The Weekly Monitor 1885

The Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
1885 Published on Wednesday

NSARM mfm #1032

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Bent, Samuel, died at Phinneys Cove, 11 Jan., age 60 years. [28 Jan 1885].

Berry, Thomas W., Boston, married at Bear River, 16th inst., to Annie McFadden, d/o William McFadden, Bear River. [14 Jan 1885].

Brown, Edward, died at Mount Hanley, 2 Feb., age 74 years.[11 Feb 1885].

Brown, William, Granville, married at Springfield, Mass., 31st. inst., to Florence Dudman, Yarmouth, NS. [14 Jan 1885].

Chesley, Egbert M., Boston, Mass., married at Granville Ferry, 29 Dec., to Annie L. Shafner, d/o J. E. Shafner. [7 Jan 1885].

Crosby, Charles see Crosby, M. Magdalene.

Crosby, M. Magdalene, w/o Charles Crosby, died at Bear River, 14 Jan., age 41 years.[18 Feb. 1885].

Connell, David R., died at Bridgetown, 9th Jan., in 21st year. [4 Feb. 1885].

Connell, Rupert, died at Bridgetown, 9th inst. [14 Jan 1885].

Leslie, Mary Danielsen, eld/d/o late Dr. Leslie, Annapolis, died at Kentville, 5 Jan., age 57 years. [14 Jan 1885].

Delaney, Alonzo H., s/o John & Elizabeth Delaney, died at Annapolis, 7 Jan., age 16 years. [21 Jan. 1885].

Eason, John see Eason, Mary M.

Eason, [as spelled] Mary M., relict of late John Eason, died at Bridgetown, 22nd inst., in 80th year. [28 Jan 1885].

Dodge, Arthur see Dodge, Rebecca.

Dodge, Bessie O. see Miller, Edwin J.

Dodge, Edwin G. see Miller, Edwin J.

Dodge, Rebecca, w/o Arthur Dodge, died at Middleton, 24 Dec. age 76 years. [14 Jan 1885].

Dudman, Florence see Brown, William.

Eaton, Evie, Truro, married at Boston, 13th inst. to G. C. Miller, Middleton.[14 Jan 1885]

Elliott, Lambert H., Mount Hanley, married at North Kingston, 24 Dec., to Odessa Gates, eldest d/o James Gates. [ 7 Jan 1885].

Fairn, Aldolphus B. see Starratt, Ada.

Fleet, Alice, w/o Edward Fleet, d/o Christopher Gilliatt, Clements, died at Chelsea, Mass., 8th inst., age 29 years. [28 Jan 1885].

Fleet, Edward see Fleet, Alice.

Ford, Arthur, Maitland, married at Bear River, 24 Dec., to Emma Morine, only d/o John A. Morine. [7 Jan 1885].

Foster, Jane, d/o late Corbitt Foster, died at Alms House, Bridgetown, 12th inst., age 23 years. [21 Jan 1885].

Fowler, Daniel S. see Layte, Annie E.

Freeman, Nellie May, d/o S. L. & H. V. Freeman, died at Middleton, 20th Dec., age 11 years 10 months.[14 Jan 1885].

Gates, James see Elliott, Lambert H.

Gates, Odessa see Elliott, Lambert H.

Germain, Arvilla see McClelland, J. Howard.

Germain, George see McClelland, J. Howard.

Gilliatt, Ada M. see Gilliatt, Austin W.

Gilliatt, Alice see Fleet, Alice.

Gillatt, Austin W., Granville Ferry, married at Waldeck East, 24 Dec., to Ada M. Gilliatt, d/o Edmund Gilliatt, Waldeck East. [7 Jan 1885].

Gilliatt, Christopher see Fleet, Alice.

Gilliatt, Edmund see Gilliatt, Austin W.

Goldsmith, Eliza, w/o late Benj. M. Goldsmith, died at Perotte, 22 Jan. in 83rd year.[11 Feb 1885].

Goucher, Recca [sic?], died at Nictaux, 3 Feb., age 58 years. [11 Feb 1885].

Gilliatt, Rupert R., married at Granville, 31 Dec., to Lizzie Oliver, all of Granville. [7 Jan 1885].

Hardwick, John see Hardwick, Susan Jane.

Hardwick, Susan Jane, died at the residence of her brother, Burton Neily, Nictaux, 2 March, relict of late John Hardwick, age 77 years. [11 Mar. 1885].

Jefferson, Etta see Morgan, Ezra.

Jefferson, Harris see Morgan, Ezra.

Kilpatrick, James, only child of James & Janet Kilpatrick, died at Port George, 23rd ult., age 2 years 18 days.[11 Feb 1885].

Layte, Annie E., married at Lexington, Mass., [?] 28th inst., to Daniel S. Fowler, both of Boston at Pastor’s Residence, No. 93 Lexington _______[?]. 25 Feb. 1885 – unsure of print please get own copy].

Letteney, William, died at Digby, 21st inst., age 51 years. [28 Jan 1885].

Littlewood, Capt. John see Rice, James Edward.

Littlewood, Lavinia H. see Rice, James Edward.

