The Outlook - Vital Staistics 1903

The Outlook, Middleton, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia
1903 Published on Friday

Compiled and indexed by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.(C), copyright 2002. Compiled from mfm#1104/1105 from NSARM, Halifax, NS. Posted by Phillip Vogler for your personal use. Please refer to original copy for your use - available from NSARM, Halifax, NS. There will be a fee. If there are errors please inform us so corrections can be made.

There will be no Outlook abbreviation as in 1901 and 1902 when it was mixed with the Register, Berwick ; this data is from The Outlook, Middleton, Annapolis Co., NS, only. Some other abbreviations are used, like: s/o = son of; d/o daughter of; wid/o = widow of ; m = married and the months may be abbreviated. Births will be in the name of the family surname and father’s name i.e. Smith, John, born to at .... 1903. This saves considerable time and space vs Mr. and Mrs. John Smith; obit = obituary. *17 April 1903 no bmd.* At the end of last page some information which doesn’t really belong in the ‘list’ but may be valuable to someone.

Akerley, Havelock Lee see Saunders, Bertha Odessa.

Aldred, Augusta May, Harmony, NS, married at Kingston, 22 Sept 1903, to Simon Benjamin Hagen, Roxboro, Mass. [2 Oct 1903].

Anderson, Dr. F. S., born to at Bridgetown, 2 Jan 1903, a daughter. [9 Jan 1903].

Archibald, B. A. see Bishop, L. Estelle.

Armstrong, Abigail w/o Benjamin Daniels, Paradise, died at Lynn, Mass., 10 Aug 1903, 71 years. [4 Sept 1903 obituary].

Armstrong, Charles E. see Armstrong, Mrs. Mary O.

Armstrong, Capt. George, died at Summerville, Hants Co., NS, 26 Mar 1903. [10 April 1903].

Armstrong, Mrs. Mary O., died at Wolfville, 4 Jan 1903, wid/o late Charles E. Armstrong, Middleton, 87? years. [ 16 Jan 1903].

Astbury, Fannie, a native of Staffordshire, England, w/o Rev. J. Astbury, died at Mahone Bay, NS, 22 June 1903. [26 June 1903 obituary].

Astbury, Rev. J. see Astbury, Fannie.

Baker, Isaac, died at Wilmot, 1 Sept 1903, 72 years. [9 Oct 1903 obituary].

Baker, Lesson, born to at Lower Middleton, 7 Apr 1903, a daughter. [10 Apr 1903].

Balcom, Rueben, died at Lawrencetown, 14th inst., 95 years. [28 Aug 1903 obituary].

Balcom, Warren D., died at Lawrencetown, 28 Dec 1902, 69 years.[OM 2 Jan 1903 see OM 9 Jan 1903 as well].

Banks, Rev. A., formerly of Cheyenne, later Sacremento, California, born Torbrook, NS, died . [Wheatland, CA. World- Outlook, 30 Oct 1903 obituary].

Banks, Alex see Demont, Ann M.

Banks, Alonzo see Banks, Ethel M.

Banks, Ansley, married at Kingston, 1 May 1903, to Alice Gorman, both of Greenwood. [15 May 1903].

Banks, Dea. E. C., died at Waterville, 24 Dec 1903, [1 Jan 1904].

Banks, Ethel M. w/o Alonzo Banks, died at Kingston, 29 Dec 1902, 24 years.[OM 2 Jan 1903 obituary].

Banks, Joseph see Demont, Ann M.

Barteaux, Harriet, see Charlton, George W.

Barteaux, Jennie see Ross, George.

Barteaux, Mrs. John H. see Charlton, George W.

Barteaux, Judson A., Nictaux, married at Lawrencetown, 11 Feb 1903, to Minetta L.[?] FitzRandolph d/o Burpee FitzRandolph, Lawrencetown. [13 Feb 1903, Fri., write up].

Bauckman, Abner M., died at Bridgetown, 13 July 1903, 61 years.[31 July 1903].

Beals, Maurad [?] H., married at Middleton, 21 Jan 1903 to Jessie Robinson, Nictaux. [23 Jan 1903].

Beals, Samuel E., Inglisville, married at Lawrencetown, 8 Jan 1903, to Mrs. Maria E. Vicery, Halifax. [ 9 Jan 1903].

Beeler, H. O., died at Clementsvale, 23 July 1903. [31 July 1903].

Bennett, Ada Charlotte, Somerville, Mass., married at Torbrook, 6 Oct 1903 to Vinton Pearly Smith, North Kingston, NS. [9 Oct 1903 write up + notice].

Bent, Samuel, died at Phinney’s Cove, 17 Jan 1903, 23 years. [23 Jan 1903].

Berringer, Beatrice, married at Lunenburg, NS, 8 Jan 1903, to Capt. Archibald Geldart, both of Lunenburg. [23 Jan 1903].

Best, Charles G. see Neily, Mrs. Carleton.

Best, Israel A, died at Lincoln, Mass., 20 April 1903, abt 50 years, both he and wife formerly of Berwick; she d/o late G. W. Coldwell. [8 May 1903 obituary].

Betts, Jennie, married at Wolfville, 17 Feb 1903, to H. G. Newcombe. [20 Feb 1903 Fri].

Bishop, Charles W., Lakeville, NS, died at Missonia, Montana, 48 years 6 months. [30 January 1903 no d. d. recorded].

Bishop, James see DeWolfe, John Whitman.

Bishop, Lola M., Wolfville, married at Wolfville, 16 Sept 1903, to J. F. Ryan, Truro. [25 Sept 1903].

Bishop, L. Estelle, married at Canning, 17 Nov 1903, to B. A. Archibald, Halifax. [27 Nov 1903].

Bishop, Nettie Maud see DeWolfe, John Whitman.

Bishop, Mrs. Reginald, died at Round Hill, 17 Mar 1903. [20 Mar 1903].

Blair, May see Saunders, Charles O.

Boland, Mrs. Died at Bridgetown, 17 Apr 1903. [24 Apr 1903].

Borgald, Nathan, died at Chester Basin, 10 Apr 1903, 81 years. [24 Apr 1903].

