Newspaper - Vitatal Statistics - 1931

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia mfm #4027
1931 - Published on Wednesday

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NOTE: mfm reel 4027 continues to reel 4028 @ 13 May 1931 issue. No vitals, 27 May 1931 issue or for 23 Sept. 1931 issue [no m, d]. No vitals 30 Dec 1931.

Also, almost all obituaries or write-ups contain more information and other helpful information may be in other parts of the paper.


** Please note: Births have been extracted from 1923 onward for privacy reasons. **

Alcorn, Ethel, d/o A. S. Alcorn, married at Berwick, Wed past, to James B. Patterson, Truro, s/o Alex. Patterson, Welsford. [4 Nov 1931 write up].

Alcorn, Marian Lucilla d/o A. S. Alcorn, married at Berwick, 12 Aug, to Cecil G. Rood s/o J. G. Rood. [write up- 19 Aug 1931].

Allen Elizabeth Mae see Brown, David Webster.

Allen, Percy see Brown, David Webster.

Andrews, Mrs. G. W., died at Beacon Falls, Connecticut, 17 Dec 1930. [7 Jan 1931].

Armstrong, Charlotte, wid/o R. S. Armstrong, died at Auburndale, Mass., 16 Dec 1930, 86 years. [21 Jan 1931 - obit].

Armstrong, Mrs. Vernon, died at Auburn 6 June, 53 years, d/o Mrs. Mary MacMillan, Aylesford & the late J. H. MacMillan; m. Vernon Armstrong of Kingston, 1898. [obit - 17 June 1931].

Armstrong, Thelma Gertrude, married at Burlington, [Kings Co], 26 Aug, d/o Hazen F. Armstrong, Burlington, to A. Gordon McClare, Hillsdale, Hants Co.[2 Sept 1931- write up].

Baker, Sophia K. see Baltzer, Mrs. Sophia K.

Baltzer, Jennie Viola see Wallace, Bessie Ruth.

Baltzer, Mrs. John, Welsford, d/o Nixon MacDonald, Scotts Bay, died at Berwick, "Sat", 42 years. [19 Aug 1931 – obit].

Baltzer, Mrs. Sophia K., w/o Rev. Melbourne O. Baltzer, died at Brockton, Mass., 29 Sept, b. Steuben, Maine, as Sophia Baker. [7 Sept 1931 obit].

Barteaux, Robert D. see Barteaux, Sarah J. Hutchison.

Barteaux, Sarah J. Hutchison, wid/o Robert D. Barteaux, Morristown, died at Berwick, 24 March, age 95 years, d/o Francis & Rebecca Ogilvie Hutchison. [obit – 1 April 1931].

Barteaux, Wilhemina see MacNeill, Herbert R.

Beck, Andrew, s/o Simon Beck, South Berwick, died at Berwick, 5 Dec, 23 years.[16 Dec 1931 obit].

Beck, George Arthur, s/o Simon Beck, Berwick, died at Sommerville, Mass., 6 June, 45 years. [10 June 1931 obituary].

Beckwith, Elizabeth see Pineo, Elizabeth.

Beckwith, Ernest O. see Pineo, Elizabeth.

Best, Della Violet, South Cambridge, married at Berwick, 30 Dec 1930, to Merritt M. Strong, Waterville. [21 Jan 1931].

Bishop, Aaron see Bishop, Watson L.

Bishop, Arthur M. see Bishop, Ida.

Bishop, Ida, w/o Arthur M. Bishop, Somerset, d/o Isaac Dodge, New Minas, died at Somerset, 10 Mar, 67 years. [ 11 Mar 1931 obit ].

Bishop, Watson L., s/o Aaron Bishop, died at Berwick, 17 Mar, 85 years b. New Minas.[18 Mar 1931].

Bligh, Edison William Loran, s/o W. S. Bligh, died at Halifax. [11 Mar 1931 see also 18 Mar. obit].

Borden, Benjamin see Gardner, Gladys Borden.

Borden, Edith Elizabeth, d/o George Borden, married at Waterville, 6 Sept, to Jay M. Jones, New York. [9 Sept 1931 – write up].

Borden, Ella M. see Powers, John B.

Borden, Gladys see Gardner, Gladys Borden.

Borden, Lizzie, w/o George Borden, died at Waterville, 27 April, born at Port George, and married 1894 to George Borden, Waterville. [6 May 1931 obit].

Borden, Mrs. Christopher, died at Boston, Mass., 4 Sept, wid/o Christopher Borden (Mary McKewn). [9 Sept 1931 - obit].