Longley, Arthur Carlyle, died at Paradise, 5 Jan., age 2 months, inf/s/o Israel M. & Emma J. Longley. [7 Jan 1885].

Longley, Israel & Emma J. see Longley, Arthur Carlyle.

Marshall, John, died at Arlington, 17 Jan., age 79 years.[28 Jan 1885].

McClelland, J. Howard, Bear River, married at Kempt, 1st inst. to Arvilla Germain, only d/o George Germain, Maitland. [14 Jan 1885].

McFadden, Annie see Berry, Thomas W.

McFadden, William see Berry, Thomas W.

McGinnis, Angus see Silver, Drusilla.

Miller, Bessie O. see Miller, Edwin J.

Miller, Edwin J., Middleton, married at Spa Springs, 18th inst. to Bessie O. Dodge, only d/o Edwin G., Spa Springs, Wilmot, NS. [25 Feb 1885].

Miller, G. C. see Eaton, Evie.

Milner, Mary, died at Clementsvale, 7th inst., age 82 years. [21 Jan 1885].

Morgan, Ezra, married at Bear River, 21st inst., to Etta Jefferson, eldest /d/o Harris Jefferson, all of Bear River. [28 Jan 1885].

Morine, Emma see Ford, Arthur.

Morine, John A. see Ford, Arthur.

Mosher, George, Senr., died at Gates’ Mountain, 27 Dec. in 88th year.[14 Jan 1885].

Munroe, John, died at Bridgetown, 15th inst., in 77th year.[18 Feb 1885].

Neily, Burton see Hardwick, Susan Jane.

Neily, Susan Jane see Hardwick, Susan Jane.

Oliver, Lizzie see Gilliatt, Rupert R.

Orikel, Winnie [sic], only child of John Orikel, died at Nictaux Falls, 9 Feb., age 6 years.[18 Feb 1885].

Pearce, Joseph, died at Mt. Hanley, 9th Feb. age 56 years. [25 Feb. 1885].

Phinney, Annie M., w/o Phineas D. Phinney, died at [no place given], of consumption, 17 December, age 31 years. [28 Jan 1885].

Phinney, Phineas D. see Phinney, Annie M.

Potter, Isaiah, Capt., died at Upper Clements, cancer, 6th inst. age 70 years.[14 Jan 1885].

Potter, Thomas M., Clementsvale, married at Annapolis, 11th inst., to Theresa W. Pyne [?]. [18 Feb 1885].

Pyne, Theresa W. see Potter, Thomas M.

Rice, James Edward, married at Granville, 15th inst., to Lavinia H. Littlewood, 2nd d/o late Capt. John Littlewood, all of Granville. [28 Jan 1885].

Shafner, Annie L. see Chesley, Egbert M.

Shafner, Edmund see Chesley, Egbert M.

Silver, Drusilla, married at Nictaux, 14 Jan., to Angus McGinnis. [21 Jan 1885].

Spurr, Eleanor, w/o James DeWolfe Spurr, d/o late Alfred Whitman, died at St. john, Sunday, age 49 years; burial Round Hill. [14 Jan 1885].

Spurr, James DeWolfe see Spurr, Eleanor.

Starratt, Ada, married at Greenfield, Queens Co., NS 8 Jan. 1885 to Aldolphus B. Fairn, New Albany. [21 Jan 1885].

Vidito, Alvin, s/o Jacob Vidito, died at Nictaux Falls, 14 Feb., age 4 months.[18 Feb 1885].

Vidito, Christian [??], w/o John Vidito, died at Nictaux, 1st Jan., age 47 years. [7 Jan 1885].

Vidito, John, see Vidito, Christian [??].

Vroom, George H., Middleton, married at Morristown, 16th Dec. to Laura A. West, d/o W. H. West, Morristown. [14 Jan 1885].

West, Laura A. see Vroom, George H.

West, W. H. see Vroom, George H.

Wheelock, Annie, relict of late Deacon Samuel Wheelock, died at Nictaux, 26 Jan. [no age]. [11 Feb 1885].

Whitman, Alfred see Spurr, Eleanor.

Whitman, Eleanor see Spurr, Eleanor.

Whitman, Etta, half d/o Edward & Hannah Hall, died at Annapolis, 11th inst., age 18 years. [21 Jan 1885].

Whitman, Jessie Belina, eld d/o Jno. W. Whitman, died at Lawrencetown, 14 Dec.[7 Jan 1885].

Whitman, Jno. See Whitman, Jessie Belina.

Withers, George see Withers, Mary.

Withers, Mary, relict of late George Withers, died at Granville Centre, 9th inst. in 67th year. [18 Feb. 1885].

Wittington, Samuel, died at Annapolis Royal, 9th inst., age 88 years, a native of Carleton, NB. [14 Jan 1885].

Woodman, William, died at Clementsport, 3rd inst., age 25 years. [14 Jan 1885].

Wright, Mary M., relict of late William Wright, died at Clements, (Power Lot), 24 Dec. age 75 years. [7 Jan 1855].

Wright, William see Wright, Mary M.