Bowlby, Mrs. Joshua, died at Tremont, 14 July 1903, 77 years. [31 July 1903 obit + notice].

Brechin, Minnie Maud, d/o P. M. Brechin, Canard, married at Upper Canard, 28 Oct 1903, to Charley Gordon Foster, Berwick. [6 Nov 1903 write up].

Brechin, P. M. see Brechin, Minnie Maud.

Brignell, James, see Brignell, Welsford.

Brignell, Welsford, s/o James Brignell, Halifax, married at New Minas, Wed, to Edith May Witter, d/o H. B. Witter, New Minas. [13 Nov 1903].

Brown, A. S., born to at Torbrook, 30 Sept 1903, a daughter. [16 Oct 1903].

Brown, Benjamin, born to at Hortonville, 22 Jan 1903, a daughter. [20 Jan 1903].

Brown, Gordon R., inf/s/o Lawrence & Phoebe Brown, died at Wolfville, 21 Dec 1902, 2 years 6 months 23 days. [ 16 Jan 1903].

Brown, John see Vidito, Nelson.

Brown, Lawrence see Brown, Gordon R.

Brown, Phoebe see Brown, Gordon R.

Bruce, Harry, born to at West Brooklyn, 10 Oct 1903, a daughter. [16 Oct 1903].

Buckminster, George C. see LeCain, Charlotte E.

Burbidge, C. F., born to at Lower Middleton, 15 Mar 1903, a daughter. [20 Mar 1903].

Burgess, David see Burgess, Hannah Edith.

Burgess, Mildred Pearl d/o David Burgess, married at Upper Canard to Rev. James Ramsey. [16 Oct 1903 write up ; no date].

Burgoyne, Gilbert see Burgoyne, s/o

Burgoyne, s/o Gilbert Burgoyne, Dalhousie, died 15 Dec 1903, 2 years 9 months. [25 December 1903].

Campbell, William, died at Aylesford, 2 July 1903, 71 years.[10 July 1903 obituary].

Carey, Raymond, married at Margaretville, 14 Jan 1903, to Flora Downie, both of Margaretville. [16 Jan 1903 see also 23 Jan 1903].

Carty, Miss see Winchester, Thomas.

Charlton, Charles M., Waterville, born to at Bridgetown, 14 Jan 1903, a son. [30 Jan 1903].

Charlton, Mrs. Eliza see Charlton, George W.

Charlton, George W., died at Williamston, Mon last, b. Arlington, Anna. Co., 79 years s/o Henry Charlton ; m1. Eliza Robinson d/o Thomas Robinson [10 chnn]; m2. Harriet wid/o John H. Barteaux, Nictaux. [25 Sept 1903 obituary].

Charlton, Henry see Charlton, George W.

Chesley, William Alvin see Lee, Mabel Hope.

Chipman, Elizabeth d/o Hanley Chipman, Upper Canard, died at Wolfville, 1 Nov 1903, 81 years. [13 Nov 1903].

Chipman, Hanley see Chipman, Elizabeth.

Churchill, Mrs. Harry see Perry, Rev. H. N.

Clerke, James, died at Clarence, 3 Nov 1903, 84 years, formerly of St. John. [6 Nov 1903].

Cleveland, Joseph, born to at Margaretville, 29 Dec 1902, a son. [ 2 Jan 1903].

Cochrane, William, born to at Prince Albert St.[ as written], 21 Jan 1903, a daughter. [23 Jan 1903 see 30th Jan as well].

Coffin, Rev. J. S. see Coffin, Mary Parker.

Coffin, Mary Parker, d/o Rev. J. S. Coffin, at Annapolis Royal, 9th inst., to Aubrey H. Sperry s/o John D. Sperry, Petite Riviere.[18 Sept 1903].

Cogswell, Edison W. see Nichols, Naomi E.

Coldwell, G. W. see Best, Israel A.

Congdon, K. W. see Lawrence, Miss K. C.

Conlon, Malachi see Conlon, Warren.

Conlon, Warren, s/o Malachi Conlon, died at Wilmot, 23 rd inst., 71 years. [31 July 1903 obituary ].

Cook, Ainsley, died at Harborville, Sun, m1.___?; m2. A McNeilly. [27 Nov 1903 see Berwick column ; obituary].

Corkum, Minnie, married at Middleton, 14 Jan 1903, to Arthur Sproule, both of Nictaux. [23 Jan 1903].

Cox, Edward see Cox, Capt. James Fred.

Cox, Capt. James Fred, s/o Edward & Mary Cox, died at Avonport, 29 Oct 1903, 66 years b. Canning, m. Sarah A. Whitney, 1857, d/o Sylvanus Whitney, Hall’s Harbour; one daughter Mrs. Edmond, Lynn, Mass; one son Louis, NY. [4 Dec 1903 Fri. obituary].

Cox, Mary see Cox, Capt. James Fred

Creamer, Lawrence, died at Greenwood, 23 Sept 1903, 84 years.[2 Oct 1903].

Crocker, Elwood, born to at __,27 Sept 1903, a son. [16 Oct 1903].

Crocker, Marv see Sprowl, Sr., William.

Croft, R. M., married at Chester Basin, Wed, to Minnie Rafuse d/o Leander Rafuse, Chester Basin. [6 Nov 1903 write up].

Crosgrove, Francis A. see Martin, Priscilla.

Crosscup, Elizabeth, w/o William Crosscup, died at Berwick, Tues, 79 years, d/o Elisha Cutten b. Onslow: m1. Beniah Morse ; m2. Dea. Wheelock ; m3. William Crosscup, Granville. [13 Nov 1903 see Berwick Col. for obituary].

Crosscup, William see Crosscup, Elizabeth.

Crouse, William, born to at Torbrook Mines, 12 Mar 1903, a daughter.[13 Mar 1903].

Cutten, Elisha see Crosscup, Elizabeth.

Daniels, Beatrice, d/o Zephania Daniels, Melvern Square, married at Waterville, 26 Oct 1903 to T. H. Loomer, Grafton. [6 Nov 1903].