Bowles, Mrs. Jennie, died at Waterville, 18 Oct, 67 years.[21 Oct 1931].

Bowles, Mrs. Jane, wid/o John H. Bowles, died at Cambridge Stn., 10 Jan, in 92nd year d/o Samuel Robinson. [14 Jan 1931 obit].

Brown, David Webster, s/o Allen Brown, married at Brooklyn St., Kings Co., 23 Aug, to Elizabeth Mae Allen, d/o Percy Allen, Dartmouth. [2 Sept 1931 – write up].

Bullerwell, Capt. William, [funeral, 11 June], Cambridge, d. 25 May –9 June [drowned], 76 years, married Elizabeth Paul, of St. John. [17 June 1931 - obituary].

Burbidge, Nettie, w/o Boardman Burbidge, died at Natick, Mass., 30 Oct, b. Chester, NS.[4 Nov 1931 obit].

Burns, Spurlen J. see Pineo, Verna Smith.

Campbell, J. J. see Gould, Ethel May.

Canady, James Woodworth, s/o John W. Canady and Lorana Burns Canady, died at Windsor, NS, 29 July, age 87 years, b. Canady Creek, Dec 1844 m. Sarah Tufts. [obit-5 Aug 1931].

Cassidy, Mrs. Frank, died at Kingston, 21 July. [obit-29 July 1931].

Chase, George Murray see Weaver, Thelma Ann.

Chute, Foster B., s/o Ainsley & Margaret Skinner Chute, died at Berwick, 8 May, 84 years. [13 May 1931 - obituary].

Chute, Henry J. see Woodman, Mrs. Marion.

Chute, Mrs. Lucy, wid/o J. Burton Chute, d/o James Illsley, b. Welsford, died at Berwick, 3 July, age 79 years. [obit- 8 July 1931].

Chute, Margaret M., d/o Joseph F. Chute, married at Berwick, 29 Jan, to Eidson [as spelled] W. Cogswell. [4 Feb 1931 write up].

Chute, W. H. J. see Woodman, Mrs. Marion.

Clark, Elbridge see Craig, Alfreda Maybelle.

Clark, Lemuel see Craig, Alfreda Maybelle

Clarke, I. Wallace, a native of Berwick, died at New York, [no date], m. Bessie Crosby d/o A. R. Crosby, Yarmouth, NS. [25 Feb 1931 obit].

Clem, Addie Blanche, d/o Austin Clem, Viewmount, married at Berwick, 15 June, to Carl DeEll, of Aylesford Mtn. [1 July 1931 – write up].

Clem, Albert E., s/o Daniel Clem, died at Viewmount, Kings Co., 8 Nov, 81 years, b. Weston, 1 June 1860. [11 Nov 1931 obit].

Coakley, Mrs. James, Halifax, died at Sydney, C.B., 2 Oct. [7 Oct 1931 write up].

Cogswell, Eidson W. see Chute, Margaret M.

Coleman, Elsie French see Kinsman, William Howe.

Coleman, Honora Amelia, Chipman Brook, married at Berwick, 26 Jan to Alexander Robert Dodge, White’s Corner, NS. [28 Jan 1931].

Combie, Clyde H., s/o Ada Combie, Medford, Mass., died at Belmont, Mass.[?], Sat, 33 years. [ Bedford, Mass. newspaper; Register, 18 Feb 1931, obit ].

Connors, Myrtle Florence, d/o James Connors, Newport Landing, died at Kentville, 30 July, 31 years. [obit – 5 August 1931].

Crabb, Mrs. William, died at Aylesford, 8 Oct, 73 years.[14 Oct 1931].

Craig, Alfreda Maybelle, d/o Kempton Craig, married at Lincoln, Mass., 19 Nov, to Elbridge Theodore Clark, s/o Lemuel Clark, Mills, Mass. [2 Dec 1931 write up].

Crispo, Clara see Shaw, Dr. Sidney.

Crosby, A. R. see Clarke, I. Wallace.

Crosby, Bessie see Clarke, I. Wallace.

Cushing, Mrs. Almeda J., died at Everett, MA,., 8 July, 77 years, a native of Brooklyn St., Kings Co., d/o Edward & Eunice Finch, later of Whitman, Mass. [18 Nov. 1931 obituary].

Daniels, Bartholomew Alexander, s/o Edward Daniels, Herman’s Island, married at New Ross, 26 Nov to Louva Evelyn Nichols, d/o Arthur Nichols, Berwick. [2 Dec 1931 write-up].

Daniels, Harriett see Spicer, Andrew Harris. [2 t’s in this one].

Daniels, Harriet see Graves, Mrs. Clarence.

