Weekly Monitor - 1881

Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia
NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia mfm # 1030

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Acaker, John see Bent, Charlotte. [as spelled in paper].

Aikins, William, formerly of Liverpool, England, married at Annapolis, 29th ult, to Ellen Matthews, d/o Valentine Matthews, Perrott. [5 Jan 1881].

Ambrose, Robert Willis see Card, Emma A.

Anderson, Ida may, d/o Stephen Anderson, Hillsburn, married at Granville Ferry, 20th inst to Charles A. Mayberry, Boston, Mass. [4 May 1881].

Anderson, Lucy Ellen, d/o Thomas Anderson, Thorne Mill Road, married at Thorne Mill Road, 29th ult, to George Dargie, Dalhousie. [6 July 1881].

Anderson, Nora married at Port George 26 Dec 1880 to James Wilson.[12 Jan 1881].

Anderson, Thomas see Anderson, Lucy Ellen.

Anderson, William H. see Jones, Mrs. James E.

Anderson, Zeru, d/o Charles W. Anderson, married at Lower Granville, 28 Jan to William L. Bishop, of Shelburne. [16 Feb 1881].

Anthony, Mrs. Coleman, died at Lower Granville, 5th inst, 59 years. [17 Aug 1881].

Armburgh, Irene, married at Paradise, 20 June, to James William Haley. [29 June 1881].

Armstrong, Lucy G., d/o Walker Armstrong, married at Bloomington, 13 July to Mayhew E. Eaton, Aylesford. [27 July 1881].

Baker, Nelson, died at Port George, 3 Feb, 75 years.[2 Mar 1881].

Banks, Ann, Brooklyn, married at Clarence, 8 June, to William Jackson Jr. [29 June 1881].

Banks, Caleb Ansley, married at Clarence, 24 mar, to Cassie Rafuse, Martins Pte, Lun. Co., NS. [30 March 1881].

Banks, Charles, Barrington, died at Boston, 6 Nov, 26 years. [7 Dec 1881].

Banks, Christopher, died at Port Lorne, 7 Oct, in 97th year. [19 Oct 1881].

Barteaux, Corinda, wid/o Robert Barteaux, died at Torbrook, 1st Sept, 70 years.[7 Sept 1881].

Barteaux, Kate, w/o Watson Barteaux, died at Williamston, 22nd inst. [27 July 1881].

Barteaux, Mrs. Rebecca, wid/o John Barteaux, died at Williamston, 10 June, 76 years.[15 June 1881].

Barteaux, Watson see Barteaux, Kate.

Bath, Albert L. see Clark, Eliza Alice.

Bath, Robert see Troop, Ada M.

Baukman, Eva Maud d/o Edwin Baukman, died at Bridgetown, 20 Dec, 5 years 2 months. [28 Dec 1881].

Beals, Margaret, w/o Jacob L. Beals Jr. died at Williamston, 6 Mar. [9 Mar 1881].

Beckwith, J. P., born to at Kentville, 9 Feb, a son. [23 Feb 1881].

Beardsley, Mary Anne w/o W. H. Beardsley, died at Berwick, 14th inst, 32 years. [23 Nov 1881].

Benson, George married at Hillsburg, Clements, 22nd ult, to Ida M. Nicholl.[5 Jan 1881].

Bent, Ambrose, died , 5 Apr, 88 years. [13 Apr 1881 – no pl. given].

Bent, Annie A., d/o Ralph Bent, died at Bentville, 31st inst, 14 years 10 months.[10 Aug 1881].

Bent, Carrie E., d/o Israel Bent, married at Lowell, Mass., 11th inst, to Irving Locke.[23 Feb 1881].

Bent, Charlotte, married 26 June, to John Acaker, both of Nictaux.[27 July 1881].

Bent, Edith, d/o Ralph Bent, died at Bentville, 25th inst, in 13th year. [7 Sept 1881].

Bent, Edward F., died at Lawrencetown, 3 Oct, 27 years, s/o Seth Bent.[12 Oct 1881].

Bent, Jessie, Albany, married at Lawrencetown, 11th ult, to Jonathan Woodbury, Kingston. [4 May 1881].,

Bent, Joseph see Parker, William.

Bent, Lavenia B., Paradise, married at Paradise, 8 Nov, to Caleb S. Spinney, Lawrencetown. [16 Nov 1881].

Bent, Mary Gertrude see Parker, William.

Bent, Sarah, w/o Israel Bent, died at Belleisle, 27 Dec. 1880, 67 years.[5 Jan 1881].

Bent, Sarah Jane, married to John McCormick, at Granville, 1 Dec 1880.[12 Jan 1881].

Bent, William, s/o Horatio N. Bent, died at Nictaux Falls, 7 Oct, 11 years.[19 Oct 1881].

Bent, William Tilden, Milford, married at South Walpole, 15th Jan [?], to Frances Louisa Bent d/o Rev. G. R. Bent. [23 Feb 1881].

Berry, Charles E., married at Clementsvale, 15 June, to Emma H. Trimper. [13 July 1881].

Berry, Joseph Norman, married at Clementsport, 11 Oct, to Bertha Potter.[19 Oct 1881]. Berry, Louise see Lecain, Jo[…?]n.

Bessonett, R. S., born to at Middleton, 10th, a son. [16 Mar 1881].

Bishop, Amanda, d/o Isaac Bishop, died at Williamston, 9 Nov, in 23rd year. [16 Nov 1881].

Bishop, Catherine, w/o Albert Bishop, d/o Beniah Tedford, died at Bear River, 9th inst, age 26 years 10 months . [19 Jan 1881].

Bishop, William L. see Anderson, Zeru.