Daniels, Benjamin see Armstrong, Abigail.

Daniels, Zephania see Daniels, Beatrice.

Davidson, Silas H., Gaspereau, died Sat. last, on 79th birthday.[8 May 1903 obituary].

Davis, Augusta, d/o George S. Davis, died at Bridgetown, 1 May 1903.[15 May 1903 there is a torn page here with at least 3 more names but cannot read].

Davis, George S. see Davis, Augusta].

Davison, A. F., born to at Bridgewater, 20 Jan 1903, a son. [23 Jan 1903].

Davison, Jehial, died at Greenfield, Kings Co., NS, 15 Nov 1903, 72 years. [20 Nov 1903 obituary].

Delancey, Oliver see Gibson, Elinor.

Demmons, Ethel Louise, married at Kingston, 7 Oct 1903, to St. Clair Hatt, South Tremont. [9 Oct 1903].

Demont, Ann M., d/o John D. Demont, Hartsville, married at Hartsville, NS, Thurs, to Joseph Banks, s/o Alex Banks. [23 Oct 1903 write up].

Demont, John D. see Demont, Ann M.

Dennison, F. C., married at Kentville, 23 Dec 1903, to Miss G. A. Strong, Kentville. [1 Jan 1903 write up].

Deviney, Eva see Savage, Fitch.

DeWolfe, John Whitman, Dartmouth, married at Canaan, 6 Jan 1903, to Nettie Maud Bishop d/o James Bishop, Canaan, NS. [OM 16 Jan 1903 23 Jan 1903 as well].

Dodge, Alfred see Dodge, Ellen.

Dodge, Mrs. Charlotte, relict/o late James P. Dodge, died at Hantsport, 15th inst., 81 years. [24 July 1903 obituary - torn at bottom].

Dodge, Ellen, d/o Alfred Dodge, Brooklyn, Annapolis Co., NS, w/o Arthur Trethway, died at Rosindale, Mass., 19 July 1903, 47 years. [24 July 1903 obituary].

Dodge, Mrs. H. O. see Perry, Rev. H. N.

Dodge, James P. see Dodge, Mrs. Charlotte.

Dodge, Mrs. J. Parker, died at Hantsport, 15 July 1903, 50 years.[17 July 1903].

Dodge, Loring Alton, died at Bear River, 1 Sept 1903, b. Middleton. [4 Sept 1903 obituary].

Dodge, Mrs. Mary C. see Saunders, Reginald.

Dodge, Mildred Pearl, married at Windsor, 8 Oct 1903, to Hedley W. Richardson. [16 Oct 1903 write up].

Dodge, Ruthann see Saunders, Reginald

Downie, Albert see Downie, Elvira.

Downie, Elvira, died at East Margaretville, w/o Albert Downie d/o Stephen & Irene Parker, 12 Nov 1903, b. Nictaux, 58 years ago.[27 Nov 1903 obituary].

Downie, Flora see Carey, Raymond.

Dunn, Anna A., Digby, married at Bridgetown, 24 Feb 1903, to Frederick E. Sellars, Middleton. [27 Feb 1903 and see 6 Mar 1903, OM p.2].

Earlee, Robert, Jr., born to at Margaretville, 15 Aug 1903, a son. [28 Aug 1903].

Eaton, Otis, died at Centreville, 24 Sept 1903, 86 years. [2 Oct 1903].

Eisenhauer, Morton see Vaughn, Lydia A.

Elliott, Joseph see Elliott, Mrs. Joseph.

Elliott, Mrs. Joseph, relict/o Joseph Elliott, died at Clarence, 23? Dec 1903, age 94 years. 1 Jan 1904].

Elliott, Ritchie see Smith, Edith.

Fairn, Clifford W., married at Aylesford, Wed., to Mabel Patterson d/o A. K. Patterson, Aylesford. [28 Aug 1903 write up].

Fales, Daniel, died East Margaretville, 21 Feb 1903, 77 years. [27 Feb 1903 Fri.].

Fitch, Ellen see Morse, Dr. Leander R.

Fitch, H. E., see Morse, Dr. Leander R.

FitzRandolph, Burpee see Barteaux, Judson A.

FitzRandolph, Minetta L.[?] see Barteaux, Judson A.

Fleet, Miss Rebecca, died at Alms House, 10th inst. [23 Jan 1903].

Foster, Mrs. Annie A. see Foster, Gertrude A. [see also Foster, Mabel].

Foster, Charley Gordon see Brechin, Minnie Maud.

Foster, Gertrude A., d/o Mrs. Annie A. Foster, married Wed., to Walter S. Gerrish.[Lynn Evening Item - Outlook, 5 Aug 1903 Fri. write up].

Foster, Mabel, d/o Mrs. Annie A. Foster, married at Lynn, Mass., Wed., to Cuarles Harmoo, bride and sister Gertrude A. Foster from Port George, NS, double ring.[5 Aug 1903].

Foster, William E., born to at North Kingston, 12 April, a son. [8 May 1903].

Freeman, Ernest S., born to at Springfield, 15 July 1903, a son. [24 July 1903].

Freeman, G. F., born to at Middleton, 24 Oct 1903, a daughter.[30 Oct 1903].

Gaul, Annie see Gaul, Dorothy.

Gaul, Constantine see Gaul, Dorothy.

Gaul, Dorothy, d/o Constantine & Annie Gaul, died at Dalhousie, 23 May 1903, "4 and 4 months". [29 May 1903 in quotes as worded ].

Gaul, Hattie, d/o Lawrence & Lucinda Gaul, died at Dalhousie, 25 May 1903, 12 years. [29 May 1903].

Gaul, Lawrence see Gaul, Hattie.

Gaul, Lucinda see Gaul, Hattie.

Gates, E.[F?]C., born to at Kingston, 8 June 1903, a son. [12 June 1903].

Gates, Dr. E. W., born to at Middleton, 6 April 1903, a daughter. [10 April 1903].

Geldart, Capt. Archibald see Berringer, Beatrice.

Gerrish, Walter S. see Foster, Gertrude A.

