Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1930

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co. Nova Scotia

Mfm# 4027, NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Extracted from microfilm by John Parker, B.A., B. Ed., G.R.S.(C) from NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia; mfm #4027. ; placed on the Internet by Philip Vogler; given to Kentville and Middleton Family History centers (including births) for their use only. No photocopying or downloading please. For personal use only. NSARM will for a small fee copy an obituary or a marriage write up or other event. See Inserts at end of listing for those items that don=t quite fit alphabetical listing i.e. anniversaries. NSARM web site : ; NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4 ; E-mail : . Published on Wednesday.

NOTE: Because I have had some computer problems and have had to retype 1.5 years I am going to use abbreviations through to 1930; e.g. S for South; E for East As in East Dalhousie and where reasonable marriage names and death names may be in bold in one entry and not typed again as in previous listings; it was this or stop. Consequently you may have to look a little closer! Check by surname.

No vitals for 5 March 1930 issue or for 16 April 1930. Includes 7 Jan 1931.

** Please note: Births have been extracted from 1923 onward for privacy reasons. **

Aalders, Daniel, s/o Asa Aalders, died at E. Dalhousie, 9 June, 13 months.25 June 1930 obit].

Aalders, Henry, Aaldersville, Lun. Co., died at Berwick, 17 Apr., 56 years, s/o John Aalders, (mother was Bessie Veinot, New Ross). [23 Apr 1930 obit].

Allen, A. W. see Cox, J. Howe.

Allen, Bertha see Cox, J. Howe.

Andrews, Mrs. G. W., died at Beacon Falls, CT., 17 Dec; burial Pines Bridge Cemetery, 19 Dec 1930. [7 Jan 1931].

Armstrong, Mack A. (Doris L. Jackson), born to at Cambridge, Mass., a son, n.d. [24 Dec 1930].

Ayer, Fred Otis, Harborville, married at Berwick, 18 Nov, to Marguerite C. Fisher. [26 Nov 1930].

Baird, Mona Louise, d/o Rev. C. M. Baird, married at Auburn, 10 June to Frank Dobson, Dorchester, NB. [18 June 1930 write up].

Banks, Carrie, w/o W. Burton banks, died at Kingston, 18 Feb. [26 Feb 1930 obit].

Barkhouse, Grace Azeilis, d/o Guy Barkhouse, Nicholsville, married at Aylesford, 5 Feb, to Guilford P. Saunders, s/o Arthur Saunders, Harmony. [12 Feb 1930 write up].

Barss, Bessie see Hibbard, Bessie.

Barss, S. M. see Hibbard, Bessie.

Barteaux, Capt. James L., Nicholsville, died at Halifax, 9 Nov., age 66 years s/o Harvey Barteaux, Nicholsville, unm. [12 Nov 1930 obit].

Beach Mary, Woodville, w/o James Beach, d/o David Wood & Elizabeth Woodworth, died at Kempt, Queens Co., on the 14 Jan 1930, 75years. [22 Jan 1930 obituary] .

Beals, George F., died at Factorydale, 7 July, b. Lawrencetown, 78 years 6 months m. 28 Nov. 1871, Almira Ewing d/o James Ewing. [23 July 1930 obit].

Beardsley, Arthur B. see Pugh, A. Louise.

Beardsley, C. H. see Pugh, A. Louise.

Beattie, Mrs. Laura w/o Frederick T. Beattie, d/o Lorenzo D. Rouse, New Minas, died at Burlington Center, 28 March, 44 years. [9 April 1930 obit].

Beckwith, J. Henry see Webster, Mrs. S. W.

Bentley, Annie, w/o Amos Bentley, died at Middleton, 25 Jan, 91years m. at Sheffield Mills 65 years ago. [29 Jan 1930 obituary].

Berker, Hattie see Hibbert, Mrs. William.

Best, Mrs. Louisa, wid/o Albert Best died at Berwick, 10 May, age 92 years, d/o Richard T. Best, Waterville. [14 May 1930 obit].

Best, Richard T. see Best, Louisa.

Binns, Alfred, died at Berwick, 27 May, 73 years, b. England.[28 May 1930 obit].

Bishop, Mrs. J. S., w/o J. Spurgeon Bishop, d/o Thomas A. & Lavinia Margeson, Margaretville, died at Auburn, 19 May. [28 May 1930 obit].

Botbyl, George W. see Kinsman, Marjorie Evelyn.

Borden, George see Fuller, Mrs. Robert F.

