Weekly Monitor, 1880

Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia
NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia mfm # 1030

Extracted from microfilm by John Parker, from NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia; mfm #1030; placed on the Internet by Philip Vogler. No photocopying or downloading please. For personal use only. NSARM will, for a small fee, copy an obituary or a marriage write up or other event. See Inserts at end of listing for those items that don't quite fit - alphabetical listing i.e. anniversaries. NSARM web site: http://www.gov.ns.ca/nsarm/ ; NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4; E-mail : nsarm@gov.ns.ca

Begins 21 January, 1880. No 11 Feb 1880 issue on mfm. Note: copied as written including "inst" abbreviation where incorrect; [sic] was not used . Skips from 25 Feb 1880 to 28 April 1880 (no vitals for 21 April 1880 or 19th May 1880).

Abbott, Capt. W. H., s/o Major General Augustus Abbott married at Annapolis 24th inst, to Alice wid/o Capt. R. D. Barkhouse. [30 June 1880 see notice re military battalion].

Almon, Rev. H. Pryor, died at Halifax, 24th inst, of Windsor, NS.[1 Dec 1880].

Anderson, Mrs. Joseph, Granville, died 17th Feb, 76 years.[25 April 1880].

Ansley, John D., married at Bridgetown,[?]. 27th ult, to Lydia B. Troop d/o Abner Troop.[3 Nov 1880].

Baker, Annie L., Nictaux, married at Nictaux, 13th inst, to Charles W. Illsley. [27 Oct 1880].

Baker, Charles, born to, at Lower Granville, 5 Sept, a daughter. [15 Sept 1880].

Baker, Thomas P., died at Margaretville, 21st inst, 44 years. [4 Feb 1880].

Balcom, Teresa, w/o Stephen Balcom, d/o Charles Norwood, Berwick, died at Lynn, Mass., 30 August.[15 Sept 1880].

Banks, Aggie Agusta, died at Arlington, 9 Nov, 2 years 7 months. [15 Dec 1880].

Banks, Charles A., Aylesford, married at Bridgetown, 14th inst, to Alice M. Marshall, Clarence.[21 Jan 1880].

Banks, Sarah J., died at Arlington, 6 Dec, w/o late Sidney Banks, d/o Wilbert Parker, Bear River, 47 years.[15 Dec 1880].

Banks, Susan Ella, died at Arlington, 5 Nov, 10 years 3 months. [15 Dec 1880].

Banks, Norman, died at Port Lorne, 15th Sept., 30 years. [6 Oct 1880].

Banks, Sarah Ann, w/o Charles banks, died at Havelock, Mass., 29 Aug. [8 Sept 1880].

Banks, Sydney, died at Arlington, near Port Lorne, 25th inst, 51 years. [3 Nov 1880].

Banks, Willard see McNayr, Laura.

Barkhouse, Alice wid/o Capt. R. D. see Abbott, Capt. W. H.

Bartlett, Charlotte, wid/o Mr. Bartlett, of Blandford, Forum, Dorset, died at Weymouth, NS, 7th inst, 88 years. [21 July 1880].

Bath, Abner T., died at Granville, 11th inst, 55 years. [14 July 1880].

Baukman, Lillian S., d/o John Baukman, Bridgetown, married at Paradise, 13 Nov to Milton P. Daniels s/o Samuel E. Daniels, Bridgetown. [24 Nov 1880].

Baxter, Bertha see Woodworth, Capt. John.

Baxter, Thomas see Woodworth, Capt. Thomas.

Bayard, Ellen Louisa, 4th d/o Dr. E. F. Harding, Windsor, NS, died at Wilmot, 5th inst. [16 June 1880].

Beals, Cooper see Beals, Lucy S.

Beals, Lucy S., d/o Cooper Beals, Inglisville, married at Lawrencetown, 4th inst, to Rev. James Sharp,North Shields, England. [10 Nov 1880].

Beckwith, Noble H., died at Bridgetown, 10th inst, 64 years. [15 Sept 1880].

Beeler, Nathan see McFadden, Nathan.

Benson, Wesley s/o Manly Benson, died at Centreville, 15th inst, 11 years. [24 Nov 1880].