Black, Fanny, wid/o Rev. Michael Pickles, died at Hartland, NB, 5th inst, in 71st year.[20 Apr 1881].

Bogart, Capt. John H., St. John, NB, died at Rotterdam, 4 Mar, 52 years.[16 Mar 1881].

Bowles, Ida L., d/o Woodworth Bowles, Waterville, married at Waterville, 22nd inst, to R. Allan Crowe, Annapolis. [28 Sept 1881].

Brothers, Mary E. see Jordan, George W.

Brooks, Arthur Clinton, s/o Cunningham Brooks, died at Centreville, 16th inst, 1 year 10 months. [21 Sept 1881].

Brown, Alice see Jackson, William H.

Brown, A. D., married at Nictaux, 31 Oct, to Laura Ruggles, d/o William C. Ruggles.[9 Nov 1881].

Brown, Anna M., d/o J. M. Brown, married at Lawrencetown, 28 Aug, to Benjamin W. Riggins, Middleton, Mass. [7 Sept 1881].

Brown, Florence M., Cornwallis, married at Clementsport, 3rd inst to Charles Wright.[12 Jan 1881].

Buckler, Cornelia D., d/o John Buckler, died at Saw Mill Creek, 5th inst, 5 years.[1 June 1881].

Buckley, wid Fannie, d/o Alexander Dargie, Dalhousie, married at Cambridge, Mass., 11 July, to Nelson W. Hunt, Woburn, Mass. [20 July 1881].

Burner, Susan Helena, d/o Archibald Burner, married at Port Lorne, 14th ult, to Richard Cunningham Marshall.[21 Dec 1881].

Burns, Mary, wid/o Peter Burns, died at Port Lorne, 11 Oct. [30 Nov 1881].

Burrell, Thomas, died at Clementsport, 4th inst, 77 years.

Bunting, Sarah A. see Johnson, George.

Caldwell, Arthur, died 11 July, by South Shoal lighthouse, drowned, of Kings Co. [20 July 1881].

Calnek, Henry Gilbert see Willett, Annie Blanche.

Cameron, Alice, d/o Daniel Cameron, married at Round Hill,[?], 16th Nov, to Henry Simpson. [23 Nov 1881].

Campbell, Caroline Jane w/o T. M. Campbell, died at Philadelphia, "last week", age 25 years. [11 May 1881].

Card, Emma A., d/o Capt. John M. Card, Windsor, NS., married to Robert Willis Ambrose, Digby, at Clementsport, 9th inst. [18 May 1881].

Card, Ida W. see Patterson, J. Wesley.

Card, Capt. Nelson see Patterson, J. Wesley.

Carr, William Owen married at Annapolis, 1st inst, to Mrs. Wilson, wid/o Asel Wilson.[19 Jan 1881].

Chesley, Mrs. G. E., died at Middleton, 31 May. [8 June 1881].

Chesley, Lalia, w/o Avard Chesley, died at Victoria, Wilmot, 15 May. [15 June 1881].

Chesley, Margaret C., d/o Hanson Chesley, married at Bridgetown, 21st inst, to J. W. Ross, Bridgetown. [28 Dec 1881].

Chipman, Freddie S., s/o George Chipman, died at Boston, Mass., 19th inst, 4 years 2 months 11 days.[27 April 1881].

Choate, Harriet E., NYC, married at [no pl.], 7 Oct, to Henry S. Hoyt, NYC.[9 Nov 1881].

Chute, Charles, died at Lower Granville, 14th Aug, 69 years.[24 Aug 1881].

Chute, David, Eastport, Maine, married at Cambridgeport, Mass., 22 Nov, to Maria Hayes, of Round Hill. [14 Dec 1881].

Chute, H. E., Annapolis, married at Weymouth, 13th inst, to Bella Wyman, d/o Jacob Wyman, Weymouth. [20 July 1881]].

Chute, Minetta A., Bridgetown, married at Bridgetown, 31st ult, to James Howard Gilliatt.[2 Nov 1881].

Chute, Oliver, Bridgetown, married at Bridgetown, 11th inst to Mary E. Milbury, Hampton. [21 Sept 1881].

Clark, Eliza Alice, d/o Alexander Clark, married at Lower Granville, 24th inst, to Albert L. Bath. [30 March 1881].

Clark, Mrs. Susanna, died at Clarence, 3rd inst, 82 years.[7 Dec 1881].

Coulson, Isaac T. see Stronach, Sarah E.

Covert, Charles W., married at Paradise, 15th inst, to Harriet A. Wilson, d/o W. Saunders, all of Paradise. [21 Sept 1881].

Covert, Luke see Tanch, Seretha Jane.

Crabbe, Mrs. James, died at Centreville, 31st inst, 67 years.[10 Aug 1881].

Croscup, Emma, d/o William J. Croscup, married at Lower Granville, 30 Nov to Frederick Thorne. [7 Dec 1881].

Croscup, Sarah, w/o Stephen Croscup, died at Lynn, Mass. 8 Mar, 64 [?], years.[23 Mar 1881].

Crouse, Matilda married at [no pl. named], 21 Feb to John M. Trimper. [2 Mar 1881].

Crowe, R. Allan see Bowles, Ida L.

Daniels, Ada, d/o Asa Daniels, died at Lawrencetown, 31st inst, 18 years.[7 Sept 1881].

Dargie, Alexander see Buckley, wid Fannie.

Dargie, Fannie see Buckley, wid Fannie.

Dargie, George see Anderson, Lucy Ellen.

Delany, Phebe, married at Clementsport, 22 Sept, to Peter Donahue, all of Graywood.[28 Sept 1881].