Bowlby, Spurgeon A., died at Kingston?, 11 May, age 70 years.[21 May 1930 obit].

Bowlby, Solomon, died at White’s Corner, age 91 years, s/o Solomon Bowlby, b. Tremont, removed to Lakeville. [3 Sept 1930 obit].

Bowles, Mary see Cox, J. Howe.

Brennan, Edward M., died 11 Nov.?, 47 years, funeral, Aylesford, m. Annie E. Parker. [19 Nov 1930 obituary].

Brewster, Gladys R., Baxter’s Harbor, married at Berwick, 11 Nov., to Herman Miller, Black Rock. [26 Nov 1930].

Brown, Mildred Viviant see Illsley, George Vernon.

Brown, J. H. see Illsley, George Vernon.

Brown, Robert, died at Kingston Stn., 20 Dec 1929, age 77 years m. Rebecca Cassidy. [15 Jan 1930 obituary].

Buell, Charles Lester see Hiltz, Eva Gertrude.

Cahill, Ellen Adelia, d/o J. M. Cahill, Harborville, married at Auburn, 27 June, to Lester LeRoy Hird s/o A. E. Hird, Garland. [9 July 1930].

Cahill, Flora May, d/o James & Mary Matthews Cahill, Harborville, died at Berwick, 9 June, age 58 years. [11 June 1930 obit].

Calkin, Abigail see Newcombe, John Arthur.

Calkin, Caroline see Ward, Joseph Barzilla.

Callahan, Miss see Thompson, Annie Maud.

Cassidy, Rebecca see Brown, Robert.

Chipman, Annie see Parker, Ida A.

Chipman, William A., of New York, a native of Berwick, died at Brookline, Mass., 28 Oct, age 68 years s/o Andrew Chipman, Berwick, unm. [5 Nov 1930 obit].

Church, Elisha C., formerly of Falmouth, died at Berwick, 22 Feb., 84 years.[26 Feb 1930 obit].

Chute, Annie Mabelle, d/o Richardson Chute, Berwick, married at S. Berwick, 13 Dec to George Lawrence Watt, Grimshaw, Alberta. [17 Dec 1930 write up].

Chute, Richardson see Chute, Zilpha Davidson.

Chute, Zilpha Davidson, d/o Thomas Davidson, Gaspereaux, wid/o Richardson Chute, died at Berwick, 20 Feb. [26 Feb 1930 obituary].

Clark, Brenton H. see Fisher, Nellie Grace.

Cleveland, Charlotte see Douglas, Charlotte.

Cleveland, Eudavilla see Northrup, James W.

Cleveland, Enoch& Susan see Douglas, Charlotte.

Coldwell , Mildred Marie, d/o Lorimer Coldwell, Somerset, died at Somerset, 25 Jan, 5years, 7months, scarlet fever. [29 Jan 1930 obituary].

Coleman, Thomas see Newcombe, John Arthur.

Condon, John Lloyd see Harris, Eleanor Walton.

Condon, Maurice A. see Harris, Eleanor Walton.

Connor, Mrs. Emma E., wid/o Wm. R. Connor, d/o Capt. Samuel & Mehetable McBride, Harborville, died at VG Halifax, 28 June 1930, 62 years, burial in Berwick. [2 July 1930 obituary].

Cook, Averil see Lamp, Helen

Cook, Capt. G. M. Cook see Lamp, Helen.

Cook, Maxwell D., s/o Roscoe Cook, died at Berwick, Tues last, 26 years.[10 Sept 1930 obit].

Cosman, Vera May d/o Joseph Cosman, Danvers, NS [sic],., married at Waltham, Mass., 28 July, to Dawson Everett Sawlor s/o Judson Sawlor, Cambridge, NS.[23 July 1930 write up].

Cotter, Clyde V. see MacKenzie, Helen L.

Coulter, Charles see Murphy, Jennie.

Crocker, Abbie see Day, Issac.

Crooken, Adelaide Louisa see Foster, Adelaide Louisa.

Crowell, Edmund C., formerly of Bridgetown, died at Berwick, 18 Apr., 67 years, b. Clark’s Harbor, NS, unm. [23 April 1930 obit].

Cox, J. Howe, Cambridge, died at Halifax, Sat last, b. Brooklyn Corner, 1867 s/o James Cox, m1. Mary Bowles who d. 1911;m2. Bertha Allen, Middleton d/o A. W. Allen. [24 Sept 1930 obituary].

Davidson, Thomas see Chute, Zilpha Davidson.

