bellisle, 2nd inst., Addie T. Parker d/o John B. Parker, Bellisle. [8 Feb 1882].

Warner, Clara L., d/o Capt. Wm. Warner, Plympton, married at Plympton, 7th inst., to Capt. Herbert H. Covert, Granville. [22 Feb 1882].

White, Annie, w/o William White, d/o Frederick LeCain, died at Cambridgeport, Mass., 21st inst., 28 years. [1 March 1882].

White, Ella C., Columbia, Maine, married at Sand River, Cum. Co., 22 Jan, to Irving L. Nash, Addison, Maine.

Whitman, Charles B. see Hardwick, Mary Eliza .

Whitman, Hon. W. C. see Hardwick, Mary Eliza.

Willett, Nellie, d/o Lawrence Willett, Granville, married at Bellisle, 14th Dec. [1881], to Edwin G. Anderson, Round Hill. [8 Feb 1882].

Willett, W. Rupert see Beck, Ada Caroline.

Woodworth, Alice see McCaul, Richard.

Wright, Henry, Annapolis, married at Clementsport, 1 April, to Eliza Perry, Clementsport. [12 April 1882].

Wright, Ward S., married at Clementsport, 19th inst., to Hilda A. Maling, all of Clements Vale. [22 March 1882].

Young, Annie L. see Hayden, David.