Bent. Herbert W. see Whitman, Alice J.

Bent, Sylvester, married at Belleisle, 14th inst, to Arminella Gesner d/o George Gesner.[22 Dec 1880].

Berteaux, Albert W., died at Annapolis, 17th inst, 42 years. [24 Nov 1880].

Bishop, Annette, d/o Edward C. Bishop, died at Clarence, 8th inst. [16 June 1880].

Bishop, Everett E., s/o Edward C. Bishop, died at Upper Clarence, 21st inst, 20 years.[30 June 1880].

Bishop, Frank Harvey s/o W. H. Bishop, died at Paradise, no date, 27 years. [22 Sept 1880].

Bishop, James, married at Melvern Square, 15th inst, to Isabella McMaster, Middleton.[4 Feb 1880].

Blair, R., born to at Parker’s Cove, 15 June, twin daughters.[21 July 1880].

Blanchard, J. B., born to at Kentville, 4th inst, a son. [18 Aug 1880].

Boice, George U. L., married at Clements West, 19th inst to Lalia Vroom, d/o John A. Vroom.[27 Oct 1880].

Booksmith, Jane A. see Mills, John K.

Bowlby, Hallet, married at Berwick, 10th inst, to Ida Phinney, both of Farmington, Anna. Co., NS.[9 June 1880].

Boyd, Adam, died at Bridgetown, 22nd inst, 33 years. [24 Nov 1880].

Brooks, Charles se Chute, Ada.

Burbeck, J. G., born to at Montreal, 25th inst, twin sons. [10 Nov 1880].

Burgess, Dr. G. O., died at Somerset, 12th inst, in 37th year. [23 June 1880].

Burrell, Thomas N., s/o Capt. Josiah Burrell, married at Clementsport, 12th inst, to Drucilla A. Potter d/o William Potter [15 Dec 1880].

Campbell, Charles McC., married at Chatham, NB, 10th inst, to Elizabeth Rice, Weymouth, NS. [21 July 1880].

Campbell, Frances Helen d/o Colin Campbell, married to Rev. John Dart, at Weymouth, 14 July 1880.[21 July 1880].

Campbell, George Douglas see Palmer, Kate Glidden.

Carlin, James, married at Annapolis, 3rd inst, to Matilda Whitman, both of Wilmot. [10 Nov 1880].

Carter, Carrie see Morrison, Capt Robert.

Carter, John see Morrison, Capt. Robert.

Chapman, Arthur D., s/o J. Owen Chapman, died at Port Lawrence, NS, 5th inst, 20 years. [22 Dec 1880].

Christie, George see Hawkinson, Frank.

Christie, Jane see Dow, Robert.

Christie, Margaret see Hawkinson, Frank.

Chute, Ada, married at Bridgetown, 22nd inst, to Charles Brooks, Lynn, Mass. [29 Dec 1880].

Chute, George, Bridgetown, married at Granville Ferry, 15th inst to Jane Rhodes, Granville Ferry.[22 Dec 1880].

Chute, Susan, wid/o Abram Chute, died at Clementsport, 13th inst, 81 years. [22 Sept 1880].

Cochrane, Rev. James Cuppaidge, died at Halifax, 20 June, in 88th year.[23 June 1880].

Cogswell, Robert, s/o Robert Cogswell, Wolfville, died at Kentville, 12th inst, in 21st year.[20 Oct 1880].

Connell, Morgan, died at Bridgetown, 27th inst, 62 years.[30 June 1880].

Corbitt, Ellen Stewart, died at Annapolis, 1 Aug, d/o George E. Corbitt, 4 years 4 months. [11 Aug 1880].

Corbitt, Margaret, w/o John Corbitt, a native of Cork, Ireland, died at Granville, 5th inst.[10 Nov 1880].

Croply, Lizzie, d/o Joseph Croply, died at Port Lorne, 2 Nov, 20 years. [8 Dec 1880].

Croscup, Joseph, born to at Lower Granville, 1 Sept, a daughter. [15 Sept 1880].

Cowling, Mary E., w/o E. C. Cowling, died at Annapolis, 13th inst, 54 years d/o George R. Grassie.[18 Feb 1880].