Day, Isaac, died at Factorydale, 3 Apr, 82 years, b. Mill Village, Queens Co., m. Abbie Crocker, Lake George. [9 Apr 1930 obit].

Deveny, John H., Margaretville, s/o James & Catherine Marshall Deveny, died 17 Apr., at Berwick, 80 years, b. Bridgetown, m. Armina Hudgins. [ 23 Apr 1930 obit].

DeWolfe, Emma see Webster, Dr. Henry B.

DeWolfe, Dwight see Webster, Dr. Henry B.

Doane, Howard J., born to at Berwick, 27 Dec 1929, a son. [1 Jan 1930].

Dobson, Frank see Baird, Mona Louise.

Dodge, Abigail Patterson, wid/o Wilson Dodge, d/o Johnstone Patterson, died at Aylesford, 17 Apr., 84 years. [23 Apr 1930 obit].

Dorey, Evelyn B., d/o Norman Dorey, Auburn, died 31 May Berwick, 15 years 8 months. [11 June 1930 obit].

Douglas, Charlotte, w/o J. Howard Douglas, d/o Enoch & Susan Cleveland, Berwick, died at Berwick, 2 Apr, 67 years. [9 Apr 1930 obit].

Dunklee, C. Paul see Gordon, Minnie A.

Dunklee, S. C. see Gordon, Minnie A.

Eagles, Alice see Pineo, James C.

Eaton, Anna Laurie, w/o Rufus W. Eaton, Kentville, died at Vancouver, 10 Dec, age 68 years, d/o Kenneth Donaldson Sutherland, Kentville. [17 Dec 1930 see Death at Vancouver].

Ernest, Charles Edward, s/o James Ernest, Stanbourne, Lun. Co., married at Aylesford, 8 Mar, to May Whynot, New Germany. [12 Mar 1930].

Ewing, Almira see Beals, George F.

Ewing, James see Beals, George F.

Fisher, Eben M., died at Chelsea, Mass., Sat last, b. Walpole, Mass., 1890, m. Mrs. Edith Pineo Fisher d/o James C. Pineo, Waterville. [Hyde park, Mass. Gazette Times 3 July, Register 9 July 1930 obit].

Fisher, Marguerite C. see Ayer, Fred Otis.

Fisher, Mildred Elizabeth see Illsley, Wallace Wayne.

Fisher, Nellie Grace, Somerset, married at Berwick, 5 Nov to Brenton H. Clark, Wilmot. [26 Nov 1930].

Foote, J. Henry Pope, died at Grafton, Tues last, in 90th year.[7 Jan 1931 obit].

Foote, Robert Wm. see Hale, Dora Ethel.

Foote, Rev. W. R., s/o J. H. Pope Foote, & Martha Morton Foote, Grafton, died at Wolfville, 19 Mar, b. E. Cambridge, Mass. 29 Apr 1869.[2 April 1930 obit].

Forsythe, Alta Modenia, d/o W. G. Fosrythe, married at Waterville, 10 Sept, to George Howard Lee, New haven, CT. [17 Sept 1930 write up].

Foster, Adelaide Louisa, Berwick, d/o Dr. Crooken, Annapolis, died at Berwick, 21 Apr, 85 years. [23 April 1930 obit].

Foster, Lulu Ferne, d/o Charles G. Foster, married at Berwick, 9 July, George H. Kinsman s/o H. H. Kinsman ; Grace Hazel Foster d/o Charles G. Foster married at Berwick 9 July, to Barclay Rand, s/o Parry Rand, Upper Canard (double wedding).[16 July 1930 write up -]

Foster, Ingram see Loomer, Lulu Blanche.

Foster, Leslie see Loomer, Lulu Blanche.

Freeman, Maria Kisbro see Saunders, John C.

Fuller, Mrs. Robert F., Somerville, Mass., died at Kingsport, NS, 6 Sept, 61 years, d/o George Borden, Kentville. [17 Sept 1930 obit].

Garland, Herbert, ( inf/d/o - Elsie Luana b.25 May]) died at Berwick, 26 May. [28 May 1930]

Gordon, Minnie A., d/o E. S. Gordon, married at Berwick, 4 Sept to C. Paul Dunklee s/o S. C. Dunklee, Waltham, Mass. [10 Sept 1930 write up].

Groves, Mrs. Gracina, died at Lynn, Mass., age 74 years, b. Port George, d/o Capt. Ingram B. & Adeliai Smith Slocomb, funeral 4 Nov, burial Stoney Beach, Granville, NS m. Capt. Samuel Groves (he d. 1903).[19 Nov 1930 obituary which is helpful re genealogy].