Delap, Annie Grace d/o Andrew Lloyd Delap, married at home of the bride’s mother, 27th inst to Gilbert Shafner, Lower Granville. [19 Jan 1881].

DeLong, Annie, d/o James DeLong, died at Victoria, 23 Sept, 26 years.[12 Oct 1881].

Dennison, James, s/o James A. J[sic]ennison, died at Digby, 10 July, in 47th year.[20 July 1881].

Dennison, Mary Jane, w/o William Dennison, died at Kentville, 15 Nov, 69 years. [23 Nov 1881].

Dennison, Nellie, d/o Dr. Joseph Dennison, died at Bridgetown, 27th inst, 5 years.[29 June 1881].

Ditmars, Abigail see Vroom, Abigail.

Ditmars, John see Vroom, Abigail.

Dodge, Abigail, relict/o Ambrose Dodge, died at Melvern Sq., 13 Nov. [16 Nov 1881].

Dodge, Abbie, w/o Ambrose Dodge, died at Salem, Anna Co., 13 Nov, 82 years.[21 Dec 1881].

Dodge, Clara, d/o George Dodge, married at Middleton, 23rd inst, all of Middleton.[2 Mar 1881].

Dodge, Mehetable, w/o John Dodge, Middleton, died at Middleton, 2nd inst, 84 years.[9 Feb 1881].

Donahue, Peter see Delany, Phebe.

Dunham, Helen, died at Paradise, 10th inst, 36 years. [20 July 1881].

Dunn, James Park, born to at Inglisville, 15th inst, a daughter. [20 Apr 1881].

Durland, Daniel see Durland, Mrs. Susan.

Durland, Russel, died at Springfield, 20th inst, 73 years.[27 Apr 1881].

Durland, Mrs. Susan, wid/o Daniel Durland, died at Inglisville, 16 Oct, 70 years.[19 Oct 1881].

Durling, Lydia, wid/o Joseph Durling, died at Paradise, (resid. of son Zebulon), 17 Dec. 84 years. [21 Dec 1881].

Eaton, Elisha see Neily, Inglis.

Eaton, Francis, s/o Burton Eaton, died at Wadeville, 4th inst. [16 Nov 1881].

Eaton, Julia see Neily, Inglis.

Eaton, Lamont, s/o Stephen Eaton, died at Wadeville, 1st inst. [16 Mar 1881].

Eaton, Mayhew E. see Armstrong, Lucy G.

Eddis, Ernest Henry Eden see Eleanor Harriet Troop.

Eddis, Henry William see Troop, Eleanor Harriet.

Fails, Amanda, Middleton married at Digby, 25th ult, to Owen Pineo, Waterville. [12 Jan 1881].

Fales, Oldham, died at Victoria [NS], 29 June, 88 years.[27 July 1881].

Farnsworth, Kenneth, died at Hampton, 31st ult, s/o Foster Farnsworth, 12 years.[9 Nov 1881].

Farnsworth, Susan, died at Hampton, 30th ult, d/o Foster Farnsworth, 14 years.[9 Nov 1881].

Fellows, Joseph see Fulton, George O.

Fellows, Nina A. see Fulton, George O.

Feindle, Thomas G., Clements, married, 30 May to Susan M.. Wallace, Torbrook. [27 July 1881].

Fitzrandolph, John, born to at Norton, Kansas, 5 Feb, a daughter.[23 Feb 1881].

Fleet, Prudence see Titus, Wellington.

Floyd, Addie E., married at Virginia (A.C. [* assume Annapolis County]), 20th Nov, to George W. Mailing. [7 Dec 1881].

Foster, Abel, died at Granville, Tues, 37 [?] years. [27 April 1881].

Foster, Athaton, s/o Judson Foster, died at Hampton, 12th inst, 18 [?], months.[16 Feb 1881].

Foster, Burton, s/o Raymond Foster, died at Granville, 16th inst. [22 June 1881].

Foster, Catherine, wid/o Samuel Foster, died at Hampton, 10th inst, 70 years.[20 Apr 1881].

Foster, Elizabeth, w/o Capt. Raymond Foster, died at Granville, 20th inst, 30 years.[27 July 1881].

Foster, Loran, s/o Capt. Raymond Foster, died at Granville, 26th inst, 6 years.[29 June 1881].

Foster, Louis, s/o Jacob & Hattie Foster, died at Port Lorne, 24 June, 1 year 6 months.[20 July 1881].

Foster, Samuel, died at Hampton, , in 74th years.[listed under births; 9 Nov 1881].

Foster, William, died at Central Clarence, 13th ult, 67 years.[21 Dec 1881].

Fothergill, J. W. St. Pierre, Mid. [??] [possibly Md], married at Middleton, 22 Feb, to Frances Gertrude d/o Rev. S. Busby Ripon [?], England. [suggest this one checked by interested family as it was not very clear]. [2 Mar 1881].

Fuller, Agnes F. see Shaw, Agnes F.

Fuller, George N. see Shaw, Agnes F.

Fulton, George O., Truro, married at Granville, 5th inst, to Nina A. Fellows, d/o Joseph Fellows, Granville. [7 Sept 1881].

Gardner, Ella M., w/o Charles A. Gardner, d/o J. F. & Sarah A. LeCain, formerly of Annapolis, died at Boston, Mass., 25 Aug, 25 years 5 months. [7 Sept 1881].

Gardner, George see Hindson, Maria L.

Gaskill, Lindley, died at Hampton, 11 Oct, in 32nd year. [9 Nov 1881].

Gates, Annie Marie w/o W. A. Gates, died at Lequille, 21 mar, in 62nd year. [30 Mar 1881].