Crocker, Ella M., Lake George, married 15 Jan, to William E. Lutz, Lake George.[4 Feb 1880].

Daniels, Milton P. see Baukman, Lillian S.

Daniels, Samuel E. see Baukman, Lillian S.

Dart, Rev. John see Campbell, Frances Helen.

Delaney, Laura Jane d/o John Delaney, died at Annapolis, 27th inst, 8 years 7 days.[4 Feb 1880].

Denton, A. J. see Gates, Bella L.

Dillon, Alex, died at Lawrencetown, 7 July, in 85th year. [14 July 1880].

Ditmars, Susan M., d/o W. H. Ditmars, died at Clements West, 19th ult, 47 years.[7 July 1880].

Dodge, Elizabeth Osborne, (nee Morse), married at Centre Clarence, 8th inst, to Lee Gaspard White.[21 Jan 1880].

Dodge, Mazzena Maud d/o H. W. Dodge, died at Granville, 14th inst, 1 year 9 months.[17 Nov 1880].

Dohnes, [Lohnes??], Anthony M., married at Ohio, New Germany, 5th inst, to Anna Maria Simpson, d/oNelson Simpson, all of Ohio, New Germany. [21 July 1880].

Dondale, John W. see Sanford, Lizzie.

Douglas, John L., s/o Outhit Douglas, died at Port George, 17th , 8 years 10 months. [30 June 1880].

Dow, Robert, of Abulour, Banffshire, Scotland, married at Middleton, 3rd inst, to Jane Christie, of Glenrinnes Co., Banff, Scotland. [21 July 1880].

Drew, George, died at Margaretville, 2nd inst, 21 years. [21 Jan 1880].

Duffield, Augusta W., w/o Rev. George Duffield, died at Lansing, Michigan, 30th ult, d/o Samuel W. Willoughby, of Saratoga Springs, NY, formerly of NS. [1 Dec 1880].

Dunn, John H. s/o John Dunn died at Hampton, 4th inst, 23 years. [15 Dec 1880].

Dunn, Mary C. see McLaughlin, William C.

Dunbrack, Walter, Meagher’s Grant, Halifax Co., married at Lewis [Levis ??], Quebec, 27 May, to Lottie Vroom, Clements West, NS.[16 June 1880].

Eagleson, Robert, married at Bridgetown, 28th inst, to Charlotte A. Ship, Bridgetown. [29 Dec 1880].

Easson, Annie L., d/o David Easson, married at Lequille, 1 Dec, to Arthur A. Nichol. [15 Dec 1880].

Easson, Irving T. s/o Willett Easson, died at Arlington, 16th inst, 12 years 5 months. [28 July 1880].

Eaton, Mrs. Mary Ann, relict/o Woodworth Eaton, died at Wadeville, 10th inst, 70 years. [17 Nov 1880].

Eaton, Sarah d/o Stephen Eaton, died at Wadeville, 19th inst, 17 years. [27 Oct 1880].

Edgett, Belle see Marshall, Belle.

Edgett, David see Marshall, Belle.

Elliott, Ingram B., married at Middleton, 30 Oct, to Rose McFadden, both of Wilmot.[10 Nov 1880].

Fairbanks, Ella A., South Acton, Mass., married at Cambridge, Mass., 21 Aug, to George Gormly, Annapolis. [1 Sept 1880].

Fairn, B. Annie see Hardwick, Fred.

Fales, Carrie G., Annapolis, married at Margaretville, 5th inst, to A. J. Morrison, Amherst.[20 Oct 1880].

Farnsworth, Mrs. Theresa, died at Hampton, 10 July. [28 July 1880].

Fellows, Minnie B., d/o James Fellows, Bridgetown, married at Bridgetown, 23rd inst, to Robert G. Monroe, Digby. [29 Sept 1880].

Foster, Catherine, relict of Abner Foster, died at Granville, 15th inst, 84 years.[23 June 1880].

Foster, Martha, w/o Harris Foster, died at Hampton, 2nd inst, 60 years.[18 Feb 1880].

Gates, Bella L., d/o Enoch Gates, married at Melvern Square, 22 inst, to A. J. Denton, Shediac. [ 4 August 1880].