Groves, Capt. Samuel see Groves, Mrs. Gracina.

Haak, Leo see Sanford, Edna Clare.

Haines, Russell see Tupper, Muriel Blanche.

Haines, Twining see Tupper, Muriel Blanche.

Hale, Dora Ethel married at Waterville, 14 Nov., to Wm. Robert Foote.[19 Nov 1930].

Hardwick, Helen see Rand, John L.

Hamilton, Rev. P. M. see Harris, L. Faye.

Hauppenhausen, Dorothy, married to Wm. Thompson, of Olds, Alberta, n.d., n. pl. reside Calgary.[7 May 1930 write up].

Harris, Eleanor Walton, d/o Howard G. Harris, m. at Kentville, Sat past, John Lloyd Condon, s/o Maurice A. Condon. [2 July 1930 write up].

Harris, Elijah & Sarah Power Harris see Parker, Mrs. Mary.

Harris, L. Faye, d/o Edwin Harris, Freeport, NS, married to Rev. P. M. Hamilton, St. john, NB, 14 August. [20 Aug 1030 write up].

Harris, Rebecca see Webster, Mrs. S. W.

Hawksworth, Lila Letitia, d/o Parker Hawksworth, Scarsdale, Lun. Co., died at Scarsdale, 6 Apr., 40 years. [9 Apr 1930 obit].

Healy, Patrick see Healy, Mrs. Mary E.

Healy, Mrs. Mary E., Aylesford, died in 78th year, d/o Patrick & Elizabeth Redden, Kentville. [7 Jan 1931 obituary].

Hibbard, Bessie, wid/o S. M. Hibbard, Brooklyn, New York, died at Brooklyn, NY, 28 Jan, d/o Simon F. Barss, Halifax. [5 Feb 1930 obituary].

Hibbert, Mrs. William, w/o Capt. Wm. Hibbert, Yarmouth, died at ?, 83 years, b. St. John, , Hattie Berker.[5 Nov 1930 p.1 obit].

Hiltz, Eva Gertrude, d/o Arthur Hiltz, Shaw Rd., Berwick, married at Somerville, Mass., 31 Oct, to Charles Lester Buell, Essex, NY. [19 Nov 1930 write up].

Hird, A. E. see Cahill, Ellen Adelia.

Hird, Lester LeRoy see Cahill, Ellen Adelia.

Hiscoe, Albert, Waterville, died, 24 June, 82 years.[25 June 1930 see Shocking Trgedyp.2].

Hudgins, Armina see Deveny, John H.

Hunkins, Arthur J. see Mahar, Clara Belle.

Illsley, George Vernon, s/o Brenton H. Illsley, Aylesford, Aylesford, to Mildred Viviant Brown, d/o J. H. Brown, Saugas, Mass., married at Melrose Heights, Mass. 22 Sept. [1 Oct 1930 write up].

Illsley, Wallace Wayne, married at Goversville, NY, 15 Mar., married to Mildred Elizabeth Fisher, both of Goversville. [9 Apr 1930].

Jefferson, Bessie Caroline see Nichols, Bessie Caroline.

Jefferson, Wm. see Nichols, Bessie Caroline.

Jodrey, Beatrice Evelyn, d/o Arthur Jodrey, married at Upper Northfield, Lun. Co.?, 1 Oct, to Clayton Harris Steadman, Berwick. [15 Oct 1930 write up].

Johnson, Mrs. Freeman, died at Factorydale, 28 Dec 1929, in 66th year.[8 Jan 1930 obituary].

Johnstone, Sidney Byron, Waterville, married at Waterville, 27 mar, to Edith Leona Saltzman, Somerset. [2 April 1930].

Kay, Mrs. Dorcas, Brooklyn, Yar. Co., died, 28 June. ;removed from Berwick 1919.[2 July 1930 obituary & notice].

Kenney, Ethel, d/o Isaac Kenney, died at Truro, 21 Apr., 2 years.[30 Apr 1930].

Kinnie, Laura Bernice d/o J. R. Kinnie, married at Windermere, 24 July, to E. Murray Ritchie, Berwick. [30 July 1930 write up].

Kinsman, George H. see Foster, Lulu Ferne.

Kinsman, H. H. see Foster, Lulu Ferne.