Davison, A. L. and son Herbert Davidson, died at Lawrencetown, 1 July 1931.[See Accident 8 July 1931]

DeEll, Carl see Clem, Addie Blanche.

DeEll, Henry see Marshall, Annabel.

DeEll, Leander see Marshall, Annabel.

Doak, Elizabeth see Warr, Frank.

Dodge, Alexander Robert see Coleman, Honora Amelia.

Dodge, Ida see Bishop, Ida.

Dodge, Isaac see Bishop, Ida.

Drew, Ford Reginald, married at Berwick, 3 Feb to Francis Evangeline Sullivan, both of Berwick. [11 Feb 1931].

Dunn, Eileen Mary, Middleton, married at Berwick, 28 Feb to George Edward Robinson, Nictaux. [25 March 1931].

Durno, Jessie see Mills, John Wesley.

Earle, John see Ward, Mrs. J. Barzillai.

Earle, Lorena G. see Ward, Mrs. J. Barzillai.

Edison, Thomas A., s/o Samuel & Nancy Elliott Edison, died at West Orange, NJ, 84 years; b. Milan, Ohio, 11 Feb 1847. [21 Oct 1931 long obit].

Eisner, Mrs. Robie, d/o J. E. Rudolph, Aylesford, died at Grafton, 4 Nov, 31 years.[11 Nov 1931 obit].

Elliott, Nancy see Edison, Thomas A.

Farnsworth, M. C. see Hudson, Viola.

Farnsworth, Wesley see Hudson, Viola.

Faulkenham, Emily Blanche, d/o J. W. Faulkenham, Burlington, married at Berwick, 25 March, to Howard George Spicer s/o E. Spicer, Harborville. [1 April 1931 write up].

Finch, Almeda J. see Cushing, Mrs. Almeda J.

Finch, Edward & Eunice see Cushing, Mrs. Almeda J.

Fisher, John N. see Fisher, Leila.

Fisher, Leila d/o John N. Fisher, Somerset, b. 1862, w/o W. D. Porter, Auburn, died at Halifax, 12 Feb, m.1. Capt. G. Leslie Welch, m2. W. D. Porter. [obit - 11 Mar 1931].

Fisher, Thomas, Somerset, s/o William Fisher, died at Berwick, 18 July, 70 years. [obit -22 July 1931].

Fitch, Stanley, s/o William Fitch, died at Kentville, "Fri". [26 Aug 1931 - obit].

Foote, Jeremiah, Ross Corner, Kings Co., married at Berwick, 9 Dec 1930 to Mrs. Hattie Rafuse, Burlington, Kings Co., NS. [14 Jan 1931].

Foote, J. Henry, died at Grafton, Tues past, in 90th year..[7 Jan 1931 obit].

Foster, Daisy Minerva, d/o Charles M. Foster, married at Berwick [?], 9 July, to Warren Dexter Gertridge s/o Peter Gertridge, Gaspereaux.[write up- 15 July 1931].

Fritz, Annie see Woodworth, William H.

Frizzle, Erna Pauline, d/o James R. Frizzle, Berwick, married at New York City, 18 April, to Lieut. Walter M. Graesser; reside in Cambridge, Mass. [29 April 1931 - write up].

Fuller, Glennie Evelyn, married at Welsford 24 June, to Cecil I. Kinsman. [1 July 1931 write up].

Fuller, J. Newman, M.D., s/o George N. Fuller, Hortonville, died at Grand Pre, 23 July, 85 years, married Lucilla Godfrey Harris, (she d.31 Dec 1908), m2. 1911, Mrs. Marion Meynell White. [obit –5 Aug 1931].

Gardner, Gladys Borden, d/o Benjamin Borden, wid/o John D. Gardner, died at Berwick, Monday past, age 48 years. [30 Sept 1931 see also & Oct Reg, – obituary].

Gates, Mrs. Ella see Spicer, Andrew Harris.

Gardner, John D. see Gardner, Gladys Borden.

Gertridge, Peter see Foster, Daisy Minerva.

Gertridge, Warren Dexter see Foster, Daisy Minerva.

Godbolt, Carrie Frances see Woodworth, William H.

Gould, Ethel May, d/o Mrs. J. J. Campbell, Berwick, married 25 April, Bristol, CT., to William E. Harbert. [20 May 1931 write up].

Graesser, Lieut. Walter M. see Frizzle, Erna Pauline.

Graves, Mrs. Clarence (Lizzie), Billtown, died at Berwick, 23 Jan, d/o Andrew & Harriet Daniels Spicer, of Welsford, NS, 48 years. [28 Jan 1931 – obit].