Gates, Charlotte, w/o George Gates, died at Albany, 6 Oct, 40 years.[19 Oct 1881 see 12 Oct as well].

Gates, Charlotte, w/o George Gates, died at Inglisville, 6th inst,. [12 Oct 1881 see 19 Oct also].

Gates, Edwin see Gates, Gertie R.

Gates, Gertie R., d/o Edwin Gates, Annapolis, married at Boston, Mass., 23 Dec 1880, to J. W. Thompson Jr., Medway, Mass. [12 Jan 1881].

Gilliatt, James Howard see Chute, Minetta A.

Gillis, Eugenie, Mrs.[?] see Pendleton [?], Tewksbury.

Goldsmith, Edith Annie, d/o Charles Goldsmith, married at Annapolis, 19th inst, to Howard Longmire, Hillburn. [26 Jan 1881].

Goucher, Elizabeth A., w/o Reece Goucher, died at Torbrook, 2 Sept., 43 years. [7 Sept 1881].

Goucher, Hannah, died at Lawrencetown, 28 Aug, 52 years.[7 Sept 1881].

Gray, Ella S. see Peck, John B.

Gray, Rev. Walter, died at Effingham, Illinois, 8 Jan s/o Rev. A. Gray, Halifax. [12 Jan 1881].

Greenlun, John see Sweeney, Mary Ann.

Haley, James William see Armburgh, Irene.

Hall, Thomas, born to at Weymouth, 13th inst, a daughter.[24 Aug 1881].

Hardwick, Bethiah, died 13 Oct at Bridgetown[?], 75 years. [19 Oct 1881].

Hardwick, Catherine, d/o Frederick & Sarah Hardwick, died at Round Hill, 28th ult, 79 years. [7 Dec 1881].

Hardwick, Caroline, w/o A. B. Hardwick, died at Annapolis, 29th ult, 69 years. [7 Sept 1881].

Hardwick, George W., died at Annapolis, 27th inst, 42 years. [2 Nov 1881].

Harris, Colin, born to at Bear River, 27th ult, a daughter. [7 Dec 1881].

Harris, George Barteaux see Newcomb, Alice Lalia.

Harris, Sarah Ann, Granville, married 18th inst, to John Jordan, Clements, [no pl.].[26 Oct 1881].

Harris, Rev. V. E., born to at Londonderry Mines, 21 mar, a son. [30 Mar 1881].

Hattersley, Lieut. Frederick, died 6 Feb, at Sunny Dale, Jamaica, son-in-law of Rev. John E. Owen, Old Harbour, Jamaica. [16 Mar 1881].

Hayes, Maria see Chute, David.

Healy, Anderson see Healy, Lavinia.

Healy, Charles H., formerly of Granville, died at East Jourdan, Michigan, 16 Oct 1880.[16 Mar 1881].

Healy, Lavinia w/o Anderson Healy, died at Round Hill, 14th inst, 30 years.[20 July 1881].

Herbert, Charles B., s/o Rev. O. C. Herbert, died at Bridgetown, 27th ult, 10 years.[2 Mar 1881].

Hewey, Charlotte I., d/o John Hewey, Lahave Road, married at Milford, 23rd ult, to Caleb Rahmay. [2 November 1881].

Hicks, William H., died at Centreville, 8th inst, 65 years. [16 Nov 1881].

Hilton, Bessie C. see Slocomb, James E. [Jr.].

Hiltz, Rupert B., married at Hillbury, 19th inst, to Lorinda Yarrigle, both of Bear River. [30 Nov 1881].

Hines, Fannie w/o Jacob Hines, died at Port George 30 Dec 1880, 56 ? years.[12 Jan 1881].

Hindson, Maria L., married at Bridgetown, 12 inst, to George Gardner.[28 Dec 1881].

Holland, Thomas, died at Torbrook, 26 Jan in 71st year.[9 Feb 1881].

Holmes, John, married at Lower Granville, 30 Jan, to Eugenia Riordan, d/o Daniel J. Riordan. [16 Feb 1881].

Hoyt, Henry S. see Choate, Harriet E.

Hudson, Annie L., married at Clementsport, 8 Apr, to William Henry Webb, Boston, Mass. [20 April 1881].

Hunt, Nelson W. see Buckley, wid Fannie.

Hutt, Elvina, d/o Robert Hutt, married at Inglisville, 18 May to John Merry, Albany. [25 May 1881].

Jackson, William H., married at Bridgetown, 5th inst, to Alice Brown, both of Inglewood. [11 May 1881].

Jackson, William Jr. see Banks, Ann.

James, Thomas, New York, formerly of Bridgetown, died at Los Angeles, CA., 6th inst, 66 years. [23 Feb 1881].

Johnson, Charles, late of Yarmouth, died at Upper Clements, 3rd inst, in 79th year. [19 Jan 1881].

Johnson, George, Toronto, married at Granville Ferry, Wed last, to Sarah A. Bunting, d/o Robert Mills, Granville Ferry. [30 Nov 1881].

Jones, Alpheus, died at Weymouth, 14th inst, in 84th year.[24 Aug 1881].

Jones, Mrs. James E., Clementsport, married at Yarmouth, 3rd inst, to William H. Anderson, Lynn, Mass. [14 Sept 1881].

Jordan, George W., Truro, married at Annapolis, 22nd inst, to Mary E. Brothers, Annapolis. [30 Nov 1881].

Jordan, John see Harris, Sarah Ann.

Kempton, J. Chipman see Roach, Mary Hellen.

Kenyon, Charles Edward, married at Bridgetown, 20th inst, to Florence Nightingale Starratt, Port Lorne. [26 Oct 1881].