Gesner, Carrie B., Belleisle, married at Belleisle, 4 Mar 1903, to George C. Osinger, Granville Centre. [ 13 March 1903].

Gibson, Elinor, married at Dalhousie West, 1 Oct 1903 to Oliver Delancey, Williamston. [2 October 1903 see Oct 9 for write up].

Gillis, Caleb, born to at Paradise Lane, 21 Apr 1903, a daughter. [24 Apr 1903].

Giroux, contractor (believe his occupation), born to (no place recorded) 6 May 1903, a son. [15 May 1903].

Godfrey, John B., died at Wolfville, 14 Apr 1903, 90 years. [24 Apr 1903].

Gordon, A. F., Spa Springs, married at Wilmot, 31 Dec 1902, to Annie d/o V. I. Parker, Wilmot. [OM 2 Jan 1903].

Gordon, A. F. born to at Spa Springs, 4 Dec 1903, a son. [11 Dec 1903].

Gorman, Alice see Banks, Ansley.

Graves, Ellsworth, married at Morden, 26? Aug 1903, Wed., to Jessie Evangeline Kirkpatrick. [4 Sept 1903 write up].

Grimm, Clayton S., Springfield, Anna. Co., married at Yarmouth, 29 May 1903, to Sadie Vivienne Laskie, Yarmouth. [5 June 1903].

Hagen, Simon Benjamin see Aldred, Augusta May.

Hall, E. C. see Hall, Goldie.

Hall, Goldie, d/o E. C. Hall, died at Bridgetown, 7 June 1903, 17 years. [12 June 1903].

Hall, Mrs. Sarah A. see Neily, Joseph.

Hall, Rev. W. E., died at Halifax, Fri. last, 65 years, native of Kingston, NS. [6 Feb 1903 Fri., obituary p.3].

Hallimore, Della A. see Morris, Capt. Arthur G.

Hannan, Stephen, died at Dalhousie West, 30 Oct 1903, 77 years.[6 Nov 1903].

Harmoo, Cuarles see Foster, Mabel.

Hatchard, John A. see Lockhart, Jessie T.

Hatt, St. Clair see Demmons, Ethel Louise.

Hawkins, Obediah, died at Melvern Square, 30 July 1903, 63 years. [14 Aug 1903].

Henry, George see Webler, Myrtle E.

Hills, Rachel C. D., died at Halifax, 16 Jan 1903, 87 years. [23 Jan 1903].

Hiltz, Palmer, Martin’s Point, married at Mahone Bay, 18 Apr 1903, to Ess Ettle Strum d/o Joseph Strum, Martin’s River. [24 Apr 1903].

Hogg, N. H., born to at Lawrencetown, 16 Nov 1903, a son. [20 Nov 1903].

Holland, Jennie W. see Taylor, Dr. David T.

Howe, Joseph, died at Middleton, 6 April 1903, s/o Sydenham & Fanny W. Howe, age 26 years; grandson of Hon. Joseph Howe. [10 April 1903].

Howe, Fanny W., see Howe, Joseph.

Howe, Sydenham, see Howe, Joseph.

Hudson, Wesley, died at Parker’s Cove, 5 Sept 1903, 65 years. [25 Sept 1903].

Huey, Melissa N. see Wilkie, John B.

Huey, Nathaniel see Wilkie, John B.

Hughes, L. Vanessa, d/o William Hughes, North Kingston, married at Auburn, 4 Mar 1903, to Murray A. Power, Kingston Sta. [13 Mar 1903].

Hughes, William see Hughes, L. Vanessa.

Hutchison, James see Hutchison, Salome L.

Hutchison, Salome L. w/o James Hutchison, died at Millville, 18 Aug 1903. [4 Sept 1903 obituary].

Illsley, C. Preston, died at Berwick, Wed., 80 years. [26 June 1903 Fri. further family information obituary].

Illsley, John R. see Illsley, Rebecca.

Illsley, Rebecca, wid/o John R. Illsley, died at Vernon Mines, Kings Co., NS, 19 Jan 1903, age 89 years, 9 months, 18 days. [30 Jan 1903].

Jones, Ada F., Amherst, married at Wolfville, 15 Oct 1903, to B. J. Lawson. [23 Oct 1903].

Kelly, J. S. see Nixon, Jessie Ina.

Kinney, Anna Crosee, d/o H. B. Kinney, married at Somerset, Sat., to Dr. W.R. Morse, Ohio, Yarmouth. [19 June 1903, Friday, write up].

Kinney, H. B. see Kinney, Anna Crosse.

Kirkpatrick, Jessie Evangeline see Graves, Ellworth.

Laskie, Sadie Vivinne, see Grimm, Clayton S.

Late, David, born to at Lawrencetown, 23 Nov 1903, a son. [4 Dec 1903].

Lawrence, Miss K. C., married at Grafton, 3 Sept 1903 to K. W. Congdon.[2 Oct 1903].

Lawson, B. J. see Jones, Ada F.

Layton, Mrs. T. B. died at Middleton?, Sunday, 56 years m. 28 Oct 1867 Rev. T. B. Layton. [10 July 1903 obituary - torn page].

LeCain, Andrew see LeCain, Charlotte.

LeCain, Charlotte, d.o Andrew LeCain, Round Hill, NS, married at Boston, Mass., 8 Aug 1903 to George C. Buckminster. [25 Sept 1903].

Lee, Mrs. Eulalia A. see Lee, Mabel Hope.

Lee, Mabel Hope, married at Aylesford, 16 Sept 1903, d/o Mrs. Eulalia A. Lee, to William Alvin Chesley, Bridgetown. [25 Sept 1903 write up].

Lee, Mabel H., Aylesford, married at Aylesford, 16 Sept 1903, to W. A. Chute, Bridgetown. [25 Sept 1903 Fri].

Lent, William Allen, died at Kingston, 7 Feb 1903, 63 years. [20 Feb 1903 Fri. & 6 Mar 1903- the Mar 6 1903 OM records 62 years].

Lent, Zenas, born to at Kingston, 29 Oct 1903, a son. [6 Nov 1903].