Gates, James see Gates, Jessie.

Gates, Jessie, d/o James Gates, died at Middleton, 4 Sept, in 22nd year. [6 Oct 1880].

Gaul, Elizabeth d/o William Gaul, died at Paradise, 2nd inst, 5 years. [ 4 Feb 1880].

Gesner, Arminella see Bent, Sylvester.

Gesner, George see Bent, Sylvester.

Gormly, George see Fairbanks, Ella A.

Graham, George E., married at Digby, 15th inst, to Etta Walls, both of Bear River. [4 Aug 1880].

Graham, Nettie see Morgan, Jacob.

Grassie, George R. see Cowling, Mary E.

Grassie, Mary E. see Cowling, Mary E.

Graves, Ney , married at Aylesford, 12 Jan to Bertha Patterson. [4 Feb 1880].

Hall, Capt. Joseph, Granville Ferry, married at Bridgetown, 15th inst, to Mrs. Abba Young, Bridgetown. [22 Sept 1880].

Hall, Hezekiah H., died at Tremont, Kings Co., 7th ult, 53 years. [1 Dec 1880].

Halliday, William, s/o John Halliday, died at Parker’s Cove, no date, 2 years. [20 Oct 1880].

Harding, Dr. E. F. see Bayard, Ellen Louise.

Harding, Dr. Frederick W. T. B., s/o E. T. Harding, Windsor, NS, died at Middleton, 15 Sept, 15 Sept. [22 Sept 1880].

Harding, James S. see Pineo, Maria Irene.

Hardwick, Fred, Annapolis, married at Lynn, Mass., 11th inst, to B. Annie Fairn, Lynn, Mass. [27 Oct 1880].

Hardwick, William, died at Annapolis, Wed, 71 years. [18 Aug 1880 Wed].

Harris, F. C., born to, [no place], 28th inst, a son. [6 Oct 1880].

Harris, L. Richmond see VanBuskirk, Carrie.

Harris, Manning C., Bear River, married at Bridgetown, 21st inst, to Hattie Piggott. [29 Dec 1880].

Harris, Rev. Voorhies E., s/o Robert J. Harris, Annapolis, married at Granville, 9th inst, to Emma Chandler Troop, d/o William Botsford Troop. [16 June 1880].

Hawkinson, Frank, s/o Capt. Elijah Hawkinson, Weymouth Bridge, married at Barton, Digby Co., 31st ult to Margaret Christie d/o George Christie, of Cornwallis. [21 Jan 1880].

Hayden, Nelson, died at Victoria Beach, 1 Sept. [15 Sept 180].

Haynes, Charles W., died at Bear River, 26th ult, 69 years.[21 July 1880].

Hicks, Eliza J. see Potter, Charles S.

Hill, Harry C. see Slocomb, Addie M.

Hoyt, Charles John, married to Elizabeth Mary Vooght, d/o John Vooght, North Sydney, at North Sydney on Oct 11th inst. [20 Oct 1880].

Hoyt, James, died at Lequille, 23 July, in 72nd year. [4 Aug 1880].

Hoyt, L. W. see Lowler, Mary G.

Hudgins, John, Senr., died at Margaretville, 13th inst. 81 years.[21 Jan 1880].

Hudson, Capt. J., born to at Parker’s Cove, 30 June, a daughter.[21 July 1880]. Hudson, Hannah Maria, d/o Elias Hudson, died at Parker’s Cove, 11th inst, 15 years 6 months. [20 Oct 1880].

Illsley, Charles W. see Baker, Annie L.

Inglis, Laleah see Woodbury, Robert.

James, James A., died at Richibucto, NB, 7th inst, 58 years.[17 Nov 1880].

Jacques, Susan A., w/o Thomas Jacques, d/o Reuben Neily, died at Aylesford, 28th ult, age 48 years. [22 Sept 1880].

James, Lydia, wid/o Daniel W. James, formerly of Granville Ferry, died at New Limerick, Maine, USA, 6 July, 65 years. [21 July 1880].

Johnston, A. C., born to at Dartmouth, 12th inst, a son. [18 Aug 1880].

Johnston, Charles, died Saturday –small paragraph.. [St. John Sun ][16 June 1880].