King, John C., died at Kingston, Ontario, 3 Oct, 61 years.[19 Oct 1881].

Landers, Capt. Isaac, died at Port George, 2 Jan, 80 years.[12 Jan 1881].

Late, Harriet, d/o Joseph Late, died at Roxbury, 26 May, 18 years. [8 June 1881].

Lathrop, Priscilla J. see Patterson, Joseph A.

Lawson, Peter, died at Black Rock, 4th inst, 88 years. [20 April 1881].

LeCain, Addison see LeCain, Lucy Ann.

LeCain, Charles & Sarah see Gardner, Ella M.

LeCain, Hope, d/o Andrew Lecain, died at Round Hill, 3rd inst, 4 years 3 months. [11 May 1881].

LeCain, Jo […?]n, Jr., married at Clementsport, 29 Nov, to Louise Berry.[7 Dec 1881].

LeCain, Lucy Ann, died at Kentville, 15th inst, w/o Addison LeCain, 29 years.[26 Oct 1881].

Leonard, Benjamin, died at Clarence, 17 April, 73 years. [20 Apr 1881].

Lincoln, John S. see Lutz, Alice M.

Locke, Irving see Bent, Carrie E.

Long, Adam, married at Clementsport [?], 23 Nov, to Martha Long, all of Clementsvale.[7 Dec 1881].

Long, Martha see Long, Adam.

Longley, Israel, born to at Granville, 1st inst, a son. [5 Oct 1881].

Longley, John B., died at St. John, 21st inst, of Granville, 73 years.[30 Mar 1881].

Longmire, Howard see Goldsmith, Edith Annie.

Loveless, Mrs. Hannah see McIntosh, Donald.

Lutz, Alice M, Boston married at Boston, 19th ult, to John S. Lincoln. [6 July 1881].

Mailing, George W. see Floyd, Addie E.

Margeson, John W., died at Harborville, 4 Mar, 97 years. [23 Mar 1881].

Margeson, Mary Agnes, w/o Thomas Margeson, d/o Benjamin Pierce, died at Morris Road, North Mtn., 3 March, 36 years. [23 Mar 1881].

Marshall, Alex, died at East Margaretville, 3rd Nov, 51 years. [16 Nov. 1881].

Marshall, Frank, died at Clarence, 13 Dec, in 22nd year. [21 Dec 1881].

Marshall, Norman see Milbury, Sarah E.

Marshall, Richard Cunningham see Burner, Susan Helena.

Martin, Annie, died at Paradise, 1 Aug, 16 years. [10 Aug 1881].

Matthews, Ellen see Aikins, William.

Matthews, Valentine see Aikins, William.

MacDonald, Bessie, d/o E. M. Macdonald, married to W. H. Troop, s/o G. J. Troop.[13 April 1881]. [please note there was NO place or date included in data].

MacIntosh, Matilda w/o Daniel MacIntosh, died at Port George, 16th Jan, 75 years.[2 Mar 1881].

Mayberry, Charles A. see Anderson, Ida May.

McCormick, John see Bent, Sarah Jane.

McCulley, Annie E., married at Farmington, Anna. Co., 25th ult, to Charles W. Merry.[2 Mar 1881].

McGraw, Lorana, d/o Samuel McGraw, married at Victoria Beach, 23rd ult to James White, NB. [23 Mar 1881].

McGuire, Jane, w/o Thomas McGuire, died at Annapolis, 21st inst, 55 years.[2 Mar 1881].

McIntosh, Donald, Port George, married at Middleton, 20 Sept, to Mrs. Hannah Loveless, Black Rock, Cornwallis. [19 Oct 1881].

McLean, Margaret, w/o John McLean, died at Margaretville, 10th inst, 79 years.[19 Oct 1881].

McNair, Emma B., married 14 June to Edgar Mullach, both of Springfield. [27 July 1881].

McNayr, Phedora, /o John McNayr, married at Springfield, 28th ult, to Elwood Young, Germany [sic] ( likely New Germany). [4 May 1881].

McNeil, E. F., born to at Melvern Sq., 29th inst, a daughter. [2 Nov 1881].

Mealy, Sarah, w/o Jesse Mealy, died at Vose Mill [?], 20th inst, 1 year 3 months.[27 July 1881].

Medicraft, Estheretta d/o Robert Medicraft, Dalhousie, Anna. Co., married at Boston, Mass., 27 Dec 1880 to Ransford Perry, formerly of Annapolis. [26 Jan 1881].

Merritt, James Herbert see Roop, Addie C.

Merry, Charles W. see McCulley, Annie E.

Merry, John see Hutt, Elvina.

Merry, Lois, died at Lawrencetown, 26 Feb, 90 years. [9 Mar 1881]. Middleton, Fanny, died at Paradise, 29 May, 60 years. [15 June 1881].

Milbury, Annie, Bellisle, married at Bridgetown, 30th ult, to Norman A. Moore, Annapolis. [10 Aug 1881].

Milbury, Mary E. see Chute, Oliver.

Milbury, Sarah E., d/o Thomas Beecher Milbury, Clements, married 14th Dec, [no pl.], to Norman Marshall, South Range, Digby Co. [21 Dec 1881].

Miller, Annie A., d/o Israel Miller, married at Victoria, Wilmot, 26 Jan, to John I. Phinney. [16 Feb 1881].

Miller, John, s/o W. Henry Miller, died at Cleveland, 31 July, 10 years 3 days.[10 Aug 1881].

Miller, Maggie, d/o Samuel & Lydia Miller, died at Victoria, 8th inst. [16 Feb 1881].

Mills, Robert see Johnson, George.

Montgomery, Sarah, d/o Nathan E. Montgomery, died at Lawrencetown, 25 June, 39 years. [29 June 1881].