Graves, Majorie Areta, married at Ross Corner, 14 Nov to Ralph Lawrence Pineo, White’s Corner. [25 Nov 1931 write-up].

Harbert, William E. see Gould, Ethel May.

Harnden, M. D. see Power, Annie E.

Harnden, Russell W. see Power, Annie E.

Harris, Lucilla Godfrey see Fuller, J. Newman, M.D.

Harris, Sarah see Parker, Mary,

Healy, Mrs. Mary E., d/o Patrick Redden, d/o Patrick Redden, Kentville, died at Aylesford, 1 Jan in 78th year.[ 7 Jan 1931 obit ].

Heffler, Wilfred B. see Zwicker, Harriette A.

Hepburn, Tom, s/o Robert B. Hepburn, formerly of London, Ont., died at Berwick, 26 Feb. 1931. [4 Mar 1931 – obituary & notice].

Hermon, Clayton Roland see Steadman, Susie Virginia.

Herrick, Mrs. Stella, d/o A. J. Parker, Cambridge Station, sis/o M. R. Parker, Morristown, and Mrs. Edwin West, Morristown, died at Portland, Maine, 27 Nov. [16 Dec 1931 obituary].

Hibbert, Maxwell, Hartford, CT., s/o Capt. William Hibbert, formerly of Berwick, died at Cole Harbour, NS, "Monday" . [2 Sept 1931 – obit].

Hiltz, Elmira see Hodges, Elmira.

Hiltz, Ernest see Hodges, Elmira.

Hodges, Elmira w/o Ernest Hiltz, Morristown, d/o Everett Hodges, died at Berwick, 6 Sept, 19 years. [7 Oct 1931 obit].

Hogan, Maj. Robert Vans see Woodworth, Alice Carrie Frances.

Horsnell, C. Sans see Saunders, Mary B.

Horsnell, Harry W. see Saunders, Mary B.

Hosner, Russell M., Brunswick, formerly of Bath & Phillpsburg, m. at Portsmouth, NH, 19 Nov, to Viola A. Porter, d/o Owen B. Porter, Welsford. [23 Dec 1931 write-up].

Hudgins, Annie Hilda, d/o John Hudgins, Weston, married at East Milton, Mass., 26 Mar, to William W. Robertson. [8 April 1931 write up].

Hudgins, William, a native of Aylesford, died at Royalston, Mass. (Athol, Mass), 6 Mar, 83 years. [25 March obit page 1 1931].

Hudson, Viola, Malden, Mass., d/o Charles Hudson married 10 July, New York City, to Wesley Farnsworth, s/o M. C. Farnsworth, Brockton, Mass. [write up- 12 Aug 1931].

Huntley, Emma, wid/o Thomas P. Huntley, d/o Alexander Russell, died at South Berwick, 17 June, age 74 years. [obituary- 24 June 1931].

Hutchison, Francis & Rebecca Ogilvie see Barteaux, Sarah J. Hutchison.

Illsley, James see Chute, Mrs. Lucy.

Illsley, Lucy see Chute, Mrs. Lucy.

Jones, Jay M. see Borden, Edith Elizabeth.

Jones, Mrs. R. V., (Emma) died at Rockland, 27 April, 91 years. [obit 29 April 1931].

Joudrey, Evelyn Viola, married at Aylesford, 11 May, to Lester George Lutz, both of Lake George. [10 June 1931 notice].

Kennickell,, Mrs. James, Somerset, died at Berwick [?]. 9 Feb, 49 years. [25 Feb 1931 - obit].

Killam, Grace E. w/o George D. Killam, died at Lynn, Mass, 16 Jan. [21 Jan 1931].

Kinsman, Cecil I. see Fuller, Glennie Evelyn.

Kinsman, William Howe, Welsford, married at Berwick, 18 Mar to Elsie French Coleman, Burlington. [25 Mar 1931].

Knowlton, E. W. see Merrett, Edith Lola.

Knowlton, Lieut. Col. John P. see Merrett, Edith Lola.

Lacey, Gracie Parnell, d/o James M. Lacey, Woodville, married at Woodville, 2 Aug, to Angus Gordon Tibbitts, s/o Charles Tibbitts, Truro. [write up-5 Aug 1931].

Lantz, Eunice Hilda, d/o Mrs. John Meister & John J. Lantz, New Ross, married at New Ross, 18 Aug, to Clyde Sterling Veinott, s/o Stonnage Veinott, New Germany, NS. [write up-26 Aug 1931].

Lee, Brenton H., died at Berwick, Monday, 60 years, s/o William & Mary Lee, Lee’s Corner, married Hattie Lyons. [obit 4 Mar 1931].