Langley, Julia, d/o Elias G. Langley, died at Petitcodiac, NB, 20 Nov, in 29th year. [24 Nov 1880].

Lohnes, Anthony M. see Dohnes, Anthony M.

Longley, Israel M. see Morse, Ermina Judson.

Longmire, Mrs. John, died at Young’s Cove, 28th inst, 62 years.[30 June 1880].

Loomer, Cecelia d/o Charles Loomer, died at Annapolis, 29th ult, 20 years buried Canning. [9 June 1880].

Lovett, Sarah, wid/o James R. Lovett, of Round Hill, died at Kentville, 3rd inst, 93 years. [15 Sept 1880].

Lowler, Mary G, d/o Daniel Lowler, married at North Sydney, 11th inst, to L. W. Hoyt.[20 Oct 1880].

Marshall, Alpheus see Marshall, Hattie M. L.

Marshall, Alice M. see Banks, Charles A.

Marshall, Belle, w/o Albert Marshall, died at Clarence, 10 June, 27 years, d/o David Edgett of St. John. [23 June 1880].

Marshall, Hattie M. L. , d/o Alpheus Marshall, married at Bear River, 3 Nov, to Dr. Howard D. Wilson, of Barrington passage. [10 Nov 1880].

Marshall, Mrs. Samuel L., died at Harborville, 3rd inst. [18 Feb 1880].

McCaul, Helen F., d.o Stephen & Ann McCaul, died at Litchfield, 22 July, 21 years 9 months. [4 Aug 1880].

McFadden, Nathan, died at Clements, in 31st year, grandson of Nathan Beeler. No date.[23 June 1880].

McFadden, Rose see Elliott, Ingram B.

McKeown, Andrew see McLean, John H.

McKeown, Lizzie H. see McLean, John H.

McKinnon, Malcolm, Digby, married at Annapolis, 15th inst, to Sarah Jane Wright, Annapolis. [21 Jan 1880].

McLaughlin, William C, Saw Mill Creek, married 9th inst, at Methodist Parsonage, Granville [?], to Mary C. Dunn, Granville Ferry. [16 June 1880].

McLean, John H., married at St. John, N.B., 7 Oct, to Lizzie H. McKeown d/o Andrew McKeown, New Albany, NS. [3 Nov 1880].

McLean, William, died at Bridgetown, 18th inst, in 30th year. [25 Aug 1880].

McMaster, Isabella see Bishop, James.

McNayr, Laura, married at Olneyville, [R.I.?], Nov, to Willard Banks, both of Providence, R.I., formerly of Inglisville, Anna. Co., NS. [8 Dec 1880].

Messenger, Albert, died at Centerville, 16th inst, 4 years 6 months. [21 Jan 1880].

Messenger, Grace w/o James Messenger, died at Bridgetown, 23rd inst, in 70th year.[30 June 1880].

Messenger, Jordan, died at Port Lorne, 20th Sept, 80 years. [29 Sept 1880].

Milberry, John, died at Hampton, 12th inst, 16 years. [21 Jan 1880].

Millner, John Henry, died at Clementsport, 18 May, 49 years. [9 June 1880].

Mills, Annie E. d/o William Mills, Middle Granville, married 27th inst, at Granville, to John Troop, Bear River. [3 Nov 1880].

Mills, Caroline A., d/o John Mills, Granville Ferry, married at Granville Ferry, 3rd inst, to Rev. William H. Snyder, Mahone Bay, NS. [10 Nov 1880].

Mills, John see Mills, Caroline A.

Mills, John K., married at Bridgetown, 21st inst to Jane A. Brooksmith, both of Lindleys Opera Co. [25 Feb 1880].

Mills, John see Porter, Rev. Robert Dickey.

Mills, Samuel see Young, Emily C.

Mills, Sarah see Porter, Rev. Robert Dickey.

Minchion, Mary Elizabeth see Shaw, George Lyman.

Mitchell, Rosie, died at Bridgetown, 5th inst, 88 years.[14 July 1880].

Moffatt, George, married at Hillsburgh, 2nd inst, to Sarah Ann Robertson. [21 Jan 1880].

Monroe, Robert G. see Fellows, Minnie B.