Moore, Norman A. see Milbury, Annie.

Morse, Annie M., d/o Nathan & Scynthia Morse, died at Bridgetown, 10th inst, 5 years.[20 July 1881].

Morse, Arthur, died at Clarence, s/o Parker Morse, 8 years. [27 April 1881].

Morse, Daniel, died at Nictaux, 30 Sept, 76 years.[12 Oct 1881].

Morse, Edward J., married at Kingston, 23rd inst, to Jessie Parsons d/o Henry Parsons.[9 Mar 1881].

Morse, Hattie, d/o Nathan Morse, died at Bridgetown, 27 July, 7 years. [31 Aug 1881].

Morse, James Shannon, died at Amherst, 24th inst, 95 years. [2 Mar 1881].

Morse, Mary Ann, wid/o Manning Morse, died at Paradise, 10th inst, in 78th year. [21 Dec 1881].

Moser, Lina, d/o George Moser, died at Port George, 4 Feb age 9 years. [2 Mar 1881]. Motley, George H. see Willett, Emma A.

Mullach, Edgar see McNair, Emma B.

Neily, Inglis, married at North Kingston, 22 June, to Julia Eaton, d/o Elisha Eaton.[29 June 1881].

Neily, Kinsman, died at Brooklyn, 7 June, 61 years. [15 June 1881].

Neily, Mrs. Kinsman, died at Brooklyn, 13 may, dropsy. [18 May 1881].

Neily, J. Primrose see Dodge, Clara B.

Neves, Anna w/o Joshua Neves, died at Port Lorne, 5th inst, 28 years. [19 Jan 1881].

Newcomb, Alice Lalia, d/o H. H. Newcomb, married at Annapolis, 14th inst, to George Barteaux Harris. [22 June 1881].

Newcomb, I., died at Lawrencetown. [20 Apr 1881 – only information recorded].

Nicholl, Ida M. see Benson, George.

Nichols, William Albert, died at Round Hill, 20 July, 30 years.[24 Aug 1881].

Oakes, Eunice A., d/o Charles Oakes, Albany, married at Lynn, Mass., 8 Nov, to William Oliver. [30 Nov 1881].

O’Neil, Sutton R., Havelock, married at Port Lorne, 23rd ult, to Clara A. Risteen d/o John Risteen. [5 Jan 1881].

Oliver, William see Oakes, Eunice A.

Owen, Rev. john E. see Hattersley, Lieut. Frederick.

Parker, Q. Harvey, died at Tremont, 16 April, 75 years.[27 Apr 1881].

Parker, William, Granville Ferry, married at Belleisle, 4th inst, to Mary Gertrude Bent, d/o Joseph Bent. [19 Jan 1881].

Parker, W. F., see Troop, Kate.

Parsons, Henry see Morse, Edward J.

Parsons, Jessie see Morse, Edward J.

Patterson, Arthur, died at Margaretville, 16th inst, s/o/ Thomas & Isabella Patterson, 11 years. [19 Oct 1881].

Patterson, J. Wesley, married at Isle au Haut, to Ida W. Card, d/o Capt. Nelson Card, light-house keeper. [21 Sept 1881].

Patterson, Joseph A., Caledonia, Queens Co., married at Clementsport, 6 July to Priscilla J. Lathrop, Clementsvale. [13 July 1881].

Patterson, Thomas, died at Margaretville, 14th inst, 16 years, s/o Thomas & Isabella Patterson. [19 Oct 1881].

Patterson, Thomas & Isabella see Patterson, Thomas & Arthur.

Peck, John B., married at Clementsvale, 28th ult, to Ella S. Gray.[5 Jan 1881].

Peck, Mrs. Catherine, Bridgetown, married at Bridgetown[?], 14th inst, to George B. Shaffner, Williamston. [21 Sept 1881].

Pendleton [?], Tewksbury, Deer Island, NB, married at Smith’s Cove, 21st inst, to Ms.[?] Eugenie Gillis, Smith’s Cove. [28 Sept 1881].

Perry, Ransford see Medicraft, Estheretta.

Phinney, Avard P., married at Lawrencetown [?], 10th inst, to Matilda Starratt, both of Lawrencetown. [16 Feb 1881].

Phinney, Caleb see Sangster, William.

Phinney, Ella, d/o E. C. Phinney, died at Middleton, 11th inst, 8 years. [16 Mar 1881].

Phinney, John I. see Miller, Annie L.

Phinney, Tillie S. see Sangster, William.

Pickles, Rev. Michael see Black, Fanny.

Pierce, Benjamin see Margeson, Mary Agnes.

Pierce, Frank, s/o John Pierce, died at Farmington, 15 July, 11 years.[27 July 1881].

Pierce, Mary Agnes see Margeson, Mary Agnes.

Pineo, Owen see Fails, Amanda.

Pool, Jane, d/o Obadiah Pool, died at St. Croix Cove, 5 June, 16 years.[29 June 1881].

Potter, Bertha see Berry, Joseph Norman.

Potter, Mrs. Lucilla see Rice, Norman C.

Putney, John B., Middleton, Mass., married at Lynn, Mass., [?], 29 Aug, to Jennie A. Walker, Bridgetown, NS.[21 Sept 1881].

Pratt, James W., died at Smith’s Cove, 28th ult, formerly of Rosette, 88 years.[5 Jan 1881].

Quirk, Margaret, d/o John Quirk, died at Bridgetown, 16th inst, 41 years. [23 Nov 1881].

Rafuse, Cassie see banks, Caleb Ansley.

Rafuse, Emily see White, Outhit Douglas.

Rahmay, Caleb see Hewey, Charlotte I.