Lenihan, Mrs. Havelock E., Somerset, died at Windsor, NS, 6 Apr, age 35 years.[15 Apr 1931].

Leopold, A. D., born Kentville, 1886, died at Rosetown, Sask., 9 Feb. [11 Mar 1931 obit].

Lent, Clare see Ray, Harold E.

Little, Catherine see Pyne, Mrs. Catherine.

Lloyd, Roland Eugene died at Waterville, 10 July, 13 years. [obit-15 July 1931].

Lohnes, Russell Cottman s/o James William Lohnes, married at Middle LaHave, 1 Jan 1931 to Majorie Stuart Marsters, Winthrop, Mass. [7 Jan 1831 write up].

Longley, Laura May see Parker, Laura May.

Longley, William see Parker, Laura May.

Lovelace, Hazel, Berwick, married at Berwick, 22 April to Sydney Stillman, Waterville. [6 May 1931].

Lynn, Mrs. Ezra, died at Cambridge, Monday, 60 years, of Wolfville. [18 Nov 1931 see Accident p.2].

Lyons, Elizabeth see Pineo, Elizabeth.

Lyons, Helen L., d/o Fred M. Lyons, married at Needham, Mass., 16 May to Donald L. Mason, Maynard, [Mass.??]. [3 June 1931 write up].

Lyons, Mylon, s/o Arch. Lyons, Waltham, Mass., formerly of Berwick, died at Boston, Mass., 14 Aug. [obit – 26 Aug 1931].

MacDonald, Nixon see Baltzer, Mrs. John.

MacMillan, J. H. see Armstrong, Mrs. Vernon.

MacMillan, Mrs. Mary see Armstrong, Mrs. Vernon.

MacNeill, Herbert R., died at Factorydale, 20 June, age 71 years, married Wilhemina Barteaux. [obit - 24 June 1931].

Magee, Catherine see Small, Mrs. John.

Magee, Catherine see Small, John Wesley.

Magee, John see Small, Mrs. Catherine.

Magee, Houston I., s/o Joseph T. Magee, Welsford, died at Boston, Mass., 17 Feb. [4 Mar 1931].

Mahaney, Mrs. Anna, wid/o J. Michael Mahaney, died at South Waterville, 8 Nov, 82 years. [18 Nov 1931 – obituary].

Mahar, Mrs. Allan, Waterville, died at Berwick, 14 Feb. [obit 18 Feb 1931].

Margeson, Mary see Spicer, Andrew Harris.

Marshall, Annabel, d/o Edward Marshall, Central Clarence, married at Berwick, 29 Oct, Leander DeEll, s/o Henry DeEll, Victoria Harbor. [2 Dec 1931 write-up].

Marsters, Majorie Stuart see Lohnes, Russell Cottman.

Mason, Donald L. see Lyons, Helen L.

McClare, A. Gordon see Armstrong, Thelma Gertrude.

McConnell, Bessie Doris, d/o Frank McConnell, Welsford, married at Berwick, 1 Aug, to Arthur Foshay Parker, s/o F. A. Parker, Berwick.[write up-5 Aug 1931].

McKewn, Mary see Borden, Mrs. Christopher.

Merrett, Edith Lola, d/o Frederick Merrett, married at Wolfville, 21 Sept to Lieut. Col. John P. Knowlton, s/o E. W. Knowlton, Cambridge. [30 Sept 1931 write up].

Miller, Ernest see Walker, Fannie.

Mills, John Wesley, died at Corning, Sask., no date, b. Linden, Cum. Co., age 50 years, m. Jessie Durno. [22 July 1931 – obit].

Misner, James Albert, died at Chipman Brook, 24 Nov, b. at Marie Joseph [?], 1841.[2 Dec 1931,obit].

Morrow, Marguerite E., d/o Mrs. Matilda Morrow, Boston, died at Boston, Mass., 5 Oct, formerly of Berwick. [14 Oct 1931 obit].

Morton, Andrew S. see Spicer, Augusta.

Mosher, Lester B., s/o Alfred F. Mosher, Lun. Co., died at Aylesford, "Sunday".[13 May 1931 obit].

Newcombe, Edmund Leslie, s/o John C. Newcombe, died at Ottawa, Ontario, 9 Dec, 72 years, b. Grafton, NS. [16 Dec 1931 obituary].

Nichols, Arthur see Daniels, Bartholomew Alexander.

Nichols, Evander see Nichols, Isaiah.