Lewis, Kate A. see Morton, Huestin S.

Lightfoot, Noviva Maud see Rogers, William H.

Little, I. D., married at Clementsvale, 16 Sept 1903 to Laura M. Millett.[25 Sept 1903].

Lockhart, Jessie T., d/o William Lockhart, Forest Home[?], Kings Co., NS, married at Kentville, 19 Aug 1903 to John A. Hatchard, Aldersville, Lun. Co., NS. [28 Aug 1903 write up].

Lockhart, William see Lockhart, Jessie T.

Lohnas, Miss see Vidito, Nelson.

Lombard, Charles, born to at Medford, NS, 24 Dec 1902, a son. [30 Jan 1903].

Longmire, John B., died at Bridgetown, 28 Oct 1903, 27 years. [6 Nov 1903].

Longmire, Capt. William R., born to at Bridgetown, 2 Mar 1903, a son. [13 Mar 1903].

Loomer, T. H. see Daniels, Beatrice.

Lowden, Joseph, died at Centreville, Kings Co., 18 Oct 1903, 83 years.[23 Oct 1903].

Lowe, Allister, born to at Dalhousie, 19 Feb 1903, a daughter. [27 Feb 1903].

Lowe, Dora see Tifert, William Isaac.

Marshall, Ida M., married at Kingston, [no date], to Owen H. Armstrong, Middleton. [3 July 1903 write up].

Marshall, James, died at South Range, Digby Co., NS, 77 years. [23 Jan 1903- no d. date].

Marshall, Jessie, Gates Mt., married 3 Mar 1903 [no date], to Pryor Rafuse.[13 Mar 1903].

Marshall, Perley, born to at Spa Springs, 7 Mar 1903, a daughter. [13 Mar 1903].

Marshall, Theo H., born to at Middleton, 6 Oct 1903, a daughter.[23 Oct 1903].

Marshall, Wheelock, born to at Bridgetown, 2 Dec 1903, a daughter. [11 Dec 1903].

Martin, Priscilla, w/o Francis A. Cosgrove, died at West Somerville, Mass., 73 years. [1 Jan 1903 obituary].

Mason, Mrs. Matilda see Morash, Capt. J. J.

McDonald, Mr., died at East River, "yesterday"; nearest kin a Mrs. Sullivan, Moncton, NB - a sister. [1 May 1903].

McGrantham, William I., Margaretville, married at Middleton, 12 Aug 1903, to Georgie B. Torrey, St. John. [14 Aug 1903].

McGregor, Allen, died at Tremont, 27 Oct 1903, 88 years. [6 Nov 1903].

McKay, Annie R. see McKay, Mabel E.

McKay, Mabel E., d/o Annie R. & Robert McKay, died at Middleton, 15 Aug 1903.[28 August 1903 obituary].

McKay, Robert see McKay, Mabel E.

McKenzie, Alexander see Parker, Melbourne R.

McKenzie, Rachel A. see Parker, Melbourne R.

McLaughlin, Letitia, married at Round Hill, 2 June 1903, to James Tupper. [12 June 1903].

McLean, Mrs. John Tuttle, formerly of Margaretville, died at Concord, N.H., 14 Jan 1903. [30 Jan 1903].

McLeod, J. T. see Robinson, Mary H.

McMahon, A. E., born to at Aylesford, 28 Oct 1903, a daughter. [6 Nov 1903].

Meek, Marshall, died at Canning, 15 July 1903, 45 years[?]. [24 July 1903].

Miles, Hannah M. d/o William Mills, died at Granville Centre, in 69th year. [15 May 1903].

Miller, Mrs. Charlotte M., died at Upper Granville, 23 Dec 1903, 73 years.[1 Jan 1903].

Miller, Mrs. Frank, died at Hanley Mt., 15th inst. [19 June 1903 obituary].

Miller, J. H., died at New Germany, 26 Feb 1903, 59 years ; b. Mt. Hanley. [6 Mar 1903 obituary].

Millett, Laura M. see Little, I. D.

Mills, Harry Leighton, formerly of Atlin, now Vancouver, married to Harriet S. Publicover, Lowell, Mas., formerly of NS. [Daily Province Vancouver, 14 Oct 1903 ; the Outlook, Middleton, 4 Dec 1903].

Mitchell, Clifford, Kentville, married 24 Dec 1902, at Kentville, to O. Blanche Redden d/o Benjamin Redden. [ 9 Jan 1903].

Moore, David, died in Boston?, funeral service Boston, .[1 May 1903 - again very faint obituary and really to difficult to read but original should be okay].

Morash, Capt. J. J., married at Hubbard’s Cove, 16 Apr 1903, to Mrs. Matilda Mason, Lunenburg. [24 April 1903].

Morse, Beniah see Crosscup, Elizabeth.

Morse, Ellen, see Morse, Dr. Leander R.

Morse, Dr. Leander R., died at Lawrencetown, 13 May 1903, age 69 years s/o David Morse, Bridgetown South, m. Ellen Fitch d/o H. E. Fitch, Clarence. [22 May 1903 obit].

Morse, Dr. G. A. see Oxner, Eva Gertrude.

Morse, David see Morse, Dr. Leander R.

Morse, Dr. W. R. see Kinney, Anna Crosse.

Morton, Holmes see Morton, Unity Helen.

Morton, Huestin S., married at New Germany, 9 Sept 1903 to Kate A. Lewis. [11 Sept 1903 write up].

Morton, Unity Helen, d/o Holmes Morton, married at Somerset, Wed, to Ernest Nichols, Welsford. [30 Oct 1903 write up].

Mosher, Flora see Thorne, Alvah.

Mosher, Mrs. William, d/o Richard Baltzer, died at Gates Mt., 14 Aug 1903, 53 years. [11 Sept 1903 -obituary see also Rafuse, Mrs. James].

Morris, Capt. Arthur G., s/o Dr. Morris, Middle Musquodobit, "to be married at Dundee", to Della A. Hallimore, Upper Cornwall, Lun. Co., NS. [4 Dec 1903].