Ramsay, James Wilson, Lake LaRose, married at Clementsport, 10th inst, to Elizabeth Spurr, of Perrott. [19 Jan 1881].

Randall, Robert, died at Kingston Stn., 5 Nov, 83 years.[16 Nov 1881].

Randolph, James H. F., died South Carolina, burial Digby. [obit - 27 April 1881].

Randolph, Sarah, d/o, John F. Randolph, married at Boston, 13 Sept., to Thomas S. Sayer, Jr., Boston. [28 Sept 1881].

Ratchford, Ann, w/o Thomas Ratchford, died at Bridgetown, 18th inst, 98 years.[26 Jan 1881].

Reid, G. E. see Sylvester, Myerna.

Reed, G. B., died at Port George, 29 Mar, in 71st year.[13 Apr 1881].

Rice, Norman C., Hillsburgh, Digby Co., married at Clementsport, 12 Oct, to Mrs. Lucilla Potter. [19 Oct 1881].

Richardson, Charles F. C., s/o Charles F. Richardson, died at Upper Clements, 14 Apr, 6 months 13 days. [4 May 1881; see also 11 May].

Riggins, Benjamin W. see Brown, Anna M.

Riley, Leonard, died at Virginia, Annapolis Co., 6 may, 16 years.[13 July 1881].

Riordan, Daniel J. see Holmes, John.

Riordan, Eugenia see Holmes, John.

Ripon [?], Frances Gertrude (& Rev. S. Busby) see Fothergill, J. W.

Risteen, Clara A. see O’Neil, Sutton R.

Risteen, John see O’Neil, Clara A.

Risteen, William H. see Williams, Ida A.

Roach, Abner P., s/o James Roache, died at Clarence, 26 Dec, 21 years 9 months.[28 Dec 1881].

Roach, Joseph see Roach, Mary Hellen.

Roach, Mary Hellen, d/o Joseph Roach, married at Clarence, 6 July, to J. Chipman Kempton, Maitland. [20 July 1881].

Roach, Mrs. Rebecca, w/o Frederick Roach, died at Lower Granville, 4th inst, 84 years.[17 Aug 1881].

Roach, Tamer, died, at Port George, 24 Dec 1880. [12 Jan 1881].

Robinson, Charles, s/o James Robinson, died at Lake LaRose, 1 Aug, 28 years.[24 Aug 1881].

Roop, Addie C., married at Clementsport, 2nd inst, to James Herbert Merritt.[29 Feb 1881].

Roop, Capt. Norman, born to at Portland, 9th inst, a son. [12 Oct. 1881].

Ross, J. W. see Chesley, Margaret C.

Ruggles, Laura see Brown, A. D.

Ruggles, William C. see Brown, A. D.

Sangster, William, Falmouth, NS, married at Halifax, 6th inst, to Tillie S. Phinney, d/o Caleb Phinney, Wilmot. [10 Aug 1881].

Saunders, W. see Covert, Charles W.

Sayer, Thomas S. see Randolph, Sarah.

Shaffner, George B. see Peck, Mrs. Catherine.

Shaffner, Jane, wid/o Edward Shaffner, died at Bear River, 2 Apr, 55 years. [11 May 1881].

Shafner, Gilbert see Delap, Annie Grace.

Shaw, Agnes F., d/o George N. Fuller, w/o Jesse Shaw, died at Bridgeport, CT., 24 years.[27 July 1881].

Shaw, Capt. Reginald M., in 40th year, died Barbadodoes[sic],West Indies, 5 Sept, burial at Clementsport.[12 Oct 1881] .

Simpson, Henry see Cameron, Alice.

Slocomb, James E. [Jr], formerly of Port George, married at Tusket, 31 Mar, to Bessie C. Hilton, Tusket. [6 April 1881].

Spinney, Caleb S. see Bent, Lavenia B.

Spurr, Elizabeth see Ramsay, James Wilson.

Starrat, Edith Jane, d/o George Starrat, died at Port Lorne, 22 Nov, 25 years.[14 Dec 1881].

Starratt, Florence Nightingale see Kenyon, Charles Edward.

Starratt, Matilda see Phinney, Avard P.

Steele, Martha Jane, d/o Samuel F. Steele, died at Annapolis, 13 June, 9 years 1 month 11 days. [29 June 1881].

Storrs, F. R. see Vidito, Amelia C.

Stronach, Sarah E., d/o A. B. Stronach, married at Margaretville, 20 Jan, to Isaac T. Coulson. [2 Feb 1881].

Sweeney, Mary Ann, married at Bridgetown, , 31st ult, to John Greenlun.[13 April 1881].

Sylvester, Myerna, d/o Frank Sylvester, Brocton, Mass., married at Annapolis, 13th inst, to G. E. Reid, Centreville, Cornwallis, NS. [24 Aug 1881].

Tanch, Seretha Jane, married at Lower Granville, 13 July to Luke Covert. [20 July 1881].

Taylor, John see Vidito, Eliza Ann.

Taylor, William N., s/o John Taylor, died at Arlington, 5th inst, 11 months.[2 Feb 1881 also see 9 Feb].

Tedford, Beniah see Bishop, Catherine.

Tedford, Catherine see Bishop, Catherine.

Temple, C. W., born to at Annapolis, 30th ult., a son. [6 July 1881].

Templeman, Elvin C. s/o Thomas Templeman, Hampton, died at Chelsea, Mass., 16 years 10 months. [19 Jan 1881].

Thompson, J. W. Jr. see Gates, Gertie R.

Thomas, James E., s/o James H. Thomas, Bear River, married at Digby, 9th inst, to Mary S. Walker, d/o Thomas Walker. [30 Nov 1881].