Kinsman, Majorie Evelyn, d/o H. H. Kinsman, married at Lakewood, NJ, 18 May, to George W. Botbyl, of Clifton, NJ. [3 Sept 1930].

Lamp, Helen, d/o Thomas E. Lamp, married at Columbus, Ohio, 2 July, to Averil Cook s/o Capt. G. M. Cook, Miami, FL., formerly of Waterville. [30 July 1930 write up].

Lee, George Howard see Forsythe, Alta Modenia.

Lohnes, Russell Cottman, married at Middle LaHave, New years Day, s/o James William & Mary Etta Lohnes, Middle LaHave to Majorie Stuart Marsters, Winthrop, Mass. [7 Jan 1931].

Loomer, Lulu Blanche d/o J. Loomer, Aylesford Mtn., married at Aylesford, 1 May, to Leslie Foster, s/o Ingram Foster, Aylesford. [7 May 1930 write up].

Lutz, Verna, d/o Charles E. Lutz, died at Berwick, 13 Apr, 11 years. [23 Apr 1930 obit].

Lyons, Robert see Patterson, Clara Lyons.

MacKenzie, Helen L., married at West Somerville, Mass., 21 Dec 1929, to Clyde V. Cotter. [8 Jan 1920 writeup].

Mahar, Clara Belle d/o Burpee Mahar, White’s Corner, married at Hamden, CT, 9 Oct to Arthur J Hunkins, of Mass. [29 Oct 1930].

Mahar, Sarah Alice, Base Line Rd., died in her 102nd year.[31 Dec 1930 see Centenarian Passes Away – she was 101 last August].

Mapplebeck, Donald Burnham s/o Ermina & late Capt. Henry Mapplebeck died at Aylesford, 10 Aug, age 29 years. [20 Aug 1930 obit].

Margeson, J. LeBaron, died 11 May, at Gelmanton, NH, formerly of Grafton,. [28 May 1930 see Former Grafton …p.1 4 June issue records d. as 4 May 69y 11m.].

Margeson, Sarah see Ward, Joseph Barzilla.

Margeson, Thomas A. & Lavinia see Bishop, Mrs. J. S.

Marshall, Lillian Alberta see Welton, Cecil Neily.

Marsters, Majorie Stuart see Lohnes, Russell Cottman.

Marsters, Margaret Elinor, d/o Holmes Marsters, Berwick, married to Kenneth W. Parry s/o J. S. parry, Beaver River, 5 July, at Berwick. [9 July 1930 write up].

McBride, Emma E. see Connor, Mrs. Emma E.

McBride, Capt. Samuel see McBride, Capt. William.; see also Connor, Mrs. Emma E.

McBride, Capt. William, died at Kentville, 10 Jan 1930, age 65 years, s/o Capt. Samuel McBride, Harborville, m. Winnifred , d/o John Redden.[15 Jan 1930 obit p.1].

McDonald, Wm. L. see Sullivan, Blanche Gertrude.

McMahon, Cyril s.o Francis McMahon, died, 5 months. [12 Nov 1930 obit].

McNayr, Majorie see Saunders, Mrs. James.

McNayr, J. Herman see Saunders, Mrs. James.

McNeill, Violet L., Factorydale, married at Windsor, 27 Feb, to Wm. G. Ross, Big Intervale, Inverness. [12 Mar 1930].

Merriam, Capt. & Olive Merriam see Sanford, Mrs. F. B.

Merriam, Mary Eliza see Sanford, Mrs. F. B.

Miller, Herman see Brewster, Gladys R.

Morse, John Lloyd see Ward, Evelyn Marie.

Morse, Mrs. Nina see Ward, Evelyn Marie.

Morton, Martha see Foote, Rev. W. R.

Mulloney, Dr. see Webster, Dr. Henry B.

Mulloney, Laura see Webster, Dr. Henry B.

Murphy, Jennie, d/o James Murphy, w/o Charles Coulter, Berwick, died at Aylesford, 13 Feb. [19 Feb 1930 obituary].

Neily, Mrs. Elma, w/o Harry L. Neily, died at Kingston, 22 Oct , 44 years.[12 Nov 1930 obit].

Nesbitt, Mrs. Mary see Newcombe, John Arthur.

Newcombe, John Arthur, s/o John Cummings Newcombe & Abigail Calkin, died at Berwick, 5 Feb, b. Hillside, Kings Co., 26 Oct 1863 m. 1888, Mrs. Mary Nesbitt d/o Thomas Coleman, Grafton. [12 Feb 1930 obituary].