Nichols, Isaiah, s/o Evander & Lydia (Parker) Nichols, died 17th Nov, at Woodsville, NH [?], b. 28 July 1876 and m. Harriet Reed. [Woodsville, NH, News; Register 9 Dec 1931 obit].

Nichols, John Evans, s/o Ernest Nichols, Welsford, married at Middleton, 29 Aug, to Beatrice Evelyn Phinney, d/o Cecil Phinney, Middleton. [9 Sept 1931 - write up].

Nichols, Louva Evelyn see Daniels, Bartholomew Alexander.

Nichols, Mary see Patterson, Stanley H.

Nixon, inf/d/o James N., died at Weston, 11 Jan. [28 Jan 1931].

Ogilvie, Rebecca see Barteaux, Sarah J. Hutchison.

Palmer, Caroline see Reid, Winifred Eleanor.

Palmer, Ella see Power, Rufus.

Palmer, George, s/o J. Arthur palmer, died at Aylesford, 29 Oct, 34 years. [4 Nov 1931 obit].

Parker, Arthur Foshay see McConnell, Bessie Doris.

Parker, A. J. see Herrick, Mrs. Stella.

Parker, Eldon M. see Parker, Laura May.

Parker, F. A. see McConnell, Bessie Doris.

Parker, George see Parker, Mary.

Parker, Laura May w/o Eldon M. Parker d/o William Longley, Paradise, died at Aylesford, 22 Feb.1931, age 58 years. [4 March 1931 obit].

Parker, Lydia see Nichols, Isaiah.

Parker, M. R. see Herrick, Mrs. Stella.

Parker, Mary, wid/ George Parker, d/o Elijah & Sarah Power Harris, Black Rock Mtn., died at Welsford, 31 Dec. 1930. [obit - 7 Jan 1931].

Parker, W. W., died 2 June, 96 years. [picture- caption- 17 June 1931].

Parrish, Lambert see Ward, Ardythe Lorena.

Parrish, Lurman Ellsworth see Ward, Ardythe Lorena.

Patterson, Fred B., s/o James Patterson, Aylesford, died at Berwick, 24 Mar, 56 years, m. Louise Zwicker, Lower Cornwallis. [25 mar 1931 obit].

Patterson, James see Patterson, Fred B.

Patterson, Stanley H., s/o James & Mary Nichols Patterson, Millville, died at Millville, 23 March, married Blanche Welton. [25 Mar 1931 obit].

Paul, Elizabeth see Bullerwell, Capt. William.

Phinney, Beatrice Evelyn see Nichols, John Evans.

Phinney, Cecil see Nichols, John Evans.

Pinch, Cora Kathleen, Waterville, married at Middleton, 25 Nov, to John Sydney Wheeler, Berwick. [16 Dec 1931 notice].

Pineo, Elizabeth, d/o Ernest O. Beckwith, formerly of Berwick, died at Medford, Mass., 3 Dec, d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth Lyons Pineo, Prospect, Kings Co., NS.[23 Dec 1931 obituary].

Pineo, Ralph Lawrence see Graves, Majorie Areta.

Pineo, Verna Smith, d/o E. B. Pineo, Berwick, married at Berwick, 26 Sept, to Spurlen J. Burns, Torbrook. [30 Sept 1931 write up].

Pineo, William H., died at Anchorage, Alaska, 8 June, 62 years, s/o Henry Gibbs Pineo, Falmouth, NS. [17 June 1931 - obit].

Porter, Annie, d/o Henry Porter, died at Grafton, 25 march.[25 Mar 1931].

Porter, Henry see Porter, Annie.

Porter, Owen B. see Hosner, Russell M.

Porter, Viola A. see Hosner, Russell M.

Porter, Mrs. W. D. (Leila Fisher) see Fisher, Leila.

Porter, W. D. see Fisher, Leila.

Potter, Norris Benjamin, s/o J. M. Potter, died at Berwick, 8 Mar, 33 years, m. Janet Smith, London, England. [18 Mar 1931 obit].

Power, Annie E., d/o R. G. Power, Grafton, married at Wollaston, Mass., 18 Mar, to Russell W. Harnden S/o M. D. Harnden, Foxboro, Mass. [25 Mar 1931].

Power, Elijah see Parker, Mary.

Power, Mary see Parker, Mary.

Power, R. G. see Power, Annie E.

Power, Rufus, s/o Gideon Power, died at Welsford, Sunday, m. Ella Palmer, Grafton.[15 Apr 1881 obit].

Powers, John B., s/o John & Mary Veinot Powers, Lun. Co., died at Berwick, 8 Aug, 68 years, m. Ella M. Borden. [12 Aug 1931 - obit].