Thorne, Frederick see Croscup, Emma.

Thorne, James H. Jr., born to at Dartmouth, 9 Mar, a son. [16 Mar 1881].

Titus, Wellington, Centreville, Digby Co., married at Waldeck Line, 14th July, to Prudence Fleet, Clements. [20 July 1881].

Treat, Walter H., died at Acto [?], NJ, 12 Jan, 26 years. [16 Feb 1881].

Trimper, Emma H. see Berry, Charles E.

Trimper, John M. see Crouse, Matilda,

Troop, Bessie M. B., d/o Eugene Troop, died at Granville Centre, 1 Mar, 22 months.[9 Mar 1881].

Troop, Eleanor Harriet, d/o William Henry Troop, Bridgetown, married at Halifax, 16 June, to Ernest Henry Eden Eddis s/o Henry William Eddis, Toronto. [29 June 1881].

Troop, Kate DeWolfe, d/o Robert H. Troop, married at Granville centre, 21st inst, to W. F. Parker, Bellisle. [28 Dec 1881].

Troop, Valentine, died at Granville, 10th inst, 58 years. [15 June 1881].

Troop, W.H. see Macdonald, Bessie.

Troop, Ada M. d/o Silas Troop, married 7 Dec to Robert Bath, Granville [no pl.].[14 Dec 1881].

Tupper, Alice, w/o W. M. Tupper, died at Bridgetown, 10th inst, 33 years. [14 Dec 1881].

Tupper, Rev. Charles, died at Kingston, Aylesford, 19th inst, in 87th year. [26 Jan 1881].

VanTassel, Coleman, born to at Digby, 24th ult, a son. [9 Mar 1881].

Vaughan, Elizabeth, died 13th inst, in 83rd year, [no. pl.]. [26 Oct 1881].

Vidito, Amelia C., d/o Horatio N., Nictaux Falls, married at Boston, Mass., 29th inst, to F. R. Storrs, Dedham, Mass. [2 Nov 1881].

Vidito, Eliza Ann, d/o John Vidito, Nictaux, married at Nictaux, 17 Oct, to John Taylor, Middleton. [19 Oct 1881].

Vincent, Sarah A., died at Nictaux, 3 [?] July, 75 years.[27 July 1881].

Vroom, Abigail, w/o Henry Vroom, died at Middleton, a native of Clarence, d/o John Ditmars, Long Island, NY, 23rd inst., 96 years.[30 Mar 1881].

Wade, Bernice E. O., d/o Maynard Wade, died at Bridgetown, 21 Mar, 1 year 8 months.[23 Mar 1881].

Walker, Jennie A. see Putney, John B.

Walker, Mary S. see Thomas, James E.

Walker, Thomas see Thomas, James E.

Wallace, Susan M. see Feindle, Thomas G.

Weatherspoon, Lalia, d/o W. E. Weatherspoon, married at Granville Ferry, 1st inst, to Hibbert Woodbury. [8 June 1881].

Weaver, Mrs., w/o John Weaver, died at Victoria, 25 Dec 1880, 91 years. [12 Jan 1881].

Webb, Ivahlel [?], d/o Frederick Webb, Manchester, N. H., died at Clementsvale, 9 July, 1 year 4 months. [20 July 1881].

Webb, William Henry see Hudson, Annie L.

Webber, Capt. Thomas died at Westport, 5th inst., age 79 years.[19 Jan 1881].

Wethers, Andrew, died at Port Williams, 11th inst, 82 years.[23 Nov 1881].

Wethers, Ida Mae, d/o Walter Wethers, married at Granville, 16th inst, to Fenwick Williams, Bellisle. [23 Nov 1881].

Wheelock, Charles, died at Canadian [sic?] Creek, 90 years (no date).[11 May 1881].

White, Outhit Douglas, Phinney Cove, married at Bridgetown, 10th inst, to Emily Rafuse, Young’s Cove. [16 Feb 1881].

White, James see McGraw, Lorana.

Willett, Annie Blanche, married at Granville Centre, 7th inst, to Henry Gilbert Calnek.[14 Dec 1881].

Willett, Emma A., d/o George Willett, Granville, married at Portland, Maine, 20 Apr, to George H. Motley, Oxford, Maine. [11 May 1881].

Willett, Lawrence Clark, s/o Lawrence Clark Willett, died at Granville, 1 year 9 months. [25 May 1881].

Williams, Ida A., Clarence, married at Clarence, 9 Nov, to William H. Risteen, Port Lorne. [16 Nov 1881].

Williams, Fenwick see Wethers, Ida Mae.

Wilson, Asel see Carr, William Owen.

Wilson, Harriet A. see Covert, Charles W.

Wilson, James see Anderson, Nora.

Winchester, Seaman, died at Lower Granville, 14th inst, 21 years. [23 Mar 1881].

Woodbury, Hibbert see Weatherspoon, Lalia. [8 June 1881].

Woodbury, Jonathan see Bent, Jessie.

Wright, Charles see Brown, Florence M.

Wyman, Bella see Chute, H. E.

Wyman, Jacob see Chute, H. E.

Yarrigle, Lorinda see Hiltz, Rupert B.

Young, Elwood see McNayr, Phedora.

Young, Louis, s/o Capt. V. J. Young, died at Lower Glasgow, 22 Mar, 1 year 11 months. [30 Mar 1881].

Zwicker, Claudius, inf/s/o Allen Zwicker, died at Albany, 23 June, 4-5 months old.[29 June 1881].


Died, [drowned], Tuesday last, Frederick Benedict, Joseph Cook, and a boy named Power. [6 July 1881 Wed].