Morgan, Jacob, married at Bridgetown, 22nd inst, to Nettie Graham, both of Bear River.[29 Dec 1880].

Morrison, James, born to at Lower Granville, 21 June, a daughter. [4 Aug 1880].

Morrison, Capt. Robert, San Francisco, CA, married at Granville, to Carrie Carter, d/o John Carter, Granville Ferry. [10 Nov 1880].

Morse, Asa T. see Morse, Frank.

Morse, Constant C., died at Bear River, 18th inst, in 80th year.[27 Oct 1880].

Morse, Elizabeth Osborne see Dodge, Elizabeth Osborne.

Morse, Ermina Judson, d/o H. H. Morse, married at Bridgetown, 22 Dec to Israel M. Longley, Paradise, NS. [29 Dec 1880].

Morse, Frank, s/o Asa T. Morse, died at Williamston, 8th inst, 20 years. [13 Oct 1880].

Morse, James Arnold, s/o L. S. Morse, died at Bridgetown, 21st inst, 6 months, 19 days.[27 Oct 1880].

Morrison, A. J. see Fales, Carrie G.

Mott, Nathaniel, died at Annapolis, 20th inst., 82 years. [29 Sept 1880].

Neily, George, died at North Kingston, Aylesford, 10th inst, 65 years. [22 Sept 1880].

Neily, Reuben see Jacques, Susan A.

Neily, Susan A. see Jacques, Susan A.

Newcomb, H. B., died at Port Williams, 18th inst, in 31 year. [28 July 1880].

Nichol, Arthur A. see Easson, Annie L.

Norse, [Morse?], Tryphena see Phinney, Peter.

Norwood, Charles see Balcom, Teresa.

Norwood, Teresa see Balcom, Teresa.

Oakes, May L., d/o Jesse Oakes, Annapolis, married at Boston, 17th inst, to William S. Whitman, New York City. [29 Sept 1880].

Odell, John A. see Thomas, Mary E.

Palmer, Gideon, died at Dorchester, NB, 19th inst, in 71st year. [30 June 1880].

Palmer, Kate Glidden d/o Alpheus T. Palmer, Bangor, married at Bangor, Maine, 19th inst, to George Douglas Campbell, Weymouth, NS. [1 Sept 1880].

Parker, Sarah J. see Banks, Sarah J.

Parker, Wilbert see Banks, Sarah J.

Patterson, Bertha see Graves, Ney.

Phinney, Capt. Stephen, married at Hampton, 13th inst, to Francis J. Titus, Hampton. [27 Oct 1880].

Phinney, Ida see Bowlby, Hallet.

Phinney, Peter, Phinney Cove, married at that place, 11th inst, to Tryphena Norse [?] of Newburne. [18 Feb 1880].

Phinney, Zebulon, died at Granville, 6 Oct, in 33rd year. [17 Nov 1880].

Phinney, Zebulon, born to at [no place named] 6 Nov, a daughter.[17 Nov 1880].

Piggott, Hattie see Harris, Manning C.

Pine, Emma w/o Samuel Pine died at Virginia, 23rd inst, 22 years. [1 Dec 1880].

Pineo, Maria Irene, d/o John O. Pineo, married at Wolfville, 28th inst, to James S. Harding, St. John, NB. [4 Aug 1880].

Porter, James Austin, s/o Henry G. Porter, died at Kentville, 9th inst, 1 year 10 months. [20 Oct 1880].

Porter, Rev. Robert Dickey, Middleton, married at Granville Ferry, 30 June, to Sarah Mills, d/o John Mills, Granville Ferry. [7 July 1880].

Potter, Charles S. married at Clementsport [?], 26 Mar., to Eliza J. Hicks.[ 9 June 1880].

Potter, Drucilla see Burrell, Thomas N.

Potter, John Douglas Jr., married at Clementsvale, 27 Oct, to Sabra A. Potter d/o Ruben Potter, Clementsvale. [10 Nov 1880].

Potter, Mary, d/o Robert potter, died at Clementsport, 6th inst, 19 years.[10 Nov 1880].

Potter, William see Burrell, Thomas N.