Pyne, Mrs. Catherine (Catherine Little of greenwood), died at Halifax, 16 July, 69 years.[2 Sept 1931obit].

Rafuse, Mrs. Hattie see Foote, Jeremiah.

Ramsay, Blanche Marie, w/o Charles O. Ramsey, d/o William Ward, Auburn, died at Berwick West, 2 Sept., 23 years. [16 Sept 1931 – obit].

Ray, Harold E., Middleton, died at Halifax, 6 Feb, s/o Mrs. Jane Ray, Cambridge and late Capt. Edwin Ray, age 38 years, m. Clare Lent. [obit 11 Feb 1931].

Redden, Mary E. see Healy, Mrs. Mary E.

Redden, Patrick, see Healy, Mrs. Mary E.

Redgate, George, formerly of Morden, died at Rockland, Mass. 5 Feb 1931. [4 Mar 1931].

Reed, Harriet see Nichols, Isaiah.

Reid, Winifred Eleanor, d/o James Weeden Reid and Caroline Palmer Reid, died at Needham Heights, Mass., 23 June, b. Advocate, NS, 11 Oct. 1868. [obit-22 July 1931].

Robertson, William W. see Hudgins, Annie Hilda.

Robinson, George Edward see Dunn, Eileen Mary.

Robinson, Jane see Bowles, Mrs. Jane.

Robinson, Sadie E., d/o Capt. James Robinson, Black Rock, died at Melrose Highlands, Mass., 30 Jan. [18 Feb 1931 obit].

Robinson, Samuel see Bowles, Mrs. Jane.

Rood, Cecil G. see Alcorn, Marian Lucilla.

Rood, J,. G. see Alcorn, Marian Lucilla.

Ross, Floyde E., Welsford, s/o Major Ross, died at Berwick, 4 Nov, 70 years.[11 Nov 1931 obit].

Ross, Howard DeHaven see Whitman, Georgene Gertrude.

Rudolph, J. E. see Eisner, Mrs. Robie.

Russell, Alexander see Huntley, Emma.

Russell, Emma see Huntley, Emma.

Salter, Leonard see Ward, Mrs. J. Barzillai.

Saunders, Mary B., married at Weston, 17 June, d/o Harry Saunders, to Harry W. Horsnell, s/o C. Sans Horsnell, Aylesford. [24 June 1931 write up].

Sawler, inf/d/o Robert, died at Somerset, Wed past, 5.5. months.[30 Sept 1931].

Shaw, Dr. Sidney, s/o Henry & Margaret Brown Shaw, died at Biggar, Sask., 2 June, age 58 years; m. Clara Crispo, of Waterville. [10 June 1931 obituary].

Sherwood, Mrs. Ada see Spicer, Andrew Harris.

Slocomb, Ingram B., died at Boston, Mass., 13 Sept, 69 years, s/o Capt. I. B. & Adelia Slocomb, Harborville. [16 Sept 1931].

Small, John Wesley, died at Greenwood, 17 April, b. Halifax, 1856, m. Catherine Magee. [22 Apr 1931 obit].

Small, Mrs. John, (Catherine Magee), died at Greenwood, 26 April, b. 1862, d/o John Magee. [13 May 1931 obituary].

Sommerville, T. H., s/o Rev. William Sommerville, Somerset, died at St. John, NB, 29 April, 73 years. [6 May 1931 obituary].

Spicer, Andrew Harris, s/o James N. & Mary Margeson, Welsford, died at Welsford, 26 Oct, 86 years, m1. Harriett Daniels, Lawrencetown; m2. Mrs. Ella Gates, Melvern Square; m3. Mrs. Ada Sherwood, of Sackville, NB. [28 Oct 1931 obit].

Spicer, Andrew & Harriet Daniels Spicer see Graves, Mrs. Clarence.

Spicer, Augusta, Spencer’s Island, Cumberland Co., m. 26 Nov at Berwick to Andrew S. Morton, Berwick. [9 Dec 1931 notice].

Spicer, E. see Faulkenham, Emily Blanche.

Spicer, Howard George see Faulkenham, Emily Blanche.

Spicer, Lizzie see Graves, Mrs. Clarence.

Spinney, Caleb S., Harmony, died at Berwick, 4 Mar, 65 years, m. Margaret Barteaux, of Torbrook. [11 March 1931].

Steadman, Susie Virginia, Berwick, married at Berwick, 21 Jan, to Clayton Roland Hermon, Italy Cross, Lun. Co., NS [28 Jan 1931].

Stillman, Sydney see Lovelace, Hazel.

Strong, Merritt see Best, Della Viola.

