Annapolis County Newspapers

Annapolis County Newspapers from Miscellaneous Microfilm reel # 1029 at NSARM, Halifax, NS
These papers skip around considerably but are all before 1900

Compiled and indexed by John Parker B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.( C ) and posted through the good graces of Phillip Vogler for your personal use in genealogical research. Thanks to NSARM, for providing the microfilm reels. There may be corrections needed. If so let us know. This information is from a variety of newspaper issues only because of personal use in tracking information and I felt it might provide some use to someone. Please consult the original for all information.

The Free Press, [FP] Bridgetown, Annapolis Co., NS 30 April 1868; 10 September 1868; 4 March 1869; 11 March 1869; 1 April 1869. Mfm # 1029. Thursday 18 April 1867; 26 March 1868 - Mfm# is 1000

The Weekly Monitor, [WM] Bridgetown, Annapolis Co., NS: Thursday 12 June 1873 ; Wednesday 10 March 1875; Wednesday 15 November 1882; Wednesday 22 November 1882; Wednesday 29 November 1882; 26 September 1883; 28 July 1897; mfm# 1029

The Annapolis Spectator, [TAS] Annapolis Royal, Annapolis Co., NS : Friday 7 September 1883; Friday 18 July 1890 mfm#1000

Almon, Hon. M.B. see Almon, Sophia.

Almon, Sophia, died 4th inst., no place mentioned, w/o Hon. M.B. Almon, age 62 years. [FP Thursday 10 September 1868].

Anderson, Capt. W. Herbert see Clark, H. Alice.

Baird, Etta Z., married at Clementsvale, Wed. last, d/o Wm. Baird, to Herbert Beeler, Princeville. [ WM Wed. 28 July 1897 write-up].

Baird, Wm. see Baird, Etta Z.

Bath, Minetta Elizabeth, married at Bridgetown, Sunday, d/o Samuel Bath, to Wanford Dodge. [FP Thursday 18 April 1867 mfm#1000].

Bath, Samuel see Bath, Minetta Elizabeth.

Beardsley, Charles see Charlton, Hannah.

Beckwith, Charles Milledge, died at Bridgetown, Thursday last, s/o N.H. Beckwith, aged 23 years. [FP Thursday 10 September 1868 p.2].

Beckwith, N.H. see Beckwith, Charles Milledge.

Beeler, Herbert see Baird, Etta Z.

Bishop, Alice M., married at Bridgetown, 16th inst., to Edwin M. Dunn, both of Port Lorne. [WM Wednesday 22 November 1882].

Bishop, Annie Eliza, married at Bridgetown, 20 Jan. last, Robert? Hopkins, Halifax, d/o John Bishop, Centreville. [FP Thursday 1 April 1869 p.2].

Bishop, Etta May, died at Williamston, 29 Sept. 1882, inf/d/o Ingram & Mary Bishop, aged 1 year, 10 months.[ WM Wed. 29 Nov. 1882].

Bishop, Ingram & Mary, see Bishop, Etta May.

Bishop, John see Bishop, Annie Eliza.

Bogart, Capt. James K. see Robblee, Amelia.

Bohaker, Andres see Phinney, Edward H.

Bohaker, Sophia see Phinney, Edward H.

Boice, Geo. V. see Boice, Louisa.

Boice, Louisa, died at Clements West, 14th ult., w/o Geo. V. Boice, aged 67 years. [WM Wednesday 26 September 1883].

Brown, Ainsley see Brown, Nellie H.

Brown, Nellie H., married at Lynn, [MA.?], 13 August 1883, d/o Ainsley Brown to Elbridge [Eldridge?] G. Phinney, Newton, [MA.?]. [WM Wed. 26 September 1883].

Campbell, John see Spurr, Major Shippy.

Campbell, Lizzie see Spurr, Major Shippy.

Carruthers, Mary I., Kensingston, PEI, married at Bridgetown, 25th inst., to Henry W. Vinnicombe, Charlotte, PEI. [WM Wednesday 26 September 1883].

Charlton, Aaron see Charlton, Hannah.

Charlton, Hannah, d/o Aaron Charlton, married at Port Lorne, 19 Nov 1882, to Charles Beardsley, all of Port Lorne. [WM Wed 29 Nov 1882].

Chesley, Mary Ann, died at Clarence, 23? Ult., wid/o Samuel Chesley, age 63 years. [FP Thursday 4 March 1869 ].