Nichols, Bessie Caroline, wid/o David Nichols, d/o Wm. Jefferson, Round Hill, died at Welsford, 1 May, 91 years. [7 May 1930 obit].

Nichols, Coy A., s/o Addy Nichols, died at Kentville, 21 Aug., 27 years, m. Matilda Strong of Mt. Denson, Hants Co. [27 Aug 1930 obit].

Nichols, F. Percy, Somerset, s/o Henry & Agnes Slauenwhite Nichols, Nictaux Falls, died at Berwick, 21 April 1930. [23 April 1930 obit].

Nichols, Jeremiah see Palmer, Muriel Elizabeth.

Nichols, Stephen Vaughan see Palmer, Muriel Elizabeth.

Northrup, James W., died 31 July, 91 years b. Rawdon, Hants Co., m1. Susan Maria Parker, Margaretville (d. 36 years ago); m2. Eudavilla Cleveland, Middleton. [6 Aug 1930 obituary].

Ogilvie, Arnold Eugene, s/o Earle N. Ogilvie, Burlington, died at Burlington, 6 June, 10 days.[11 June 1930 obit].

Opdycke, Viola Mae, d/o S. Chester Opdycke, married at Frenchtown, [ NJ ?}, to Douglas Harold Woodworth, Newark, s/o George Woodworth, Kings Co., NS. [22 Oct 1930 write up].

Palmer, Olive Margaret, d/o Robert Palmer, Weston, died , 13 July, 24 years, n. pl.[23 July 1930 obit].

Palmer, Olive Margaret, d/o R. B. Palmer, Weston, 24 years, died at Chelsea, Mass, 13 July.[16 July 1930].

Palmer, Mrs. Rupert see Tupper, Muriel Blanche.

Palmer, Muriel Elizabeth, d/o Edgar Palmer, married at Morristown, 24 Sept to Stephen Vaughan Nichols, s/o Jeremiah Nichols.[1 Oct 1930 write up].

Parker, Annie E. see Brennan, Edward M.

Parker, Ida A., died at Berwick, 10 Sept, 74 years, d/o T. H. Parker & Annie Chipman. [17 Sept 1930 obituary].

Parker, Mrs. A. E., died at Waterville, 17 Jan 1930, 67 years. [22 Jan 1930 Obituary].

Parker, John H., died at Kingston, 5 May 1930, b. Berwick, [s/o John Morse Parker ]. [7 May 1930 obituary see also 21 May issue].

Parker, Mrs. Mary, wid/o George Parker, d. at Welsford, 31 Dec 1930, d/o Elijah & Sarah Power Harris, Black Rock. [7 Jan 1931 obit].

Parker, Roy Allen, s/o Roy Parker, died 28 Mar., Greenfield, Mass.?, age 14 years. [23 April 1930 ;Greenfield, Mass., Recorder].

Parker, Susan Maria see Northrup, James W.

Parks, Lavinia see Sturk, Mrs. Wm.

Parks, Loring see Sturk, Mrs. Wm.

Parrish, A. H., died at Port Williams, 13 May, b. Woodville, 75 years.[21 May 1930 obit].

Patterson, Clara Lyons, wid/o Amos K. Patterson, Aylesford, d/o Robert Lyons, Waterville, died Sat past, 80 years, at Berwick. [9 July 1930 obit].

Patterson, Johnstone see Dodge, Abigail Patterson.

Parry, Kenneth W. see Marsters, Margaret Elinor.

Parry, J. S. see Marsters, Margaret Elinor.

Perry, Clarence Albert see Reece, Dorothy.

Pineo, Edith see Fisher, Eben M.

Pineo, James see Fisher, Eben M.

Pineo, James C., s/o Isaiah & Elizabeth Bowles Pineo, died at St. Petersburg, Florida, 12 Dec., b. Waterville, 16 Apr 1861 m. 31 July 1887 to Alice Eagles. [24 Dec 1930 obit with good genealogy].

Preston, Robert D. see White, Frances Lillian.

Pugh, A. Louise, d/o John A. Pugh, Butt’s Corner, married at Fredericton, ?. NB, 24 Dec 1929, to Arthur B. Beardsley, s/o C. H. Beardsley, Berwick. [Fredericton Gleaner- Register 8 Jan 1930 write up].

Ramey, Ruth, inf/d/o Charles Ramey, died at Berwick, 15 Apr. [23 Apr 1930 obit].

Rand, Barclay see Foster, Lulu Ferne.