Prat, Abigail F., w/o James W. Prat, died at Smith’s Cove, Digby Co., 16 Nov, 85 years 6 months. [8 Dec 1880].

Purdy, Mrs. Sarah, died at Upper Clements, 30 Oct, 81 years. [17 Nov 1880].

Quereau, Andreas W., born to at Lower Granville, 2 Sept, a daughter. [15 Sept 1880].

Ray, Emma Alberta see Saunders, Capt. Henry.

Ray, Otis H., s/o W. H. Ray, married at Clementsport, 15 July to Alexandrina Saunders d/o Capt. Pardon Saunders. [21 July 1880].

Ray, W. H. see Saunders, Capt. Henry.

Rhodes, Jane see Chute, George.

Rice, Elizabeth see Campbell, Charles McC.

Rice, inf/d/o Norman Rice, died at Parker’s Cove, 5 Oct 5 months. [20 Oct 1880].

Riley, George s/o Simon Riley, die at Newport, 20th inst, 28 years. [1 Dec 1880].

Riordan, Mary, relict of Cornellius Riordan, died at Annapolis, 17th inst, 78 years, formerly of County Limerick, Ireland, arrived in Annapolis 1830. [27 Oct 1880].

Risteen, Catherine w/o William Risteen, died at Arlington, 21st inst, 48 years.[28 Jan 1880].

Robertson, Sarah Ann see Moffatt.

Robinson, W. Adelbert s/o Thomas Andrew Robinson, died at Kingston, 4 Nov, 28 years.[17 Nov 1880].

Ruggles, I. W. see Watson, Mrs. John S.

Ruggles, Josiah see Whitman, Adelia.

Sanford, Lizzie, d/o Richard Sanford, married at Clementsvale, 17th inst to John W. Dondale, all of Clementsvale. [27 Oct 1880].

Saunders, Alexandrina see Ray, Otis H.

Saunders, Alfred see Saunders, Walter Livingston.

Saunders, Capt. Henry married at Clementsport, 30 May to Emma Alberta Ray 2nd d/o W. H. Ray, all of Clements. [23 June 1880].

Saunders, Lorenzo, died at Sandy Cove, Digby Co., 20th ult, 41 years.[9 June 1880].

Saunders, Capt. Pardon see Ray, Otis H.

Saunders, Walter Livingston, s/o Alfred Saunders, died at Lawrencetown, 6 Dec., 3 months 9 days. [22 December 1880].

Shaftner, Alma see Wellner, Harry Irvin.

Shaftner, John F. see Wellner, Harry Irvin.

Sharp, Rev. James see Beals, Lucy S.

Shaw, George Lyman, Maine, married at Annapolis, 9th inst, to Mary Elizabeth Minchion, of Round Hill. [21 Jan 1880].

Ship, Charlotte A. see Eagleson, Robert.

Simpson, Anna Maria see Dohnes [Lohnes ??], Anthony M.

Simpson, Nelson see Dohnes, [Lohnes ??], Anthony M.

Slocomb, Addie M., d/o George Slocomb, Port George, NS, married at Haverhill, Mass., 25 Aug, to Harry C. Hill. [29 Sept 1880].

Snyder, George Henry, s/o Rev. W. H. Snyder, died at Mahone Bay, 4th inst, in 23rd year. [29 Dec 1880].

Snyder, Rev. William H. see Mills, Caroline A.

Sprowl, Bertha see Wright, Leander Alonzo.

Spurr, Voorhies, s/o Capt. William V. Spurr, died at Clements West, 18th inst, 16 years.[1 Dec 1880].

Styles, Charles Walter, s/o John Styles, died at Annapolis, 18th inst, 14 years.[1 Dec 1880].

Templeman, Andrew, died at Hampton, 23rd ult, 66 years. [4 Aug 1880].

Thomas, inf/child/of James, died at Hillsburn, 6th inst, 9 months.[13 Oct 1880].

Thomas, Mary E., Bear River, married at Annapolis, 15 Sept, to John A. Odell, Smith’s Cove. [22 Sept 1880].

Thomas, Silas, died at Upper Clements, 8th inst, 78 [?], years.[15 Dec 1880].

Titus, Francis J. see Phinney, Capt. Stephen.