Chesley, Samuel see Chesley, Mary Ann.

Chute, Francis, died at Hampton, 28 Sept. 1882, 23 years. [WM Wed. 29 Nov. 1882].

Chute, Martha A. see Gilliatt, James M.

Clark, Andrew see Clark, H. Alice.

Clark, H. Alice, d/o Andrew Clark, married at Hillsburn, Granville, 19th inst., to Capt. W. Herbert Anderson. [WM Wednesday 26 September 1883].

Crowell, Annie, Bridgetown, married at Bridgetown, 25th. inst., to Archibald Lower, of Dalhousie West. [WM Wednesday 29 November 1882].

Dalton, Alice A. see Elliott, Harris B.?

DeBois, Rev. Henry D., married at Lower Granville, 18 Feb 1869, to Margaret A. Winchester, d/o Christopher Winchester. [FP Thursday 11 March 1869].

Devinney, James see Devinney, Mary Jane.

Devinney, Mary Jane, died at Bridgetown, Tuesday, d/o James Devinney, age 15 years. [FP Thursday 18 April 1867 Mfm# 1000].

Dodge, Ambrose, died at Middleton, 6th inst., aged 77 years. [ WM Thurs. 12 June 1873].

Dodge, Wanford see Bath, Minetta Elizabeth.

Dunn, Edwin M. see Bishop, Alice M.

Dunn, Henry, born to at Annapolis Royal, 5 Sept 1883, a daughter.[AS Fri. 7 Sept. 1883].

Easson, Annie, d/o John Easson, married at Bridgetown, 25th. inst., to Capt. Milledge Munroe. [WM Wednesday 29 November 1882].

Easson, John see Easson, Annie.

Elliott, Harris B.?, Port Lorne, married at Annapolis, no date, to Alice A. Dalton. [WM Wednesday 29 November 1882 ].

Eldridge, John see Ellis, Charles Henry.

Eldridge, Majorie see Ellis, Charles Henry.

Ellis, Charles Henry, Lower Granville, married at Karsdale, 22 inst., to Majorie Eldridge, d/o John Eldridge, Sandy Cove, Digby Co., NS. [WM Wednesday 29 November 1882].

Ellis, Mrs. Lizzie, died at Lower Granville, d/o Benjamin Wears, 19 years. [AS Friday 18 July 1890].

Ellison, Frederick Earle, s/o R.J. Ellison, M.D., died at Hillsburg, Digby Co., 30th ult., aged 1 year and 8 months. [FP Thursday 10 September 1868].

Ellison, R.J. see Ellison, Frederick Earle.

Fitzrandolph, Annie M., Canning, d/o John M. Fitzrandolph, married at Digby, 7th inst., to A. A. Rutland, Bridgewater. [WM Wednesday 15 November 1882].

Fitzrandolph, John M. see Fitzrandolph, Annie M.

Francheville, E. H. see Schaffner, Rev. H. B.

Francheville, Eugenie Marie see Schaffner, Rev. H.B.

Gidney, Elwin, see Gidney, John Barkitt.

Gidney, John Barkitt, died at Mink Cove, Digby Neck, NS, 17th inst., age 19 years, s/o Elwin Gidney. [FP Thursday 1 April 1869].

Gilliatt, James M. Married at Granville, 17th inst., to Martha A. Chute. [ FP Thursday 26 Mar. 1867].

Grant, Christopher, married at Arlington, 20 July 1897, to Mrs. Lenora Risteem, both of Arlington. [WM Wed. 28 July 1897].

Greenwood, Robert J. see Rice, Nancy N.

Haliday, Annie M., married at Bear River, 22 ult., to James H. Snell, both of Bear River. [WM Wed 26 September 1883].

Hamilton, Helen, relict of Samuel Hamilton, died at Bridgetown, 29 August 1883, aged 73 years. [AS Friday 7 September 1883].

Hamilton, Samuel see Hamilton, Helen.

Hicks, John see Hicks, Theresa.

Hicks, Theresa, relict of John Hicks, died at Bridgetown, Sunday last, aged 64 years. [FP Thursday 16 July 1868].

Hopkins, Robert?, see Bishop, Annie Eliza.

Hoyt, James F. see LeCain, Agnes M.

Hoyt, Agnes M. see LeCain, Agnes M.

Hudson, Thomas, died at Phinney Cove, 21 March 1875, aged 75 years.[WM Wednesday 10 March 1875].