Rand, Charles William, Woodville, s/o William & Annie Tupper Rand, died at Woodville, 17 Oct, 78 years, m. Adelia Rockwell, of Kentville.[22 Oct 1930 obit].

Rand, John L., Woodville, s/o Charles & Dora Newcombe Rand, died age 43 years, m. Helen Hardwick, of Annapolis.[14 May 1930 obit].

Rand, Parry see Foster, Lulu Ferne.

Redden, Mary E. see Healy, Mrs. Mary.

Reed, Helen, wid/o W. A. Reed, died at Wolfville, 8 July, 80 years, formerly of Berwick. [16 July 1930 obit].

Reade, Loring A., s/o Rev. J. L. Reade, died at Aylesford, age 67 years m.2 Genevieve Whitman; n.d. [16 July 1930 obit].

Reece, Dorothy, Cambridge, married at Waterville, 2 Jan 1930, to Clarence Albert Perry, of Shag Harbor, NS. [8 Jan 1930].

Ritchie, E. Murray see Kinnie, Laura Bernice.

Robblee, John see Webster, Mrs. S. W.

Robinson, Mrs. A. B., of Nicholsville, died at Berwick, 14 May, [21 May 1930 obit].

Rockwell, Adelia see Rand, Charles William.

Roddick, Helen see Weaver, Walter R.

Ross, Wm. G. see Violet, L. McNeill. [12 Mar 1930].

Rouse, Laura see Beattie, Mrs. Laura.

Rouse, Lorenzo D. see Beattie, Mrs. Laura.

Salter, Mrs. L. G. see Ward, Joseph Barzilla.

Saltzman, Edith Leona see Johnstone, Sidney Byron.

Sanford, Edna Clare, married at Swasey Chapel, 27 Nov., Newark, Ohio?. [10 Dec 1930 write up ; {Newark, Ohio Advocate]

Sanford, Mary Eliza see Sanford, Mrs. F. B.

Sanford, Mrs. F. B., (Mary Eliza Sanford), d/o Capt. & Olive Merriam, of Parrsboro, died at Aylesford, 23 Dec 1929, age 77 years.[8 Jan 1930 obit].

Saunders, Arthur see Barkhouse, grace Azeilis.

Saunders, Guilford P. see Barkhouse, Grace Azeilis.

Saunders, Mrs. James (Majorie) , Springfield, Anna. Co., d/o J. Herman McNayr, died at Springfield, 22 years; James Saunders s/o Harry Saunders, Springfield.

Saunders, John C., died at Ottawa, 4 Apr., b. Berwick, 68 years, s/o Rev. Dr. Edward Manning Saunders, & Maria Kisbro Freeman. [9 Apr 1930 obituary].

Sawlor, Dawson Everett see Cosman, Vera Mae.

Sawlor, Judson see Cosman, Vera Mae.

Selfridge, Cecil Blanchard see Trevisan, Maria Annunziata.

Selfridge, St. Almo, s/o Spurgeon S. Selfridge, Aylesford, died age 31 years, 17 May 1930 at ?. [21 May 1930 long obit].

Selfrdige, S. S. see Trevisan, Maria Annunziata.

Slocomb, Dr. Parker, died at New Bedford, Mass., Monday, age 46 years, b. Harborville, s/o Capt. David H. Slocomb. [23 July 1930 obituary].

Slocomb, Capt. Ingram B. see Groves, Mrs. Gracina.

Small, H. M., inf/d/o ,(Dorothy Elaine), died at Greenwood, 8 May 1930.[21 May 1930]

Smith, Adelia see Groves, Mrs. Gracina.

Spinney, Lana Mae, d/o Caleb Spinney, died at Harmony, 13 Dec 1929, age 4 years. [15 Dec 1930 obit].

Stephens, Capt. Robert W., died at Berwick, 24 may, 87 years 7 months, b. Walton, Hants Co., removed to Clark’s Harbor.[4 June 1930 obit].

Steadman, Clayton Harris see Jodrey, Beatrice Evelyn.

Strong, Matilda see Nichols, Coy. A.

Sturk, Mrs. William 9Lavinia), died at Aylesford, abt. 22 years. [3 Sept 1930 obit see 10 Sept this gives age as 24 years and d/o Loring Parks, Aylesford Mtn.].

Sullivan, Annie Laurie see Eaton, Annie Laurie.

Sullivan, Gertrude Blanche, d/o George F. Sullivan, Berwick, married at Kentville, 3 Dec., to Wm. L. McDonald, Windsor. [17 Dec 1930 write up].