Morris, Dr. see Morris, Capt. Arthur G.

Morris, William E., born to at Tupperville, 22 Feb 1903, a son. [27 Feb 1903].

Morse, Eugene, born to at West Paradise, 24 Feb 1903, a daughter. [27 Feb 1903].

Muir, Donald, died at Middleton, Wed, 67 years, b. LaChute, Quebec.[18 Sept 1903 obit].

Munroe, Fred, born to at Kingston, 29 May 1903, a son. [5 June 1903].

Neaves, Howard, married at Port Lorne, 18 Oct 1903, to Estelle M. Sabean.[23 Oct 1903].

Neily, Alva, Wilmot, married at Melvern Square, to Selma Dhaline [?], Lynn, Mass. No date. [25 Sept 1903].

Neily, Mrs. Carleton, d/o Charles G. Best, of Springfield, Annapolis Co., died at Kingston, 11th inst., 56 years. [14 August 1903 obituary - family listed].

Neily, Joseph, North Kingston, married at Digby, 26 Sept 1903 to Mrs. Sarah A. Hall, Middleton. [2 Oct 1903].

Newcombe, H. G. see Betts, Jennie.

Nichols, A., born to at Kentville, 21 May 1903, a son. [29 May 1903].

Nichols, Alexander see Nichols, Hannah.

Nichols, Ernest see Morton, Unity Helen.

Nichols, Hannah, died at Frankfort, Maine, 8 Feb 1903,wid/o Alexander Nichols, Aylesford, 75 years. [27 Feb 1903].

Nichols, Lindley see Nichols, Naomi E.

Nichols, Naomi E., d/o Lindley Nichols, married at Nicholsville, 16 Dec 1903, to Edison W. Cogswell, Morristown. [25 Dec 1903 write up].

Nichols, Sylvester, died at Aylesford, 3 Apr 1903, in 62nd year. [24 Apr 1903].

Nixon, Jessie Ina, d/o [S.?]. I. Nixon, married at Margaretville, ‘yesterday’, to A. S. Kelly, Halifax. [19 June 1902].

Nixon, [S.?]. I. See Nixon, Jessie Ina.

O’Brien, James, died at Wolfville, 7 Jan 1903, 58 years. [23 Jan 1903].

Osinger, George C. see Gesner, Carrie B.

Otterson, Martin A. see Phinney, Ida May.

Oxner, Eva Gertrude, married at Chester Basin, 14 June 1903, to Dr. G. A. Morse, Chester. [26 June 1903].

Palmer, Harry D., s/o Isaiah Palmer, Melvern Square, died at Los Angeles, California, 27 Feb 1903, 31 years. [6 Mar 1903].

Palmer, Isaiah see Palmer, Harry D.

Parker, Annie see Gordon, A. F.

Parker, Elvira see Downie, Elvira.

Parker, Harry, born to at ____, 5 Oct 1903, a son. [16 Oct 1903].

Parker, Mrs. Henry, died at Nictaux South, 11 March 1903. [13 March 1903].

Parker, Irene see Downie, Elvira.

Parker, Love Marchant, died at Middleton, Sat last, m. Obediah M. Taylor ;b.1832. [1 May 1903 obituary but very faint].

Parker, Melbourne R., Brooklyn, no date, married at Berwick to Rachel A. McKenzie d/o Alexander McKenzie, Windermere, Kings Co., [23 Oct 1903].

Parker, Stephen see Downie, Elvira.

Parker, V. I. Se Gordon, A. F.

Patterson, A. K. see Fairn, Clifford W.

Parks, Capt. Arthur, died Port George, Tuesday, arr. home previous Thurs from St. John, master of schooner, Hattie, age 31 years. [ 3 April 1903 obituary].

Patterson, Arthur, born to at Petersham, Mass., formerly of Greenwood, 17 Dec 1902, a son. [OM 2 Jan 1903].

Patterson, Mabel, see Fairn, Clifford W.

Patterson, S. A., born to at Wilmot, 7 June 1903, a son. [12 June 1903].

Patterson, W. D., born to at Hortonville, 11 Jan 1903, a son. [23 Jan 1903].

Patterson, Wildey[?] E., Roxbury, "married last evening", to Lena S. Smith, "of this city", [Boston paper 17 June 1903 - BR 26 June 1903 write up].

Pelton, M. P., born to at Berwick, 17 Feb 1903, a son. [27 Feb 1903].

Peoples, Mrs. Eliza, died at Nictaux, 2 Jan 1903, 88 years. [16 Jan 1903].

Perry, Rev. H., died at Gaspereau, Monday, m1. Mrs. Harry Churchill, Ohio, Yarmouth Co., NS; m2. Mrs. H. O. Dodge, Sydney. [20 Nov 1903 see also 27 Nov Burial of..].

Phinney, Agnes, inf/d/o R. I. Phinney, died at Middleton, 29 Oct 1903. [13 Nov 1903].

Phinney, Albert see Phinney, Ida May.

Phinney, J. I. see Phinney, Effie May.

Phinney, Effie May d/o J. I. Phinney, married at Spa Springs, Wed., to Aubrey Smith, Falmouth. [19 June 1903 write up].

Phinney, Ida May d/o Albert Phinney, married at Lawrencetown, [no date], to Martin A. Otterson. [19 June 1903 write up].

Phinney, R. I., born to at Middleton, 19 Oct 1902, a daughter.[23 Oct 1903].

Phinney, R. I. See Phinney, Agnes.

Pierce, Kenneth, born to at North Williamston, 29 Sept 1903, a daughter. [16 Oct 1903].

Piggott, C. L., born to at Bridgetown, 20 Apr 1903, a daughter. [24 Apr 1903].

Power, Murray A. see Hughes, L. Vanessa.

Prince, Jonathan Benjamin, died at Lawrencetown, 79 years. [13 Feb 1903 Fri.].

Publicover, Harriet S. see Mills, Harry Leighton.

Rafuse, Mrs. James, Gates Mt., died at Gates Mt., 28 Aug 1903, 55 years. [11 Sept 1903 obituary - a sister of Mrs. Wm. Mosher].