Jefferson, Jessie L., married at Saw Mill Creek, Annapolis Co., NS, 24th ult., to Jennie Ritchie. [WM Wednesday 10 March 1875].

Jennings, Joseph, died at Poplar Grove, 6 Sept. 1868, age 75 years.[FP Thurs. 10 Sept. 1868].

Jones, C.H., Weymouth, married at Bridgetown, 4 June 1873, to Sarah J. Morse d/o Wm. Morse. [ WM Thursday 12 June 1873].

Lapham, Avla? L. see Troop, Wallace O.

Larkin, Mrs. Catherine, wid/o Walter Larkin, died at Pubnico, 17th inst., aged 85 years and was born in Wilmot. [FP Thursday 30 April 1868 short obituary].

Larkin, Walter, see Larkin, Mrs. Catherine.

Larsen, Zacharis, married at Annapolis, 8th inst., to Elizabeth Orde d/o John Orde. [ WM Wednesday 22 Nov. 1882].

LeCain, Agnes M., died at Annapolis, 23rd inst., age 26 years w/o Geo. LeCain and d/o James F. Hoyt. [ FP Thursday 30 April 1868 ].

LeCain, Geo. see LeCain, Agnes M.

Lower, Archibald see Crowell, Annie.

Margeson, T.A., died at Margaretville, 18 September 1883, 55 years. [WM Wednesday 26 September 1883].

Marshall, Richard M., died at Lower Granville, 2 Apr. 1867, age 44 years, [FP 18 Apr. 1867].

McCormick, Ambrose, died at Digby, 31 August 1883. [AS Friday 7 September 1883].

McCrae, Geo. B., born to at Lower Granville, 13 July 1883, a son. [AS Fri. 18 July 1890].

McGowan, John, died at Bridgetown, 24th ult., age 21? Years. [AS Fri. 7 September 1883].

McKay, John see wid/o John McKay.

McKay, wid/o John, died at Lavat, Pictou Co., NS, Friday last, b. Galspie, Sutherlandshire, Scotland, March 1803; removed to NS in 1822 m. John McKay, 1823, who died at Earltown in 1869; from same place. [AS Friday 18 July 1890].

Mills, Robert see Mills, Robert Hall.

Mills, Robert Hall, died at Granville Ferry, 1 April 1867, s/o Robert Mills, age 20 months. [FP Thursday 18 April 1867 ].

Morse, Sarah J. see Jones, C.H.

Morse, Wm. see Jones, C.H.

Muldown, Ellen, died at Clements, 29th ult., age 28 years.[FP Thursday 10 Sept. 1868].

Munroe, James Martin, died at Annapolis, 15th inst., 19 years. [ WM Wednesday 22 November 1882 ].

Munroe, Capt. Milledge see Easson, Annie.

Nutter, Annie M. see Shafner, Lewis F.

Nutter, Darius see Shafner, Lewis F.

O’Dell, C. see O’Dell, Fannie.

O’Dell, Fannie, died at Annapolis, 13th. Inst., d/o C. O’Dell, w/o Norman Ritchie, 20 years. [WM Wednesday 22 November 1882].

Orde, Elizabeth see Larsen, Zacharis.

Orde, John see Larsen, Zarcharis.

Patterson, Arthur G. see Patterson, Georgie A.

Patterson, Georgie A., died at Aylesford House, 10 September 1883, w/o Arthur G. Patterson, age 31 years. [WM Wednesday 26 September 1883].

Phinney, Edward H., married at Lower Granville, 25th inst., to Sophia Bohaker d/o Andres Bohaker. [FP Thursday 11 March 1869].

Phinney, Elbridge [Eldridge?], G. see Brown, Nellie H.

Phinney, Isaac, died at Granville, Sunday last, aged 79 years. [FP Thurs. 18 April 1867].

Phinney, Margaret E., died at Granville, 26 June 1897, w/o Phineas D. Phinney, age 45 years. [WM Wed. 28 July 1897 ].

Phinney, Phineas D. see Phinney, Margaret D.

Rice, Nancy N., Bridgetown, married at Bridgetown, 23 inst., to Robert J. Greenwood, Bridgewater. [WM Wednesday 29 November 1882].

Risteem, Mrs. Lenora see Grant, Christopher.

Ritchie, Jennie see Jefferson, Jessie L.

Ritchie, Norman see O’Dell, Fannie.