Sullivan, Kenneth Donaldson see Eaton, Annie Laurie.

Thompson, Annie Maud, wid/o John Thompson, died at Waterville, 13 May, in 73rd year formerly a Miss Callahan, Halifax.[21 May 1930 obit].

Thompson, Wm. see Hauppenhausen, Dorothy.

Tracey, Jane, Windsor, married at Windsor, 8 Nov to Harry L. Webster, Berwick. [26 Nov 1930].

Trevisan, Maria Annunziata, d/o Victoria Trevisan, married at Chicago?, Ill., 29 Jan, to Cecil Blanchard Selfridge, s/o S. S. Selfridge, Aylesford. [12 Feb 1930 write up].

Tupper, Annie see Rand, Charles William.

Tuttle, George E., s/o Rev. A. S. Tuttle, Berwick, died at Portland, Oregon. [19 Mar 1930].

Tupper, Muriel Blanche, d/o Mrs. Rupert Palmer, & late John Tupper, of Morristown, to Russell Haines, s/o Twining Haines, Farmington, Lun. Co. [25 June 1930 write up].

Vaughan, Carl, s/o Mrs. Sarah Vaughan, died at Lexington, Mass., 18 Feb, 28 years. [26 Feb 1930 obit].

Veinot, Bessie see Aalders, Henry.

Ward, Evelyn Marie d/o George C. Ward, S. Tremont, NS married to John Lloyd Morse s/o Mrs. Nina Morse, harmony, NS, 9 Sept at Berwick.[10 Sept 1930].

Ward, Freda Ruth, d/o Lloyd Ward, Kingston, died at Middleton, 9 May, age 3 years. [14 May 1930 obit].

Ward, Joseph Barzilla, s/o Joseph L. Ward & Caroline Calkin, died at Berwick, 1 Jan 1930, m1. Sarah Margeson; m2. Mrs. L. G. Salter. [8 Jan 1930 obit].

Watt, George Lawrence see Chute, Annie Mabelle.

Weaver, Walter R., s/o Thomas Weaver, Kentville, married at Kentville, Helen Roddisk, Truro. [11 June 1930 write up].

Webster, C. W. F., died at Somerset, 17 Mar, 92 years.[19 Mar 1930 obit see 26 Mar].

Webster, Harry L. see Tracey, Jane.

Webster, Dr. Henry B., died at Kentville, 5 June, 78 years, s/o Henry B. Webster, Sr., b. Kentville, m1. Emma DeWolfe, d/o Dwight DeWolfe; m2. Laura Mulloney d/o Dr. Mulloney. 11 June 1930 obituary].

Webster, Mrs. S. W., w/o S. W. Webster, died at Cambridge, 5 Jan 1930, d/o J. Henry Beckwith & Rebecca Harris; m1. John Robblee, Lr. Granville; m2. S. W. Webster ca. 1924. [8 Jan 1930 obit].

Welton, Cecil Neily, s/o Charles Welton, Tremont, married at Burlington, 19 Nov., to Lillian Alberta Marshall. [ 3 Dec 1930 write up].

West, Benjamin, Morristown, died 31 May, 91 years 6 months.[4 June 1930 obit p.2].

West, William. Augustus, died at Fullerton, CA, 87 years, brother of Samuel C. West, Wolfville, former resident of Berwick to 1891, removed to CA about 1893, Santa Ana to Fullerton. [21 May 1930 obituary see Former Berwick Resident…p.1].

Whalen, Austin died at Centreville, Kings Co.,19 Dec 1929, 61years. [1 Jan 1930].

White, Frances Lillian, d/o Mrs. Herbert O. White, Halifax, formerly of Grafton, married at Amherst, 14 Oct, to Robert D. Preston, NY City. [15 Oct 1930].

Whitman, Genevieve see Reade, Loring A.

Whynot, May see Ernest, Charles Edward.

Wiles, Milledge H., died at Lake George, 27 July, b. Bridgewater, Lun. Co., 76 years ago. [13 Aug 1930 family mentioned in obit].

Withers, Ephraim T., s/o Thomas Withers, Welsford, died at Gilby, Alberta, 18 Dec 1929, 76 years. [8 Jan 1930 obit].

Wood, David see Beach, Mary.

Woodworth, Elizabeth see Beach, Mary.

Woodworth, Douglas Harold see Opdycke, Viola Mae.

Woodworth, George see Opdycke, Viola Mae.


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