Rafuse, Leander see Croft, R. M.

Rafuse, Minnie see Croft, R. M.

Rafuse, Pryor see Marshall, Jessie.

Ramsay, Amon, born to at Clarence, 11 Sept 1903, a son. [18 Sept 1903].

Ramsey, Rev. James see Burgess, Hannah Edith.

Reagh, J. E., Prince Albert, died at Gates Mt., 3 Sept 1903, 65 years. [11 Sept 1903 obit].

Reagh, Lela B., married at Middleton, Tues., to Dr. Arthur Shaw, Kentville, s/o L. M. Shaw. [5 June 1903 write up].

Redden, Benjamin see Mitchell, Clifford.

Redden, O. Blanche see Mitchell, Clifford.

Reed, Harriet S., wid/o John Bath Reed, died at Bridgetown, 3 Oct 1903, 65 years. [9 Oct 1903].

Reed, John Bath see Reed, Harriet S.

Reeves, Charles, died at Bridgewater, Fri last, 72 years. [11 Sept 1903 obituary].

Reid, Louisa V., w/o Dr. J. J. Reid, New York, died at South Grange, NJ, 9 July 1903. [17 July 1903].

Reid, Dr. J. J. see Reid, Louisa V.

Rhyno, Bertha, Chester, Lun. Co., NS, married at Middleton, 22 Aug 1903, to James Wears, Bear River. [28 Aug 1903].

Richardson, Hedley W. see Dodge, Mildred Pearl.

Robblee, Annie, married at Lower Granville, 23 Dec 1902, to Archibald F. Troop, of Belleisle. [ 9 Jan 1903].

Robinson, Eliza see Charlton, George W.

Robinson, Jessie see Beals, Maurad[?] H.

Robinson, Mary H., married at Lunenburg, NS, 4 Nov 1903, to J. T. McLeod, Brooklyn, NY. [13 Nov 1903].

Robinson, Thomas see Charlton, George W.

Rogers, William H., married at Kentville, 1 Jan 1903, to Noviva Maud Lightfoot, both of Kentville. [ 16 Jan 1903].

Ross, George, Brockton, Mass., married at Middleton, 30 Dec 1902, to Jennie Barteaux, Brockton, Mass., formerly, Torbrook. [ 2 Jan 1903].

Roy, John, died at Forest Glen, Tues. [13 Feb 1903, Fri].

Ryan, J. F. see Bishop, Lola M.

Sabean, Estelle M. see Neaves, Howard.

Saunders, Alice May, d/o Edson Saunders, married at Tremont, Wed., to George O. Woodbury, s/o J. E. Woodbury. [12 June 1903 write up].

Saunders, A. P. see Saunders, Bertha Odessa.

Saunders, Bertha Odessa, d/o A. P. Saunders, married at Harmony, 7 Oct 1903, to Havelock Lee Akerley, Port Greville, NS. [9 Oct 1903 write up + notice].

Saunders, Charles O., Clarence, married at Bridgetown, 24 Dec 1902, to May Blair, Granville Ferry. [ 9 Jan 1903].

Saunders, Edson see Saunders, Alice May.

Saunders, Ralph E., born to at Kendall Green, Mass., 15 Feb 1903, a daughter. [6 Mar 1903].

Saunders, Reginald, married at Middleton, 21 Nov to Florence Ruthann Dodge d/o Mrs. Mary C. Dodge. [27 Nov 1903 write up].

Saunders, Welton Walter, died 12 Mar 1903, Wolfville, s/o David Saunders, 60 years; inter. Tremont Cemetery, 14 Mar 1903. [20 Mar 1903 obituary p.4].

Saunders, Wilford, born to at Harmony, 8 Jan 1903, a daughter. [ 16 Jan 1903].

Savage, Fitch, Billtown, married at Margaretville, 30 Dec 1903, to Eva Deviney, Margaretville. 1 Jan 1904 write up + notice].

Sellars, Frederick E. see Dunn, Anna A.

Shafner, Ernest S., died at Homestead, Oregon, s/o Deacon John Shafner, Lawrencetown, age 39 years; m. last Sept.; burial Homestead (Dispatch). [23 Jan 1903- see also 6 Feb 1903 of Outlook; discrepancies].

Shaffner, L. S., married at Kingston, ‘yesterday’, to Bessie Smith. [16 Oct 1903 Fri write up].

Shaw, Dr. Arthur see Reagh, Lela B.

Shaw, L. M. see Reagh, Lela B.

Shaw, Ethel M., married at Wolfville, 18 April 1903, to W. A. Vaughn.[8 May 1903].

Slocomb, Caleb, Mt. Hanley, married at Margaretville, Wed., to Maggie McCaskey, Margaretville. [8 May 1903 Fri. Write up].

Small, Charles see Wheeler, Grace.

Smith, Amelia see Smith, Garfield.

Smith, Aubrey see Phinney, Effie May.

Smith, Bessie see Shaffner, L. S.

Smith, Edith, d/o Capt. Stephen Smith, married at Lockhartville, ‘yesterday’, to Ritchie Elliott, Lawrencetown. [5 June 1903 write up].

Smith, Lena S. see Patterson, Wildey[?] E.

Smith, Vinton Pearly see Bennett, Ada Charlotte.

Smith, Capt. Stephen see Smith, Edith.

Smith, Ezra see Smith, Garfield.

Smith, Garfield, s/o Ezra & Amelia Smith died at Bayside, Annapolis Co., NS, 22 years. [9 Jan 1903].

Sperry, Aubrey H. see Coffin, Mary Parker.

Sperry, John D. see Coffin, Mary Parker.

Spiddle, George F., died at Bridgewater, 15 Jan 1903, 67 years 8 months. [30 Jan 1903].

Sproule, Arthur see Corkum, Minnie.

Sprowl, Sr., William , Falkland Ridge, married at Kingston, 20 May 1903, to Marv Crocker, Meadowvale. [29 May 1903].

Stevenson, Oscar, born to at Brooklyn, 22 Jan 1903, a daughter. [27 Feb 1903].

