The Aylesford Union

The Aylesford Union April 1897
Aylesford, Kings Co., Nova Scotia

Published monthly mfm# 8474, NSARM, Halifax, NS

April to Dec 1897 only

Extracted from microfilm by John Parker, G.R.S.(C) ; from NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia; mfm #8474; placed on the Internet by Philip Vogler; No photocopying or downloading please. For personal use only. NSARM will for a small fee copy an obituary or a marriage write up or other event. See Inserts at end of listing for those items that don=t quite fit alphabetical listing i.e. anniversaries. NSARM web site: ; NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4; E-mail:

Missing months of Jan, Feb, May and Sept. This was a monthly paper. Unusual but no vitals for August or November. Also no vitals for 1 May 1898 or 1 July 1898.

Please remember this was on a misc. reel and only a few issues of some papers have survived. Hopefully it will aid someone. Fuller coverage see the Berwick Register for 1897 and 1898. Please let us know of errors.

Anderson, Alexander A., died at Aylesford Sta., 5 April, age 74 years. [May 1897].

Anderson, David, died at Aylesford Sta., 28 April, 33 years.[May 1897].

Armstrong, Wallace, North Kingston, married 15 Dec to Hattie d/o F. A. McMahon, Sr., at Aylesford. [Dec/Jan 1897/98].

Baltzer, Aubrey F., Dempsey Corner, married 16 mar to Linda Northrup, Harborville, at Aylesford. [April 1897].

Black, Myra J. see Trotter, Rev. Ralph.

Black, Hon. T. R. Black see Trotter, Rev. Ralph.

Bowlby, Etta P, d/o Deacon Samuel Bowlby, married 29 Dec, at Aylesford, to Charles S. Horsenell, Aylesford. [Dec/Jan1897/98].

Cameron, Alma Netta see Cameron, Mrs. C. A.

Cameron, Mrs. D. A., died 22 Dec 1897 at Portland, Maine, formerly Alma Netta Parker d/o Andrew Parker. [Dec/Jan 1897]98].

Clem, Elias, died at Fairview, 31 March, 56 years. [April 1897].

Connolly, Dora B. see Selfridge, Spurgeon S.

Cole, George P., of Lunenburg, married at Aylesford, 24 April, to Agnes C. Johnson, Aylesford. [May 1897].

Coleman, Harry W., married 2nd inst, to Ellen M. Tufts, at Auburn, all of Aylesford.[Oct 1897].

Cook, Florence M. married at Aylesford 24th March, to Foster, George W., both of Harmony. [April 1897].

Dixon, Frank A., born to at Wolfville, 29 April a daughter.[May 1897].

Donnellan, Edmund, s/o Ann & John Donnellan, died at Woodlawn, 18 Mar, 27 years.[April 1897].

Downie, Burton, died at North Kingston, 28 Mar, 67 years, widow and children at East Margaretville. [ April 1897].

Eaton, Jessie Blanche see Rutledge, Rev. William J.

Eaton, Joseph, see Rutledge, Rev. William J.

Ewing, Annie died at Morristown, 23 June, age 17 years.[July 1897].

Foster, Edward C., Aylesford, married Nov. 30, to Fanny E., d/o Lot Tupper, Morristown, at Morristown. [Dec 1897].

Foster, Alice F. see Palmer, Francis E.

Foster, George W. see Cook, Florence M.

Graves, Beriah, died at Aylesford, 11 July, age 67 years.[small obit July 1897].

Grogan, Lila see Roach, Aubrey.

Hawkins, Bessie, died at North Kingston, 12 Mar, 27 years, consumption.[April 1897].

Hodges, Edith, Millville, married at Aylesford, 28 July to Richard W. Taylor, Millville.[July 1897].

Hodges, Egbert, born to 29 Mar at Millville, NS a daughter.[April 1897].

Horsenell, Charles S. see Bowlby, Etta P.

Illsley, Annie, died at Weston, 3 April, age 20, d/o Clark Illsley.[May 1897].

Johnson, Agnes C. see Cole, George P.

Kierstead, Rev. Elias, died at Collina, NB, 16th inst.[Oct 1897 see The Month col.].

Manthorn, Sophia see Neily, Wallace W.

McBride, Leverette, s/o Jane & Alfred McBride, died at Woodlawn, 1 Mar, age 22 years. [April 1897].

McMahon, Hattie (and F. A.) see Armstrong, Wallace.

Miller, Gertrude, died at North Kingston, 2 Mar, 38 years.[April 1897].

Munroe, Thomas, died at Kingston, 7 Dec, 91 years. [Dec/Jan 1897/98].

Neily, Wallace W., of North Kingston, married at Mill Village, Queens Co., 14 Oct, to Sophia Manthorn, Mill Village. [Oct 1897].

Northrup, Linda see Baltzer, Aubrey F.

Ogilvie, Charles, born to at Welton Corner, 24 Mar.[??],a son.[May 1897].

Ogilvie, William age ?, died at Ogilvie Wharf, Kings Co.24 June 1898.[1 July 1898, one issue].

Palmer, Francis E., Kingston Sta., married 5 May to Alice F. Foster, North Kingston.[May 1897].

Parker, Alma Netta see Cameron, Mrs. C. A.

Parker, Andrew see Cameron, Mrs. C. A.

Parsons, N. H., n.d., b. Kingston, 25 Nov 1868, death but some additional information. [Dec 1897].

Saunders, Martha J. see Spinney, George E. Rainforth, Mrs. Joanna, died 2 July age 79 at Aylesford. [ 1 July 1898 ]

Roach, Aubrey, married at North Kingston, 30 June to Lila Grogan, both of Kingston.[July 1897].

Ritchie, Mrs. Rebecca, died at Kingston, 30 Mar, 77 years.[April 1897].

Rutledge, Rev. William J., married 27th inst, to Jessie Blanche Eaton d/o Joseph H. Eaton, at North Kingston. [Oct 1897 write up].

Selfridge, Nancy M., d/o Isaac & Ella Selfridge, died at Weston, 1 year 11 mos, 3 March. [April 1897].

Selfridge, Spurgeon S., married to Dora B. Connolly, Jacksontown, NB, at Jacksontown, 13 Oct. on the 20th inst. [Oct 1897].

Spinney, George E., married, at Harmony, 24 Mar to Martha J. Saunders, both of Harmony. [April 1897].

Taylor, Richard W. see Hodges, Edith.

Trotter, Rev. Ralph, of Vancouver, married 20th inst, to Myra J. Black, d/o Hon. T. R. Black, Amherst. [Oct 1897 see The Month col.].

Tufts, Ellen M. see Coleman, Harry W.

Tufts, Larkin, died at Westfield, Mass., 2 April, age 22 years.[May 1897].

Tupper, Fanny E. see Foster, Edward C.

Tupper, Lot see Foster, Edward C.

Webster, James, age 36 died 30 Dec. [Dec 1897].

Watson, Sarah, w/o John Watson, died 7 Mar, age 36 years, [April 1897].