Strong, Mrs. Adelbert, died at Waterville, 19 May, 1931.[3 June 1931 obit].

Strong, S. S., died at Kentville, Wed past, in 80th year. [18 Feb 1931 obit].

Sullivan, Francis Evangeline see Drew, Ford Reginald.

Taylor, inf/s/o Howard N. Taylor, died at South Berwick, 16 July, 2 weeks 4 days.[29 July 1931].

Thomas, Mrs. Elijah N., died at Sackville, NS, 30 Aug, in 76th year.[2 Sept 1931 - obit].

Thorpe, Rufus, died at Canady Creek, Sun last, Halls Harbor, 82 years.[28 Jan 1931].

Tibbitts, Angus see Lacey, Gracie Parnell.

Tibbitts, Charles see Lacey, Gracie Parnell.

Toole, George Earle see Wallace, Bessie Ruth.

Toole, Lawrence Blanchard see Wallace, Bessie Ruth.

Tufts, Sarah see Canady, James Woodworth.

Veinot, Mary see Powers, John B.

Veinott, Clyde Sterling see Lantz, Eunice Hilda.

Veinott, Stonnage see Lantz, Eunice Hilda.

Walker, Fannie, wid/o Edward Walker, formerly of Waterville, died at Malden, Mass., 24 March ; m1. Mr. Ward, Waterville, m2. Ernest Miller. [obit – 1 April 1931].

Wallace, Bessie Ruth, & Jennie Viola Baltzer, both of Harborville, married at Halifax, 5 Aug, to George Earle Toole & Lawrence Blanchard Toole, brothers, of North Kingston. [write up – 26 Aug 1931].

Ward, Ardythe Lorena, d/o H. C. Ward, married Lurman Ellsworth Parrish, s/o Lambert Parrish, Rockland, 3 June at Berwick [? Possibly Rockland]. [10 June 1931 write up].

Ward, Blanche Marie see Ramsey, Blanche Marie.

Ward, Merle Benjamin, s/o H. C. Ward, died at Weston, Wed past, 13 years.[4 Nov 1931 obit].

Ward, Mrs. J. Barzillai, died at Berwick, 16 April, 73 years, formerly Lorena G. Earle d/o John Earle, Hantsport, m1. Leonard Salter. [22 April 1931 obit].

Ward, Mr. See Walker, Fannie.

Ward, William see Ramsey, Blanche Marie.

Warr, Frank, died at South Berwick, 28 Oct, 68 years b. Windsor, NS, m. Elizabeth Doak. [4 Nov 1931 obituary].

Warren, Gladys Victoria, married at Welsford, 11 Nov, to Lorine McKenzie White, Phinney’s Cove. [18 Nov 1931 write-up].

Weaver, Thelma Ann, d/o Leonard Weaver, married at Farmington, CT., 18 Nov, George Murray Chase, formerly of Grafton, now of Farmington, Mass. [25 Nov 1931 write-up].

West, Mrs. Edwin see Herrick, Mrs. Stella.

Wheaton, Mrs. Annetta, Waterville, 24th [May ?], -funeral.[3 June 1931 paragraph/obit].

Wheeler, John Sydney see Pinch, Cora Kathleen.

White, Lorine McKenzie see Warren, Gladys Victoria.

White, Mrs. Marion Meynell see Fuller, J. Newman, M.D.

Whitman, Georgene Gertrude, d/o Alfred D. Whitman, Aylesford, married at New York City, 3 Oct, to Howard Dehaven Ross. [ 7 Oct 1931 write up ].

Woodman, Mrs. Marion, formerly of Berwick, married at Montreal, 14 Feb 1931, to W. H. J. Chute, Montreal, s/o Henry J. Chute. [write up 18 Feb 1931 see also Register 25 Feb].

Woodworth, Alice Carrie Frances, d/o W. H. Woodworth, married at Windermere, 29 April, to Maj. Robert Vans Hogan, Amherst. [6 May 1931 write up].

Woodworth, William H., s/o J. S. Woodworth, Berwick, died at Windermere, NS, 8 Dec, 73 years, m. Carrie Frances Godbolt, of New York, m.1. Annie Fritz, Port George. [9 Dec 1931 write-up].

Woollard, Jean Ethel, died at Mass. General Hospital, 11 Feb, d/o Walter Woollard, Berwick. [18 Feb 1931 obituary].

Zwicker, Harriette A., d/o J. Zwicker, married at Kentville, 30 Sept, to Wilfred B. Hefler, Berwick. [21 Oct 1931 write up].

Zwicker, Louise see Patterson, Fred B.