Troop, Abner see Ansley, John D.

Troop, John see Mills, Annie E.

Troop, Emma Chandler see Harris, Rev. Voorhies E.

Troop, Jessie Blanche, d/o Valentine Troop, married at Granville, 12th inst, to Dr. Frank Woodbury, of New York. [13 Oct 1880].

Troop, Lizzie B. see Ansley, John D.

Troop, Valentine see Troop, Jessie Blanche.

Troop, William Botsford see Harris, Rev. Voorhies E.

Tull, Arthur see Wear, Emma Jane.

VanBuskirk, Carrie S, d/o John VanBuskirk, married at Barton, Digby Co., 12th inst, to L. Richmond Harris of Bear River. [4 Feb 1880].

VanBuskirk, Eri Perry, s/o Henry VanBuskirk, died at Melvern Square, 30 July, 18 months. [18 Aug 1880].

Vooght, Elizabeth Mary see Hoyt, Charles John.

Vooght, John see Hoyt, Charles John.

Vroom, Lottie see Dunbrack, Walter.

Walker, Minnie F., d/o Edward Walker, died at Bridgetown, 10th inst, 11 years 5 months.[18 Aug 1880].

Walls, Etta see Graham, George E.

Watson, Mrs. John S., died at Boston, 20th inst, d/o I. W. Ruggles, 65 years 4 months.[4 Feb 1880].

Wear, Emma Jane, married at Bridgetown [?], 10 Nov, to Arthur Tull, all of Clementsport.[1 Dec 1880].

Webber, Elizabeth, wid/o Capt. James Webber, died at Granville, 25 ult, 82 years.[8 Dec 1880].

Wellner, Harry Irvin, married at Halifax, 15th inst, to Alma Shaftner, d/o John F. Shaftner . [23 June 1880].

Wessel, Mary Jane, d/o Jacob Wessel, died at Bridgetown, 5th inst, 28 years.[21 Jan 1880].

White, E. Hares, w/o James White Young’s Cove died 14th inst, 77 years.[18 Feb 1880].

White, Lee Gaspard see Dodge, Elizabeth Osborne.

Whitman, Adelia, Annapolis, married at Annapolis, Jan 1880, to Josiah Ruggles, Upper Clements. [21 Jan 1880].

Whitman, Alice J., d/o E. Rice Whitman, Lawrencetown, married at Middleton, 4 may, to Herbert W. Bent, Bentville. [8 Sept 1880].

Whitman, Matilda see Carlin, James.

Whitman, William S. see Oakes, May L.

Whymers, Minerva see Wood, Edward.

Willis, Charles J., born to at [no name], 26th inst, a daughter. [1 Dec 1880].

Wilson, Dr. Howard D. see Marshall, Hattie M. L.

Willett, Bamford, s/o Daniel Willett, Nictaux, died at Boston, Mass., 23rd ult, 22 years.[13 Oct 1880].

Willoughby, Augusta W. see Duffield, Augusta W.

Willoughby, Samuel A. see Duffield, Augusta W.

Wood, Edward, married at Aylesford, 9 July, to Minerva Whymers.[18 Aug 1880].

Woodbury, Dr. Frank see Troop, Jessie Blanche.

Woodbury, Robert, Middleton, married at Bentville, 19th inst to Laleah Inglis. [29 Dec 1880].

Woodbury, William F., died at Spa Springs, 23 Oct, 82 years. [17 Nov 1880].

Woodworth, Capt. John, married at Lower Granville, 14th inst, to Bertha d/o Thomas Baxter. [21 Jan 1880].

Wright, Leander Alonzo, married at Clementsport, 19 May to Bertha Sprowl, both of Clementsport. [9 June 1880].

Wright, Sarah Jane see McKinnon, Malcolm.

Young, Mrs. Abba see Hall, Capt. Joseph.

Young, Eliza w/o Eben Young died at Young’s Cove, 26 Dec 1879, 46 years.[18 Feb 1880].

Young, Emily E. d/o W. H. Young, married at Belleisle, 15th inst to Samuel Mills, Granville Ferry. [22 Dec 1880].

Young, Hiram, died , 18th inst., at Young’s Cove. [21 July 1880].