Strong, Miss G. A. see Dennison, F. C.

Strum, Ess Ettle see Hiltz, Palmer.

Strum, Joseph see Hiltz, Palmer.

Taylor, Dr. David T., Philadelphia, married at Boston, Mass., 20 Aug 1903 to Jennie W. Holland. [ 28 Aug 1903].

Taylor, Obediah M., see Parker, Love Marchant.

Tupper, James see McLaughlin, Letitia.

Turner, William H., died at Bridgetown, 19 July 1903. [31 July 1903].

Thorne, Alvah, Prince Albert{Anna. Co.?], married 21 May 1903, no pl. recorded, to Flora Mosher, Gates Mt. [29 May 1903].

Tifert, William Isaac, married at New Germany, Lun. Co., NS, 15 Apr 1903, to Dora Lowe. [24 April 1903].

Tingley, Rev. E.[?] J., born to at Wilmot, 26 Oct 1903, a son. [30 Oct 1903].

Torrey, George, died at Waterville, 20 Dec 1902, formerly of Kentville, 80 years. [9 Jan 1903].

Torrey, Georgie B. see McGrantham, William I.

Trethway, Arthur see Dodge, Ellen.

Trethway, Ellen see Dodge, Ellen.

Troop, Abner, born to at Bellisle, 2 May 1903, a son. [15 May 1903].

Troop, Archibald F. see Robblee, Annie.

Troop, W. I., born to at Bridgetown, 30 Apr 1903, a daughter. [15 May 1903].

Vaughn, Lydia A., married at Canaan, Kings Co., NS 1 Jan 1903, to Morton Eisenhauer. [9 Jan 1903].

Vaughn, W. A. see Shaw, Ethel M.

Vidito, Alfred see Vidito, Susan M.

Vidito, Nelson, died at Bloomington, Annapolis Co., NS, 30 Dec 1902, 80 years, m1. a d/o of John Brown, Port George; m2. Miss Lohnas, Lun. Co., NS.[6 Feb 1903 obituary p.3].

Vidito, Susan M., w/o Alfred Vidito, died at Bridgetown, 28 May 1903, d/o Edw. T. Young, Brooklyn, Annapolis Co., NS.[5 June 1903].

Vroom, Henry, died at Spa Springs, Sat., 50 years. [6 Feb 1903, Fri., obituary].

Ward, Hardy, born to at Tremont, 18 Mar 1903, a son. [5 June 1903].

Warne, W. J., died at Hill Grove, Digby Co., NS, 5 Jan 1903, 81 years. [ 16 Jan 1903].

Wears, James see Rhyno, Bertha.

Webler, Caleb see Webler, Myrtle E.

Webler, Myrtle E., d/o Caleb Webler, married at New Germany, 22 Oct 1903, to George Henry; reside at Glace Bay. [30 Oct 1903 write up].

Westham, Caroline, w/o Israel Westham, died at Dalhousie, 4 Apr 1903, 72 years. [24 Apr 1903].

Westhaver, Israel, died at Blockhouse, abt. 8th , 75 years. [21 Aug 1903 obituary].

Westham, Israel, see Westham, Caroline.

Weston, Mrs. Joseph, died at Wolfville, 18 Jan 1903, 70 years. [30 Jan 1903].

Wheeler, Grace, Marlboro, Mass., married at Moores, New York, 23 Sept 1903, to Charles Small, St. Louis, formerly of Greenwood. [2 Oct 1903].

Wheelock, Deacon, see Crosscup, Elizabeth.

White, Edward P., died at Grand Pre, 22 Feb 1903, 77 years.[ 27 Feb 1903].

Whitman, James Hennigar, died at Lawrencetown, Tues., 59 years, s/o Hon. M. C. Whitman. [23 Jan 1903 obituary].

Whitman, M. C. see Whitman, James Hennigar.

Whitney, Sarah A. see Cox, Capt. James Fred

Whitney, Sylvanus see Cox, Capt. James Fred.

Winchester, Thomas, died at Middleton, 28th inst., b. Smith’s Cove about 76 years; widow a Miss Carty. [27 Feb 1903 Fri. obituary p.2].

Wilkie, John B., West LaHave, married at Bridgewater, 14 Jan 1903, to Melissa N. d/o Nathaniel Huey, Mount Pleasant, Lun. Co., NS. [23 Jan 1903].

Witter, Edith May see Brignell, Welsford.

Witter, H. B. see Brignell, Welsford.

Wood, Senator A. T., died at Hamilton, 21 Jan 1903. [23 Jan 1903].

Woodbury, Austin, died at Spa Springs, 5 Dec 1903, 76 years. [11 Dec 1903].

Woodbury, George O. see Saunders, Alice May.

Woodbury, J. E. see Saunders, Alice May.

Woodbury, Winnifred L., died at Spa Springs, 23 Oct 1903, 28 years. [30 Oct 1903].

Woodward, Mrs. William, died at North Williamston, 6 Mar 1903, 71 years 10 Months. [20 Mar 1903].

Woodworth, C. M., born to at Dawson City, Yukon, 12 Dec 1902, a son. [30 Jan 1903].

Woodworth, George N. see Woodworth, Mrs. Mary.

Woodworth, Mrs. Mary, wid/o George N. Woodworth, died at Windermere, 19 Dec 1902, 84 years. [16 Jan 1903].

Wynotte, William, born to at Torbrook, 24 Feb 1903, a daughter.[27 Feb 1903].

Young, Edw. Y. see Vidito, Susan M.

Young, Susan M. see Vidito, Susan M.

Insert - not really a bmd. but provides information :

1. Picture of Shippy Spurr s/o John Spurr b. 24 Oct 1839; moved to Melvern Square age 8; adopted by Rev. Obed Parker (mother died); lived 21 years with his family; m. 1875 Elizabeth Campbell d/o John Campbell, Claremont. Full column. [Friday 1 May 1903, mfm# 1105].

2. Brief write up re the John Ray family ,Margaretville in 19 June 1903 issue.

3. Family Reunion 2 Oct 1903 Morse/Parker