Ritchie, Fannie see O’Dell, Fannie.

Robblee, Amelia, married at Granville, 28 March 1867, d/o John Robblee to Capt. James K. Bogart, all of Granville. [FP Thursday 18 April 1867].

Robblee, John see Robblee, Amelia.

Rutland, A.A. see Fitzrandolph, Annie M.

Schaffner, Rev. H. B., Annapolis, married at Point Pleasant, Guysboro, 16 Nov. 1882, to Eugenie Marie Francheville, d/o E.H. Francheville. [WM Wed. 22 Nov. 1882].

Shafner, Lewis F., Canning, married at St. James Church, 27 Feb. 1869, Annie M. Nutter, d/o Darius Nutter, Bridgetown. [FP Thursday 11 March 1869].

Sharp, James (and Lucy), see Sharp, Willie.

Sharp, Willie, died at New Germany, Lun. Co., NS, child of James and Lucy Sharp, 8 months. [WM Wednesday 22 November 1882].

Shaw, William F. see Walsh, Laura A.

Siemens, Alex, born to at London, G.B., 10 Nov 1882, a daughter. [WM Wednesday 15 November 1882].

Sinclaire, George Augustus, age 39 years, died at Hanibal, Missouri, 25 Oct 1868, s/o Dr.

Thomas Sinclaire. [FP Thursday 11 March 1869].

Sinclaire, Dr. Thomas see Sinclaire, George Augustus.

Snell, James H. see Haliday, Annie M.

Spurr, Major Shippy, married at Aylesford, 24 Feb 1875, to Lizzie Campbell d/o John Campbell. [WM Wed. 10 March 1875].

Snyder, John F., died at Mahone bay, 31st inst., lately of St. John, 26 years.[WM Wednesday 29 November 1882].

Sproul, Clarise, died at Clarence, 16th inst., w/o Elijah Sproul, age 27 years. [FP Thursday 30 April 1868].

Sproul, Elijah see Sproul, Clarissa.

Spurr, Charles F., died at Granville Mt., 21st inst., age 33 years[ FP Thurs. 30 April 1868].

Thorne, Frederick H. see Worster, Mary.

Thorne, Mehitable, relict of Stephen S. Thorne, died at Bridgetown, 13 November 1882, age 85? years [possibly 65 years]. [WM Wednesday 15 November 1882].

Thorne, Stephen S. see Thorne, Mehitable.

Troop, Milledge B., died at Granville Centre, 2 Sept 1883, aged 17 years, 2 months, 4 days, s/o Hon. Wm. B. & Adelia Troop. [AS 7 September 1883].

Troop, Hon. Wm. & Adelia see Troop, Milledge B.

Troop, Wallace O., Granville Ferry, married at Lower Newcastle, NB, 15th inst., to Avla? L. Lapham, Lower Newcastle, Northumberland Co., NB.[WM Wed. 22 Nov 1882].

VanNorden, John, died at Hebron, 21st ult., age 67 years, _?_ months. [FP Thursday 30 April 1868].

Vinnicombe, Henry W. see Carruthers, Mary I.

Walsh, Laura A., married 14th inst., [], d/o Martin Walsh, Inglesville, to William F. Shaw, Bridgetown. [ WM Wednesday 22 Nov. 1882].

Walsh, Martin see Walsh, Laura A.

Wears, Benjamin see Ellis, Mrs. Lizzie.

Wheelock, Abel 1st. see Wheelock, Mrs. Parney.

Wheelock, Mrs. Parney, wid/o Abel Wheelock 1st., died at Torbrook, 24th ult., in her 93rd year of her age. [WM Wednesday 10 March 1875, p.3].

Wheelock, Wallace, died at Nictaux Mt., Tues. last . [ FP Thursday 18 April 1867].

Wilson, Elizabeth, wid/o Rev. Wm. Wilson, died at Windsor, 10th, 66 years. [WM Thursday 12 June 1873].

Wilson, Wm. see Wilson, Elizabeth.

Winchester, Christopher see DeBlois, Rev. Henry D.

Winchester, Margaret A. see DeBlois, Rev. Henry D.

Woodbury, Abram, died at Kingston, 21st ult., 28 years. [ WM Wed. 10 March 1875].

Worster, Mary, married at Lower Granville, 6 April 1867, d/o Quin Worster to Frederick H. Thorne. [FP Thursday 18 April 1867].

Worster, Quin see Worster, Mary.